15 Best Cheap Perfumes For Women That Smell Super Luxe – 2023

Delightful and enchanting fragrances that bring out the Goddess in you on a budget!

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Picking up a luxurious perfume often creates a dent in our pockets. But, today, there are some best cheap perfumes available in the market that smell heavenly and last as long as their pricey counterpart. When we say cheap perfumes, we are sure many think about its quality, sillage, and simply if it is worth it. We are here to make you believe that some affordable perfumes are equally good as expensive ones.

Oriental, floral, woody, citrusy, you name it, there are affordable perfumes that smell good and are available in your preferred fragrance family category. While you will save your hard-earned money, you will also invest in good quality, long-lasting perfume. Without a nauseous headache, you can find a perfume that’s not just inexpensive but also smells great.

But it is not wise to buy a less costly perfume without proper research. So, our team of perfume experts has narrowed down the search for you, and we bring you the 15 best affordable yet pleasing perfumes that you will fall in love with. Scroll down to find your best fragrance right now.

Best Long-Lasting Formula: Vera Wang Princess Eau De ToilettePrice on Amazon
Best Sheer Floral Scent: Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Eau De ToilettePrice on Amazon
Best Feminine Scent: Katy Perry Killer Queen Eau De ParfumPrice on Amazon
Best For Daily Wear: Lucky Brand Lucky You For Women Eau De ToilettePrice on Amazon
Best Cruelty-Free Formula: Pacifica Persian Rose PerfumePrice on Amazon
Best Pleasant Citrus Notes: Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Eau De ParfumPrice on Amazon
Best For Night Time: Guess Seductive NoirPrice on Amazon
Best For Luxe Packaging: Versace Eros Pour Femme - FreshPrice on Amazon
Best For Every Occasion: Instyle Fragrances Inspired by Ralph Lauren's RomancePrice on Amazon
Best Charismatic Power: The Perfumer’s Workshop Tea Rose Eau De ToilettePrice on Amazon

The 15 Best Cheap Perfumes For Women  – Our Top Affordable Fragrances

Best Long-Lasting Formula:Vera Wang Princess Eau De Toilette

Whether you know it or not, there’s a princess inside each of us and it’s time to awaken yours with Vera Wang’s affordable perfume. The perfect fragrance for balmy spring days, Princess is an ode to femininity and youth. Opening with water lily, apricot, apple, and mandarin orange, this cheap fragrance brings with it dark chocolate, guava, tiare flower, and tuberose at the heart. Closing notes are vanilla, wood, and amber for lingering powdery traces. Even the packaging is a magical gem-shaped bottle, and with this cheap perfume, you’ll feel like you’re finally wearing your crown.

  • Amber-floral perfume
  • Ideal for daytime in the spring
  • Makes for a great gift
  • Good longevity
  • Suitable for casual wear


  • May not be best suited for winter

protip_icon Pro Tip
To make the perfume last even longer, rub a small amount of vaseline on your spray areas.

Why It’s Worth Buying: It has gained over 42,091 positive reviews on Amazon, making it an all-time best-seller.
Price at the time of publication: $25.0

Best Sheer Floral Scent:Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Eau De Toilette

Elizabeth Taylor White Diamond Image: Elizabeth Taylor

A perfect reminder of old-school glamour, White Diamonds is the best cheap perfume for ladies to make you smell like the star that you are. The first whiff introduces neroli, lily, aldehydes, orange, and bergamot. At the heart of this cheap designer, perfume sits a flowery explosion in the form of jasmine, ylang-ylang, Egyptian tuberose, narcissus, carnation, Turkish rose, Italian orris root, and cinnamon for that kick of spice. White Diamonds drops the curtains with amber, musk, sandalwood, patchouli, and oakmoss that lend a warm touch to the sweet perfume profile. Spray some of this vintage goodness on your pulse points before a fancy party, or a candlelit dinner for a sultry sillage.

  • Sheer floral fragrance
  • Ideal for fall and winters
  • Suitable for fancy evening occasions
  • Subtle and pleasant


  • Some may find it too intense

Why It’s Worth Buying: With over 20,068 reviews, this product has become a fan favorite among users.
Price at the time of publication: $15.95

Best Feminine Scent:Katy Perry Killer Queen Eau De Parfum

If you want to be the kind of woman whose confidence knows no bounds and wish to captivate the attention of any room you walk into, this is the best cheap women’s perfume to fast forward you on that path! For a sophisticated woman that’s also playful, Killer Queen, inspired by Freddie Mercury, this feminine scent opens with top notes of forest fruit, plum, and bergamot and transitions into jasmine sambac, frangipani, and celosia. To seal the deal, praline, patchouli, and cashmeran add a creamy touch. Ideal for when you want to show the world who’s boss, wear this cheap long-lasting perfume before your next big presentation.

  • Ideal for fall and winter months
  • Long-wearing
  • Good for gifting
  • Floral perfume with an oriental twist


  • Might be a little too heady for some people

Why It’s Worth Buying: This product has made it to our top favorite list with more than 9,423 rave reviews on Amazon.
Price at the time of publication: $30.33

Best For Daily Wear:Lucky Brand Lucky You For Women Eau De Toilette

Lucky Brand’s cheap perfume is a mix of fruity florals that opens with notes of water hyacinth, grapefruit, and green leaves for a fresh and earthy twist. As you dig deeper, you’ll find peony, star jasmine, and blue poppy at the heart, which finally dry down to reveal warm base notes of musk, amber, and sandalwood. We think this is the best drugstore fragrance for a fun day spent frolicking around town, and it’ll easily become one of your memorable perfumes.

  • Soft floral perfume
  • Wears from day to night
  • Light and refreshing
  • Perfect for spring
  • Not overpowering


  • May not offer long-lasting wear

Why It’s Worth Buying: The product has received 11,834 positive Amazon reviews from its users, stating its numerous benefits.
Price at the time of publication: $20.96

Best Cruelty-Free Formula:Pacifica Persian Rose Perfume

Royal and historical vibes are rampant in this best drugstore perfume by Pacifica. One spritz will transport your senses to the Persian empire with its scent of Bulgairan rose, myrrh, violet, and delicate fruit. With a naughty twist on the ever-so-classic red rose, Persian Rose is not overly sweet, but has an edgy personality with some spice to it. Not only does it feel velvety, but this cheap ladies perfume has a pleasant citrusy side to it which will last for long hours on your skin. Wear this perfume for summer brunches in the afternoon sun to feel fresh and light.

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Travel-sized
  • Contains essential and natural oils
  • Made without parabens, GMOs, and phthalates
  • Can be layered with other fragrances
  • Recyclable packaging


  • Some people may find it to be too sweet-smelling

protip_icon Quick Tip
Apply this perfume right after a shower, as the moisture will help improve its staying power.

Why It’s Worth Buying: The product has more than 11,562 reviews and is a top choice all around the world.
Price at the time of publication: $21.47

Best Pleasant Citrus Notes:Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Eau De Parfum

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Eau De Parfum Image: Sarah Jessica Parker

If you loved Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex And The City, you’ll also be delighted with Lovely, which is one of the best budget perfumes to make you smell like a million dollars! Suited to a woman who believes the world is her runway, this cheap perfume for women will evoke your classy and unrelenting spirit. Top notes are an elegant mix of bergamot, lavender, martini, mandarin orange, and palisander rosewood. At the heart, Lovely has patchouli, orchid, and narcissus, with base notes of musk, wood, cedar, and amber that complete it. Not only is this scent feminine and fresh, but it’s a cheap perfume that smells like designer perfume, and who doesn’t like that?

  • Woodsy-musky perfume
  • Has citrusy accords
  • Soft feminine fragrance
  • Crisp and light
  • Perfect for spring and summers


  • Some may feel like it is best suited for mature ladies

Why It’s Worth Buying: It has received over 6,134 rave reviews on Amazon, proving it is a mass favorite.
Price at the time of publication: $23.53

Best For Night Time:Guess Seductive Noir


Be seduced by the essence of the Guess Seductive Noir. This amazing fragrance has a touch of sensuality, intensity, and intriguing power that is simply irresistible! The sweet scent of the perfume gives you super luxe feels without creating any holes in your pocket. It is made of rich hints of florals beautifully blended with warm notes.It is composed of top notes of bergamot, sage, peony, along with iris pallida, jasmine sambac, muguet. The fragrance then blends with the mellow scent of vetiver haiti, white suede, and vanilla to give you lingering afternotes. This perfume most certainly evokes a sensual essence and resembles something luxe and high-end! Even the packaging adds to the oomph and looks captivating!

  • Sweet and warm notes
  • Ideal for winter nights
  • Comforting fragrance
  • Suitable for fancy evening occasions
  • Ideal for gifting
  • Color-less formula
  • Mild fragrance


  • Does not last long

protip_icon Caution
Spraying perfume directly on the hair might cause dryness out due to the concentration of alcohol.

Price at the time of publication: $14.49

Best For Luxe Packaging:Versace Eros Pour Femme - Fresh

Versace Eros Pour Femme - Fresh Image: Versace

The Versace Eros Pour Femme is a fragrance of strength, seduction, and individuality! The composition opens with Sicilian lemon, Calabrian bergamot, and pomegranate accords which blend seamlessly with heart notes of sambac jasmine absolute, jasmine infusion, lemon, and peony. The fragrance base notes include sandalwood, musk, ambrox, and various woody notes. This perfume is perfect for free-spirited, gorgeous women who love a touch of passion to their personality whilst making you fall in love. Its enchanting and captivating essence is trapped in a sexy golden-hued bottle!

  • Ideal for gifting
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Long-lasting formula
  • Suitable for a date night
  • Attractive packaging
  • Captivating strong scent



Price at the time of publication: $8.38

Best For Every Occasion:Instyle Fragrances Inspired by Ralph Lauren's Romance

Instyle Fragrances Inspired by Ralph Lauren's Romance Image: Instyle Fragrances

The Instyle Fragrances Inspired by Ralph Lauren’s Romance is made with the finest fragrance oils and ingredients! The fragrance is perfect for everyday use. It leaves a mild lingering fragrance trail after a few hours of wear. This vegan formula has mesmerizing notes of freesia, chamomile, and rose mingling along with violet petals and stargazer lily. To add that sensual essence of velvety wood and seductive musk, the perfume closes with sheer wood and musk leaves which makes it suitable for every occasion. It comes in a crystal clear and crisp bottle that allows you to keep a check on the quantity.

  • Vegan
  • Paraben-free
  • Phthalate-free
  • Never tested on animals
  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Lasts for 3 to 5 hours


  • Overpowering and strong fragrance
  • Might not be suitable for everyone

Price at the time of publication: $12.49

Best Charismatic Power:The Perfumer’s Workshop Tea Rose Eau De Toilette

The Perfumer’s Workshop Ltd. Tea Rose Eau De Toilette Spray Image: Perfumer's Workshop

A bunch of fresh roses handpicked from your very own garden is what Tea Rose smells like, in all its timeless glory. Why wait for someone to buy you roses when you can spritz this heavenly long-lasting inexpensive perfume? With the main character of the rose, you also get to meet some citrusy, woody, and white floral accords which don’t have an intense sweetness to add. Even though this is one of the stronger perfumes, you can wear this perfume out for a brunch with your pals or to the movies!

  • Superior staying power
  • Rose-heavy perfume
  • Contains woody and citrusy accords
  • Ideal for spring and summer in the daytime


  • Some people might find it to be too strong

Price at the time of publication: $11.87

Best For Winter And Fall: Revlon Fire & Ice Eau De Cologne


An amber-citrus hybrid, Fire & Ice is a cheap cologne that smells good and will carry you through chilly days and nights. The first spritz welcomes to your olfactory orange blossom, tangerine, and osmanthus, developing into tuberose, orchid, magnolia and narcissus for a sweet kick. To warmly embrace the fresh and lively accords, you’ll find amber, musk, incense, and some woody notes at the base for the ultimate oriental scent. On winter evenings when you’re out Christmas gift shopping, reach out for this good cheap cologne by Revlon!


  • Citrus-meets-oriental cologne
  • Sweet but warm
  • Florals are mellow and not overpowering
  • Ideal for winter and fall nights
  • Suitable for casual use


  • May not be very long-lasting

Price at the time of publication: $15.18

Best For Summer Days:Tempting By Sofia Vergara

Tempting By Sofia Vergara Image: Sofia Vergara

The Tempting by Sofia Vergara is a refreshing and intoxicating fragrance that adds a seductive touch to your personality and mood. This effortlessly feminine fragrance can instantly boost your spirit with its fresh tropical, floral, and fruity notes that seamlessly blend in warm woods, spices, and resins. The scent consists of notes like pineapple, juicy acai berry, mandarin blossom, Colombian passion flower, star jasmine, purple vanilla orchid, vanilla, creamy sandalwood, and caramelized musk. The formula is light and airy and often lingers on with a sweet ending note. To top it all, the perfume comes in a stunning silhouette shape which adds to the oomph and sensual factor.

  • Refreshing fruity fragrance
  • Suited for casual wear
  • Ideal for gifting
  • Sultry and romantic
  • Perfect for summer


  • Contains alcohol

Price at the time of publication: $22.71

Best Vegan Formula:Clean Classic Skin Eau De Parfum


With lotus blossom and honeydew at the top, dewy petals, aquatic nose, and blue rose at the heart, and vanilla at the base, Clean’s Skin feels like a warm yet enticing hug. A delectable aroma is added by some more woodsy elements like white musk, amber and cashmere wood at the bottom, creating a well-rounded fragrance. This clean fragrance is ideal for casual wear, when you’re going to work, or simply running errands around town.

  • Smells clean and fresh
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Free from phthalates and toxins
  • Suitable for spring and summer days


  • May not stay on for very long

Price at the time of publication: $44

Best Irresistable Scent:LAVANILA Pure Vanilla The Healthy Fragrance

Isn’t there something so deliciously decadent about vanilla? Not just when you eat it, but even its aroma makes your head swirl! For you to smell irresistible, LAVANILA blends pure Madagascar vanilla which soothes and calms your skin, tonka bean, and heliotrope for a creamy yet sultry aura. Made with sugar cane alcohol which makes skin uber-soft, and skin-loving essential oils, this cheap vanilla perfume is enough to get your crush’s attention. Spray some of this warm fragrance at an evening get-together surrounded by a crackling fire to let the vanilla shine through.

  • Cruelty-free
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Vegan
  • Soft and warm vanilla fragrance
  • Free from parabens, phthalates, synthetic dyes and fragrances
  • Ideal scent for winter months


  • Slightly expensive

Why It’s Worth Buying: The product has more than 3,593 reviews claiming its efficacy.
Price at the time of publication: $48

We all know Shakira’s hips don’t lie, but her nose doesn’t either, because Dance will become one of your favorite affordable fragrances! Citrusy accords of tangerine, bergamot, grapefruit, and pear on the top dance with the sweetness of peony, lily, neroli, and orange blossom. The comforting base of vanilla, caramel, musk, and wood ends the scent profile on a warm yet aromatic note. Spritz this bold and youthful perfume before your next salsa class and watch your confidence skyrocket!


  • Ideal for warm days
  • Floral-fruity gourmand fragrance
  • Caramel accords add creaminess
  • Long-lasting wear


  • Some people may find the scent to be overly sweet
Price at the time of publication: $15.6

Cheap perfumes for women are one of the best ways women can introduce themselves to any gathering without having to drop big bucks on the more expensive brands. All you need is to know what to look for and here is where this guide comes in handy.

How To Choose The Perfect Cheap Perfumes For Women

1. Fragrance: You’ve probably noticed after some time that the cheap perfumes tend to fade away. This is because many of the cheap perfumes are made with synthetic perfume oils. You should make sure you are purchasing one that uses essential oils and not synthetic oils. This will ensure that it has more staying power and smells better.

2. Price: Like any other product, cheap perfumes for women can range dramatically in price. Their price depends on many factors like the brand, quality of essential oils, and the amount of alcohol used in the formula. As long as you are getting one that is loaded with quality essential oils and not too much showing off on the bottle, you should be fine.

3. Online Reviews: If you are looking for a great-smelling perfume, start your research online. There is a lot of information out there on perfume ratings and comments from women who know what they are talking about. This can save you a lot of time when trying to find the best cheap perfume as you already have an idea of what to look for in a quality cheap perfume.

4. Sillage: Perfumes with high sillage linger to the highest degree. This means that you would like to go for a scent that lasts long in the air with you throughout the day. A lot of cheap perfumes for women are weak because of the alcohol used in their formula. You would want to look for an oil formula that has more staying power and will last longer.

5. Season: Choose according to the seasons. The perfume fragrance will not be the same in summer, winter, or rainy seasons. So do well research before purchasing since the fragrance will react with your skin differently, depending on the time of the year according to the body temperature. Also, if you are continuously in contact with an air conditioner, you will find it harder to smell the fragrance so opt for a stronger perfume.

Spraying on a good perfume before getting started with your day is an experience in itself. Not only does it complete your whole look, it adds to it some character that comes along with you wherever you go. And, the best part is that you don’t have to shell out all your hard-earned cash to smell luxe. You can very well do it on a (tight!) budget, as our list of the 15 best cheap perfumes will show you how. Whether you want fresh citrus notes, a field full of fragrant flowers for floral scents, or even a brooding woody perfume, it’s all totally doable with budget fragrances. Now, stop worrying about your bank account, and get spritzing!

Infographic: Factors To Keep In Mind When Buying Cheap Perfumes

The right perfume adds on to your sense of style. But, splurging is not the only way to get the right fragrance to suit your personality. There are various perfumes at several different price points, and you just have to keep in mind certain factors to navigate the vast market of fragrances. Check out the infographic given below for a quick look at those factors.

Factors To Keep In Mind When Buying Cheap Perfumes (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do expensive perfumes smell better?

Expensive perfumes are made of premium-quality ingredients with multiple fragrance layers that last longer. Their formulas are skin-friendly too.

Does perfume expire?

Yes, perfumes expire. They have a shelf life of 1-3 years once their seals are broken.

How many perfumes should I have?

That is absolutely your choice! But ideally, something for regular formal wear, something for the nighttime, and a spare for days you want to mix things up a bit. While you choose the perfumes, keep in mind the seasons.

How do I find my signature scent?

Here are some steps to find your signature scent:
• When you go out perfume shopping, try a maximum of three perfumes to avoid overwhelming your senses.
• Decide if you want a fragrance that is citrusy, floral, fruity, musky, oriental, or a mix of these scents.
• Begin with lighter scents that are more aqueous or musky.
• Pay attention to how the perfume is setting in with your body chemistry.
• Check how the perfume smells after some hours, or if it is still around.

How long should I keep perfumes?

Once you have broken the seal, a maximum of three years is how long you should store your fragrances. Also, check the packaging for the expiry date.

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