11 Best Claw Hair Clips For A Tight Yet Stylish Hold – 2022

For an updo with the right kind of hair accessory to suit your style and requirement.

By Kirtana Divakar
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If you combine classic and credible hair clips in the world of hair clips, you get claw hair clips. They are easy to use, and they efficiently hold your hair together as you go about winning the world. They come in various sizes so that you can do various hairstyles with them. If you get them in different colors, textures, and designs, they can even complement your fashion statement. In this article, you will find a list of the 11 best claw clips that you can use for all purposes – whether to keep the hair off your face while you do the chores or to make you look elegant on a special dinner date. Scroll down and take a look!

Top Picks
Best Overall:Revlon Double Teeth Claw Clips
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Best Lightweight:TOCESS Hair Claw Clips
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Best No-Slip Design:Goody Classics Medium Claw Clips
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Best Sturdy:Kitsch Metal Hair Claw Clip
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Best Durable:VinBee Large Metal Hair Claw Clips
Price on Amazon
Best Secure Grip:Minihope Medium Claw Clips
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Best For Thick And Long Hair:AiPretty Large Hair Claw Clips
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Best Aesthetic:WillBond Large Metal Claw Clips
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Best Spring Strength:MagicSky Hair Claw Clips
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Best Flexible:DAYAMY Hair Clips
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Do Claw Clips Damage Hair?

Claw clips, when not fastened tightly, won’t damage hair. Soft claws that are not pointy or sharp and don’t dig into scalp or hair are ideal. Ensure that the spring used in the claw clip is strong and coated to avoid rusting. This also helps to prevent hair from getting stuck in the contraption and tugged at constantly. When used with a comfortable grip, claw clips won’t cause any damage to hair. Opting for waterproof and durable material that doesn’t chip can also help.

Fasten Hair Fashionably With The 11 Best Claw Hair Clips In 2022

1. Best Overall:Revlon Double Teeth Claw Clips

For a hold that is just as comfortable as it is strong, try the hair claw clips by Revlon. The double teeth feature can help thick hair stay in place, giving the back of your neck a day off. As this set comes with 2 in black and brown, you can pair them up with almost any outfit. The plastic coating doesn’t pull or damage hair and makes for a pain-free updo. With an all-day holding power, these functional Revlon hair clips keep your hair looking neat.


  •  Double teeth for stronger grip
  •  Don’t tug or pull at hair
  •  Helps keep hair neat and tidy
  •  Complements any outfit
  •  Large enough for thick or thin hair
  •  Comfortable


  •  Some may find the hold a little tight.

2. Best Lightweight:TOCESS Hair Claw Clips

With a slide-preventing design, this large claw hair clip set of 4 by TOCESS keeps your hair in place. The strong metal spring allows the clip to open up easily and is coated to prevent rusting. Made with high-quality pastel acrylic, this durable matte plastic is soft and won’t damage or hurt your hair. Lightweight but with a tight hold, these TOCESS big hair claw clips keep thick curly hair fastened all day long. With 4 fun colors, you can add a touch of color to any look.


  •  Slide-proof design
  •  Strong metal spring
  •  Lightweight
  •  Sturdy and hard to break
  •  Spring is resistant to rusting
  •  Made with premium quality plastic


  •  Some may find that the colored coating flakes off.

3. Best No-Slip Design:Goody Classics Medium Claw Clips

In a set of 6 neutral colors, these lightweight Goody claw clips seek to give you a long-lasting hairstyle. If a half-up, half-down hair-do is your signature, you should definitely get your hands on this! With a no-slip design, don’t fear your hair coming undone as frequently as with other hair clips. The strong hinges in this Goody hair claw clip keep hair fastened all day long without snagging hair or pulling it too much.


  •  Lightweight
  •  Ideal for fine-to-medium hair
  •  Doesn’t snag at hair
  •  Strong hinges for a tight grip
  •  Non-slip
  •  Set of 6


  •  The claw’s teeth might be too pointy for some.

4. Best Sturdy:Kitsch Metal Hair Claw Clip

For an elegant upgrade from plastic claw clips, try Kitsch’s metal version. The open shape is your best companion for pinning hair down and also adding a bit of lustre for a chic look. No matter what your hair length or texture, this is one of those metal claw hair clips that stay put. The simple and timeless design adds flair to your look and suits both low-key and special occasions. For a comfortable grip with rounded teeth that won’t pull on hair, get yourself a Kitsch hair claw!


  •  Professional-strength springs
  •  Rounded teeth for comfortable grip
  •  Won’t damage hair
  •  Gives an elegant look
  •  Sturdy


  •  Some may find it to be heavy owing to the metal.

5. Best Durable:VinBee Large Metal Hair Claw Clips

Made with a metal alloy, VinBee’s metal hair claw set won’t snap as easily as plastic ones do. With a gold, silver, and rose gold claw, you can easily level up any outfit and add a classic twist. The large size holds thick and even unruly hair in place without pulling when you’re taking a shower or putting your skincare on. Easy to open owing to the strong spring, these humble claw clips are durable and will last you long. Stash one in your car for a quick updo or gift it to anyone that has trouble keeping their hair in place!


  •  Sturdy and durable
  •  Holds thick and unruly hair
  •  Set of 3 claw clips
  •  Doesn’t pull at hair
  •  Offers a secure grip
  •  Doesn’t slide off


  •  May not be resistant to rusting

6. Best Secure Grip:Minihope Medium Claw Clips

Minihope’s mini claw clips are ideal for anyone who finds traditional claw clips to be too big. If you have fine or medium hair, the anti-skid design keeps the medium-sized clips in place. With rounded teeth, you won’t feel pain in your scalp every time you pull your hair up, and no fears of hair damage either!. To provide a secure grip, pro-strength springs are used. In 2 classic colors, this set of 4 clips can help with buns or half-up half-down hairstyles.


  •  Anti-skid design
  •  Ideal for fine or medium hair
  •  Secure grip
  •  Rounded teeth
  •  Strong springs
  •  Set of 4 clips


  •  Might cause tugging

7. Best For Thick And Long Hair:AiPretty Large Hair Claw Clips

This set of 4 hair claw clips is made with acrylic plastic and has a soft matte coating. 9 mini claws on each side make these great hair clips for long hair. Simply twist your hair and secure it in place with the soft and anti-slip claws. The powerful metal spring opens the clip up wide to fit in all of your hair and it doesn’t rust easily. Available in black, olive green, pink, and light khaki, you have a claw clip for every occasion!


  •  Lightweight and anti-slip
  •  Strong spring
  •  Soft claws don’t dig into scalp
  •  Set of 4 colors
  •  Large size accommodates thick and long hair
  •  Spring doesn’t rust easily


  •  Some may find that the coating chips.

8. Best Aesthetic:WillBond Large Metal Claw Clips

What’s better than 1 metal claw clip? 6 of them, of course! This set by WillBond is all you need to style your strands on-the-go. Made with high-quality alloys, these metal hair claw clips for thick hair are sturdy and won’t discolor easily. The geometric design lends these clips a simple yet classy look that you can sport for date night or whenever you want your hair tied up while running errands. To hold hair in place, the interlocking teeth provide a firm grip. Just clamp one of these on when you’re too lazy to style your hair and you’re good to go!


  •  Firm yet gentle grip
  •  Geometric design
  •  Set of 6 claw clips
  •  Made with high-quality alloys
  •  Doesn’t discolor easily
  •  Anti-slip design


  •  The clips might be too heavy for some.

9. Best Spring Strength:MagicSky Hair Claw Clips

MagicSky’s Hair Claw Clips are made with plastic acrylic resin and come in 4 funky colors and patterns. To fasten hair in place for a bun or a half-bun, the metal spring is powerful and coated with plastic so it doesn’t rust. With 8 anti-slip clamps, your hair stays where you put it without constantly slipping down your neck. The plastic coating is soft enough to not pull or tug at hair, which can lead to damage or hair fall. You can’t go wrong with these fun prints as they can help you spice up a dull look.


  •  Anti-slip design
  •  Doesn’t pull or tug at hair
  •  4 patterned clips
  •  Strong spring
  •  Spring is resistant to rusting


  •  Might not be suitable for thick hair

10. Best Flexible:DAYAMY Hair Clips

Available in 3 classic and neutral colors, DAYAMY’s large claw hair clips don’t disappoint. As they are made with PC plastic, they’re flexible, durable, and sturdy which allows them to hold your hair for longer. The high-quality spring opens up wide to accommodate various hair types, and even allow for thinner hair styling. With rounded edges, the hair claws are softer on the hair and scalp with a lightweight feel. Put hair up when traveling or before applying your makeup with these flexible hair clips.


  •  Flexible
  •  Round-edged claws that are softer on scalp and hair
  •  Suitable for all hair types
  •  Lightweight
  •  Available in 3 colors
  •  High-quality spring


  •  Might pull at hair

11. Best Waterproof:Camila Octopus Hair Clip

Say hello to the best grip of your life! Camila’s Octopus Hair Clip is designed to be non-slip and hold hair that is thick and long with no hassle whatsoever. Made with cellulose acetate which is waterproof, the material is sturdy and will serve you and your hair for a long while. The soft plastic holds hair gently without causing any pulling or tugging so that you can stay comfortable in any hairstyle.


  •  Anti-slip grip
  •  Suitable for long, thick, and voluminous hair
  •  Doesn’t tug or pull at hair
  •  Waterproof
  •  Lightweight
  •  Durable


  •  Some may find the claws a bit sharp.

Now that we’ve looked at the various kinds of claw hair clips on the market, let’s learn how to use them for different hairstyles.

How To Style Hair With Claw Hair Clips

For a twist on the classic ponytail

  •  Step 1: Tie your hair into a ponytail as you normally do and ensure that it sits right at the middle, not low. Wrap it with an elastic band.
  •  Step 2: Twist the ponytail upto two-thirds and wrap it around fully one time. Stop when the loose end is facing upwards.
  •  Step 3: Use the claw clip to secure your hair where the twist stops and the loose ponytail starts. Adjust the tightness of the clip so it doesn’t dig into your hair and is comfortable.

For a Half-up, half-down

  •  Step 1: Using your fingers, section your hair horizontally. Ensure to take half of your full thickness or just a tiny bit you can pinch between your fingers.
  •  Step 2: Clip this section securely with a claw hair clip of choice.
  •  Step 3: As an alternative, you can twist this section into a bun and clip that on that back of your head.

Claw hair clips are useful accessories as they help you keep your hair off the face while studying or concentrating on important tasks. They efficiently hold your hair and also complement your fashion statement. They are available in different shapes and sizes to style your hair the way you want. These products are lightweight and durable. However, claw clips with sharp teeth or holds can damage the hair and should be avoided.

Why Trust StyleCraze?

The author of this article, Kirtana Divakar, is a hair care enthusiast who loves checking out and reviewing products that can be used for stylish hairstyles. She has curated a list of the best claw clips after browsing reviews on several trusted e-commerce websites. These claw hair clips are large enough for thick and thin hair, and they are made of premium-quality plastic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a claw clip good for hair?

Yes. Claw clips efficiently hold your hair away from your face without creating any dents on the strands. As a result, they do not cause hair breakages and retain the shine.

Are claw clips back in style in 2022?

Yes. Claw clips help you attain a trendy low-maintenance hairstyle. Celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Kendell Jenner are often seen wearing them on the streets.

What is the difference between a jaw clip and a claw clip?

Jaw clips are ideal for half-up and down hairstyles. In addition, they are suitable for fine hair. In contrast, claw clips are designed to hold thick, textured hair entirely away from your face.

What are claw clips called?

Claw clips are often called hair clamps or hair claws.

Can I sleep with a claw clip-in?

Yes. Twist all the hair on the top of your head and secure it with a claw clip. Then sleep without any disturbances.

Are claw clips better than hair ties?

Yes. Hair ties tightly bind your hair and stretch the strands. In contrast, claw clips firmly hold your hair without bending the strands.

Do claw clips work on thin hair?

Yes. Although claw clips are designed to hold thick hair, the tiny, interlocking teeth also hold fine hair in place.

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