10 Best Acupressure Mats To Get Rid Of Body Aches At Home – 2022

Lie down on these spiky mats and wake up with the active, pain-free body of your dreams.

Reviewed by David Rosales, NSCA-CPT
By Shreya Vishwanathan
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Are you trying to find ways to manage anxiety at home? Then you must have already heard about the benefits of the best acupuncture mats. Sleeping on a bed full of needles might sound weird, but it is beneficial for your health in many ways. Acupuncture is a pain-relieving treatment that dates back to the early eras of Chinese history, and these spikes can heal your body naturally. Read on to know more!

Our Top Picks
Best Overall:ProsourceFit Acupressure Mat And Pillow Set
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Best For Advanced Therapies:NAYOYA Acupressure Mat And Neck Pillow Set
Price on Amazon
Best For Blood Circulation:DoSensePro Acupressure Mat And Pillow Massage Set
Price on Amazon
Best Handmade:The Shakti Mat
Price on Amazon
Best Durable:Nayoya Wellness Acupressure Mat
Price on Amazon
Best For All Ages:XiaoMaGe Acupressure Mat And Pillow Set
Price on Amazon
Best Travel-FriendlyTimeBeeWell Acupressure Mat And Pillow Set
Price on Amazon
Best For Improving Immunity:Daiwa Felicity Foot Massager Reflexology Mat
Price on Amazon
Best Ergonomic Design:Pranamat ECO Therapeutic Manual Massage Set
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Best Eco-Friendly:AJNA Acupressure Mat And Pillow Set
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What Is An Acupuncture Mat And How’s It Helpful?

An acupuncture mat is a thin bed of plastic needles or pressure points that you can lay on for relaxation and relieving body aches. All you need is 20 minutes on this mat, and these acupuncture needles will touch all the plus points on the body to release tension, pain, aches, and stimulate blood circulation. No doubt these blunt needles are discomforting at first (they are needles after all!), but once your body gets used to the pressure, the experience is nothing but bliss.

David Rosales, the head trainer at Roman Fitness Systems, says, “If you’re going to try acupuncture, be sure to check in with your healthcare provider about your goals. Since acupuncture can be delicate, if you decide to give it a try, don’t skimp out on the mat quality.”

Now if you’re ready to relax on the best acupuncture mat we’ve lined up some of the finest options to suit your pain-relieving needs. Check out our list of 2022’s 10 best at home acupuncture mats.

10 Best Acupuncture Mats That Are Incredibly Relaxing And Easy To Use!

1. Best Overall:ProsourceFit Acupressure Mat And Pillow Set

The porcupine-inspired needles on this mat and pillow set might make you rethink your choices for pain relief, but once you relax on it, you might never want to try anything else! Made of 100% thick and high-quality cotton, it has over 8000 plastic spikes on the mat and 1000 on the acupressure pillow! It also provides optimal support from neck-to-lower back, and you can use them while sitting on a chair or massaging your feet. In just 20 minutes, it will release tension, aches, stiffness, stress and help you sleep better.


  • Eco-friendly foam
  • Optimal relaxation
  • Holistic pain-relieving therapy
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Available in 7 colors


  • May be slightly uncomfortable initially

2. Best For Advanced Therapies:NAYOYA Acupressure Mat And Neck Pillow Set

If you are a novice, this mat and pillow set will be a great starter pack. Suitable also for intermediate and advanced level therapies, this acupuncture set is incredibly versatile. Use it pre or post working out to relieve tight and sore muscles, ease pain, and improve blood flow. You can use the mat while sitting or for relieving severe headaches. Designed using high-quality cotton and foam, this acupuncture mat has 6210 acupoints, and the neck pillow has 1782 acupoints for optimal pain relief. Besides, it is a must-try for alleviating muscle knots, sciatica, and shoulder aches. This video takes you through this product’s details.


  • Durable
  • Travel-friendly
  • Fibromyalgia relief
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Optimal relaxation
  • Storage box included


  • Slightly expensive

3. Best For Blood Circulation:DoSensePro Acupressure Mat And Pillow Massage Set

Designed for the taller crowds and slightly longer than regular mats, you don’t have to shift and adjust on this acupuncture mat and pillow set by DoSensePro. Enjoy holistic pain relief as it relaxes and massages from neck to lower back effortlessly. A fantastic choice to counter insomnia or irregular blood pressure, the mat delivers more than just pain-relieving benefits. It improves sleep quality, regulates blood pressure, reduces headaches, stimulates blood circulation, and improves digestion. All this while releasing muscle fatigue, tightness, and tension! And as for the material, this extra-long acupressure mat is made of high-quality cotton, and acupoints are non-toxic ABS plastic.


  • Boosts energy
  • Therapeutic benefits
  • Deep tissue massaging
  • Cold/hot gel pack included
  • Travel-friendly storage bag included


  • Beginners may find the spikes slightly intense.

4. Best Handmade:The Shakti Mat

Inspired by nail beds in India, The Shakti Mat guarantees high performance, optimal relaxation, and long-lasting service. Ethical and handmade using non-toxic plastic acupoints, this eco-friendly acupressure mat is designed using organic cotton and dyes. All you have to do is include this mat in your day-to-day schedule for 20 minutes for the utmost relief from tiredness and fatigue. The acupoints will also target tight muscles, reduce stress, headaches, and improve sleep quality with deep tissue massaging and relaxation. For a more detailed review of this product, here’s a video.


  • Therapeutic
  • Eco-friendly
  • Muscle recovery
  • Deep warming sensation
  • Available in 3 levels of intensity


  • Acclimatizing to the mat may take a while.

5. Best Durable:Nayoya Wellness Acupressure Mat

Quit breaking the bank on expensive massages or chiropractor trips when this easy-to-use acupuncture mat can do the job in 15 minutes! Use it while watching tv or taking a break from the screen during long work hours. You can also lay down for deep tissue massages in the neck and shoulder areas. Your go-to mat for holistic relaxation, rejuvenation, and relieving body fatigue, this mat has 6210 acupoints to alleviate muscle soreness, sciatica, and counter insomnia and irregular blood pressure.


  • Durable
  • High-quality
  • Travel-friendly
  • Fibromyalgia relief
  • Beginner-friendly


  • Some may not find the needle intense enough.

6. Best For All Ages:XiaoMaGe Acupressure Mat And Pillow Set

With this acupressure yoga mat and pillow set in your house, you’ll never have to step out for massages ever again! An ideal set for the family, the mat is comparatively longer than regular ones, is made of high-quality foam and non-toxic ABS plastic material, in case your skin is sensitive. Designed to relieve pain like real acupuncture needles, a good 10 minutes on the mat can alleviate body fatigue, improve energy levels, sleep quality, and ease body aches too. Besides this, you can also use the pillow for back and foot massages. And as a bonus, you get a handy and travel-friendly storage bag too with the set.


  • Painless pressure
  • Optimal relaxation
  • Healthy circulation
  • Available in 6 colors
  • Beginner-friendly


  • May not be ideal if you need deep tissue massages

7. Best Travel-Friendly:TimeBeeWell Acupressure Mat And Pillow Set

If you are looking for a trusted device for relief, this acupuncture set is recommended by chiropractors, sports trainers, doctors, and more. The mat has medical-grade and non-toxic acupoints that are lotus-shaped to provide the experience of real acupuncture needles. Plus, the acupuncture mat contains high-quality foam that won’t dent your floors and provides optimal support while using it. And the best part, the pillow is ergonomically shaped to comfort and support your neck while massaging. Relax as it eases the pain, aches, tensions, knots, and stress; the mat also helps in improving sleep quality, energy levels, and blood circulation.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Breathable fabric
  • Travel-friendly bag included
  • Orthopedic-recommended
  • Available in 3 bright colors


  • Not ideal for deep tissue massages

8. Best For Improving Immunity:Daiwa Felicity Foot Massager Reflexology Mat

Nothing beats a good foot massage, and here’s a mat to prove it right! With 250 nodes and 4 pressure points on each, the acupoints target every part of the sole to improve overall immunity and rejuvenate tired feet. So, if you have been visiting your chiropractor for reflexology sessions or planning to, we say you get this DIY reflexology mat instead. Given that every part of the sole represents an organ, a few minutes on this acupressure mat for feet can boost energy levels, ease pain, and erase feet fatigue. And as for the material, it is made of hard plastic for deep tissue massage and has 10 magnets embedded to improve blood circulation.


  • Feet revitalizer
  • FSA/HAS eligible
  • Weight limit of 250lbs
  • Improves optimal wellbeing


  • May not be suitable for sensitive feet or skin

9. Best Ergonomic Design:Pranamat ECO Therapeutic Manual Massage Set

Are long hours in front of the screen taking a toll on your neck and back? This ergonomic and powerful acupressure mat set can help. With the design contouring the shape of the neck, the pillow provides optimal support and massage to the respective areas effortlessly. The pressure points will target all the stiff and tension areas, so you don’t have to make many painful adjustments on the mat. A premium European brand if you are ready to loosen your purse strings a little, this mat contains coconut fiber filling, cotton, and linen, whereas the pillow contains buckwheat hulls. You can also use this mat during yoga or before workouts to ease tight muscles, improve blood circulation, and boost energy levels.


  • Quick-relief
  • Eco-friendly
  • Deep relaxation
  • Muscle recovery
  • Improves skin elasticity


  • Slightly expensive

10. Best Eco-Friendly:AJNA Acupressure Mat And Pillow Set

Here’s another doctor-recommended acupuncture set that is ergonomically designed and has 7000 medical-grade spikes. Taking care of your holistic pain-relieving needs, the multiple benefits of this mat will make you want it right away. Besides a relaxing and calming experience, this therapeutic mat will reduce stress, alleviate headaches, stimulate blood flow, and, more importantly, release endorphins to help you sleep better. Made of earth-friendly materials, the mat and pillow contain 100% cotton foam. More on benefits, it is also great for reducing cellulite, stimulating lymphatic drainage, improving skin’s elasticity, and easing tight muscles, tensions, and more.


  • Heals naturally
  • Deep tissue massaging
  • Travel-friendly tote bag included
  • Available in 4 colors


  • Spikes may be harsh for some.

Acupuncture now looks easy to do at home! Bless your body with one of the 10 best prickly yet pain-relieving acupuncture mats of 2022. However, if you still can’t decide which one to pick or are wondering how to use an acupuncture mat, we have some great tips for you in our buying guide below.

How To Choose The Best Acupuncture Mat?

  • Size:

While choosing an acupuncture mat, check if the size is ideal for your height before buying. For example— if you need therapy in the neck-to-lower back regions, it’s best to choose a mat that is slightly longer than other regular mats to avoid uncomfortable adjustments in between.

  • Support:

Optimal support is an essential feature to check, especially if choosing a mat and pillow set. Although most acupuncture mats have cotton foam for optimal support, the same cannot be said about the pillows. Pick an option that will contour your neckline to avoid cramps later.

  • Intensity:

Acupuncture mats can be discomforting on the first use. The body takes at least 2-3 trials (this may vary from person to person) to get accustomed to the intensity of the pressure points. However, if you are a novice, check the intensity before buying the mat. You would want to start with spikes that are not very sharp. For example, The Shakti Mat offers 3 intensity levels for the users. You can also lower the intensity by placing a sheet on the mat or wearing a t-shirt.

  • Maintenance:

Acupuncture mats need maintenance too. They are not machine washable as that could damage the spikes. However, the mats can be hand washed or cleaned regularly with a damp cloth.

How To Use An Acupuncture Mat

If you are a novice to acupuncture therapy, these mats may be slightly uncomfortable at first. However, once your body gets used to it (give it 2-3 trials), the experience is ultra-relaxing and rejuvenating. Beginners should avoid laying down bare skin initially. Wear a t-shirt or place a sheet on the mat or both until your body gets accustomed to the spikes, post which you can enjoy bare skin acupuncture therapy. You must also avoid hard floor acupuncture initially and start by placing the mat on the bed or couch. How long should you indulge daily? 20-30 minutes is ideal for the best experience.

Benefits Of Acupressure Mat

  • Provides deep tissue massaging
  • Relaxes and rejuvenates the body from neck to toe
  • Eases stiffness, tightness, muscle knots, and tension
  • Aids in reducing cellulite and improving skin’s elasticity
  • Reduces cramps, pain, aches, and muscle fatigue
  • Alleviates headaches and improves sleep quality by releasing endorphins
  • Helps with lymphatic drainage, sciatica, and fibromyalgia relief

Acupressure is a technique used to increase blood flow to the affected body part and supply fresh oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. Acupressure mats contain plastic points that work as acupuncture therapy, apply pressure on the affected parts, relieve your pain, and strengthen your feet and ankles. These mats are useful in reducing neck, back, foot, and sciatica pain. But pain reduction is not the only benefit that these mats offer. From improving skin elasticity to to reducing cellulite and headaches – they have a lot to offer. They are eco-friendly, durable, and travel-friendly. However, some mats may be slightly uncomfortable initially because of the needles.

Why Trust Stylecraze?

Shreya Viswanathan, our author here, is a beauty and health aficionado who is always on the lookout for new tools and gadgets that can help you with your health, style, and convenience. She has scoured through several health and beauty forums and done an in-depth review before recommending these top acupuncture mats for you. These mats are built with the right pressure points to help you get relief from body aches and pain from the comfort of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do acupressure mats work?

Absolutely! Once your body gets accustomed to the pressure points these mats can help improve blood circulation and sleep, and reduce headaches, muscle tension, fatigue, stress, and so much more.

How long should you lay on an acupressure mat?

It depends on how well your body is accustomed to the pressure points. If you are a novice, you should not extend your acupuncture mat therapy for more than 20-30 minutes. However, you can increase the minutes as your body starts getting used to the spikes.

Is an acupressure mat safe during pregnancy?

No, avoid using an acupuncture mat during pregnancy or labor. If you still want to, you must consult your doctor or use a mat only under the supervision of a medical practitioner.

Can you sleep on an acupressure mat?

No, avoid using an acupuncture mat while sleeping. You should use it only once during the day and only for 20-30 minutes. Using the mat for prolonged hours can worsen the aches rather than reducing them.

Does an acupressure mat help lose weight?

No, an acupuncture mat may not help if you are planning to lose weight. However, it may help in cutting down toxins and cellulite in the long run. Practice deep breathing and drink a lot of water after using an acupuncture mat for the best experience.

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