Best Calvin Klein Perfumes For Women – Our Top 10

Best Calvin Klein Perfumes For Women – Our Top 10 March 12, 2019

Calvin Klein is a renowned name in the beauty industry. Its name in the perfume industry is no less renowned, with its fragrances being very popular among men and women.

Best Calvin Klein Perfumes

Here are my top 10 Calvin Klein perfumes for Women.

1. Calvin Klein:

Calvin Klein is the first fragrance associated with the brand and is referred as the Classic, Original or Red depending upon the type. It is a soft variant of the perfumes released by the brand and has top notes like the raspberry, peach, hydracinth, and gardenia. The heart of it is of rose, carnation, jasmine and lily that provide the perfect blend of floral aromas for women perfumes.

2. Beauty Calvin Klein:

Beauty is the fragrance launched in 2010, to extend the seductiveness of clothing range by the brand. This range spells elegance and sophistication. It’s a jewel for the women in their 40’s. The top ambrette seed, jasmine in the heart and cedar as the base form the structure of these feministic perfumes.

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3. CK IN2U:

CK IN2U is a fragrance for the young generation women of the techno age. This fragrance is young, juicy with a wooden floral base and is attractively packaged. Grapefruit, bergamot, red currant, orchid, cactus, cedar and vanilla blend to make this a unforgettable fragrance.

4. CK IN2U Heat for Her:

Best Calvin Klein Perfumes - 4. CK IN2U Heat for Her Pinit

The composition of this fragrance complements the hot summer nights with the erotic compositions of apple and martini, red apple, orchids, ginger and cedar notes. The sandalwood and musk form the base notes.

5. CK IN2U Collectables:

Best Calvin Klein Perfumes - 5. CK IN2U Collectables Pinit


This range was launched with the men’s range and features changed flacon and is considered to be a collectible. The grapefruit, black currant bring in fresh oriental floral fragrances and cedar, vanilla, musk and amber act as a woody base.

6. CK IN2U Pop:

This Summer Pop fragrance for her was released in 2008 and is a limited edition fragrance by Calvin Klein for both men and women. This fruity floral perfume for women introduces the fragrances of lime, vanilla, papaya and many woody fragrances too. It is available in the limited edition of 100 ml bottle.

7. CK One shock:

This is the CK One Shock Street edition for her. Introduced in 2012, it has some fine compositions of gourmand flavour. The top notes of bergamot and mandarin are combined with plum for the heart fruity notes and woody base to give a great fragrance. The fragrance includes some great shades of amber, sandalwood, musk and patchouli.

8. Contradiction:

Ck always creates fragrances that are relative and trendy to the time and preferences. This is one such fragrance that is close to the personality of an urban woman. It opens with floral notes of rose. Jasmine, lily and peony follow with bases notes like tonga bean and sandal. Contradiction was launched in 1998 by Ann Gottlieb.

9. Escape:

Best Calvin Klein Perfumes - 9. Escape Pinit

This Calvin Klein perfume is a perfect feminine fragrance hinted with marine scents opening with apple, lychee, plum, peach and sandalwood. Created in 1991, it is a romantic edition of CK perfumes for women.

10. Eternity:

Eternity was developed as a tribute to the marriage of Calvin Klein. It is another of the very famous feminine perfumes offered by the brand. It is perceived as a hymn to eternal values of love, family and peace.

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I hope this article on top 10 Calvin Klein perfumes helps you pick the right one for yourself.

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