13 Ultimate Bean Bag Chairs In 2023

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Sometimes traditional seating options either don’t fit, match, or make sense for your space and activity. While you may need 3 different pieces of furniture for 3 different activities, there is one seating option that can be many things at once. It’s the bean bag chair!

Bean bag chairs have been around since the 1970s, and we are all familiar with what a classic bean bag chair looks like. Today the market is flooded with multiple variations of this comfortable seating option, so much so that it is easy to find one that matches perfectly well with your decor. We have rounded up these cute, comfy, soft and round chairs for you. Come have a look at the 13 best bean bag chairs you can buy for your home.

Top 13 Ultimate Bean Bag Chairs to Buy for Your Home

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Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag Chair - Stretch Limo Black
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Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair - Charcoal
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Sofa Sack Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair - Microsuede Navy
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Cozy Sack 3-Feet Bean Bag Chair - Earth
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CordaRoy's Chenille Convertible Bean Bag Chair - Charcoal
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Flash Furniture Oversized Solid Bean Bag Chair - Brown
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Jaxx 6 Foot Cocoon Large Bean Bag Chair for Adults - Charcoal
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Gold Medal Large Leather Look Tear Drop Bean Bag - Navy
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FUGU Big Bean Bag Chair - Chocolate
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WEKAPO Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair Cover For Kids
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1. Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag Chair – Stretch Limo Black

This Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag Chair is shaped as a single seater sofa and has built-in pockets which are great to keep your books, remote, phone, etc. The dimension of this bean bag chair for adults is 32 x 25 x 33 inches. The covers of this structured bean bag chair have double stitching making the seat durable and safe. This gaming bean bag chair is designed with UltimaX Beans that move around and take shape as per your body and comfort, so you can relax when playing video games.


  • Refillable covers
  • Made using SmartMax Fabric
  • Water and stain-resistant
  • Can be cleaned with a damp cloth
  • Includes a built-in handle so it can be moved around easily.
  • Covers include a pair of zippers that are equipped with safety-locking.


  • The chair may be too small for older kids.

2. Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair – Charcoal

This Chill Sack Bean bag Chair is an over sized bean bag chair for both kids and adults. The sack size of this cool bean bag chair is 60 x 60 x 34 inches which can seat 2 adults in a very cozy manner or can seat 3 kids so they can have fun with each other. The removable cover is double-stitched, machine-washable and is very soft in texture and resistant to stains. It doesn’t even discolor easily and looks new for a very long time.


  • Stuffed with a blend of memory foam that is shredded and durable
  • Seat is made of hand-selected microsuede fiber and has premium zippers
  • Made using fluffy and light, high-quality shredded foam from the US.


  • It may be coated with fire-resistant chemicals that may not be suitable for people with allergies.

3. Sofa Sack Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair – Microsuede Navy

The Sofa Sack Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair is an adult bean bag chair in a regular size and can seat one person at a time. The compact size and neutral color of this comfy bean bag chair makes it ideal for any room and can match most of the decor styles. This soft bean bag chair is not filled with beans, but memory foam instead. The dimension of this modern bean bag chair is 24 x 36 x 36 inches and can fit easily in a nursery or dorm room as an extra seating option. This memory foam bean bag chair is ideal for gaming or reading a book without feeling the need to change your seat after sometime.


  • Filled with memory foam that takes the contour of your body and lasts longer than regular beans.
  • The cover is made using velvet, passion suede that is double-stitched
  • Can support large men and women as well as toddlers.
  • The chair is very lightweight making it mobile.


  • The foam in the bean bag may be too soft, and may lead the chair to be flatter when an adult sits on it.

4. Cozy Sack 3-Feet Bean Bag Chair – Earth

Filled with smooth and long strands of foam, the Cozy Sack 3-Feet Bean Bag Chair offers maximum durability and comfort. The certified foam of this giant bean bag chair lounger does not contain phthalates, TDCPP, PBDes, TCEP, formaldehyde, lead, mercury, and any other heavy and harmful material that is used in making cheap and low-quality bean bag chairs. The liners of this comfortable bean bag chair protect the bean bag fillers that are pending patent, and also make it possible for the cover to be easily removed.


  • Designed in such a way to avoid uncomfortable and lumpy spots
  • Microsuede covers are removable and machine washable.
  • Chair comprises of 100% CertiPUR-US certified foam


  • The chair may be slightly larger than the mentioned size.

5. CordaRoy’s Chenille Convertible Bean Bag Chair – Charcoal

The CordaRoy’s Chenille Convertible Bean Bag Chair has been seen on Shark Tank and has made a lot of fans since its launch. This jumbo bean bag chair is worth a try because of the multi-purpose function that it offers. The convertible bean bag chair can be made into a full king-size bed which is great if you have guests who decide to sleep over at the last minute. This amazing bean bag chair is 42 inches wide as a chair and can seat a single adult very comfortably. 2 adults can sleep royally on this patented bed. The foam used inside is absolutely new and not recycled giving you ultimate comfort while sitting and sleeping.


  • Made using polyester blend material and includes zip lockers that are safe
  • Vacuum-packed
  • The cover is washable, changeable, and can be dried easily
  • Filled using soft shredded foam of premium-quality


  • The bed that it opens up into may need a large room to open in.

6. Flash Furniture Oversized Solid Bean Bag Chair – Brown

The Flash Furniture Oversized Solid Bean Bag Chair weighs only 10 pounds and has an overall size of 42 x 42 x 19 inches. This bean bag chair is the right size for kids as well as adults and can seat only 1 at a time. The brown color of the chair is very neutral and can match perfectly with a variety of decors without standing out like a sore thumb. This chair is filled with tiny Styrofoam beads and it includes a lock and key with the zipper that must be kept safely.


  • Upholstery is made using cotton twill
  • Easy to carry and weighs very light
  • Double lined and includes removable and washable cover


  • The lining may be of a thinner material and may open at the seams with rough use.

7. Jaxx 6 Foot Cocoon Large Bean Bag Chair for Adults – Charcoal

The Jazz 6 Foot Cocoon Large Bean Bag Chair is a piece of furniture that you will never want to leave or get out of. The cocoon is so wide and long, and can comfortably seat an adult while lying down. You can easily fall asleep in this cocoon bean bag if you are too tired to go to your bedroom after partying and on other days, easily have your friends stay over too, without needing them to crash on the sofa. This cocoon bean bag chair has 2 positions, it can lay flat like a huge bed or can be flipped sideways to be a very comfortable bean bag chair for adults.


  • The chair is in the shape of a cocoon and measures 72 x 72 x 20 inches.
  • Cover made using microsuede polyester which is super lush
  • Removable and machine washable cover
  • Liner includes child-proof zipper with lock
  • Bean bag is filled up with polyurethane foam which is multi-density and has micro cushions


  • The stuffing may be a little less in the centre.

8. Gold Medal Large Leather Look Tear Drop Bean Bag – Navy

Comprising a vinyl cover, the Gold Medal Large Leather Look Tear Drop Bean Bag is how traditional bean bags were meant to be. The bean bag chair is stuffed with virgin expanded beans of polystyrene and the cover is a gorgeous and deep navy blue. This bean bag chair has a child-safe zipper so that even adults cannot unknowingly open the cover causing a big debacle of beans all over the place. This bean bag can easily seat an adult weighing up to 200 pounds.


  • Made in the USA
  • Cover has double stitching for stronger chair with more durability
  • Ideal for gaming, reading books, watching TV, and studying


  • The plastic odor from the bean bag may be a bit strong.

9. FUGU Big Bean Bag Chair – Chocolate

The FUGU Big Bean bag Chair is a 6 ft chair but can be slightly larger than other chairs of the same size as it expands based on the body position and weight of the person sitting on it as well as on the foam volume. The seam to seam size of this large bean bag chair is 48 x 52 x 48 inch. The chair is filled with 55 cc of foam. When you think about the type of comfort this bean bag chair will give you, think of massive pillows and the way your head feels when kept against it.


  • Includes microsuede covers have double-stitched seam and are removable and machine-washable
  • Filled with pillow-grade memory foam
  • This bean bag chair has no hard spots and is lump-free.


  • Due to its weight, it may be a little tough to move around.

10. WEKAPO Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair Cover For Kids

If you want to get something for your kids that will not only make them happy but help you in many ways too, gift them WEKAPO Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair Cover For Kids. If you often found your child’s bedroom just filled with stuffed toys strewn all over, this cute bean bag chair for kids is your solution. Say goodbye to difficult beans and foams that need to be filled into a bean bag, instead simply fill the bean bag cover with the stuffed toys and kill two birds with one stone. What you get is a 38-inch large chair that acts as a storage for all the fluffy toys and also lets your child read and play while seated on a soft and comfy bean bag chair.


  • Made using strong and soft cotton canvas of premium quality with double-stitched seams
  • Child-friendly YKK zipper that is 48-inch long
  • Includes a handle at the top so it can be moved around easily even by your little one.


  • May need plenty of stuffed toys to stuff the bean bag.

11. ULTIMATE SACK Bean Bag Chair – Teal Suede

The ULTIMATE SACK Bean Bag Chair in teal suede is a must have for dorm rooms, large family rooms and your holiday cabin in the mountains or by the beach. This over sized bean bag chair can seat 2 adults very snugly and is great for a romantic movie night with your partner. This ULTIMATE SACK chair has a diameter of 5 ft that makes the bean bag chair a very comfortable and relaxing seat even if you are alone. The zipper used is of the highest quality and the covers are interchangeable so you can always have the feeling of something new when you are bored by a single color.


  • Covers are removable and machine-washable
  • Made using 100% virgin shredded memory foam
  • Strong and durable outer covering for long-lasting comfort


  • The bag may tend to sag after carrying high amounts of weight.

12. Lumaland Luxury 7-Foot Bean Bag Chair with Microsuede Cover – Black

The Lumaland Luxury 7-Foot Bean Bag Chair with Microsuede Cover is literally a giant bean bag chair for adults as well as kids. This bean bag chair is so great because even when your cover is out for a wash, the inner cover which is beige polyester lets you use the bean bag chair without feeling embarrassed if a guest shows up! The microsuede is ideal for daily use and you do not have to worry about permanent stains unless it is made by a ball pen. It is shipped in a small box and expands on its own in 3 days to its full size.


  • The cover is unbelievably soft and is machine-washable
  • The bean bag chair is like a replacement for a full-sized 3-seater sofa
  • Filled with foam
  • Zero plastic remnants or parts
  • Body heat is reflected for 100% relaxation


  • The bean bag may have a very strong smell of plastic.

13. MOONPOD Adult Beanbag Chair

Image: Fafad

Relax in the MOONPOD Adult Beanbag Chair in your room after a long tiring day. The dual-shaped membrane modifies its form according to your body shape, offering the utmost comfort without any body pain. The approximate dimensions of the beanbag include 50-56” long x 20-24” high x 20-24” wide, and it weighs around 12 lbs. The ergonomic support provides the feel of flotation therapy with responsive high-density beads to release stress and anxiety at the end of the day. It takes only 4 sq. ft. and is easy to shift anywhere in the house.


  • Amorphous shape
  • Dual-shaped membrane
  • Ergonomic support
  • Responsive high-density beads
  • Machine washable cover
  • Easy to shift


  • Expensive

Here is a guideline that outlines important factors that help to decide the right bean bag chair for you.

Buying Guide To Finding The Most Ideal bean Bag Chair

How To Choose A Bean Bag Chair?

Bean bags are a fun way of adding additional seating to your room. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and can be made for kids, adults or all! Here a few things that you should look into before buying a bean bag chair:

  • Filling Material: Bean bags today are mostly filled with polystyrene beads that are fire retardant. While these are comfortable and light, bean bags with memory foam are heavier but are way more comfortable than any other chair.
  • Cover Material: The cover material of bean bag chairs can range from genuine leather to denim, upholstery fabric or faux hyde. Look for a cover material that suits your local temperature and matches with your decor and style.
  • Size: While most bean bags come in a standard style that you see everywhere some bean bags are huge and can seat more than 2 or 3 people. Opt for a bean bag chair that will fit in your room comfortably.
  • Weight: If you plan on moving your bean bag chair constantly around the house or across multiple homes, choose a light option and one that is not filled with memory foam as that may need additional help.
  • Aesthetics: Like all pieces of furniture, bean bag chairs are not invisible and should match well with your decor if you care about it. If you have a Victorian theme room, it definitely is not the right place for it!

What To Look For In A Bean Bag Chair?

  • Is there a warranty with the purchase of the bean bag chair?
    Warranty is an important element that should be considered when getting a bean bag chair. Like any other item we buy, bean bag chairs also have the capacity to tear, have faulty filling or discoloration etc. With a warranty you are ensured that the company will help you with repair and replacement.
  • Is the bean bag chair washable?
    It is human nature to want to surround ourselves with clean things. A bean bag chair too should be cleaned from time to time, and being washable by hand or even better by machine is something that should be asked about.
  • What is the material of the chair cover like?
    An outer covering of the bean bag chair that doesn’t feel stiff, doesn’t make noise and doesn’t leave marks on your legs if you sit with shorts on should be preferred when choosing a bean bag chair.
  • Is the bean bag chair comfortable to sit in?
    You obviously want to buy a bean bag chair that is comfortable to sit in. But how will you know by just seeing the image on the internet? Look for reviews that talk about comfort to make a decision.

How To Clean Bean Bag Chairs?

If the cover of your bean bag chair is not machine-washable, here are some very easy steps and cleaning styles you can use to make your bean bag chair spic and span again:

  • Use a vacuum cleaner with a small attachment brush to get rid of tiny dust hand small hairs.
  • Use professional fabric cleaner to get rid of spots
  • If spots are too strong, hand wash that area with cold water and liquid hand soap and dry in natural air.
  • For suede covers use an equal mix of water and vinegar in circular motion and dry right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best bean bag chairs?

The best bean bag chairs are the ones that have all or most of the features that are mentioned above and are easy on your pocket too. A really good bean bag chair is one that can be used as a makeshift bed as well, in case you have guests that decide to sleep over.

How much does a bean bag chair cost?

Very basic bean bag chairs can cost under $50 but they may not last you very long. The really good and decent sized bean bag chairs can go up to $150 or $200. If they are sold under the label of a designer brand then be prepared to pay an arm and a leg for it.

Can I sleep on a bean bag?

You can sleep on a bean bag chair if it is big enough to contain your body on it. Some bean bag chairs are big enough to be a bed for a single person. However don’t sleep on a chair that is pre shaped or too small for you as you may hurt your back.

Why should you select a bean bag chair for your property?

Bean bags are fun, colorful, comfortable and a great joy for adults as well as kids. A bean bag chair should be bought if your property needs a chair option that is more relaxed, adds to the decor or if you have kids at home and want to avoid solid furniture in their room.

What is inside bean bag chairs?

The most popular bean bag filling is EPS that stands for expanded polystyrene. EPS is close to Styrofoam in property. Some bean bags however are filled with memory foam.

Bean bag chairs have been stuck around for a few decades now, and seem to be a trend that will last forever, Over the years the chairs have evolved as far as quality, size, multi-purpose functions and outer appearance is concerned. If you are going to buy a bean bag chair right away, make sure the size is not larger than your main door, or else you will be stuck with a giant heap of memory foam at your porch or in the hallway. The best bean bag chair is one that matches your decor and does not compromise on the current layout of your room. Rate your favorite bean bag chair in the comments section below and let us know what you do the most when you are seated in these cozy chairs!

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