10 Best Boots For Narrow Calves In 2022 With Reviews

Flaunt your style with flattering high boots that make your slim calves look shapely.

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Calves support your body to walk, stand, run, and perform some exercises. Of course, you can not make your calves bigger, but a right-fit boot supports your legs without slipping or tossing. Hence, the best boots for narrow calves help you walk stylishly and comfortably without hurting your legs.

These boots can be knee-high boots, corner boots, riding boots, over-the-knee boots, cowboy boots, calf leather boots, long boots, and more. They hide skinny-looking legs and provide the best fit. In addition, these boots keep you warm and comfy. If you are looking for a pair of perfect slim boots for your narrow calves to compliment your seasonal fashion, you are at the right place. This article provides you with a list of the ideal boots for narrow calves. Keep scrolling to check out our top picks!

Top Picks
Best Full-Length Zipper: Sam Edelmen Equestrian Black Boots For Narrow Calves
Price on Amazon
Best Waterproof: Evline Women’s Boots For Narrow Calves
Price on Amazon
Best Classic Design: Dream Pairs Knee High Boots For Narrow Calves
Price on Amazon
Best For Skinny Legs: Fergie Fergalicious Conner Boots For Skinny Ankles
Price on Amazon
Best Leather Boots: Kenneth Cole Knee High Boots For Narrow Calves
Price on Amazon
Best For Riding: Cole Haan Riding Boots For Narrow Calves
Price on Amazon
Best Comfort: Franco Sarto Over The Knee Boots For Narrow Calves
Price on Amazon
Best Suede Boots: FRYE Women’s Cowboy Boots For Skinny Legs
Price on Amazon
Best For Winters: SoleMani Skinny Calf Leather Boots
Price on Amazon
Best For Cocktail Events: Steven By Steve Madden Long Boots For Narrow Calves
Price on Amazon

10 Best Boots For Narrow Calves To Walk In Style And Confidence

1. Best Full-Length Zipper: Sam Edelmen Equestrian Black Boots For Narrow Calves

Sam Edelmen Equestrian Black Boots For Narrow Calves Image: Sam Edelman

You don’t need to ride horses gracefully or even ride horses at all to be able to amp up your fashion game as these classic skinny legged boots will do that for you. Made with 100% leather and a handcrafted sole, the shaft of these boots are a whopping 16.5 inches long while the heel measures at 1.25 inches. The asymmetrically designed shaft is outfitted with a pull tab on the outer area and an embossed button that adds a touch of elegance to the boots. For ease of wearing and removal, the boots are designed with a full-length zipper at the back along with a snap tab.


  • 5-inch shaft from arch
  • 100% leather
  • Man-made soles
  • Full-length zipper at the back
  • Ear pull tab and snap tab


  • Slightly expensive
Price at the time of publication: $225

2. Best Waterproof: Evline Women’s Boots For Narrow Calves

Shiny, tall, waterproof, and ultra-good looking — what’s not to love about these mid-calf boots for narrow calves? The shaft measures at 12.4 inches from the arch with heels that are 1.2 inches tall. Designed with a waterproof PVC upper, these boots make walking in the rain all the more enjoyable while also staying firm and not sliding downwards. With textile lining and molded insoles, these leaves ample room for your toes and feet to move comfortably and breathe freely. Complete with a decorative buckle design, these glossy boots are quite the sight to behold.


  • Glossy exterior
  • Waterproof boots
  • 4-inch shaft
  • Anti-slip sole
  • Available in many colors


  • May emit a pungent smell initially
Price at the time of publication: $30.99

3. Best Classic Design: Dream Pairs Knee High Boots For Narrow Calves

Dream Pairs Knee High Boots For Narrow Calves Image: Dreampairshoes

Isn’t there something so mysterious, classy, and yet alluring about a sleek, tall pair of black boots? A pair such as this one can especially be paired with anything and for any occasion. Made with soft suede upper and faux fur lining, these full-length boots for skinny legs have a zipper closure mechanism on the side and an adjustable buckle to allow yourself a custom fit. The boot opening measures at 15 inches and the shaft height is 14 inches while the heels are 2.3 inches tall.


  • Slightly padded insoles
  • Thermoplastic rubber insole
  • Classic block heel
  • Round toe slim calf boots
  • Size zipper closure
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Adjustable straps


  • Sizing may run small
Price at the time of publication: $53.99

4. Best For Skinny Legs: Fergie Fergalicious Conner Boots For Skinny Ankles

Love what leather boots look and feel like but feel guilty owning a pair? These boots made of fabric will put you out of your misery! Considered one the best boots for skinny legs and slender calves it boasts a shaft that travels the length of the arch to the knees. With cuff and buckle details, one would find it hard to believe that it’s not a high-end leather boot. With a carefully handcrafted sole, you can rest assured that this pair has seen some love and attention that will translate to durability and comfort.


  • 100% fabric
  • Man-made sole
  • Knee high boots for skinny legs
  • Long shaft
  • Cuff and buckle details


  • Some may find it stiff initially

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5. Best Leather Boots: Kenneth Cole Knee High Boots For Narrow Calves

Kenneth Cole Knee High Boots For Narrow Calves Image: Kennethcole

They say it takes only one look at these boots to fall in love with them? Are you there yet? We sure are! Made with 100% leather, these leather boots for narrow calves are designed with a knee-high shaft that starts at the arch while the heels are 1.5 inches. The opening of the boots measure at 12.5 inches, so those with skinny legs and narrow calves need not worry about it slipping down. The narrow boots zip up on the inside, giving the exterior a clean and seamless finish and it’s pretty easy to slip in and out of the boots as well.


  • 100% leather
  • Synthetic sole
  • Zipper inside the boots
  • Knee-high shaft
  • 5-inch heel


  • Expensive
Price at the time of publication: $116.42

6. Best For Riding: Cole Haan Riding Boots For Narrow Calves

Cole Haan Riding Boots For Narrow Calves Image: Colehaan

There’s something really alluring about a fitted jacket, a glamorous pair of riding boots, a beautiful horse, and the wind in your hair when you’re riding one, isn’t it? Well, whether you ride horses or not, you can still bring home this spectacular pair that’s 100% leather. The shaft of these tall flat boots for narrow calves measures at 15.5 inches from the arch while the back of the boots are stretchable for that snug yet comfortable fit. These durable boots are designed with Grand OS technology and a fully-padded sock lining for the ultimate comfort and the mini stacked heel gives it that slight bit of elevation.


  • 100% leather
  • Rubber sole
  • 5-inch shaft
  • Padded sock lining
  • Stretchable back
  • Elastic calf


  • Expensive
Price at the time of publication: $151.61

7. Best Comfort: Franco Sarto Over The Knee Boots For Narrow Calves

Franco Sarto Over The Knee Boots For Narrow Calves Image: Francosarto

Most women with skinny legs or narrow calves often complain that it’s hard for them to find boots that fit them well. It’s probably because they’ve never heard of these boots from Franco Sarto. Made with 100% leather and suede, these imported boots feature a synthetic sole. It is designed with a padded and cushioned footbed and a stacked heel for comfort and style. It has a zipper on the inside, which makes the exterior of the boots sleek and provides extra comfort while the elegant buckles along the ankles for a sophisticated touch.


  • 100% leather and suede
  • Padded insoles
  • Zipper on the inside
  • 1-inch heel
  • Synthetic sole


  • Some may find the zipper slightly uncomfortable behind the knee when bending

8. Best Suede Boots: FRYE Women’s Cowboy Boots For Skinny Legs

Think country music, fields, and balmy summer evenings — what’s the one thing missing? Cowboy boots of course! This list would have been incomplete without this pair of riding boots for skinny legs! Crafted with 100% suede, the soles of these boots are made of leather while the shaft measures at an incredible 16 inches from the arch. If you like to strut around in heels, these high-end boots will help you do that too as it has a 3-inch heel. The western-style boot is available in other colors and is decorated with detailed stitching.


  • 100% suede
  • Leather soles
  • 16-inch shaft
  • 3-inch heel
  • 14-inch opening


  • Expensive
Price at the time of publication: $298.98

9. Best For Winters: SoleMani Skinny Calf Leather Boots

There’s nothing quite that elevates a winter outfit, or for that matter any winter outfit like a pair of knee-high leather boots, does it? Why don’t you get your hands on this one that is made with 100% leather to keep the season extremely jolly. These leather boots for skinny calves are also available in extra slim, so it can make anyone happy. Made with lamb suede, it feels as soft as butter and is as comfortable to wear. With buckles on the ankles and top, it gives the boots a classy appearance.


  • Made of lamb suede
  • Super soft
  • 100% leather
  • Long shaft


  • Expensive
Price at the time of publication: $185

10. Best For Cocktail Events: Steven By Steve Madden Long Boots For Narrow Calves

A name that needs no introduction, Steve Madden has been winning hearts all over the world and how! Step into these boots to instantly feel like a diva strutting the runway like it’s nobody’s business! Ideal for a cocktail event or a brunch with friends, these boots have a synthetic sole. The shaft measures at an impressive 21 inches from the arch and the heel is 3 inches long, while the boot opening is 14 inches. So, ready to turn heads wherever you go? Get your pair today!


  • 21-inch shaft
  • 3-inch heel
  • Synthetic sole
  • Comfortable and snug fit


  • May not be ideal for everyday wear
Price at the time of publication: $99

Took a long, hard look at each of these boots? Now, let’s find out what you should keep in mind before investing in a pair of boots for narrow calves and skinny legs.

How To Buy The Best Boots For Narrow Calves

  • Circumference of boot opening

It may seem like almost high-length or knee-high boots were especially designed to not cater to women with narrow calves. But, there’s hope. While most boots have an opening that is 14 inches or more, there are some that are designed with 12 inches and even lesser. These are the types of boots you should look out for. But the most important thing to do first, is to measure your calves. However, do keep in mind that boots are mostly worn during the colder months, preferably with slacks or jeans, so, you need to leave room for the pants to fit in also.

  • Materials

Choose harder materials like leather or rubber over fabrics as fabrics tend to droop and slip down. Materials like 100% leather, lamb suede, or suede are great options as they stay rigid and firm around the calves or knees while keeping your feet warm and comfortable.

  • Adjustable buckles  

One of the best ways to ensure that the boots you purchase will offer a good fit is to look for boots with buckles, preferably placed around the ankles and the top of the shaft, either on around the calves or around the knees. This way, if the zipper fails to provide you the perfect fit, you can always count on the buckles to bless you with a customized fit.

  • Heels

Try to ditch the heels as much as possible as they can make narrow calves appear even slimmer, yes, even if they are covered by the shaft. Try to look for boots with a low heel, as low as 1 inch and preferably even lower. If you can’t do without heels, choose boots with block or chunky heels as they help balance out the appearance of slimmer calves.

  • Length of the shaft

While the length of the shaft depends on personal preference, you do need to keep in mind that knee-high boots are more suitable for narrow calves than mid-calf boots. But when buying knee-high boots you must ensure that when you are sitting or bending down, the boot’s opening should not press or dig against the back of your knee as it may not only be cumbersome but also painful in the long run.

Finding the right pair of boots can be challenging, especially when you have narrow calves. The right-fit boots will support your legs without tossing or slipping. The best boots for narrow calves will look stylish and allow you to walk comfortably without hurting your legs. The boots that are reviewed in the curated list are affordable. These are also made of high-quality materials, and look fabulous with almost every outfit, no matter where you wear them to. Consider the materials, circumference of the boot opening, heels, and shaft length, and ensure it has adjustable buckles before choosing the best boots for narrow calves.

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The author of this article Priyam Gupta, is a full-blown fashion fanatic. She recommends various styles as per the emerging trends, and her thorough research helps greatly. After going through multiple user reviews available on online user platforms, she has curated the list of best boots for narrow calves. These boots also hide skinny-looking legs, and provide the best fit. Additionally, these are comfy and extremely stylish.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the circumference of a narrow calf boot?

The ideal circumference of a boot opening for narrow calves is 12 inches.

Can you make the calves of boots smaller?

While only a professional shoemaker would be able to provide you a custom fit, you can use other ways to make it feel tighter. You can wear thick knee-length socks, leg warmers, or wear your boots over pants.

How should people with skinny calves wear boots?

Pair your boots with leggings or bootcut jeans. Wear pants with patterns and bright colors to flaunt your entire style along with your boots.

How should boots fit calves?

Boots should fit snugly around your calves. The boots should not slip off around the heels and they shouldn’t appear too tight or uncomfortable.

What is the standard calf width for boots?

The standard width for boots is 14 inches.

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