18 Best Benefits Of Green Almonds For Skin, Hair And Health

This nutty goodie should be a part of your daily diet to make you look and feel good!

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Green almonds are basically raw almonds that contain a large number of nutrients. These small green wonders have long been known for their health as well as medicinal benefits. But quite a few recent studies have proved that they are favourable for our skin and hair too. Explore the benefits of green almonds or using it other ways in the following sections:

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Spanish and French chefs use green almonds in summer to make almond milk due to their creamy taste.

Benefits of Green Almonds for Health

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1. Green almonds are great for our heart. They (especially the skin of the nuts) contain lots of flavonoids or bioflavonoids which, being a type of secondary metabolites, enhance the power of antioxidants in our body. Several scientific studies have proved that flavonoids safeguard the walls of our blood vessels from potential ruptures or damage. As a result, they can prevent fatal cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks (1).

2. Very few foods are capable of fighting against low-density lipoprotein or ‘bad cholesterol’ like green almonds. If you eat these nuts regularly, you can easily keep your cholesterol levels under check.

3. The phosphorus content of green almonds is extremely beneficial for our teeth and bones. It can take care of our oral health by making the teeth and gums stronger. At the same time, the efficiency of our skeletal system is also supported.

4. After each meal, the level of glucose (sugar) rises in our bloodstream which is not at all good for our health. Green almonds can help us deal with the situation by promoting the secretion of insulin hormone and regulating the level of blood sugar.

5. Green almonds are loaded with antioxidants. Antioxidants are needed to seek out the damaging free radicals in the body, which are caused by ingesting harmful chemicals, pollutants, foods, or pesticides. They can flush out toxins from our body and boost the activities of our immune system greatly. Hence, we can avert a number of diseases as well as infections.

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6. When it comes to maintaining the pH balance of our body, green almonds work as an excellent natural remedy. Sometimes, our entire system turns acidic due to the secretion of gastric as well as intestinal juices. But it might result in a number of severe conditions (like osteoporosis, loss of energy, poor immunity, weight gain, etc.) as our body always tends to remain alkaline. Being an alkaline protein, green almonds can help us keep our body alkalized.

7. Green almonds are full of essential nutrients, which is very favorable for our nervous system. L-carnitine and riboflavin are two major elements present in these almonds that provide proper nourishment to our brain as well as nerves. So, by including these nuts in our regular diet, we can effectively boost our brain functionality and intellectual level.

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8. If you are battling weight loss, green almonds can be of your great help. Despite being nuts, they consist of healthy fats, which help us shed off additional fat and stay slim. The green almonds calories belong to the rare kind which actually aid in weight loss.

9. Green almonds contain a lot of fiber, which is indispensable for making the digestion procedure smoother and treating chronic constipation.

Benefits of Green Almonds for Skin

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10. As said before, green almonds are rich in beneficial antioxidants. Vitamin E is the most important antioxidant agent present in these nuts that can cleanse our body completely by removing all free radicals as well as other toxic materials accumulated due to pollution. Consequently, we get a smooth and clear skin with a natural glow.

11. Being a good detoxifier, green almonds can make our internal system clean and treat several skin problems like acne, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and so on.

12. Apart from its detoxifying properties, Green almonds have some other skin benefits too. The amount of alpha-tocopherol (the major ingredient of vitamin E), found is these nuts is very high. So, these are used as our ‘skin food’. Regular intake of green almonds can provide adequate nutrients to our skin cells and make them healthy.

13. Vitamin E is also considered as a natural anti-ageing component. Hence, you can prevent various ageing symptoms like wrinkles, black spots, fine lines, etc. by eating green almonds regularly, applying a green almond face mask or even massaging your facial skin with green almond oil.

14. Daily consumption of green almonds is also good for improving our complexion. As they fight against premature aging and revitalize our skin, we get a soft and young look. Moreover, they can shield our skin from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and, which helps us maintain our actual complexion.

Benefits of Green Almonds for Hair

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16. With the help of green almonds, you can easily get rid of excessive hair loss. These nuts are full of essential vitamins, minerals and several other nutrients which nourish each of our hair strands from the root. As a result, we get strong and healthy hair.

17. Not only prevent hair loss, but green almonds can also promote hair growth. They consist of protein, vitamin E, iron, zinc, etc., which are necessary for growing longer hair. So, if you want to get thicker and longer tresses, start eating green almonds today.

18. This superfood is also quite effective in adding shine and luster to our hair. The protein content of the nuts increases the flow of blood in our scalp, which makes our hair glossy along with stimulating its growth.

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Green almonds have an acidic and sour taste. They taste best when consumed pickled or raw with sea salt. You may also add them to soups, salads, and pasta.

Green almonds are a popular snack to munch on. They are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and fats. They help promote heart, teeth, and bone health. They are good for your hair and skin too. The almonds may also help detox your skin and delay aging signs and aid in weight loss and regulate blood sugar levels. However, excess intake may cause side effects. If you experience any adverse effects, limit their consumption and seek medical advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are green almonds poisonous?

No, green almonds are not poisonous.

Can you eat the whole green almond?

While the entire green almond is edible, many people find the shell inedible due to its bitter taste.

Does green almond raise blood pressure?

No, almonds are said to reduce blood pressure.

Key Takeaways

  • Green almonds offer various health benefits with their rich antioxidant content.
  • The phosphorus content of green almonds helps strengthen our teeth and bones.
  • Consuming green almonds may help improve digestive health, boost the immune system, and support heart health.
  • The nutrients in green almonds like vitamin C and zinc can revitalize your skin, reduce signs of aging, and improve hair health.
  • Almonds help regulate blood sugar levels and aid in weight loss.
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