89 Ways To Say “Happy Birthday, Sister”

Written by Harini Natarajan

Sisters are a complete package. They are your best friends, your biggest fans, and, of course, the most annoying creatures ever created. You can always count on them to have your back, and somewhere, deep within, you know that she gets you better than anybody else on this planet.

And the special day of such a rocking person deserves the sweetest gestures. On her birthday, let her know how special she is and express what she means to you. Clueless about how to convey your feelings? Send her any of these amazing happy birthday wishes and make her day.

89 Birthday Wishes For Sister

Birthday Wishes For Younger Sister



  1. Happiest birthday to my little sister! From getting into fights to staying up all night to talk, there’s absolutely no one else I would rather share all these memories with!
  1. Happy birthday, little sis! To the kindest, sweetest, smartest, and prettiest girl in the world. Love you loads.
  1. Happy birthday to my cutest little sister! Hope your special day is as stylish and awesome as you are!
  1. Happy birthday sweetest sis! Thank you for being so awesome. You have always had my back and been there for me, and I appreciate you and all the love, joy, and care you have given me. I couldn’t have wished for a better sister. Enjoy this special day. I love you the most!
  1. Happy birthday to my fabulous little sister! I hope you have a sensational birthday filled with all the goodies you have been wishing for.
  1. Happy birthday to my gorgeous baby sister. I can’t believe you are a year older! Wishing you many years of looking as amazing as you do!
  1. Happy birthday, little sis! Wishing my fabulous sister a beautiful celebration you will always remember.
  1. Wishing my sweet sister, the fashion diva, a celebration that’s simply your style! Happy birthday, baby sis!
  1. Hey sis, may every moment of your special day be spectacular! Happy birthday.
  1. Having a baby sister like you is the best gift ever. Sending lots of hugs and kisses your way – and warm wishes. Happy birthday!
  1. Happy birthday, little sister. May you always know just how loved you are by so many people – but most of all, me.
  1. Happy birthday little one. May all your stress and worries melt away. May your special day be bright and beautiful. May the love that you give me, baby sis, saturate your birthday as well. Enjoy!
  1. Happy birthday, sis. Yaay, it’s your birthday! As your elder sister, it’s my birthright to spoil you. So, enjoy these yummy chocolates, and best wishes I am sending your way! Love you.
  1. Happy birthday, baby sister. You are a jewel in my life, sister. I wish you a beautiful birthday.
  1. To my wonderful baby sister, every year, my wish for you stays the same. May you always be surrounded by happiness, good fortune, love, and good health. Happy birthday, babe!
  1. To my terrific little sister – thank god your birthday is finally here! Now let’s celebrate you and all that makes my baby sis such a wonderful person. Your thoughtfulness, caring and loving nature, and sense of humor are simply the best. Love you, sis!
  1. Happy birthday little one. I wish my cute sister a birthday filled with the sweetest candies ever. Enjoy!
  1. Happy birthday, crazy. You are simply spectacular! Wishing you the best birthday ever and a super exciting year!
  1. Happy birthday, baby sis. Wishing you a wonderful day and a great year, my love. Enjoy your day. Thank you for being such an amazing sister. Love you!
  1. Happy birthday to my darling sister! Wishing for you beautiful flowers pretty presents, and a day filled with love and joy.
  1. Happy birthday, sweet little sis! May God bless you.
  1. Though you are growing into a beautiful woman, to me you will always be a cute little panda. You would always stick to me just like a baby panda. Happy birthday, my little panda baby.
  1. You are a small little package of all things nice. Tiny, yet the most valuable human in my life. Happy birthday, baby sister.
  1. It doesn’t matter how old you get – you will always be my sweet little sister. Have the best day. Happy birthday!
  1. Happy birthday, my moon pie! Hope you become a compassionate and wonderful individual when you grow up.
  1. On your special day, I just wanted to share how much you really mean to me. If anybody tries to break my little sister’s heart, I will break their bones. 

Birthday Wishes For Elder Sister



  1. Happy birthday, big sis. This day only arrives once every year, so have a kick-ass birthday.
  1. Happy birthday to my awesome big sister! Wishing for you all the gifts you were hoping for, and that the coming days take you to awesome places! Hoping you have the best birthday ever, sis!
  1. Happy birthday to my second mom. You are an amazing person, someone I am glad to be related to. You are an awesome woman and a beautiful human being.
  1. To my sweetest elder sister – Happy Birthday. You were my first friend after I was born, and as we have grown up together over the years, the wonderful bond grew stronger. I hope your birthday is as wonderful as you!
  1. Happy birthday, big sister! No matter how old we get, I will always have your back. I wish you the best on this special day.
  1. Happy birthday to my big sis. The universe is so much better with you in it. Wishing you an awesome day of celebration, joy, and laughter.
  1. Happy birthday, (Name)! Today is a day we get to celebrate the awesome person you are. I hope you love every single moment and make tons of happy memories!
  1. Happy birthday to my beautilicious sis. You brighten everyone’s world with your wonderful smile and bright soul. Have an awesome day!
  1. Happy birthday. I am so blessed to have an amazing big sister like you. I hope your special day is filled with happiness and joy.
  1. Happy birthday big sister! Thanks for all the love, good advice, and fun times. Have the best birthday, you deserve it!
  1. Happy birthday, big sis. No matter how many birthdays come and go, you still look so young, fashionable, and hot! Please tell me your secret! Have a great birthday, dear sister.
  1. Happy birthday my pretty sister! I wish that you have an amazingly beautiful birthday. You mean the world to me.
  1. Big sis, happy birthday. Thank you for being my protector always. You have been such a great sister always. Have a fun birthday and a great year. Love you loads, sis!
  1. Happy birthday my darling sis! Sending you the best birthday wishes. Thank you for being such an awesome sister. I wish this year will bring you lots of success, fun, and happiness.
  1. Happy birthday to you my cuddle poo sissy! It’s your birthday – I am so happy! Have a relaxing day, my beautiful sister. Love you forever!
  1. Happy birthday, dear big sister. May this new year ahead shower new and awesome shoes on you! Have a great day. Love you!
  1. Happy birthday. My sweet sis, I hope you have a wonderful day, a beautiful year, and the yummiest birthday cake. Enjoy your special day!
  1. Happy birthday, big sis. Today is your day. Do anything you want – or even better – do nothing at all! Wishing you, my darling sister, the best birthday ever!

Long-Distance Sister Birthday Wishes



  1. Happy Birthday, sissy. You are the little extra in our lives that makes them amazing. You are the dash of flavor, that extra bit of excitement. Now enough praises, go out and have fun!
  1. Happy Birthday to my amazing little sister. I wish you a day filled with gifts, family, good friends, and fun!
  1. Happy birthday to my sweet sister! Although we are so far from each other, I am sending you all my love in the form of this greeting! I miss you and love you!
  1. Now that you have moved out of our home, cheers to all the wonderful birthdays we have celebrated in each other’s presence. Happy birthday, sis!
  1. Congrats, you only look about one year older than your last year’s birthday! However, I am pretty sad that I can’t see your old face in person! Happy birthday.
  1. Happy birthday, darling sister! I hope you have an awesome day, today and every single day! I miss you so much.
  1. I am sending you kilos of hugs and wishes on this special day. On your birthday, I wish you get a future as beautiful as you are. Have fun!
  1. I wish I were there with you, right by your side on this special day! Don’t feel lonely – enjoy your day! Sending you my hugs and kisses with the gift! Happy Birthday.
  1. Celebration of your birthday can’t be complete without a delicious dish cooked by you. Come back home! Happy birthday!

Funny Birthday Messages For Sister



  1. You are one in a billion! Just like a defective piece in a container of quality products. Have a wonderful birthday, sis!
  1. I don’t think I can crack old age and gray hair jokes with a person who herself is a living joke. You know I am not that cruel. Happy birthday!
  1. Happy birthday to the best as well as the meanest sister in the universe. Only you can be both so seamlessly.
  1. I may not remember people’s birthdays, but I do know we are all getting older. So, anything special about this day?
  1. On your special day, I would like to celebrate the sisterhood we share. So, you better get the cake ready for me. I promise I will teach you some makeup tricks when I come over.
  1. Happy birthday to my beautiful sis. You are now one step closer to moving out – year.
  1. Happy birthday my sweety pie sis. I look forward to all your love and hugs. And yeah, your ridiculous sarcastic comments too. You are my twin even though we were born at different times.
  1. Do you remember the story our parents used to tell us about finding you crying in a dustbin and then bringing you home? I swear that story was true! Happy birthday!
  1. I could wish you 90 years of youth, but I would be jealous if my hair is all white and you are still hot and young. So, forget it. Happy birthday!
  1. Happy birthday, big sister! Kick your feet up, lean back in your comfort chair, and indulge in hot cocoa. It’s your special day, it is time to spoil yourself rotten!
  1. Happy birthday, sister! May you find the perfect cocktail to drink tonight and the hottest person to buy it for you. Have lots of fun, and a very happy birthday!
  1. Happy birthday, sissy. Here’s to the loveliest, cutest, most “purrfect” sister in the world! I guess it runs in the family.
  1. Happy birthday, sis! To the coolest person in the universe, just kick back and relax today.
  1. I had always prayed for a sister. I think God misunderstood my prayers because you definitely seem more of a bro to me. Happy birthday, my tomboy sis.
  1. I believed you would always have my back – but it seems you always hide behind my back every time mommy gets mad at us. Happy birthday!
  1. I hate sharing my things with you – but I do like the childhood I got to share with you. Happy birthday, annoying sister.
  1. You are slightly less irritating than yesterday. I guess you are doing me a favor and growing up. Happy birthday!
  1. As the Earth orbits around the Sun, so do boys around you. Happy birthday, Miss royal prettiness!
  1. Sis, your complexion is as white as dandruff on my head. Happiest birthday, Snow White!

Emotional Birthday Messages For Sister



  1. Happy birthday, my best friend and sister. On this wonderful day, may you always know just how much you’re loved by so many people, especially me.
  1. Happy birthday to my cute sister. You are literally the kindest person I know. I am glad that we are not only sisters but also best friends.
  1. Happy birthday! A person as special as you deserves to be celebrated in every way. I love you sis!
  1. Happy birthday, sis! My life is so much better having you as my sister and bestie. May all your wishes come true.
  1. Happy birthday. You are the kindest, sweetest sister ever! Enjoy your birthday to the fullest. I adore you.
  1. Happy birthday to my twin. I wish you love on your special day, and lots of it too. I hope you have the nicest day ever!
  1. Happy birthday. You make my life brighter. You are the best sister ever. I hope that this coming year fills your life with happiness.
  1. Happy birthday to my sister, my idol! It has been so much fun growing up with you, my best friend. I hope this new year brings you all the happiness you deserve.
  1. Happy birthday, sis! With every passing year, your soul shines even brighter. I wish everything you have been hoping for manifests easily. Here’s to a wonderful birthday!
  1. Happy birthday the best sister ever. May your birthday be full of happiness and craziness. Enjoy your super special day!
  1. Today, I want you to just enjoy like a princess. That’s my hearty wish for you. May you get everything in life that you wish for. Happy birthday!
  1. Without you, my life would be impossible. You are the shelter that protected me from the many storms of life. Happy birthday, my lovely sis!
  1. You never let me get lonely or bored. Thank you from the deepest core of my heart for making my childhood so awesome. Wishing you the best things in life. Happiest birthday!
  1. Happy birthday! The most beautiful relationship is the one that is between two sisters. I am so lucky to have a sister like you.
  1. You are an important part of our family, sis. I can still recall our wonderful memories of childhood. It was awesome because of your presence in it. Happy birthday!
  1. I learned about all the little things of life from you – I couldn’t ask for a better sister! Wishing you a happy birthday!
  1. My beautiful sister, you are the biggest treasure in my life. Happy birthday, sweetie!

These messages express sisterhood, friendship, companionship, and close sibling love. From giggle-filled pillow fights to late-night therapy sessions about your broken heart, you and your sister have faced things together and supported each other through thick and thin. Your sibling deserves the best. Pick your message from this list and tell her how special she is and let your bond grow even stronger.

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