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Nowadays, beer is not just an icy beverage that refreshes the body. Cleansing hair with beer can actually give wonderful benefits like extra volume, moisture and sheen instantly. Beer is a natural conditioner for hair and it’s slowly gaining popularity among people. Beer contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants which benefit hair in many ways. Beer also contains protein that repairs damaged hair and helps in strengthening them.

If you want to get the benefits of beer for your hair but are afraid of the mess and strong smell it will cause, try using ‘beer shampoo’ as they are easily available everywhere. Beer shampoo benefits are the same as using beer straight on your hair There are numerous beer shampoos available in the market and here is a list of top-5 from which you can choose.

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The Most Easily Available Beer Shampoo In India

1. Park Avenue Beer Shampoo

This shampoo comes in a plastic bottle which resembles actual beer. It has a dispenser at the top which makes it travel friendly without any fear of leakage. It will leave your tresses soft, silky and frizz free. It does not lather well which shows that it contains less amount of SLES which is harmful for hair. It will also make your hair manageable and you don’t need to follow it with conditioner. It will suit people who have dry hair.

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2. Boot Ingredients Beer and Egg Shampoo

This shampoo works well for ‘weightless’ hair as it contains the goodness of egg and beer which deeply conditions hair. It also adds sheen to hair which stays for long. It gives fullness and volumizing effect to thin and brittle hair and keeps them nourished. It doesn’t cause hair fall and it also has a pleasant aroma which is not over powering. Beer and egg works great together.

3. Watson Volumising Treatment Beer

Watsons Volumizing Treatment Shampoo Beer Image: Watsons

This shampoo is formulated for fine and thin hair as it adds body to tresses. Moreover, it contains beer extract which conditions and nourishes hair without making them dry. The shampoo lathers well and will clean your scalp and hair completely. If you’re looking for a shampoo which can add volume to your hair, then this product will solve your problem.

4. Lush Cynthia Sylvia Stout Beer Shampoo

It smells like beer and lemon and comes in a big plastic bottle. It cleans your hair and scalp completely without weighing down your hair. It adds sheen to your hair and makes them glossy. It doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients but still makes hair manageable. It doesn’t leave any fragrance after washing thoroughly. It conditions your hair without making them dry.

5. Boots Beer and Egg Intensive Hair Treatment

It’s not a shampoo but it’s worth mentioning. It is a hair mask made for thin hair as it adds body and volume. Apply it for 5 minutes after shampooing and skip conditioner. This will make your hair soft, smooth and shiny. It will also hydrate and condition them as it contains beer and egg which are natural conditioners.

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Let’s look at the points to consider before purchasing a beer shampoo.

Things To Consider When Buying A Beer Shampoo

  • Hair Problems

Beer shampoos work on all hair types, but choose the one that caters to your hair requirements. If you are facing hair fall, opt for a beer shampoo with natural sugars like sucrose, maltose, and vitamins. If you have gray hair, go for a beer shampoo containing barley and essential minerals like copper that strengthen the hair follicles and improve the hair texture and color.

  • Ingredients

Check the ingredients list before buying any beer shampoo. Shampoos with natural ingredients like vitamins, proteins, and micronutrients not only enhance the look and texture of your hair but also protect it from damage. Look for shampoos with vitamin B or biotin, which aids in hair regrowth. Vitamins C and E help promote your hair’s health by adding strength, shine, and bounce. Other ingredients like hop oil or female flower oils help in opening up the hair follicles, reducing hair fall, and adding volume to your hair.

  • Packaging

Beer shampoos come in different sizes. When investing in a beer shampoo for the first time, go for a small bottle. If you are happy with the results, opt for a biggerbottle next time.

  • Quality

Invest in a quality-approved beer shampoo. Dermatologically-approved products are safe to use. But if you are dealing with any scalp issue, consult your doctor before using beer shampoo.

Hope you would enjoy the benefits of beer shampoo for hair and get a manageable, lustrous hair. Do share your thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can beer shampoos help with hair growth and hair loss?

Yes, beer shampoos contain proteins and antioxidants that help with hair growth and combat hair loss. The shampoo contains ingredients that strengthen the hair follicles and improve overall hair condition.

Are there any specific hair types that benefit the most from using beer shampoos?

Beer shampoos work well for all hair types, but they are especially recommended for oily, thin, and damaged hair.

Are beer shampoos suitable for daily use, or should they be used sparingly?

Beer shampoos, like regular shampoos, are not recommended for daily use and should only be used every 2-3 days.

Can beer shampoos help in reducing dandruff or scalp irritation?

Beer shampoos help thoroughly cleanse the scalp due to their high concentrations of phosphorus, copper, and magnesium, and thus aid in the treatment of dandruff and scalp irritation.

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