11 Best Beachy Perfumes Of 2023 With Reviews

It's time to spray on some of these incredible perfumes and steal the spotlight!

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Are you planning to take a vacation to the beach? While sunscreens, shorts, and bikinis are some beach staples, another thing that you should not miss out on is the best beachy perfume. Such a perfume will remind you of the fresh, tropical, coconutty, and beachy fragrances that will instantly uplift your mood. The smell of these perfumes is inspired by flora and fauna, and the refreshing fragrance will make you remember your beach vacay forever. So, if you feel like visiting the sandy beach and enjoying all the beach vibes, then you should get your hands on the best beachy perfumes.

Whether you are looking for a mild yet refreshing scent, or something strong and concentrated, we have curated a list of the 11 best beachy perfumes that you will fall in love with. So keep reading to explore our list and pick the one that suits your personality perfectly.

Top Picks
Best Summer Fragrance: At The Beach Fine Fragrance Mist
Price on Amazon
Best Sillage: Lilly Pulitzer Beachy Parfum Spray
Price on Amazon
Best Alcohol-Free: Pirette Fragrance Oil
Price on Amazon
Best Paraben-Free: Beach Eau De Parfum Bobbie Brown Parfum
Price on Amazon
Best For Sensitive Skin: Ulu Lagoon Roll-On Perfume
Price on Amazon
Best For Teens: Wild And Free Boho Beach Hydrating Hair & Body Fragrance
Price on Amazon
Best Floral Fragrance: Lilly Pulitzer Beachy Eau De Parfume
Price on Amazon
Best Floral Fragrance: Aerin Hibiscus Palm Eau De Parfum Spray
Price on Amazon
Best For Everyday Use: Replica Beach Walk Maison Margeila Paris Eau De Toilette
Price on Amazon
Best Travel-Friednly: Bath and Body Works At the Beach Perfume Spray
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11 Best Beachy Perfumes That Leave You Feeling Refreshed And Rejuvenated

1. Best Summer Fragrance: At The Beach Fine Fragrance Mist

At The Beach Fine Fragrance Mist Image: Bath And Body Works

This refreshing body mist is perfect for people who gravitate towards mild yet refreshing scents. It has heart notes of palm leaves, coconut water, and salty amber, which leave the skin feeling fresh, conditioned, and smelling like the beach. This is the perfect summer fragrance, especially if you want to keep your scent light and fragrant. The scent also contains base notes of frangipani blossoms and bergamot waters to leave you feeling happy and relaxed with each spritz. Check out the review of this product for more information.


  • Conditions the skin
  • Refreshing and light fragrance
  • Suitable for hot and humid weather
  • Suitable for sensitive skin


  • It may not last for the whole day

protip_icon Pro Tip
Apply body butter before this fragrance mist to get a long-lasting fresh smell.

Price at the time of publication: $16

2. Best Sillage: Lilly Pulitzer Beachy Parfum Spray

Lilly Pulitzer Beachy Eau De Parfume Image: Lilly Pulitzer

The Lilly Pulitzer Beachy Parfum Spray has a pleasant fragrance of citrus and vanilla. The high-quality ingredients of this perfume are citrus, watermelon, marine air accord, amber, vanilla, frangipani, tiare flower, salt, jasmine, and crystals. Pair this perfume with your favorite summer dress and enjoy a lovely day at the beach.


  • Organic ingredients
  • Unique sillage
  • Ideal for summer time


  • May cause irritation on sensitive skin

3. Best Alcohol-Free: Pirette Fragrance Oil

Pirette Fragrance Oil Image: Pirette

If you want to be transported to a tropical island with just a spritz of perfume, this beachy scent is perfect for you. The alcohol-free concentrated fragrant oil is gentle and long-lasting, and once it dries, it gives off subtle notes of aromatic essential oils for the whole day. The fragrance oil contains prominent accords of coconut, amber, vanilla, and woody notes that ensure you smell your best no matter where you go. This scent is perfect for people who enjoy the sweet and musky smells of coconut and Hawaiian tropical oils.


  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Long-lasting
  • Alcohol-free
  • Travel friendly


  • The formula may leave a greasy residue

protip_icon Quick tip
Apply the fragrance oil after a hot shower on your pulse points to surround yourself with the scent all day long.

Price at the time of publication: $48

4. Best Paraben-Free: Beach Eau De Parfum Bobbie Brown Parfum

Beach Eau De Parfum Bobbie Brown Parfum Image: Bobbi Brown

This popular unisex fragrance is one of the bestselling fragrances by Bobbie Brown and is inspired by the tropical scents of the beach. The formula is designed with an exotic blend of keynotes like sand jasmine, sea spray, and mandarin, making the perfume intoxicatingly beautiful. The perfume is free from any parabens, sulfates, and gluten. It also doesn’t contain any animal-derived ingredients, making it safe for sensitive skin. If you are looking for one that can be worn for every occasion without feeling overpowering or heavy, this is the one for you.


  • Fresh, top notes
  • Paraben and sulfate-free
  • Doesn’t contain animal-derived ingredients
  • Not overpowering


  • May need constant re-touching
Price at the time of publication: $147.99

5. Best For Sensitive Skin: Ulu Lagoon Roll-On Perfume

Ulu Lagoon Roll-On Perfume Image: Ulu Lagoon

If you love the smell of coconuts and surf wax, you will love this roll-on perfume. This unisex perfume is formulated with natural ingredients like coconut and tropical fruit essences. It is safe to use on sensitive skin, so you don’t have to worry about any allergic reactions. In addition, it is also phthalate-free and prop 65 compliant! With this roll-on fragrance, you will definitely make a statement wherever you go! Just pop it in your bag, and you are set for the day or night.


  • Phthalate-free
  • Prop 65 compliant
  • Tropical base notes
  • Travel friendly


  • May leave a waxy residue
Price at the time of publication: $22.99

6. Best For Teens: Wild And Free Boho Beach Hydrating Hair & Body Fragrance

Wild And Free Boho Beach Hydrating Hair & Body Fragrance Image: Tru Western

You will get the best of both worlds with this fragrant product because you can spritz it all over your body and your hair. It contains a refreshing blend of coconut water, grapefruit zest, aquatic florals, pink amber, water lily, suede musk, and vanilla, which hydrate your hair and body. This perfume is the perfect addition to your summer routine; just toss it in your beach bag to keep your hair and body feeling fresh and hydrated.


  • Conditions hair and body
  • Not overpowering
  • Suitable for teens and young adults
  • Doesn’t leave any greasy residue


  • May not be ideal for senstive skin and oily hair
Price at the time of publication: $35.4

7. Best Floral Fragrance: Lilly Pulitzer Beachy Eau De Parfume

Lilly Pulitzer Beachy Parfum Spray Image: Lilly Pulitzer

The Lilly Pulitzer Beachy Eau De Parfume was launched in 2008. It is a floral aquatic fragrance made especially for women. Its top notes are watermelon and citruses, which are fruity while middle notes are tiare flower, jasmine, and frangipani that are floral. It has base notes of salt, vanilla, and amber, which are strong yet soothing. This scent is long lasting and offers moderate sillage after application. Its fresh, light, and joyful aroma is ideal for summers and perfect for those sunday brunches and outdoor activities.


  • Fresh aroma
  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Long-lasting fragrance
  • Moderate sillage



8. Best Floral Fragrance: Aerin Hibiscus Palm Eau De Parfum Spray

Aerin Hibiscus Palm Eau De Parfum Spray Image: Aerin

This beach-scented perfume for women has a refreshing floral fragrance, making it a great addition to any perfume collection. The top notes are of hibiscus, ylang-ylang, palm leaf, ginger, and lotus. Also, it contains middle and base notes of frangipani, white flowers, coconut milk, vanilla, and musk, which give off a creamy and sweet aroma. This scent is an excellent choice for women who love floral fragrances with a nice smooth balance without feeling synthetic or heady. You don’t have to worry about constantly spritzing this perfume throughout the day, as it’s long-lasting while being refreshing.


  • Floral and sweet keynotes
  • Long-lasting
  • Suitable for casual occasions
  • Not overpowering


  • It may not be suitable for people who experience frequent migraines
Price at the time of publication: $145

9. Best For Everyday Use: Replica Beach Walk Maison Margeila Paris Eau De Toilette

Replica Beach Walk Maison Margeila Paris Eau De Toilette Image: Maison Margiela

This is a charming and relaxing perfume that features a mellow blend of exotic flowers and coconut. It also exudes a musky formula that leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated. The keynotes in this fragrance include bergamot, ylang-ylang, pink pepper, heliotrope, coconut, musk benzoin, and cedarwood, which are pleasant and refreshing. This modern perfume is a great choice if you look for citrus and spicy nuances as your signature scent. When looking for a beachy scent, the Replica Beach Walk smells like tanning lotion and perfect summer days at the beach.


  • Floral and creamy top notes
  • Long-lasting
  • Suitable for everyday use
  • No synthetic additives


  • Some may find the fragrance heady or strong
Price at the time of publication: $95.55

10. Best Travel-Friednly: Bath and Body Works At the Beach Perfume Spray

 Bath and Body Works At the Beach Perfume Spray Image: Bath & Body Works

Feel refreshed with the pleasant fragrance of toasted coconut and bergamot waters present in Bath and Body Works At the Beach Perfume Spray. It has top notes of Bergamot Splash, Palm Leaves, and Coconut Water; mid notes of Jasmine Petals, Coconut Chips, and Frangipani; dry notes of Raw Sugar Cane, Salty Amber, and White Must. The long-lasting fragrance makes you feel relaxed all day long.


  • Long-lasting
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Travel-freidnly
  • Unisex



Price at the time of publication: $19.5

11. Pacifica Beach Lavender Lemon Micro-Batch Perfume

This is a popular beach-scented perfume that is suitable for men and women. Even though the perfume was recently launched in 2023, it has garnered quite a fan following because of its refreshing and spicy aroma. The formula contains keynotes of lemon, lavender, sugar, grapefruit, and vanilla, along with being 100% cruelty-free and vegan. The perfume is manufactured in small batches using non-GMO grain alcohol.


  • Unisex
  • Refreshing and spicy fragrance
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan


    • May not suit sensitive skin types
Price at the time of publication: $32

Now that you are aware of the best beachy scents that are available in the market, you must also understand how to identify the perfect one that suits your personal style and taste. This is why we have prepared a buying guide that will take you through some essential factors that you need to look for before choosing the best beachy scent.

A Buying Guide To Choosing The Best Beachy Perfumes For You

  • Fragrance

Beach scented perfumes can mean different things for different people, so it’s important to look for scents that appeal to you. For example, if you want to find a scent that smells like the ocean, then look for fragrances with marine notes like sea salt and sea spray. If you are looking for a perfume that smells like suntan lotion, look for a combination of floral and coconut notes. Flowers like tuberose, jasmine, and frangipani are popular choices.

  • Quality

When we talk about perfume quality, we talk about formulas that are safe to use and won’t cause any negative reaction once applied to your skin. Hence, you need to look for formulas that contain little to no alcohol, are paraben-free, and gravitate more towards ingredients that react well with your body chemistry.

  • Ingredients

Speaking of ingredients, you must choose a perfume formula made from natural essential oils and ingredients. Beach scented perfumes contain a myriad of ingredients layered in the top, middle, and base notes. For instance, if you are looking for fruity and floral beach scents, then look for top and base note ingredients with citrus or berry fruits; for middle notes with floral scents look for ingredients like lavender or rose. Look for a combination that will work for you without overpowering your senses.

An evocative perfume with an enchanting fragrance gives you a wonderful beachy vibe that feels both comforting and compelling. The reviewed options in the curated list work well for both men and women. These perfumes will leave you feeling light and fresh with every spritz and make you feel like you are on a tropical island every time you come across a whiff of it. Consider the fragrance, lasting ability, and ingredients, while picking the best beachy perfumes. Make sure to choose a fragrance that uplifts your spirits instantly. Each of these listed fragrances is unique, and you will surely find the perfect one for you!

Why Trust StyleCraze?

Makeup enthusiast Chaitra Krishnan, who authored this article, is passionate about experimenting with different beauty products. She went on a hunt for the best beachy perfumes for her readers and read through hundreds of customer reviews to compile a list of the best ones. These listed perfumes will give you that perfect tropical vibe and keep you refreshed!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular beachy perfume?

The most popular beachy perfume is the At The Beach Fine Fragrance Mist which comes with a rejuvenating scent. The fragrance is ideal for the summer and spring seasons.

How long does a beachy perfume last on the skin?

Ideally, beachy perfumes should last on the skin for eight to twelve hours. However, it varies depending on the formula and your body chemistry.

How long does a beachy perfume last?

Most beachy perfumes last one to three years from the time the bottles are opened.

Which beachy perfume lasts the longest?

The Beachscape Jennifer Aniston The Fragrance lasts the longest. Its floral-fruity notes typically last all day long.

Are beachy perfumes unisex?

Yes, most beachy perfumes are unisex.

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