Best Berina Hair Straightening Creams Available In India – Our Top 10

by Jayshree Bhagat
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Berina is Thailand’s topmost hair care brand which was founded in the year 1955. It has grown into a brand that’s known for its reputation in all professional hair styling and treatment products. They also offer a wide palette of hair colours. Berina straightening creams and products are of highest standard and quality that are famous worldwide.

Top 10 Berina Hair Straightening Creams List:

1. Berina EXTRA Straight Hair Straightening Cream:

This straightening crème is easy to apply. Do check the elasticity of hair before applying. Apply on clean and dry hair. Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse it with clean water. For best results, apply Berina hair spa. This will give you healthy and lustrous hair. Also, it will increase your hair volume.

2. Berina Hair Straightener Cream:

The crème gives you silky and straight hair in no time. Berina Hair Straightening Cream has ingredients like Thioglycolic acid 9.00% w/w and Sodium Bromate 12.00% w/w. This cream is available in different sizes of:

  • 60gm
  • 110gm
  • 300 gm

For best results, follow the instructions on the pack. Follow this with Berina Fixer Neutralizer.

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3. Berina Extra Straight Cream:

Berina Extra Straight cream is the best out of all the straightening creams. The pack includes a straightening cream and neutralizing balm. This crème will make your hair look bouncy.

This cream straightens your hair, reduces frizz and relaxes curls. Berina Hair Extra Straight is very effective and gives you long lasting, smooth and silky hair. This can also be used on tinted, naturally curly or chemically treated hair. They are available in sizes of:

  • 100 gm
  • 250 gm
  • 500gm

4. Berina Hair Straightening Cream Professional:

Berina Professional Hair Straightening Cream transforms your natural curls into silky, straight hair. This is an ideal crème for hair straightening. This makes your hair soft, manageable and beautiful.

Content of the pack:

  • Berina Hair Straightening Cream Strong Formula for Resistant Hair (50g)
  • Berina Hair Neutralizer Cream (50g)

5. Berina – Pro Straighter Hair Rebonding Cream:

This cream is used for hair rebonding that gives long-lasting smoothness to your hair. This crème can reduce frizz, relax curls and give ultra-straight hair. This is also safe to use on tinted, curly or chemically treated hair.

This cream belongs to the professional range of Berina hair straightening products; hence it is generally used by hair experts and stylists in salons and parlours.

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6. Berina Strength Hair Straight System Intense Cream:

This straightening crème transforms wavy or curly hair to poker straight hair in no time. Do try it and see the difference!

The Box Contains:

  • 1 tube Berina Straightening Cream Intense – 60 ml
  • 1 tube Berina Fixer Neutralizer – 60 ml

7. Unique Berina Hair Solution:

Unique Berina Hair Solution protects the natural shine and health of your hair during a straightening process. This contains Polysorbate 20, Chloroacetamide + Sodium Benzoate and Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract.

These ingredients protect and condition damaged hair. This formulation adds incredible shine, texture and body to your hair style.

8. Berina Straight – Hair Straightener Cream:

Berina Hair Straightener Cream will give you the desirable look without much effort. Berina Hair Straightening Cream has ingredients like Thioglycolic acid 9.00% w/w and Sodium Bromate 12.00% w/w.

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9. Berina Hair Straightening Cream:

Berina Hair Straightener Cream adds incredible shine, texture and body to your poker straight hair style.

Steps to follow:

  • Clean and dry your hair.
  • Apply cream onto hair thoroughly with a brush.
  • Straighten hair by combing from roots to ends.
  • Leave cream on and comb for 20-30 minutes.
  • Rinse off and dry with a towel.
  • Apply Berina Fixer Neutralizer.
  • Spray water to dampen hair; massage hair and scalp.
  • Rinse and set hair.

10. Berina Extra Straightener Cream to Transform Your Look:

Berina Extra Straight cream is a perfect choice for hair straightening. This pack contains straightening cream and neutralizing balm.

This is also a very effective way to make your hair poker straight. This cream will make your hair straight, reduce frizz and relaxes curls. This is also safe to use on tinted, curly or treated hair.

*Subject to Availability

When it comes to picking the best hair straightening cream, Berina wins hands down! Hope you found the list useful.

Leave us your comments below. Till then, keep it stylish!

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