11 Best Breast Tattoo Designs And Ideas For Women To Try

Inspiring works of ink art that embody the delicateness and power of women perfectly.

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Want to get a tattoo that enhances your sexiness? Breast tattoo designs have become a rage among girls these days. The breast is the best place to get a tattoo for girls because it looks highly attractive, charming, appealing, and captivating.. Recently many women are getting boob tattoos after surviving breast cancer. We have collected some of the top breast tattoo designs for you in this article today. We have covered everything, including under the chest to side tattoos and quotation tattoo designs. Scroll down and check them out.

The Best Of Tattoo On Breast Designs
protip_icon Quick Tip
It usually takes about 7-10 days for breast tattoos to heal. Make sure to keep the area clean and dry. You may use an unscented soap for the first two days.

1. Butterfly Breast Tattoo

Butterfly breast tattoo

Tattoo with butterflies and other extended designs have become very common among girls these days. Butterfly tattoos give a feminine look and are very charming, mesmerizing, and hypnotic. Adding colors to it will only make it more attractive.

In Japan, the butterfly is a timeless symbol of femininity and marital joy that speaks to its grace and independence. Two flying creatures signify happiness in marriage but also remind us of their free spirit – always searching for something new.

2. Sexy Breast Tattoo

Want to do something erotic? Get a beautiful tattoo made on your cleavage. These tattoos look very sexy and charming. Breast tattoos have the ability to attract others’ attention very easily. And if made on personal areas, these tattoos look more sensual.

3. Sweet Breast Tattoo

Get a sweet and cute breast tattoo made to enhance your look. A tattoo on the breast can look very trendy and classy. Women who aren’t held back by the words of society can get these cute, feminine, colorful tattoos made on their breasts.

4. Breast Cancer Awareness Tattoo

Want to spread breast cancer awareness? Get a breast cancer awareness tattoo inked. Not only do these tattoos look striking and symbolize empowerment but will also help in spreading awareness among others. A variety of designs are available and you can choose the one you like. This tattoo

Catherine Gigante-Brown, a blogger got a cherry blossom tattoo on her breast cancer scar. She shares, “Breast cancer, I had no control over. But I did have control over what I would wear across my chest like a banner, a badge, a wordless declaration that said: “I’m still here” (i).” Talking about the design, she adds, “For me, the design was a no-brainer since I was diagnosed in the spring, in the middle of Sakura.”

5. Flowery Breast Tattoos

Breast tattoos with different flowery patterns look very charming. Getting flowery breast tattoos made is a perfect idea for women, especially if the main motive of getting the tattoo is for its aesthetic appeal.

6. Quotation Breast Tattoo

Quotation breast tattoo looks very charming and eye-catching. You can get any quote of your choice made on your skin. Getting quotations related to breast cancer or any other attractive quotes tattooed on your breast is a nice idea as well.

7. Funny Breast Tattoos

Want to do something different? Looking for different tattoos at places where it looks very attractive? Get a funny tattoo made near your breast. These tattoos look very different, smart, and hilarious.

8. Red Ribbon Tattoo

Red ribbon specifies breast cancer. More and more women are getting these ribbons tattooed near their breast to spread breast cancer awareness among people all over the world. These red ribbons do not look sexy but play an important role in awareness.

9. Designer Breast Tattoo

Love beautiful designs? Want to get it tattooed with your own personalization and modification on your breast? It is really a great idea. These tattoos are very eye catchy and add a very sensuous touch to your look. Get beautiful designs made and you can even add colors to make it more striking.

10. Celtic Breast Tattoo

Want to get something different tattooed on your breast? These knot work designs are very attractive and different. Celtic breast tattoos are a very nice idea if you are looking for a breast tattoo that will stun! People are getting these tattoos made after undergoing breast surgeries after breast cancer.

11. Upper Breast Tattoo

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Talk about intricately beautiful designs, huh? This upper breast tattoo design is like a whole chest accessory by itself. The gothic floral pattern travels from one shoulder blade to the other and down the center of the chest in big curves, swirls, and shadow work, covering the entire upper breast area in an intriguing filigree design. You can tweak the pattern, adding flowers, butterflies, or whimsical shapes, and add a bit of color to give this look a creative touch that uniquely represents you. These patterns attach seamlessly with arm sleeve tattoos and help you tell a story if “expression through body art” is your thing!

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Miley Cyrus, Sarah Hyland, Demi Lovato, Rihanna, and Chloe Grace Moretz are some celebrities with breast tattoos.

Infographic: 5 Unique Breast Tattoo Ideas For Women

More and more women are open to getting inked on the breasts now, as they are one of the most attractive parts of the body. Breast tattoos ooze confidence, self-love, expression, and sensuousness. Breasts can handle any tattoo and enhance its appeal times ten. Many tattoos also stand testimony to a person’s struggle, as breast tattoos often do to many an arduous battle with breast cancer. In this infographic, we cover five such designs that you will love.

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While the term breast tattoos bring up an image of your whole chest covered in ink, it’s not just that. Today, women are embracing different breast tattoos that show off their natural curves and bring out their sexiness. When inking your boobs, tattoo designs like butterflies and flowers add a seductive touch. Many women who have survived breast cancer are getting inked to symbolize their strength and spread awareness. Be it a flowery breast tattoo or a Celtic knot design, the options are endless. All you need to do is look through some of the breast tattoo designs in this article for some inspiration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the tattoo between the boobs called?

Tattoos between the boobs are also known as sternum tattoos.

Is a breast tattoo painful?

Getting a breast tattoo can be excruciatingly painful. Due to the numerous nerve endings in that area, the nipples and breasts are particularly sensitive locations, making tattooing them extremely painful.

How long can you not wear a bra after a tattoo?

It depends on how well your tattoo is healing. Usually, you are advised not to wear a bra for two weeks. But always seek advice from your tattoo artist because each tattoo is unique and may call for a distinct set of safety measures.

Key Takeaways

  • Breast tattoos are considered a symbol of feminism and strength, especially by survivors of breast cancer.
  • Some popular designs include the butterfly and the red ribbon to spread awareness about cancer.
  • You can even opt for a quote of your choice to create a visually striking tattoo.
Breast tattoo designs

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