20 Popular Beauty Blogs You Should Follow

Written by Anjali Sayee

Beauty blogs are to the beauty world as food is to humans – essential. But with so many blogs popping up every few hours, how do you identify the best ones, especially when every other influencer is claiming to be an expert in the world of beauty. Don’t worry. We got you covered. Scroll down to check out these top 20 beauty blogs that will amp up your beauty game to the next level!

20 Best Beauty Blogs To Follow

1. The Beauty Of It Is

Blog Link: http://www.thebeautyofitis.com/

About The Blog: Katey Denno, an NYC celebrity makeup artist, writes and maintains this blog. She reviews products she has tried out and posts makeup looks that she created on celebrities to help you recreate them. In addition, Denno uses her influence and blog to advocate body positivity. You can follow the blog for new makeup tutorials, reviews, and suggestions to improve your skin.

2. Wendy Rowe

Blog Link: https://wendyrowe.com/

About The Blog: Wendy Rowe is an international makeup artist and beauty expert. She has over a decade of experience in beauty and intricate knowledge of skin care. Her blog is one of the best beauty blogs around. She has also created her edition of eco-friendly lipsticks with La Bouche Rouge. Wendy Rowe writes about makeup, skin care, and wellness in her blog, and you can follow her for a holistic approach to beauty and skin care.

3. Shirley’s Wardrobe

Blog Link: http://shirleyswardrobe.com/

About The Blog: Shirley’s Wardrobe is your gateway to the world of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. This blog is created and maintained by Shirley B Eniang, and she also runs a YouTube channel with a large following. From high heels to the best mattifiers on the market – you will get details about everything on her blog. She also has an interesting photo diary that captures the bits and pieces of her daily life!

4. Estee’ Lalonde

Blog Link: https://www.esteelalonde.com/

About The Blog: Estee’ Lalonde is a creative director residing in London and has been talking about beauty for over a decade. She started with a YouTube channel and moved on to create a blog. Lalonde addresses topics beyond beauty – like mental health issues. She is completely open and transparent with her audience and collaborates with numerous brands. She has many published featurettes in beauty magazines like Vogue and Glamour.

5. Amber Fillerup Clark

Blog Link: https://amberfillerup.com/

About The Blog: Amber Fillerup Clark’s blog is more like her personal diary where she pours her heart out on different topics. From hairstyle and outfit suggestions to makeup, skin care, and wellness – her blog provides a glimpse of her journey to stay and feel good.

6. The Sunday Girl

Blog Link: http://www.thesundaygirl.com/

About The Blog: The Sunday Girl is dedicated to spreading information about the right beauty products and acts as a guide to help people with their skin care journey. Adrienne Sondag started this blog in 2011 that quickly reached out to the global audience. It has also won quite a few awards. If you are looking for honest reviews on which products work and which do not, check out this blog.

7. The Beauty Look Book

Blog Link: https://thebeautylookbook.com/

About The Blog: This blog highlights all things beauty, including makeup, fragrances, hair care, skin care, and more, with some lifestyle elements mixed in. The Beauty Look Book began as a business plan development, product innovation, and social media marketing platform in 2009. It evolved to be a creative outlet for Sabrina, the creator, to share her passion for beauty, fashion, and photography. The blog focuses on high-end brands and has a section on travel.

8. The Anna Edit

Blog Link: https://www.theannaedit.com/

About The Blog: Award-winning content creator Anna Newton started her blog and YouTube channel ‘The Anna Edit’ in 2010. She is a beauty addict, and her blog is the fifth biggest in the world in the lifestyle category on Bloglovin. Anna Newton has featured in Grazia, Stylist, YOU, Metro, and The Guardian. She provides detailed product reviews in her blog and covers both luxury and budget brands.

9. Amelia Liana

Blog Link: https://amelialiana.com/

About The Blog: London-based beauty influencer Amelia Liana founded this website when she was just 21. She worked as a beauty editor for Suitcase magazine and beauty blogger for Cosmopolitan. Amelia has worked with many beauty and lifestyle brands like Dior, Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, and Armani Beauty and is a beauty addict. She also authored articles in Grazia, The Sunday Times Style, and Cosmopolitan.

10. The Satorialist

Blog Link: https://www.thesartorialist.com/

About The Blog: Scott Schuman, the creator of The Satorialist, is a photographer. He created this blog to begin a two-way dialogue about the fashion world and its impact on daily life. You can find many of his works in GQ, Vogue Italia, and Vogue Paris. He shot and edited his page in GQ for three years. His work is so incredible that you will find permanent collections at the Victoria & Albert Museum and The Tokyo Photographic Art Museum. Schuman has also collaborated with brands like Kiehl’s, Burberry, DKNY Jeans, Nespresso, and many more.

11. Patricia Bright

Blog Link: http://patriciabright.co.uk/

About The Blog: Patricia Bright is a beauty and lifestyle blogger. She has a YouTube channel where you can follow her makeup and beauty routines. You can also read her detailed posts to stay on top of styles and trends. She also writes about travel, dieting, and how to stay fit and glam.

12. Budget Fashionista

Blog Link: https://www.thebudgetfashionista.com/

About The Blog: Beauty is not always high-end. If you are looking for tips to glam up without breaking the bank, you can check out Catherine Brock’s Budget Fashionista. From clothing essentials and hair care solutions to skin care remedies – this is your one-stop thrift shop for beauty on a budget!

13. Hello Glow

Blog Link: https://helloglow.co/

About The Blog: Keep yourself healthy inside and out by following this blog. The founder of Hello Glow is Stephanie, and she shares DIY beauty tips and food recipes to help you stay healthy and beautiful inside out. She has a holistic approach to beauty and also covers skin care remedies and aromatherapy ideas.

14. British Beauty Blogger

Blog Link: https://britishbeautyblogger.com/

About The Blog: Jane Cunningham created the British Beauty Blogger. She is a beauty writer for online and mainstream media and has authored four books on beauty. She reviews beauty products and uses the blog to share her knowledge of beauty, including nails, hair care, latest trends, and fragrances.

15. Really Ree

Blog Link: https://reallyree.com/

About The Blog: The Really Ree blog started in 2010 to spread beauty awareness. In her blog, Ree reviews makeup, beauty, and skin care products. She describes each nuance of the products with impressive details and gives her honest opinions. Whether you want to check the swatch of the lipstick shade you have been eyeing or need the deets about the perfume you are dying to buy, head straight to Ree’s blog.

16. My Beauty Bunny

Blog Link: https://mybeautybunny.com/

About The Blog: My Beauty Bunny is an award-winning, cruelty-free beauty, travel, health, lifestyle, and fashion blog. It focuses on finding the best in beauty from cruelty-free brands and companies. This is not a solely vegan blog, but it discusses many vegan beauty topics. The next time you are looking for cruelty-free makeup or skin care product, you know where to go.

17. Katie Jane Hughes

Blog Link: http://www.katiejanehughes.com/

About The Blog: Katie Jane Hughes is a makeup artist who has worked with top-tier photographers, celebrities, brands, and publications. You can see her portfolio on this blog and check out her journal, where she reviews products and talks about makeup.

18. Sali Hughes Beauty

Blog Link: http://www.salihughesbeauty.com/

About The Blog: Sali began as an assistant makeup artist, working with The Pet Shop Boys, Belinda Carlisle, George Michael, and many other A-listers. She quickly went on to work as an editor at Elle Girl and the features director at The Face.

You can find many of her articles published in Elle, Grazia, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, The Observer, The Guardian, and many more. She covers beauty and lifestyle topics. What is interesting about her blog is, she gives you a sneak-peek into the beauty closets of known personalities in the beauty world that includes names like Bobbi Brown, Dick Page, and Anna-Marie Solowji.

19. Jane Iredale

Blog Link: https://janeiredale.com/blogs/makeup-blog/

About The Blog: If you are into clean beauty, you should follow this blog by Jane Iredale. She believes that what you put on your skin can change you. She reviews and promotes healthy and clean products that do not damage your skin.

20. Cult Of Pretty

Blog Link: https://www.cultofpretty.com/theblog

About The Blog: Cult of Pretty provides you with accurate product reviews to let you decide which ones to ditch or keep. They are ranked amongst the top beauty blogs and top 1000 US Influencers on Fohr. They have partnered with many A-list brands like Vogue, Kate Spade, and Rimmel. They also take an interest in lesser-known indie brands. From drugstore and luxury brands to grooming and wellness – they cover it all.

The Takeaway

When it comes to skin care and makeup, most of us love to hear from our favorite influencers. From the latest makeup trends to hair care advice, we often turn to them for opinions before trying them out. However, trustworthiness and expertise are the two factors that can help you pick the best from the rest. These 20 beauty blogs provide you the best, genuine, and detailed information to help you take your beauty and wellness game to the next level. Go ahead and check them out.

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