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7 Amazing Benefits Of Tuberose Essential Oil

7 Amazing Benefits Of Tuberose Essential Oil November 1, 2017

Tuberose or ‘Night Queen’ is a sweet-smelling flowering tree, which purportedly attracts snakes. But, did you know that the essential oil of the night queen flower can act as a strong aphrodisiac and relax your mind as well?

If you are now wondering what the other health benefits of tuberose essential oil are, you might want to read this post!

What Is Tuberose Essential Oil?

Tuberose is a waxy white flower, which has many monikers. The most popular moniker has to be ‘raat ki raani’ or ‘queen of the night’. The flower gets its unique name as its flowers bloom only at night. It features in many perfumes and is religiously used by the cosmetics industry. Contrary to popular belief, the plant is a native of Mexico and not India (1).

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Following are the tuberose essential oil benefits:

1. Deodorant:

One of the most obvious uses and benefits of tuberose essential oil is its powerful fragrance. The use of tuberose essential oil in perfumery only enhances its reputation. Its rich floral, long-lasting fragrance makes it especially popular in tropical nations, where people are more prone to body odor. So, the next time you want to smell good while avoiding those chemical-laced deodorants, consider using some tuberose essential oil.

2. Aphrodisiac:

Apart from the snake myth, the names “Night Queen” and “Mistress of the Night” hint at other properties of tuberose. The essential oil is an effective aphrodisiac. Aromatherapists use this oil to help patients overcome frigidity and a lack of libido. Tuberose essential oil has a strong, intense and intoxicating fragrance that induces romantic feelings.

The oil also helps stimulate nerves that control arousal, libido, and sexual feelings.

3. Antidepressant:

Tuberose essential oil is an effective antidepressant. It helps reduce your anxiety and calms your mind. Aromatherapists also use the oil to treat depression, nervousness, hysteria and other neurological disorders. The oil helps boost blood circulation and helps you meditate as well.

4. Antispasmodic:

Tuberose essential oil has many health benefits. It helps calm spasms like cramps and even reduces internal spasms like intestinal cramps. The antispasmodic activity makes it an effective remedy for spasmodic coughs, convulsions, and cramps. So, the next time your leg cramps up, or you contract spasmodic cough, consider using some tuberose essential oil.

5. Sedative:

Tuberose essential oil is a great sedative and can help reduce anxiety, stress, depression, and even cure insomnia. It triggers impulses in the nervous system that signal the brain to go to sleep. This property makes it an excellent choice for reducing inflammation in the respiratory system. You may need to use more than the usual dose to induce the sedative effect.

6. Warming:

Tuberose essential oil helps reduce cold turkey and induces a warming effect in your body. It is especially useful in the winters, when the wind can be really biting, and your body gets cold. As a good circulatory, tuberose essential oil boosts blood circulation, and this warms your body.

7. Boosts Blood Circulation:

Tuberose essential oil is an effective circulatory, which means that it helps boost blood circulation. The property can be especially useful to people who suffer from joint pains and arthritic conditions. The warming effect of the oil is also due to its circulatory properties.

So, now that you know what the benefits of this amazing essential oil are, you should consider keeping it in your medicine cabinet. With so many health benefits, it will be a useful addition to your inventory of essential oils.

Did you ever use tuberose essential oil? What for? How did it work for you? Please tell us about your experiences below. Our readers would love to hear from you.

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