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10 Best Bath Salts in India – Updated & Reviewed in 2018

10 Best Bath Salts in India – Updated & Reviewed in 2018 March 6, 2018

Bath salts are slowly but surely becoming popular in India too. And i’ve decided to contribute to the growing momentum! Why not tell everyone what the best options are.

Here are my favourite bath salts in India.

1. Soulflower Green Tea and Tangerine Aroma Bath Salt:


This bathing salt is a real boon for those with dry skin! People who have dry skin usually have a dehydrated and stretchy feeling post bathing. This product will help you get rid of that! One needs to add two capfuls of this bath salt to their bathing water. The bright orange crystals look like Tangerine crystals and when dissolved in the water, it imparts a bright orange colour to it! The bath salts do not completely dissolve in water; a few crystals do remain and this is purely for a scrub action!

It keeps your skin soft and smooth and one does not have to use a body moisturiser post bathing! That dry, stretchy feeling vanishes entirely! It has a fresh citrus smell to it and although it promises relief from aching muscles, it does not live upto that promise. A slight warning here, if you have a wound on your body, this product may cause a sharp stinging sensation! It is certainly is the best bath salt in India! if you don’t think it is the best, you will certainly agree that its amongst the best. Worth a try for sure!

2. Soulflower Rose and Geranium Bath Salt:

This product from the house of Soulflower comes in a transparent tall jar. Its black lid is covered with a piece of butter paper which in turn is delicately tied with a piece of jute string with an artificial rose stuck on it! The bath salts are bright watermelon pink! One needs to add two capfuls of this salt into warm water or simply dip a towel into a bucket of bath salts and hot water and place the towel over specific areas of the body that feel stressed out or tired. Soulflower claims that using this product makes one feel that they are lying back in a cloud of roses and while this may seem a bit exaggerated, this is exactly what the product does! You do feel like you are surrounded by roses! The burst of perfume calms and relaxes you! Very good for those tired, aching muscles! Worth a try folks!

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3. Khadi Dead Sea Salts with Lavender and Almond Oil:

This product claims to contai natural sea salts, rock salts and lavender oil which helps cure aching muscles and relaxes the mind. It’s amazing smell greatly relaxes the senses and gives a comforting feel. Adding a capful or two to your bathing water definitely would help relax the senses. It also removes body odour to a good extent. Quite affordable and definitely works!

4. Khadi Dead Sea Salt Crystals with Rose and Almond Oil:

Another bathing salt from the house of Khadi. Again, it claims at containing natural sea salts, rock salts and rose essential oils which help in stimulating blood circulation and helps one relax. This product dissolves easily in water and gives one a relaxed and comforting feeling. Your skin does not feel dehydrated and instead feels soft and supple. It has a great smell. Khadi Dead Sea Salt Crystals with Rose and Almond Oil claims at softening corns and calluses.  It helps remove body odour too. A treat to relax your muscles and mind!

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5. The Nature’s Co. Rose Bath Salt:


This product comes in a transparent plastic tube which resembles a test tube!! In terms of quantity, this does seem disappointing. It contains dehydrated rose petals and salt crystals that dissolve in your bathing water and does not create any lather. Strongly fragranced with rose and essential oils, it surely helps you relax. Also, it makes the skin soft, supple and clean. The only drawback is the quantity! A few baths and you would need to order another one!!!

6. The Nature’s Co. Cinnamon  Bath Salt:


The striking feature of this product is its smell of delicious cinnamon!!! It comes in a transparent plastic tube which much resembles a test tube!! Again, in terms of quantity, it does disappoint you. It dissolves easily in running water except a tiny black substance which seems more like a bit of mud which actually seems to stick onto your body post bathing!

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7. Soulflower Jasmine Ocean Mineral Bath Salt:

This bright orange crystalline product boasts of relaxing the senses and making you stress and tension free! This product dissolves well in water and is best used in warm water. It has a nice smell and its most prominent notes being those of Jasmine. It does seem to have a calming effect on the nerves and leaves your skin feeling supple and soft. Very good for use if you had a tiring day!

8. Soulflower Tropical Sunset Ocean Mineral Bath Salt:

This one from the house of Soulflower, its dual hued bright turmeric and orange colours make it look more like a tasty treat than a bath salt! It boasts of containing Lemon and Orange Essential oils, Vitamin E, Epsom salts and Olive oil. Those with dry skin will find this product good since it removes that dehydrated and stretchy feeling post bathing and also improves the elasticity of the skin! It dissolves well in water and to get the best out of this product, use it in warm water. It smells heavenly and its citrus notes help you feel relaxed.

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9. Soulflower Lavender Mineral Ocean Mineral Bath Salt:

Soulflower is one of the most popular bath salts brand in India. One look at its bright blue crystals and one falls in love with this brilliantly hued product! It contains Lavender essential oils and Thai herbs that claim at relaxing the senses and calming the mind. It also claims at relieving inflammation in joints and muscles and relieving headaches! It dissolves well in water and does leave the skin feeling refreshed and supple minus the dryness! It smells like a garden of lavender flowers and is definitely helpful in relaxing the mind and muscles.

10. Soulflower  Desert Sands  Ocean Mineral Bath Salt:

This product with its bright turmeric and lavender and brown crystals is definitely pleasing to the eye. Worth a try for this range of bath salts that claims to detox the skin and nourishes it. It contains Lemon oil, Honey, Olive oil, Vitamin E, Thai herbs, Epsom salts and Sea salts. It certainly is suitable for all skin types though those with dry skin will find this product quite a treat as it makes the skin smooth and supple. It does not dry your skin out and smells good. It can be used by both men and women. Another good one from Soulflower!

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So which according to you is the best bath salt in India? Do tell me in the comments section!