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10 Amazing Benefits Of Spikenard Essential Oil

10 Amazing Benefits Of Spikenard Essential Oil April 24, 2018

Did you know that you could swap your deodorant with spikenard essential oil? Did you know that spikenard essential oil can help clear bacterial infections? What other benefits does spikenard essential oil have? Read this post and find out all about the benefits of spikenard essential oil.

What Is Spikenard Essential Oil?

Spikenard or muskroot is an essential oil derived from flowers, and depending on who is mixing the oil, the flowers can vary (1). Spikenard essential oil has been a perfume for centuries. It is tough to determine what the exact ingredient is, but Jatanmasi (2), a flowering Himalayan plant from India, is the prime candidate.

Now that we have a rough idea about Spikenard essential oil, let’s look at some of its benefits, which include:

1. Antibacterial:

Spikenard essential oil is a potent remedy for many skin ailments caused by bacterial infections. Spikenard not only helps eliminate bacteria from the skin, but it can be used internally as well. You can apply it to wounds to keep them from contracting bacterial infections. Spikenard essential oil also helps cure bacterial infections in the bladder, urethra, kidneys and the stomach. Spikenard also helps treat Athlete’s Foot, cholera, food poisoning, septic, and tetanus (3).

2. Antifungal:

Along with Spikenard’s antibacterial property, the antifungal characteristics of the essential oil make it an effective remedy for skin infections. Spikenard not only cures fungal infections of the skin, but also helps eradicate food poisoning and other internal fungal problems. Spikenard oil helps ease dermatitis, itchy skin, skin deformities, and psoriasis (4).

3. Anti-Inflammatory:

Spikenard essential oil is an effective anti-inflammatory agent. It helps alleviate most forms of inflammation, whether it affects the nervous, respiratory or digestive systems. Topical application of this oil can help alleviate skin inflammations as well (5).

4. Deodorant:

Spikenard essential oil has an earthy smell to it. The smell soothes your mind and calms the body. Spikenard oil soothes your nerves, and the essential oil is an effective deodorant. So, the next time you go out, dab two drops of spikenard on your wrists and smell divine. The fragrance helps soothe headaches and does not lead to skin boils or allergies like other synthetic deodorants do (6).

5. Laxative:

Spikenard is an effective laxative; it helps relieve many stomach ailments like constipation and improper excretion. Laxatives help, but they can have ill effects on your digestive system. Spikenard essential oil has little side effects and is not as harsh as laxatives on the digestive system. Laxatives can dry out your intestinal walls and excretory tracts while spikenard has no such effects (7).

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6. Sedative:

Spikenard essential oil is a potent sedative and helps maintain physical, mental and psychological balance in your body. It can help relieve your insomnia and also the inflammation of the digestive and nervous systems. If you feel irritated, depressed, anxious, panicked or angry, consider dabbing some spikenard essential oil on your wrists. It is also quite effective in sedating nervous afflictions and is a potent relaxant (8).

7. Uterine:

Spikenard essential oil is an effective uterine, which means that it instigates the secretion of estrogen and progesterone, the two hormones essential for maintaining proper health and reproductive capabilities of your reproductive organs (9).

8. Other Benefits:

Spikenard essential oil has many other health benefits. It cures allergies, relieves hemorrhoids, treats varicose veins and also reduces angina pain. The oil also has proven cell regeneration activities. Spikenard oil boosts blood circulation and oxygenation of the cells, tissues, muscles and organs. Aromatherapists use spikenard to achieve mental peace.

Typically, spikenard essential oil is blended with oils like frankincense essential oil, myrrh essential oil and others like petit grain, orange, rose and sage essential oil. You can also create your blend.

We hope you found the post useful. Tell us about any other spikenard essential oil uses that you are aware of. Post a comment below.

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