12 Best Benefits Of Selenium For Skin, Hair And Health

12 Best Benefits Of Selenium For Skin, Hair And Health Hyderabd040-395603080 May 31, 2019

Selenium is a trace mineral and a vital nutrient to fight against cancer and heart diseases. Selenium with vitamin E is considered to be a stronger combination. It is the best antioxidant to prevent or reduce aging due to oxidation. This is also important for metabolic functions and proper cell functioning in the spleen, pancreas kidneys, liver, and testes. Selenium is also required by the skin for healing burn injuries and other skin conditions. The selenium health benefits are quite a few.

Let us quickly check the benefits of selenium.

Selenium Benefits:

1. Health of heart

Heart diseases occur due to one’s unhealthy lifestyle. This is caused due to excessive amounts of fat accumulated in the body. Proper consumption of selenium in the diet can lower heart disease. Selenium can reduce oxidation of cholesterol and clotting of blood.

2Improves Fertility

Selenium has the antioxidants useful in sperm formation and thus, it boosts the sperm’s mobility. This increases the sperm’s chances in fertilizing the egg. It also reduces birth defects in infants.

3. Diabetes

Selenium can increase the amount of insulin required for diabetic patients. It also boosts glucose and regulates metabolic processes. Selenium is useful in reducing the oxidative stress. This in turn can cure diabetes related issues such as retinopathy, neuropathy and cataracts.

4. HIV

Low selenium levels might result in death too. Selenium has been shown to have a positive effect on HIV patients, since it contains antioxidants. Selenium supplementation can reduce the number of infected cells.

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5. Body Purification

Selenium mixes with mercury, arsenic and cadmium in seafood, to keep the body safe from toxins. This also combines with omega-3 fatty acids to get rid of harmful fatty acids.

6. Cancer

Selenium can be proved beneficial for curing cancer in colorectal, prostate lung, and skin.

7. Thyroid

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Selenium helps to maintain thyroid related hormones. It is an important element to convert thyroid hormones from (T4) to (T3). This is helpful for proper body functioning.

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8. Anti-aging

Selenium helps to fight free radical cells. It forms antioxidants in the body to fight free radicals which damage cells and lead to aging.

 9. Acne

Acne is caused due to plugged pores. They can appear on the neck, chest, face, back and upper arms. Many creams, cleansers and ointments are used to treat acne. Selenium is considered a natural method to cure and get rid of acne.

10. Immunity

It helps to increase the strength of the immune system. Selenium boosts the efficiency of white blood cells and thus, helps our bodies to remain healthy and virus free. Infections and viruses can cause cold and flu, diarrhoea, sneezing, etc.

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11. Hair

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Selenium boosts hair growth and reduces dandruff. Selenium can destroy a fungus known as Malassezia from the scalp. Selenium is included in many anti-dandruff shampoos to fight against dandruff. Selenium can utilize foods that contain protein and boost growth of hair. Zinc and selenium are advised by doctors for hair loss. This helps in proper functioning of hormones and increased growth of hair. They can be used to treat many hair problems as gray hair, hair loss, dandruff, etc.

12. Inflammation

Selenium is an anti-inflammatory agent. Combining selenium with vitamin E can cure chronic conditions like psoriasis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and eczema.

Some important tips for Selenium:

  1. Avoid excessive consumption.
  2. Excessive intake can lead to low blood pressure, diabetes, blood chemistry imbalances, and increased risk of bleeding and several other disorders.
  3. They have side effects when they are taken with medicines for erectile dysfunction, birth control, painkillers, heartburn, blood pressure, blood thinners, and diabetes.
  4. Selenium should not be consumed by breast feeding/ pregnant women or infants.
  5. Lower intake causes a disease called Keshan. This causes abnormality in the heart muscles.
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