Top 10 Animal Tattoo Designs With Meanings

Let the magnificence and majesty of a beautiful animal ink express your personality.

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Tattoos are generally meant to symbolize something for the wearer. Animal tattoo designs are a good choice if you want your tattoo to hold a specific meaning. Each animal has a distinct symbolism. These tattoos are not gender-specific and can be inked anywhere on the body.

The Most Loved Animal Tattoos:

Here are a few animal tattoo designs worth considering.

1. Horse Tattoo:

Horse tattoos are not only great style symbols but also represent strength and beauty. A majestic stallion in motion is a great tattoo idea. A simple and adorable tattoo idea would be that of a dala horse or a carnival horse.

2. Bear Tattoo:

Bear tattoos represent immense strength and an overbearing personality that can crush others. Some bear species like the koala bear could represent cuteness and innocence. Winnie the Pooh is an animated bear that one could consider inking.

3. Raven Tattoo:

The raven was originally a white bird. There are many legends describing the reason for the raven turning black. Some say Noah sent out the raven to test the level of water before sending out the dove. But instead of returning the raven settled into the land. This enraged God and he turned the Raven black. Ravens convey bad omens and mystery.

Quick Tip
Larger areas such as the shoulder, chest, back, arm, and sleeve are the ideal places to get a raven tattoo on because of the intricate detailing (especially on the feathers) that goes into it.

4. Peacock Tattoo:

Peacocks are very charming and beautiful creatures. They represent beauty, dignity, pride and self assurance. Peacocks have a variety of colours on them which make tattooing them a lot of fun. This is indeed a gorgeous being to tattoo on oneself. One could also tattoo a peacock feather if tattooing an entire peacock seems too much.

5. Lion Tattoo:

Lions are the king of animals. Lions represent leadership and strength. Lions are admirable animals and have awe-striking tattoo ideas. An animated touch might be added by inking Simba, the character from the animated film The Lion King.

Charisma Carpenter, Marsha Ambrosius, Chiara Ferragni, Ella Mai, and Rumer Willis are well-known celebrities with lion tattoos.

6. Tiger Tattoo:

Tigers are very fierce animals. They represent bravery, fierceness, strength and courage. 3D touches might be added to bring out the ferocity in the tiger. The entire body of the tiger may be tattooed or just the face. Whichever way it is inked, this is a majestic animal tattoo design to have.

7. Dog Tattoo:

Dogs make great pets. They are loyal and provide good companionship. A dog tattoo can be made to resemble a pet you once had or simply as a style statement. Cartoon touches may be added to the tattoo to make it comical and fun. There is great variety in these tattoo designs and in the range of colours.

8. Fish Tattoo:

Fish have biblical allusions and represent miracles and magic. They also convey good fortune, prosperity, and foresight. The salmon fish in particular represents knowledge. Fish tattoos can be made in tribal or brushwork designs and in a range of colors.

9. Cat Tattoo:

Cats are related to mysticism and supernatural powers. They also portray feminine energy and independence. A black cat might represent an interest in witchcraft and the supernatural. Cats have many species and thus form a variety of tattoo ideas.

10. Snake Tattoo:

Snakes are slithery and dangerous beings. They can injure humans with just one bite. Snake bites can be poisonous and fatal. Snakes are therefore tattoos which convey danger and fierceness of character.

Infographic: 10 Commonly Tattooed Animals And Their Symbolism

It’s interesting how humans can symbolize animals based on their observations and interactions with them. That said, animals and fantastical creatures are some of the most commonly chosen figures for tattoo designs. These tattoos are meant to convey not just the symbolism but also how an individual relates to them. In the infographic below, we have summarized all the animal symbolisms we have seen in the article. Take a look!

10 commonly tattooed animals and their symbolism (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

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Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

Animal tattoo designs are not just limited to animal lovers. Each animal signifies specific emotions and characteristics. You can use these patterns to celebrate your pets as well. Add your own touch and personalize your animal tattoo. You can get a sweet minimalist pattern or choose a bold and massive design. You can go the traditional monotone way or add life to your patterns by making them colorful. That said, make sure you follow the aftercare prescribed to prevent your tattoo from getting infected or inflamed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which animal tattoo is lucky?

According to Chinese culture, panda tattoos represent prosperity and good luck.

What does a butterfly tattoo mean?

Butterfly tattoos represent femininity, beauty, young love, and joy.

What does a bee tattoo mean?

A bee tattoo represents loyalty, honor, and duty.

What does a bird tattoo mean?

Different birds represent different meanings. However, generally, a bird represents the desire to live free and happy.

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