35 Super Cute And Dainty Ankle Tattoo Designs For Women

Written by Jyotsana Rao

Ankle tattoos are everywhere. They are fun, flirty, and really pretty. What makes the ankle the best place to get inked is that you can choose to flaunt it when you want and keep it covered when you don’t. Ankle tattoos can also make your feet look more appealing. If you are looking for some inspiration to join the ankle tattoo club, we’ve got your back. Check out these 35 cute and dainty ankle tattoo designs that you will want to screenshot.

35 Super-Cute And Dainty Ankle Tattoo Designs For Women

1. Butterfly Ankle Tattoos

Butterflies symbolize love and piousness. The word for butterfly in Greek is psyche, who was the goddess of the soul. She was depicted with the wings of a butterfly. A butterfly tattoo is a symbol of resurrection and rebirth and represents the changes you face in your life and the challenges you overcome. This beautiful black and gray butterfly tattoo is perfect for flaunting on dusky to beige skin tones.

2. Tribal Ankle Tattoo

ownstyle_tattoo / Instagram

Bold strokes with colors and sharp designs are unique and have been used by tribal people for centuries. This beautiful band tattoo with black, red, and camel colors encircles your ankle, giving it a delicate feminine vibe. The color palate used makes it perfect for lighter skin tones.

3. Japanese Ankle Tattoo

jsnonofficial / Instagram

Japanese letters and alphabets have been inspiring tattoo artists to create unique and new designs. The beautiful font used in this tattoo makes an outline of two letters. The tiny area required to ink this design makes it perfect for ankle tattoos. The use of plain black monotone makes it suitable for every skin tone.

4. Airplane Ankle Tattoo

playhousetattoos / Instagram

The airplane tattoo brings out the traveler in you. If you are fond of exploring new places, no other tattoo can depict your personality better. The beautiful outline of the airplane silhouette makes it look classy.

5. Arrow And Constellation Tattoo

linsey_tattooer / Instagram

If you are a fan of star signs and astrology, this constellation tattoo is sure to impress you. You can portray your sun sign as dotted stars along with an arrow. While the constellation symbolizes the mysteries of the universe, the arrow symbolizes courage and direction.

6. Elephant Tattoo On The Ankle

breecolage / Instagram

An elephant tattoo represents wealth and good luck. It symbolizes power, potency, self-respect, and durability. If you are looking for something small, adorable, and meaningful on your feet, this cute baby elephant on a flower bed holding out a blue winner ribbon is an excellent choice. The light shade work and blue and green inks make it ideal for lighter skin tones.

7. Bold Snake Ankle Tattoo

sophiecestlavie / Instagram

A snake symbolizes the eternal cycle of life and reawakening. This beautiful gold and blue cobra design coils around your ankle to give it a realistic appeal. The use of contrasting royal colors makes the design perfect for light skin tones.

8. Feather Ankle Tattoo

jtat02 / Instagram

A feather tattoo represents freedom, dreams, hope, and wisdom. The red heart within the feather represents freedom, true love, and courage. The beautiful colors of the feather and the detailing make it look very cute and elegant.

9. Compass Ankle Tattoo

m_eeks / Instagram

Compass tattoos have been sported by sailors and navigators for centuries. They symbolize a sense of direction and guidance. If you are a traveler and love adventure, this tattoo is perfect for you. It not only serves as a reminder and motivation for you to stay on track but is also a symbol of protection.

10. Bee On The Ankle

peta.heffernan / Instagram

Bees are hardworking creatures that symbolize define teamwork, loyalty, and courage. This light, thin-lined bee tattoo can represent your hardworking nature. In some ancient cultures, the bee was considered a symbol of the soul because it could travel distances and still have the ability to find its way home. This tattoo looks best on ivory and beige skin tones.

11. Rose Ankle Tattoo

magdalennamarc / Instagram

A rose tattoo symbolizes balance, promise, and hope. It represents beauty and elegance. This monotone rose tattoo with thorns and a pointed sword at the bottom symbolizes overcoming pain and suffering and rising in life. This tattoo design suits all skin tones.

12. Hummingbird Ankle Tattoo

liltattertot / Instagram

This monotone shaded hummingbird tattoo looks classy and elegant. Hummingbird tattoos inspire the wearer to live their life to the fullest. Just like the bird, the tattoo stands for hard work, beauty, love, hope, peace, and good luck. It also represents agility, energy, and perseverance.

13. Moon Ankle Tattoo

never_smile_tattoo / Instagram

The moon symbolizes feminine powers. The half moon is a sign of fertility, growth, and the duality of life. This simple black block crescent moon design is perfect for flaunting on your ankle and will serve as a constant reminder to remove negative energy and people from your life.

14. Mandala Ankle Tattoo

ashleighwebbtattoo / Instagram

Ankle tattoos are usually small and meaningful, but this mandala design breaks all norms. Mandalas symbolize balance and wholeness. The intricate mandala art and extensions of a dream catcher in black monotone make the tattoo look delicate and feminine.

15. Vine Ankle Tattoo

ch.tattoo.ahn / Instagram

Vines depict fertility and growth. They also symbolize endurance, determination, and strength. If you want a tattoo that brings out your feminine and elegant side, this delicate vine design is a great choice. The colors used make it look realistic and close to nature. The light colors suit skin tones ranging from ivory to porcelain.

16. Mountain Landscape Ankle Tattoo

coopyweasel / Instagram

What could be more amazing than inking a symbol of your love for adventure on your ankle? The mountain tattoo symbolizes power and the ability to overcome obstacles. The monotone dotted shade used in the tattoo makes it the ideal design for all skin tones.

17. Deathly Hallows Ankle Tattoo

B1PX_3_A8sh / Instagram

Shout out to all Potterheads! The Deathly Hallows tattoo is a triangle with a circle inside and a vertical line cutting through it. It represents the Elder wand, the resurrection stone, and the cloak of invisibility – three items that can make one the master of death. This tattoo looks good on every skin tone.

18. Chinese Ankle Tattoo

yubtattoo / Instagram

The Chinese lion symbolizes strength and stability. This colorful tattoo shows a Chinese lion with a swirling mane. The polka dots on the skin, in contrast with the blue, red, and yellow inks, make it the classiest tattoo choice ever.

19. Leaf Ankle Tattoo

laneytattoo / Instagram

Leaf tattoos have been a popular choice among women. Leaves represent life, hope, growth, and renewal. They also symbolize the cycle of life and death. This dainty leaf tattoo indicates happiness and peace.

20. Sexy Band Ankle Tattoo

agata_maria_tattoo / Instagram

Band tattoos are the most simple and best ways to grab attention. If you love simple and attractive tattoo designs, you can opt for this one. The black thin twin bands encircle your ankle and look elegant.

21. The World At Your Feet Ankle Tattoo

black_pig_tattoo / Instagram

This tattoo signifies conquering the world. The dotted gray lines forming the continents and the latitudes and longitudes covering the globe make the tattoo look alluring. The monotone color palette makes the tattoo perfect for all skin tones.

22. Anchor Ankle Tattoo

marcus_marcd / Instagram

Traditionally, anchor tattoos were sported by sailors and navigators. They represent hope, deliverance, serenity, calmness, and devotion. This tattoo indicates that the person is grounded and in tune with who they are and their values.

23. Roman Numerals Ankle Tattoo

mammi_chavez / Instagram

Roman numeral tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs that never go out of fashion. The numbers are usually a date that means a lot to the person. The size of the tattoo is usually small to fit the fingers or the wrist. This monotone number tattoo on the ankle forms a circle, which makes the design unique and attractive.

24. Dragonfly Ankle Tattoo

lucyloutattoo / Instagram

The dragonfly represents optimistic forces, harmony, success, development, vigor, decency, fortune, and coherence. The elegant design and wings of a dragonfly represent femininity and power. This beautiful design of a dragonfly in blue with pink blossoms brings out the ladylike virtues in you. The color palette is best suited for light skin tones.

25. Chrysanthemum Blossom Tattoo

oddblondie / Instagram

Flowers define femininity. The use of flowers in tattoo designs shows the elegant and dainty side of your personality. Chrysanthemum signifies generosity, prominence, and willpower. This beautiful purple flower on your ankle looks realistic and suits all skin tones.

26. Miniature Wave Ankle Tattoo

trinalawlesstattoo / Instagram

Waves are considered one of the strongest and most powerful natural forces on earth. A wave represents emotions, secrets, and opportunities. It also represents passion and signifies the ups and downs of life. Getting this tattoo indicates that the wearer wants to harness the power of the waves to get through obstacles in their life.

27. Scorpion Ankle Tattoo

The scorpion tattoo is a symbol of great power, passion, dominance, defense, loyalty, and powerful sexuality. This tribal design scorpion tattoo on your ankle shows that you are not someone who will cow down with fear in the face of difficulty. This design suits all skin tones.

28. Sword Ankle Tattoo

The sword symbolizes protection, strength, and courage. This sword tattoo on the ankle represents inner strength, a strong heart, and willpower to deal with any challenges that life throws at you.

29. Floral Tattoo On The Ankle

yubtattoo / Instagram

Flowers are an amazing way to exhibit your femininity. They symbolize love, birth, and growth. This tattoo shows the sketch of a rose, which represents hope, love, passion, and new beginnings. The bold colors and borders make it a pretty design to flaunt on your ankle.

30. Floral Heart On The Ankle

mimroest / Instagram

Heart tattoos never go out of trend. Combining it with floral design makes the tattoo look even more delicate and attractive. This simple lined black heart with a tiny miniature rose represents love and passion. The dull red and light green make it perfect for lighter skin tones.

31. Hawaiian Hibiscus Ankle Tattoo

B2CliGsgK7b / Instagram

The hibiscus is the national flower of Hawaii. It is a symbol of delicate beauty, purity, and elegance. It also symbolizes power, royalty, and respect. This design suits all skin tones.

32. Paper Plane Ankle Tattoo

A paper plane tattoo shows your love for travel and a carefree attitude. This tattoo shows a beautiful paper plane flying above a date, which might be the first day you flew together and found love. The dotted lines form a heart, which makes this tattoo look cute. This simple design looks beautiful on all skin tones.

33. Abstract Ankle Tattoo

guventattooz / Instagram

Abstract art never fails to turn heads. In this tattoo, delicate triangles form a seahorse. The seahorse is a symbol of good luck, power, and strength. The simple black lines make this design ideal for all skin tones.

34. Tie A Bow Around The Ankle

thetattootrends / Instagram

A bow tattoo denotes beauty and elegance. If you like keeping your tattoos simple and attractive, this design is sure to attract your attention. This cute shaded bow around your ankle is perfect to match your cute attitude and teasing nature. The black and gray shades make it the perfect design to match dusky skin tones.

35. Infinity Ankle Tattoo

Infinity means forever. While they can mean different things to different people, people usually get matching infinity tattoos with their special ones to make the relationship last forever. This cute infinity symbol with curled designs and a sweet miniature butterfly in blue is the cutest thing. The color choice makes it well suited for lighter skin tones.

These were the best ankle tattoo designs to choose from. Make sure you keep your design simple and small. The aftercare of your tattoo is as important as getting a tattoo done. Get a seasoned artist to do your tattoo. Keep your tattoo covered and clean to keep the design fresh and new for as long as it takes.

Which of these ankle tattoo designs do you think is the cutest? Why? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

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