7 Best Autoclaves For Nail Salons That Are Safe And Hygienic

Written by Chaitra Krishnan
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Who doesn’t love a good mani-pedi? An important concern rises when it comes to the safety of tools being used by multiple clients. The chances are that these handy metal tools can store bacteria that you definitely do not want to be passed on. Wiping these tools with a wet cloth may not be the most apt decision, and this is where an efficient autoclave comes in handy. Autoclaves sterilize your manicure tools, including your nail clippers, filers, and scissors, and keep them clean before you use them again. This way, you can avoid undesirable infections that may be a by-product of unclean tools.

Check out our list of the 7 best autoclaves for nail salons and manicure tools in 2021 and indulge yourself in a hygienic and safe manicuring experience, even from the comfort of your home.

7 Must-Have Autoclaves For Nail Salons In 2021

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Makartt Nail Sterilizer Pot MachineCheck Price
Smith Chu High-Temperature Metal Tool Cleaning BoxCheck Price
JJ CARE Sterilizer With UVCabinetCheck Price
Giff 300 W Heat Sterilizer Disinfection BoxCheck Price
Tuttnauer 1730 Valueklave SterilizerCheck Price
Bluetop High-Temperature Sanitizer MachineCheck Price
Prestige Classic 2100 Electric Autoclave SterilizerCheck Price

1. Makartt Nail Sterilizer Pot Machine

This small autoclave for nail salons from Makartt is an excellent addition to any nail boutique. Known for its compact design, this one is convenient to carry around. The quality autoclave sterilizes your manicure tools at an increased temperature of 250° to keep them clean and hygienic for subsequent use. With the help of glass beads inside the sterilizing pot, you can diffuse heat and clean your metal tools with ease. You can use this ideal machine for metal tools like nail clippers, scissors, tweezers, blackhead removers, eyebrow trimmers, and tattoo needles. The CE-approved autoclave has a pollution-free design that helps you save energy and can be reused as needed. Isn’t this everything we need?


  • Easy-to-store and use
  • Compact and portable design
  • Safe for all metal tools
  • Suitable for professional as well as personal use
  • CE-approved


  • Some may find the autoclave design to be a bit confusing without the help of the manual.

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2. Smith Chu High-Temperature Metal Tool Cleaning Box

There isn’t a worse experience than having to go to a salon that doesn’t regularly sterilize their equipment. A suitable sterilizer machine for nail salons can help you avoid germs and infections, all with a simple press of a button. The Smith Chu High-Temperature Metal Tool Cleaning Box comes with adjustable temperature settings from 0°C to 220°C and automatically turns off when it reaches its maximum power. The rapid heating feature is fast, does not require steam or added chemicals, and enables you to clean your salon tools, including scissors, filers, clippers, and more, in just 10 minutes.  This autoclave sterilizer cleans the crevices that may otherwise be difficult to clean using regular cleansing wipes, making this product a convenient tool to use in salons or at home. So, what’s the hold up for? Bring this product over now!


  • Easy-to-read English manual
  • 1-year warranty
  • Light indicator for easy operation
  • Quick cleaning in between uses


  • May not sterilize many tools at once and requires using in segments.

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3. JJ CARE Sterilizer With UVCabinet

Your search for the best UV sterilizer for nail salons ends here! The JJ CARE Sterilizer Cabinet is a multi-purpose sterilizing product that can be used for various salon tools, including makeup brushes, manicure tools, scissors, nail drill machines, and so much more. You can depend on this clean autoclave to sterilize your instruments economically, as the high-quality glass and stainless steel metal are durable and built-to-last. Without using chemicals, this autoclave set also comes with an intelligent induction switch to automatically turn off when not in use. We’re out of reasons why this one shouldn’t be your next buy!


  • Sterilizes without the use of chemicals
  • Intelligent induction switch
  • Has safe and invisible lights
  • Lasts upto 10,000 hours
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Some may find the cabinet to have a limited space

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4. Giff 300 W Heat Sterilizer Disinfection Box

Cleanse away impurities from your clippers, filers, scissors and more, with this autoclave for manicure tools. The disinfection box comes with adjustable temperature settings that can be monitored with a light indicator. For a fast-operating autoclave that uses dry heat methods, this rapid-heating product is simple and does not require routine maintenance.  It also comes with a durable and rust-free stainless steel tray that you can place inside to hold your tools. The sterilizing autoclave has a capacity of 1.5 L, making it a suitable fit for any professional salon or home.


  • Fast operation
  • Dry-heating method
  • Adjustable temperature between 0°C to 220°C
  • 5 L capacity


  • You have to buy the sterilization bags separately

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5. Tuttnauer 1730 Valueklave Sterilizer

This nail sterilizer machine is ideal for all your basic sterilization requirements. Keep your tools hygienic and safe with this reliable autoclave that is quick and easy to use. Not only is this autoclave compact and convenient to store, but it also works with a heated drying feature that lets you keep your manicure set and salon tools clean. With the drain valve located in the unit’s front, this autoclave also allows you to drain the water reservoir quickly and delivers clean and bacteria-free tools.


  • It has a durable, electro-polished stainless steel chamber
  • Comes with 3 trays
  • Dual safety from overheating
  • Simple controls and easy-to-close door


  • It may not work well for more extensive tools

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6. Bluetop High-Temperature Sanitizer Machine

Ditch the simple handwashing of tools and switch to an autoclave sterilizer for nail salons that clean your tools effectively. This one from Bluetop  is a practical multipurpose cleaning box that can help you sterilize your products. Use the dry heating feature to effectively sanitize your metal tools and keep them clean at a temperature that is adjustable between 50° C to 220° C. Not only can you sterilize your cosmetic instruments, but this autoclave can also be used widely in labs, catering services, salons, kitchens, and more. Equipped with a stainless steel thermal liner inside, this autoclave also has a 2 L large container to store your tools.


  • High-temperature multifunctional sterilizer
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Wide application
  • Smart time settings
  • Light indicator to monitor usage


  • Some may find that this product is slightly heavy on the pocket
  • It may not be suitable for large instruments

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7. Prestige Classic 2100 Electric Autoclave Sterilizer

The cleanliness enthusiast in you will jump with glee when you hear about this durable, lightweight, and compact top-loading autoclave that involves a simple, one-step operation to keep your metal tools hygienic and clean. This automatic salon autoclave sterilizer has an interlock system that keeps your tools safe. The electronic detectors placed inside switch off the device if there is insufficient water to prevent any damages. The cost-effective autoclave is reliable and comes with a lifetime guarantee on the heating element.


  • Thermal fuse to protect against overheating
  • Detectors to monitor water levels
  • Large capacity use
  • Short sterilizer time of 13 minutes
  • FDA-listed


  • Some may find loading the instruments a little tricky.

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Now that you’ve taken a look at the best available autoclaves for nail salons and manicure tools, you can go right ahead and invest in a product that will keep your devices hygienic and clean. Ideally, the suitable autoclave will help you keep your metal tools sterilized in about 10 minutes and guarantee safety between uses. Some of them may even come with autoclave pouches for easy storing. If you have any queries about finding a suitable autoclave for you, you only need to take a look at our buying guide to make an informed buying choice.

How To Choose The Right Autoclave For Nail Salons

  • Size and Capacity

Based on the number of tools you would like to sterilize, you can choose an autoclave for your needs. A personal autoclave does not need a large capacity, whereas when looking to buy an autoclave for a salon, it is crucial to consider its size and capacity.

While most of the compact and portable autoclave designs enable you to store and carry around conveniently, they may not be ideal for a large number of tools.

  • Durability

When appropriately used, autoclaves have a long shelf life. Since they are made of stainless steel and other durable materials, these sterilizing machines can be used for years to come. You will have to consider the other factors that affect the product’s longevity, including cleaning methods, the amount of electricity required, and the product’s design itself.

  • Added features

Ideal autoclaves for nail salons come with intelligent features. They may include detectors and indicator lights which will help you monitor your usage. They may also come with a thermal fuse to protect the autoclave against overheating. The most suitable function for you will have a smart time setting that lets you preset your sterilization time.

  • Temperature settings

You will need a minimum sterilization temperature of 250° C for a while to ensure that your tools are sterile. If you’re looking to autoclave manicure tools, you will need to increase the air pressure inside the box and let the steam thoroughly cleanse your tools. Whether they are steam autoclaves or gravity autoclaves, it is important to consider the temperature settings that they offer.

Now that you have gone through our buying guide, you know how to use the autoclave even from the comfort of your homes. When you visit a salon, you may be worried about cosmetic equipment being sterilized, so that you don’t catch an infection. When more than one person uses a metal tool, it is likely that bacteria may be transferred ,and to steer away from this, autoclaves deliver the highest form of hygienic protection. Save yourself from the risk of unhygienic manicure tools, scissors, clippers or any other salon equipment by choosing a salon that uses an efficient autoclave to sterilize their tools, or better yet, go that step further and invest in one for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use to disinfect/sterilize manicure tools?

You can use an autoclave for the sterilization of nail tools.

What is the difference between sterilization and disinfection?

Sterilization includes the removal of bacteria, viruses, or fungi that can be capable of causing infections. Disinfection refers to managing the infection.

Can you use barbicide on nail tools?

Yes, you can use them on nail tools to disinfect them.

How long do you leave tools in barbicide?

Ideally, you can leave your tools in barbicide for 10 minutes.

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