21 Amazing Blue Black Hair Color Looks

Color your locks in a mesmerizing and statement-making blend of blues and blacks.

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Blue-black hair is the infinity stone of hair colors! This hair color has become a huge trend in recent times. There are multiple shades of this color that women love to sport. Here are the 21 best ones.

Image: Shutterstock

This black blue hair color is very debonair. The color along with the layers make for a stunning hairdo.

2. Blue Black Hair

Image: Instagram

This mix of blue and black leaves us wanting more. This is a perfect example of subtle colors making statements.

3. Light Blue-Black Hair

Image: Instagram @deathbycouture

Light blue-black hair looks amazing! Also, have you ever seen a blue black hair color like this one and not stopped to admire it?

4. Deep Blue Black Hair

Image: Instagram

Deep blues like navy look mesmerizing. This partial deep blue hairstyle is most certainly on my list.

5. Light Blue Hair With Purple

Image: Shutterstock

Blue and purple look so good together, why not try it out on your hair? This hairstyle looks completely starry.

6. Mixed Blue Black Hair

Image: Instagram @latesthair

A mix of colors like electric blue and black-blue look fantastic on just anybody. Try highlights if you are not sure about coloring the entire lot.

7. Metallic Blue And Black

Image: Instagram @hairbymorganmortimer

This remarkable hair color is one for the books. The metallic blue and black hair color looks elegant.

8. Two Shades Of Blue

Image: Shutterstock

Two is better than one! Why stick to one shade of blue when you can rock both? And let’s be honest, those waves with the blue just remind us of the sea! Simply fabulous!

9. Dark Icy Blue Hair

Image: Instagram

Icy blue-black is one for the books. This mix of blue hair with silver is gorgeous. If you have olive, fair or light skin tones, be sure to try this color out!

10. Light Purple And Blue Hair

Image: Instagram @alyssawiener

I love how the shocks of blue just fade into the purple. This blue-black hair color is lovely!

11. Waves Of Blue Black Hair

Image: Instagram @samihairmagic

You could drown in these waves of blue and black! Dark blue hair with stripes of black in between looks incredible. The two shades of blue used here blend in together so well.

protip_icon Quick Tip
It is recommended to apply hairspray or some finishing oil to enhance the glow of blue-black hair.

12. Purple Blue Black Hair

12. Purple Blue Black Hair
Image: Instagram

The purple blue-black hair is lovely. No matter what your skin complexion is, you can try this hair color.

13. Blue Silver Black

Image: Shutterstock

Pure frosted blue hair adds the right amount of chic to your outfit! This color is so subtle that you can even wear it to the office!

14. Frosted Black Blue Hair

Image: Shutterstock

The frosted black color is just astounding, and the electric blue highlights take this black blue hair color to another level.

15. Tealish Blue-Black Hair

Image: Shutterstock

Hues of blue-green look amazing on olive skinned women. This blue black hair color is sure to turn heads.

16. Blue Undertones

Image: Instagram @kar.does.hair

Blue undertones on black hair give you an ethereal-unicorn feel. Subtle but intense depth, these shades are spectacular.

17. Raven Hair

Image: Instagram

Jet black hair with a blue tint is AM-AH-ZING! This looks incredible, whatever your skin tone.

18. Teal And Light Blue Hair

Image: Shutterstock

This balayage is trending all over the world. It looks vibrant and lively – do get this done if your workplace permits it. Beautiful!

19. Pink Purple Blue Black Hair

Image: Shutterstock

Nothing can go wrong with this happy mix of colors. Dark waves of pink, purple, and blue look amazing. This blend of colors will look good on all skin tones.

20. Denim Blue Black Hair

Image: Instagram

The craze of denim black and blue hair is never going to end – at least I am praying it doesn’t! Definitely try this one, it will suit all skin tones.

21. Blue Peekaboo Highlights

Image: IStock

Blue peekaboo highlights are a stylish and bold hair trend where vibrant blue hues are subtly hidden beneath the top layer of your hair, creating a mesmerizing effect when you style your hair or move them to reveal the shades.

Infographic: Top 8 Blue-Black Hair Looks

The blue-black blend hairstyle is one of the hottest to emerge on the scene. Don’t you agree? Blue is a color that resonates with almost everyone. It’s the sky, the sea, and everything in between! The combination gives the locks an enchanting, captivating look that can uplift anyone. Check out the infographic below to see the top 8 best ones that we’ve picked out for you.

top 8 blue black hair looks (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

The blue-black hair color looks super trendy and gives you an edgy appearance. From midnight blue and black to light blue-black hair, shimmer metallic blue and black, and denim blue-black hair, the options are many and amazing, without a doubt. First, however, you need to understand that hair coloring can dry your hair strands. And it is important to give your hair the right care and nourishment. Oil your tresses regularly and drink plenty of water to keep your hair hydrated. Nothing can stop you from rocking the flattering blue-black hues on these healthy tresses!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to maintain blue-black hair?

No, blue-black hair is considered one of the easiest colors to style and maintain. Ensure that you follow a proper hair care routine and use the right products to keep your hair hydrated, shiny, and healthy.

Can you color black hair blue?

Yes, you can color black hair blue. You will have to bleach your black hair to attain the right shade of blue.

What are some complementary haircuts or styles that work well with blue-black hair?

You can go for bobs, lobs, pixie cuts, layers, and different styles of bangs and curls to make sure that your unique and eye-catching hair color gets the attention it deserves.

What should I do if I experience any adverse reactions or allergies to blue-black hair dye?

Wash off your hair dye with a mild cleanser and apply some moisturizing gel or cream to the affected area to soothe the skin.

Key Takeaways

  • To blue-black shade, bleach first and apply the dye to your hair as you like. However, ensure to follow the instructions given in the box.
  • Before dyeing your hair, do a patch test.
  • The best options are blue undertones, blue silver black, two shades of blue, and midnight blue and black.
  • Use shampoos designed specifically for colored hair as they will help keep your hair healthy.
Blue Black Hair Color Looks

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Check out this stunning blue-black hair transformation. This video will inspire you to dye your hair into these gorgeous blue-black shades that will make heads turn. Take a look.

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