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Best Chanel Nail Polishes – Our Top 10

Best Chanel Nail Polishes – Our Top 10 March 26, 2018

Hi girls! I know Chanel Nail Paints are not easy to afford and if you pick the wrong shade, you’ll regret buying it for the rest of your life. So, I have chosen the 10 best new Chanel Nail Polish colors and have attached images for your reference. Let us take a look at all the colors

Chanel nail polish colours

1. Chanel Distraction:

It is a lovely light pink shade and looks slightly like a coral nail paint! It is perfect for winter wear as well as for summers and will add a pop of color to your outfit! It has pink shimmer particles!

2. Chanel Vendetta:

This is a beautiful shade! It is blackish purple in color. It has a very glossy finish. I personally loved this one and I am sure you all will love it too!

3. Chanel Holiday:

Perfect Orange colored nail polish with a glossy finish. I loved this one because I have never seen such a gorgeous orange nail polish ever before in my life.

4. Chanel Dragon:

Makes the nails look really classy and hot.  Perfect red color and stays glossy for days! Gives full coverage in just one coat!

5. Chanel Rouge Noir:

It is a chocolaty-cherry color and makes hand look awesome. Anyone can carry it off easily! The deep wine red color is what everyone will like!

6. Chanel Blue Satin:

I personally love this one and I am sure each one of you will love it equally. It is dark Prussian blue shade with small shimmers in it. It makes the nails look so gorgeous and HOT!

7. Chanel Black Satin:

This one is a perfect glossy black shade and it will surely make your nails look FABULOUS. This is another color- I love from Chanel and all of you will too!

8. Chanel Suspicious:

This one is a slightly bright red color, which some may not be able to carry off properly but for girls who love bright colors on their nails this is a MUST BUY from Chanel!

9. Chanel Diwali:

This color is best suited for parties and will make your nails ready for all occasions including Diwali, of course! Very Metallic finish!

10. Chanel Particuliere:

A taupe brown color which will surely make your nails look glossy and lovely. If you’re wearing a bright blush or a lipstick, you can paint your nails with Chanel Particuliere!

*Subject to Availability

Which Color did you like the most and why? Do let us know in the comments!

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