10 Realistic 3D Tattoo Designs

10 Realistic 3D Tattoo Designs Hyderabd040-395603080 April 4, 2018

A three dimensional image is one that has width, height and depth. The world we live in is three dimensional. That is why a 3D tattoo is the most realistic form of body art one can get. 3D tattoos require immense skill and perception and if done skilfully, they look amazing. Here are ten ideas for tattoo designs in 3D.

3D Tattoo Designs

1. Chinese scroll tattoo:

A Chinese scroll can be tattooed and given a 3D look by giving it a peeling off illusion. The scroll can be inscribed with a name or a message that has personal meaning. Colours can also be added to the tattoo though grey and black would produce a stone effect.

2. A face tattoo:

A 3D tattoo image of a face might be great tattoo to cover a large area like the entire back. The expression on the face might be chosen to fit the personality. The 3D touches would give the tattoo a new and interesting look.

3. Newspaper tear tattoo:

Tattoos are a form of body art.  They are meant to uniquely brand a body. 3D tattoo designing is an innovative and new technique that makes a tattoo look realistic and life like. One possible 3D tattoo idea would be to tattoo a skin tear with newspaper fragments inside.

4. A paw print tattoo:

A paw print tattoo can be given 3D touches by inserting cracking grounds around it or adding a depth aspect to it. The paw print can be of any animal, even mythical ones like Bigfoot.

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5. Skin tear tattoos:

Skin is the protective layer covering the muscles and the organs inside. One could ink muscles and the insides of one’s body on their skin. The tattoo can be given a 3D look by enclosing the muscle into an opening zip like structure. One of the amazing 3d tattoo designs right!

6. A lizard tattoo:

A lizard climbing all the way across the back would look fantastic, especially when made to look like a 3D figure.

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7. A shoe lace tattoo:

We wear sneakers to cover our feet. An interesting 3d tattoo designs would be to ink a tied shoe lace on the foot. When done in 3D, this tattoo would look exceptionally realistic.

8. A visible third eye tattoo:

The concept of a third eye revolves around our powers of perception. It is an invisible eye which allows us to see and feel things which are not materialistically visible. The third eye helps us perceive fear or any other emotion in a given situation. This is a great concept to have tattooed on a body.

9. An illuminating staircase tattoo:

An illuminating stair case tattoo can be made to look realistic with 3D techniques. The staircase might also have religious connotations as the staircase to heaven.

10. A puzzle tattoo:

Whether puzzles convey a deep meaning for you or you simply like to solve them, a 3D puzzle tattoo is definitely a wonderful tattoo idea. You could ink one piece of a puzzle or numerous pieces of it. One such puzzle tattoo idea is inking one jigsaw puzzle piece which has not yet fallen into its place.

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