10 Best Cordless Curling Irons You Can Buy In 2021

Written by Mayuri J Ravi
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Imagine traveling to a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains, and you want to take the perfect photograph, but your hair is all messy. That’s when cordless curling irons come into the picture. They help you get a quick hairdo without any electricity needed. You can carry one in your purse and get a good permed and shiny hair look anytime, anywhere. Simply curl your hair in a matter of minutes.

Cordless irons are of different types — some are battery-operated, some use butane cartridges, while few are automated. Therefore, it can be confusing to pick the best one for you. Explore this list of the 10 best cordless curling irons and buy the one that suits your needs.

Conair Minipro ThermaCell Cordless 5/8-inch Travel Curling Iron
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Duomishu Automatic Curling Iron Wand
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Conair Travel Smart ThermaCell Curling Iron
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Laluztop Cordless Automatic Rotating Hair Curler
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Honice Cordless Rechargeable Ceramic Curler Wand
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Lanxim Cordless Makeup-Fix Curling Iron
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Ibeautyliss Automatic Cordless Hair Curler
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Bfull ¾-inch Cordless Automatic Curling Iron
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Unplugged Beauty Cordless 1-inch Titanium Curling Wand
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PEQITEK Cordless Straightener And Curler In One
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10 Best Cordless Curling Irons In 2021

1. Conair Minipro ThermaCell Cordless 5/8-inch Travel Curling Iron

This cordless curling iron will completely change your hairstyle the way you want. Now twist and curl, tangle-free, for any occasion as there is no wire that will come in your way. It heats up real quick, just about perfect for forming ringlets or tight curls. The ThermaCell butane charges the curling iron up without electricity or batteries needed. Probably this compact ⅝-inch iron will become your favorite travel partner as it delivers a salon-like finish by removing hot spots for lesser hair damage. Pro tip: Secure in safety cover during air travel.


  • Salon finish look
  • Ceramic technology
  • Comes with a travel case
  • No plugs, batteries, or cords
  • Includes 1 ThermaCell butane cartridge
  • Approved safe for air travel per U.S. Department of Transportation guidelines


  • Might not work on coarse hair
  • Might only work with The rmaCell butane cartridge

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2. Duomishu Automatic Curling Iron Wand

What is better than a cordless curling iron? An automatic cordless curling iron that smoothly glides your hair into curls. With this Duomishu Automatic Curling Iron Wand, you have the option to adjust the curling intensity according to your hair type and desired shape of curls. Made of ceramic tourmaline, this iron performs well without your hair getting pulled or tangled. The best part is, all curls will look almost the same, making your hairstyle look charming. And don’t worry, this cordless auto curler is pretty intelligent; in case there is too much hair, it will suspend the action on its own.


  • No hair breakage
  • Temperature range between 300-390°F
  • Includes 5000 mAh battery
  • Auto shutoff in 10 mins
  • Needs only 3-4 hours of charging time
  • Tangle-free operation
  • Ionic ceramic technology
  • Includes type C USB charging cable


  • Might not be long-lasting

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3. Conair Travel Smart ThermaCell Curling Iron

Get an instant, refreshed hairstyle wherever you are with this cordless curling iron. It is called Travel Smart because you can carry it on an airplane to give your hair a sleek look without the use of electricity or batteries. It easily heats up to 360°F using ThermaCell butane gas cartridges. If you want immediate hair fixing because, Conair Travel Smart ThermaCell Curling Iron is the one for you!


  • Ceramic coating
  • ¾-inch barrel
  • High-shine finish
  • Safe for airline travel
  • Comes with a heat shield
  • Includes 1 ThermaCell butane cartridge
  • Average cartridge lasts for up to 2-3 months


  • The barrel may be too tight to open.

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4. Laluztop Cordless Automatic Rotating Hair Curler

This is an intelligent curling iron that helps you curl your hair without electricity. You don’t have to learn how to create hairstyles using curling tools as it forms curls automatically. It comes with a feature that allows you to select which side of your hair you would want to curl. Even if you have fragile, damaged, or coarse hair, it has adjustable temperature settings available for every hair type and texture. Don’t worry about pulling or tugging; you can effortlessly get tangle-free curls within seconds. For times you forget to charge it, you can attach a cord and then use it as a hair curler. And to add to the benefits, you get a shiny and anti-static hair texture!


  • Timer feature
  • Made of tourmaline
  • Double protection
  • Auto-off in 10 minutes
  • Battery runs for 60 minutes
  • 30 seconds fast heating
  • Different curl patterns available
  • Nanosilver and ceramic coating
  • 5000 mAh built-in rechargeable battery


  • The battery may need to be replaced quite frequently.

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5. Honice Cordless Rechargeable Ceramic Curler Wand

Be the one who gets to enjoy the multipurpose benefits of this cordless curling iron! You can not only create beautiful ringlets, waves, or curls with this iron, but also charge your cellphone during long travels. It comes in handy for a quick hairdo and is a temporary solution for your flyaways. It protects your hair from damage and delivers a smooth and shiny finish. This battery-operated curling iron is great for both wet and dry hair.


  • 2500 mAh battery
  • LED display
  • Reduces static frizz
  • Includes protective case
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Tourmaline ceramic technology


  • Might be too small

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6. Lanxim Cordless Makeup-Fix Curling Iron

Want a tool that’s not too intense but also styles like a pro? This battery-powered curling iron is perfect to use as a makeup-fix hair styler. You can quickly touch-up your hair right before a wedding function or photo shoot using its wide, 3D floating plate. It lasts for up to 20-40 minutes and provides instant heat up to 401°F. Simply use it to reduce frizz and get shinier hair for the day. Its high speed charging feature makes it a good portable charger for cell phones too. Pro tip: Charge it fully before use.


  • Auto shutoff feature
  • 90-second warmup
  • Flat ceramic-coated iron
  • USB charging cable included
  • Temperature memory function
  • No pulling or damaged hair tips
  • Rechargeable 5000 mAh lithium battery


  • May not be suitable for thick, coarse hair

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7. Ibeautyliss Automatic Cordless Hair Curler

This cordless curling iron is as handy as a tool can get. It is travel size, which means it fits perfectly in a carry-on bag, and has an anti-tangle feature for protection. You can use its multi-directional curling feature to create different perm styles. Choose the heating temperature according to the type of curls you want and perm on! Even if you remove the lithium battery, this iron can still be used with a cord attached. Simply follow the instructions on the manual for safety and style anytime, anywhere.


  • LED panel
  • Timer setting
  • Anti-tangle protection
  • 6 temperature options
  • Runs for 50 minutes cordless
  • Rechargeable 21700 lithium battery
  • 2 hours of charging with a 2A 5V adapter


  • May not be suitable for fragile hair

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8. Bfull ¾-inch Cordless Automatic Curling Iron

It is super fun to use a curler and fix your hair in minutes, no matter where you are. This automatic cordless curling iron gives your hair a shiny look without tangles and prevents scalding. Your entire appearance changes with a sleek hairdo with the right intensity that can be adjusted up to 6 temperature levels. It is different from other automated curlers as it also offers a reverse rotation. Featuring a smart chip, this rechargeable curling iron helps prevent heat damage and delivers bouncy curls.


  • LCD display
  • Auto shutoff feature
  • 5000 mAh/ 3.7 V
  • Work time: 60 minutes
  • Heats upto 390° F
  • Curl direction: left and right
  • Nanosilver ceramic coating
  • About 3 hours of charging time
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery


  • Might not work for long if not charged with a 5V/2A adaptor

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9. Unplugged Beauty Cordless 1-inch Titanium Curling Wand

This battery-operated curling iron is rose gold in color and will make for a great addition to your makeup and hairstyling kit. It is made of titanium material, giving your hair a smooth, shiny look. It provides quick and even heat distribution, making it super easy to use. The wand is of 1 inch with multiple heat settings, giving you thin ringlets and curls, just the way you like it. You can use it for touch-ups and long-lasting waves; either way, it is a good portable curling iron.


  • Clipless
  • Ionic charge
  • Fast cool-down
  • 3 hours of fast charging
  • Heats up to 400° F
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Battery life: 30-40 mins in use


  • The result might not be long-lasting.

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10. PEQITEK Cordless Straightener And Curler In One

This 2-in-1 hair styling tool is perfect for straightening and curling according to the type of event you are getting ready for. It has a premium quality ceramic plating that helps make your hair smooth and shiny in no time. You can take as long as 45 minutes to style your hair using this wireless hair curler. It can go up to 200°C and protects your hair from damage in the process. It is an easy-to-carry tool for your travels or workplace hair fixing.


  • Smooths frizz
  • 3D comb teeth
  • 4800 mAh battery
  • Ceramic plating
  • For all hair types
  • Straightener and curler
  • Protects hands from heat accidents
  • Comes with a cloth bag, USB cable, and manual


  • May not be suitable for styles that require extreme heat

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With these amazing curling iron options, you can just select a hairstyle and curl on without second thoughts. If you have some doubts, here are a few important things to know before buying a cordless curling iron.

Buying Guide

How To Choose A Cordless Curling Iron

A cordless curling iron is for someone who travels a lot or does not always have power supply or a plug point near them while getting ready. But choosing the correct iron is important. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Hair type: Not all tools are designed for all hair types. Some handle fragile hair better, while some are perfect for thick, coarse hair. Select the one that goes with your hair and the kind of style you want to create.
  • Type of iron: There are three basic types of curling irons — the wand sticks, automatic stylers, and 2-in-1 irons — each with its own qualities. If you don’t want to learn how to style using a flat iron or a normal wand, you can opt for an automatic one. For quick hair touch-ups, you can select a makeup-fix hair curler. There are specific butane-operated iron curlers for air travel safety too.
  • Time: Curling irons that last for more than an hour at a time are perfect for full hair styling. While there are also a few that only last up to 20 mins, you can use them for touch-ups. The time frame between charging and using the tool also matters as few batteries drain out. You can always pick the one with a butane cartridge to ensure performance.

How To Use A Cordless Curling Iron

The use of a cordless curling iron changes according to the hairstyle and tool application. Here is a routine you can follow:

Step 1: Wash and condition your hair. This is not always applicable if you are on the road. So you can apply a heat protection serum that also smoothens your hair.

Step 2: Brush and comb your hair straight. Keep them tangle-free.

Step 3: Make a partition of the strands you want to curl and clip them separately on the top.

Step 4: Take a cordless curling iron wand and keep it on until it’s hot. Then take a few strands of hair, keep them flat in your palms, and roll it from the bottom to tips. Remember to roll down slowly, enough for heat to penetrate to form curls. If it is a flat iron, you can wrap a small part of your hair around the iron and slowly move it downwards till the end. Each divided hair part should have equal volume for the curls to look alike. If it is an automatic iron, simply let your hair roll around the wand on their own.

Step 5: For best results, use a hair spray to hold the curls for a longer period of time.

Benefits Of Cordless Curling Irons

Cordless curling irons have their own benefits over wired ones. Although people prefer wired irons for professional styling, some prefer to use cordless for its unbeatable benefits.

  • You can get a quick style anywhere without electric plugs around.
  • You can touch-up your hair right before an event, like in the parking lot, to avoid flyaways. Some days, when you don’t have time to get ready for an unplanned date or workplace event, you can get ready on the way using a portable curling iron.
  • If you travel often, you won’t miss a good photograph just because your hair was haywire. A cordless curling iron will give you a good, temporary hair fix.
  • A cordless curling iron can help you avoid heat scars on your hands.
  • A butane cartridge curling iron can be carried on an airplane for long-distance travel.
  • An automatic curling iron makes it easier to style without having to adapt hair perming skills.

There are several reasons why cordless curling irons are so popular these days. Whichever model you decide to pick, a cordless curling iron is your go-to for your emergency hairdo needs. Whether it is for a quick photo shoot or a long trip in the woods, there is nothing like having a good hair day, every day. Simply curl on and look great all day! You can never go wrong with your hair if you always carry this portable curling iron in your carry-on bag.

Expert’s Answers for Readers Questions

Are cordless curling irons safe?

Yes, cordless irons are safe if you follow the safety instructions carefully. Keep them away from children.

Do curling irons ruin your hair?

There are many curling irons that claim to reduce hair damage and deliver smooth, shiny hair.

Is it OK to use a curling iron every day?

It is alright to use a curling iron on your hair every day. You can use necessary heat protection serums and natural hair sprays to avoid long-term damage.

Which curling iron is least damaging?

Conair Minipro ThermaCell Cordless 5/8-inch Travel Curling Iron or Honice Cordless Rechargeable Ceramic Curler Wand are known to do the least hair damage. These irons have intelligent technology that evenly distributes heat or removes hot spots for least hair damage.

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