10 Best Bobby Pins To Create Flattering Hairstyles For Every Hair Type

Create flattering, stylish hairdos with must-have hair-styling products and Bobby pins.

By Vaishnavi KothuriVaishnavi Kothuri, Certified Skin Care Coach  • 
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Whether you want to do a basic hair updo or some stylish hairdos, one item that you will definitely need is a bunch of some best bobby pins. Bobby pins stay hidden in your hair, but they are the force that holds it all together. They are staples of all hairstyles and work efficiently on all hair types and textures. Much like hair ties, they always have a place in every drawer, every purse, and sometimes, in pockets too. But unfortunately, we also lose bobby pins like popping soap bubbles which require us to buy them all over again.

Now, something that is so important cannot be picked without a lot of consideration. So, our team has done the research and review and has finalized the 10 best bobby pins that will be loved by both the hairstyle and the hairstylist! Take a look!

Top Picks
Best Coated Ball Tips:Diane Assorted Hair Pins
Price on Amazon
Best Protective Coating:IKOCO U-Shaped Hair Pins
Price on Amazon
Best Non-Damaging:Sta-Rite White Bobby Pins
Price on Amazon
Best High-Strength Metal:MORGLES Gold Bobby Pins
Price on Amazon
Best Grip:Kleravitex Jumbo Roller Pins
Price on Amazon
Best Soft Tips:Beauty Rageous Super Grip Bobby Pins
Price on Amazon
Best For Special Occasions:TecUnite Rhinestone Hair Clips
Price on Amazon
Best For Thick And Curly Hair:Goody XXL Bobby Pins
Price on Amazon
Best Non-Snagging:Scünci No-Slip Grip Blonde Bobby Pins
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Best Non-Slip:ScivoKaval Bobby Pins
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Upgrade Your Hair Game With The 10 Best Bobby Pins In 2023

1. Best Coated Ball Tips:Diane Assorted Hair Pins


Diane offers 3 sizes of bobby pins for hair to help you create all kinds of hairstyles. Each hair pin is made of high-quality metal and features a spiral wave design. You can count on them to secure thick hair strands in place and they don’t break as easily as their conventional counterparts. With coated ball tips, inserting and removing the pins is easy as pie and your scalp will be safe. Diane’s pack of 100 will come in handy when you require different-sized pins for a single hairdo.


  •  Secure hold
  •  Travel-friendly
  •  3 different sizes
  •  Ideal for all hair types
  •  Coated ball tips
  •  Non-damaging


  •  The black coating might flake off
Quick Tip
For a secured and flawless bun, tightly twist your hair clockwise while putting on the U-shaped pins.
Price at the time of publication: $6.99

2. Best Protective Coating:IKOCO U-Shaped Hair Pins

IKOCO’s U-shaped bobby pins are all your hair needs to stay in place. Made of durable metal, these pins are comfortable and not easy to break. With ball ends and a protective coating, the pin holds heavy hair securely without scratching your scalp. The wavy shape holds the hair in place while the pin holds its shape despite being used frequently. Available in 3 colors, this set of curved bobby pins is a must-have when you’re creating your next hairstyle.


  •  Ball-ends safe for scalp
  •  Protective coating
  •  Available in 3 colors
  •  U-shape for secure hold
  •  Pack of 80


  •  Might not be anti-slip
Pro Tip
You can easily create a messy bun with the pins by gathering your tresses at the nape of your neck and twisting it counterclockwise. Secure the twist with the U-shaped pins.
Price at the time of publication: $6.99

3. Best Non-Damaging:Sta-Rite White Bobby Pins

Sta-Rite’s white long bobby pins are ideal for those with grey or silver hair or if you’re looking for a change. The double-coating keeps the paint from flaking off and as these pins are rubber-tipped, your hair stays safe from damage. With a good grip, you can style your hair in an elaborate way or keep it simple. This pack of 60 is a must-have in your purse for when you’re on-the-go and want to tame a frizzy mane.


  •  Double coated
  •  Rubber tips
  •  Non-damaging
  •  Good grip
  •  Easy to insert and remove


  •  Might not be able to hold thick hair
Since the pins are white in color, use them only if you have gray or blonde hair. Using them on black or brown hair may make the pins visible and ruin your hairstyle.
Price at the time of publication: $4.49

4. Best High-Strength Metal:MORGLES Gold Bobby Pins

MORGLES’ decorative bobby pins come in gold and are ideal for when you want to dress up your hair with an elegant touch. Made with a thick high-strength metal that doesn’t deform, these gold-plated bobby pins don’t fade in color. The ball ends are comfortable when sliding into and out of hair with no damage to the scalp. With 120 pieces in a recyclable pack, the wavy design of each can be used for pinning hair for a stylish look.


  •  Doesn’t deform
  •  Recyclable packaging
  •  Made with high-strength metal
  •  Wavy design keeps hair secured
  •  Non-fade
  •  Comfortable ball ends


  •  Some users might find that they are not long enough
Price at the time of publication: $5.59

5. Best Grip:Kleravitex Jumbo Roller Pins

No matter what hairstyle you’re trying next, let these flat bobby pins be your companion. Suited for all hair types, the flat-style pins have rubber tips that protect hair from being snagged. Without easily bending out of shape, these jumbo bobby pins will carry even curly hair through voluminous and crazy updos. This pack of 100 comes in a reusable box and is ideal for when you put on some Velcro rollers and want to relax!


  •  Reusable container
  •  Don’t snag hair
  •  Rubber tips
  •  Maintains shape
  •  Suitable for all hair types
  •  Secure grip


  •  Might not be resistant to rust
Price at the time of publication: $7.99

6. Best Soft Tips:Beauty Rageous Super Grip Bobby Pins

With a whopping 400 pieces in a reusable container, we’re sure you’ll never run out of hair pins in the middle of a styling session again! These black open bobby pins by Beauty Rageous are sturdy and have soft tips that don’t aggravate your scalp or hair as you insert them in or take them out. Not only do you get a comfortably tight grip, these bobby pins for buns do not lose shape over time as well.


  •  Secure grip
  •  Reusable tin container
  •  Sturdy material
  •  Non-aggravating on scalp or hair
  •  Maintain shape
  •  Soft tips


  •  The coating might flake off with time
Price at the time of publication: $29.79

7. Best For Special Occasions:TecUnite Rhinestone Hair Clips

Life is too short for the same old black bobby pins, right? If you agree, you’ve got to get your hands on these decorative bobby pins for hair! Smooth and sturdy metal pins lined with rhinestones on top, we’re sure all eyes will be on you when you do your hair with these sparkling clips. This set of 16 is durable and helps you pull off a classy look when used for high teas or cocktail nights.


  •  Sturdy
  •  Smooth metal surface
  •  Gives an elegant look
  •  Suitable for special occasions
  •  Provide a secure grip


  •  Might snagl out fine hair
Price at the time of publication: $7.99

8. Best For Thick And Curly Hair:Goody XXL Bobby Pins

All the thick-haired beauties can now rejoice as Goody’s brings to you, what is, perhaps the best bobby pins for thick hair! In a pack of 16, these hair pins provide an all-day hold to keep voluminous and unruly tresses in place. If you’ve got curly hair, these are the perfect pins as they are sturdy yet sleek. A couple are enough to rock any hairstyle and no matter how much you use them, they retain their shape without snapping in half.


  •  Sturdy
  •  Sleek design
  •  Ideal for thick and curly hair
  •  Provides an all-day hold
  •  Retains shape


  •  The tip might be uncomfortable
Price at the time of publication: $4.99

9. Best Non-Snagging:Scünci No-Slip Grip Blonde Bobby Pins

These Scünci bobby pins are made with plastic tips to prevent any kind of snagging or pulling. With the light color blending into blonde or bleached hair, you can use this pack of 48 for various hairstyles. These no-slip bobby pins don’t leave bumps in hair nor do they break your strands or cause any damage to the scalp. Equipped with superior gripping power, Scünci’s gold bobby pins will ensure your blonde hair strands don’t budge.


  •  Secure grip
  •  No-slip
  •  Plastic tips
  •  Non-snag
  •  Ideal for blonde or bleached hair
  •  Non-damaging to strands or scalp


  •  Might not be flexible
Price at the time of publication: $3.99

10. Best Non-Slip:ScivoKaval Bobby Pins

Made with stainless steel, ScivoKaval’s pack of 100 strong bobby pins will definitely come in handy when you’re styling your tresses. Stored in a plastic case for convenience, these regular bobby pins are double-coated for long-lasting color. The ball ends give a firm grip and prevent the pins from constantly sliding down. As there are no sharp ends, your hair doesn’t snag and the pins are rust-resistant. This secure accessory forms an excellent base for easy or complex hairdos, making them comfortable bobby pins for wigs as well.


  •  Reusable container
  •  Soft ball ends
  •  Firm grip
  •  Non-slip
  •  Non-snag
  •  Sturdy


  •  Some may find them to be small
Price at the time of publication: $5.59

Now that we’ve looked at some of the choicest bobby pins out there, let’s look at how you can choose the best ones for yourself.

What To Look For When Buying Bobby Pins

  •  Length

If you have long or thick hair, you should opt for bobby pins that are longer in length. While a 2-inch long pin will be able to style fine or short hair, it’s probably not ideal for voluminous or curly hair types.

  •  Pattern

Bobby pins are available in 2 types of patterns: plain and jagged. Plain bobby pins are the best for a sleek, minimal, or an everyday look. On the other hand, jagged ones offer that extra grip that holds thick, long, and voluminous hair in place for various hairstyles.

  •  Color

You can use bobby pins to tuck away some annoying strands or they can also be used as a statement accessory. When you want to smooth stray hairs, choosing a bobby pin in the color that matches your hair would be ideal. However, if you want something dramatic, a metallic finish like gold or silver or those lined with rhinestones can elevate your look.

After you’ve bagged your favorite set of bobby pins, it’s time to learn how to use them for different hair types.

How To Use Bobby Pins For Every Hair Type

  •  If you have short or thin hair, slide in 2 standard bobby pins of choice on both of your fringes. This streamlined look not only holds the hair in place but is ideal for those on the hunt for a minimal or sleek look.
  •  A half-up, half-down hairstyle is timeless and you can use bobby pins to achieve that. Simply grab a tiny portion of your hair between two fingers on both sides and pull them back. At the back of your head, secure them in place with your favorite pins. Thick hair can be managed with a bunch of U-shaped pins.
  •  For thick or voluminous hair, you can create a chic look by slicking back one side of your hair and keeping it put by using a couple of bobby pins. For some flair, you can even criss-cross them or try out creative patterns!
  •  You can also add bobby pins as accents when your hair is tied in a braid or a ponytail. Simply scatter them in irregular places for a style statement or bunch them up near the hairline.

Bobby pins are the real savers when it comes to taming our unruly locks! Some bobby pins secure thick hair strands in place without breaking them. Some of these products come in a pack of many, which makes it easier for us to use them even if we lose some pins. However, many brands understand that different hairdos require differently-sized pins! To make a fantastic hairstyle, you can easily get bobby pins that are not only safe for your scalp but also do not tend to slip out of your hair, no matter how thick your locks are. However, make sure that the bobby pins you are using come with high-strength metal and the color of the pins don’t tend to fade away.

Why Trust StyleCraze?

Vaishnavi Kothuri is a makeup enthusiast passionate about trying products that make hairstyling easy and fun. After analyzing the user feedback of several products available in the market, Sneha has handpicked some of the best-selling products and curated a list of the best bobby pins. These pins are sturdy, secure, do not damage the hair, and are comfortable to wear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do bobby pins damage hair?

When used correctly, bobby pins won’t damage hair. If the pins you use are too tight, they might cause hair breakage due to the traction and might also irritate the scalp. Always ensure you open a pin widely before sliding into hair.

Do bobby pins cause hair loss?

If you use bobby pins with sharp metal ends, you might face some hair loss. This is because of the traction which can remove hair from the root.

Do bobby pins cause hair breakage?

When bobby pins are criss-crossed for a firmer grip, they can break hair when being inserted or removed. Pins that lose the protective plastic ends must not be used as they can scrape the scalp.

Do bobby pins cause split ends?

Not necessarily, as split ends are often caused due to hair damage resulting from heat or chemicals.

Are bobby pins and Kirby grips the same?

Kirby grips and bobby pins are one and the same but are referred differently in different countries. In the UK they are referred to as Kirby grips and in the USA they are called bobby pins.

What is the difference between a hairpin and a bobby pin?

Hair pins and bobby pings help hold the hair in place. The key difference is that hairpins are big, elongated, and “V” shaped, whereas bobby pins are smaller and bumpy on one side.

How do you secure bobby pins in your hair?

The easiest way to keep your bobby pin in place is to not wide open the pins. Instead, use the given opening to catch enough piece of hair that fills the gap – that’s how the pin is secured.

What side of a bobby pin faces up?

Bobby can be used either way. If the smooth side of the pin is placed downwards it might slip a bit but will smoothly tuck your hair. If the wavy edges of the pin are placed downwards it will hold the hair effectively but can make your hair slightly crisscrossed.

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