10 HOLY ANGEL Tattoo Designs

10 HOLY ANGEL Tattoo Designs March 30, 2018

Angel tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos designs amongst both men and women of all age groups. Angel tattoo designs hold a symbolic meaning for the person who wears it. They are considered the messengers of god and are a symbol of protection and love. They are often depicted with a variety of symbols like cross, heart, halo, clouds, trumpets, swords etc.

Check out our top 10 Angel Tattoo Designs for Girls:

1.  This is one of the most popular angel tattoo design. The tattoo with the barren field and dead trees describes the person’s victory over the suffering and agonies of life. The angel represents the afterlife with freedom and the end of sufferings.

2.  This is a unique tattoo design where the traditional angel has not been drawn; instead we see the cross with angel wings. It depicts the person’s devotion and faith in god and the free wings depict the guardian angel.

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3.  The cupid is another resemblance of the angel, which is popularly known as the angel of love. This tattoo design is popular amongst women, especially young girls. Cupid is god of love in roman mythology and in modern times, this symbol is used to depict true love.

4.  This particular tattoo design is known as the “fallen angel tattoo”. These tattoos represent that good and bad exists in every person and it is solely our will to choose the correct path.

Sometimes the fallen angel also represents the pain and suffering a person has encountered in his or her life.

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5.  This is a very unique angel tattoo where black ink has been used to draw the bold and abstract angel form. This tattoo can be worn by people who wish to try the contemporary form of design. It can be worn by both men and women of any age group.

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6.  The above tattoo represents the Guardian Angel. They are mostly depicted as a man or a woman with wings and sometimes holding a child in the arms. The guardian angel is regarded as the representative of god who guides people towards good deeds. They are considered to be protective and loving towards mankind.

7.  The angel with heart tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo designs. There are a number of interpretations for this design. The heart represents the newly found love which is guarded by the angel. The second meaning could be freedom, joyous and free spirited nature of a person. It also represents the memory of a person’s beloved who is no longer alive. People who lost their dear ones get this heart angel tattoo inked on them.

8.  The colourful angel tattoo of the hand tattoo designs is fast gaining popularity amongst youngsters. This tattoo can be drawn on the shoulders, hands or on the back. This is the fairy angel tattoo which signifies love, protection, happiness and purity and is great for women.

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9.  This particular tattoo depicts the struggle of the person between right & wrong. The balance held by the angel shows that every human has both positive and negative elements. Such designs are drawn by black ink mostly and bright colours are rarely used.

10.  This tattoo is another form of guardian angel. These angels represent a link between the god and the mortals on the earth. It shows the divine connection between the spiritual world and the material world. Therefore the guardian angel tattoos are worn by people who want to connect themselves with the spiritual world.

Hope you loved our compilation. Which is your favourite Angel tattoo design?

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