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4 Wonderful Benefits Of Vinegar For Hair

4 Wonderful Benefits Of Vinegar For Hair November 6, 2017

Since ages, people have been using ACV or apple cider vinegar in their dishes and as a curing element for themselves and their puppies. In earlier times, people commonly used a mixture of honey and vinegar as a healing elixir and an energizing drink. Today, vinegar serves a lot of purposes – treating allergies and pimples, healing sinus infections, lowering high cholesterol level, acid influx, weight loss and early signs of aging.

ACV or apple cider vinegar has countless benefits for the locks on your head. The most common benefit is that it helps combat frizzy or messy hair. That way, you’ll cause less damage or breakage to your hair while combing. The acidic nature of vinegar is close to that of natural hair; besides being a good hair cleansing agent and conditioner, it’s also an efficient germ killer.

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How to Use Vinegar for Hair?

1. Effective Hair Rinsing Agent:

With an ideal pH of 4.5 to 5.5, your hair is on the slightly acidic side of the pH scale. On the contrary, a majority of the hair care products in the market, for example detergent-based shampoos, hair colors and bleaches are strongly alkaline. Washing your hair with apple cider vinegar helps balance the pH of your hair and removes the buildup caused by these soap-based shampoos and styling cosmetics. It also works as a protective shield for the surface of each hair shaft. That way, your hair becomes smooth and reflects more light, leaving your hair healthy, shiny and easier to tackle.

2. Relief from Dandruff and Itchy Scalp:

One of the main reasons behind itchy scalp, hair loss and other hair conditions is dandruff. The main component of dandruff is a bacterium named bottle bacillus. The enzymes and acids in ACV help kill this bacteria that clog hair follicles and causes flakes, itches and hair fall. For those who want to treat dandruff and itchy scalp naturally, consider applying concentrated ACV to the scalp and wash it off after thirty minutes. For additional strength and effectiveness, you may blend apple cider vinegar with herbs like stinging nettle, goose grass, burdock, plantain and southernwood.

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3. Natural treatment for hair loss:

If you’ve tried a lot of hair tonics and hair masks but didn’t get any fruitful result, try something natural. This is how to apply vinegar on hair for hair thinning. For thinning hair lines and baldness, consider applying a mixture of ACV and cayenne powder on your scalp. Now, leave it for thirty minutes before rinsing it off with water. When going to bed at night, break a royal jelly capsule and mix it with one tsp ACV. Now apply this mixture on the bald portions of your scalp and leave it overnight. This should prove to be effective for treating baldness – both among men and women. You can prepare your own vinegar mixture by mixing ACV with herbs like thyme, lavender, burdock, rosemary and catnip. It is one of the most effective natural products for treating hair loss.

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4. Effective for hair extensions:

Human hair is made of cuticles on its external surface. Human hair extensions are generally made out of natural human hair; when shampooed, the shafts on the cuticles get exposed and the residue gets trapped in the shaft. Over time, this residue causes your hair to become dull and damaged. Besides, your hair extensions may also become uneven and frayed. When you wash these extensions with mild vinegar solution, it reacts with the residues and clears them out. Whereas a majority of the impurities in human hair are alkaline in nature, ACV is acidic; this helps in easy removal of dirt from your hair.

However, excessive usage of vinegar for hair can cause it to damage or wear out. For better protection of your hair cuticles, consider rinsing off the vinegar with cold water.

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