48 Best Couple Tattoo Ideas And Designs With Deep Meanings

Getting matching tattoos is a brilliant way to honor your love for each other.

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You know you are in love when you decide to get a couple tattoo with your partner. Getting permanently inked together gives you a sense of strength, assurance, and courage about the deep bond you share with your soulmate. It is also a constant reminder of your love for each other. Every time you see it, you get reminded of the silly, cute, romantic memories you share with your partner. You can get this together on your anniversary or on special dates you share together. Breanna, a blogger, records the progression of healing of her first tattoo that she got done along with her husband. She said, “Finally, we decided to go with a tattoo to symbolize our marriage and religion, all in one (i).” She talks about the tattoo, which has an upside-down broken pentagram from the band Oh, Sleeper. It symbolizes cutting off the devil’s horns, includes lyrics from ‘The Finisher,’ and creates a meaningful design.

Getting matching cute couple tattoos is a great way for two separate beings to stay connected forever. Take a look at these gorgeous couple tattoos. We have collected a good mix of symmetrical, minimalistic, and goofy tattoos. Check them out!

Why Do Couples Get Matching Tattoos?

Couples get a permanent reminder of their beautiful love story to celebrate the relationship. It’s a symbolic representation of their love, a way to wear their hearts and commitment on their sleeve, and a permanent form of PDA. Getting inked with a design that holds personal meaning can be a profound experience that deepens the intimacy between partners. The designs can be something that both love, a reminder of that wild trip to Paris or two halves of a puzzle piece that fit perfectly together. Matching tattoos can also signify milestones in the relationship, such as anniversaries or significant life events. This romantic gesture is a great way to outwardly express their devotion, the significant role their partner plays in their lives, and their creative action toward the promise of a future together.

Whole couple tattoos don’t always have to match, the ones that do really iterate the love shared in the relationship. Read the section to learn what these tangible manifestations of love mean.

What Do Matching Tattoos Represent?

Matching couple tattoos can represent a variety of meaningful concepts.

  • At their core, they signify unity, togetherness, and the merging of two lives.
  • The shared design can be a classic symbol of love, a shared interest or hobby, or something far more personal.
  • These tattoos also represent the unbreakable bond between partners.
  • Matching tattoos can serve as a tribute to a particular event, date, or milestone that holds great significance for the couple’s relationship.
  • Some designs incorporate elements that represent ideals like eternal love, strength, protection, or growth.
  • You can also get tattoos that are a phrase from your favorite song, a silly nickname you share, or even a quirky illustration that represents your relationship.

Ultimately, the meaning behind matching tattoos is deeply personal and can be imbued with the couple’s own stories, inside jokes, or vows. While the permanence of tattoos is a beautiful metaphor for lifelong commitment, preparation and planning are essential steps to ensure they stand the test of time. Continue reading to know more about it.

What Should I Consider Before Getting A Matching Tattoo?

Matching tattoos are a powerful symbol, but remember, they are permanent body markings. They are best for relationships that have weathered storms and emerged stronger. So, before you take the plunge with your partner, there are a few things to consider.

  • First, it’s important to make sure that you both are on the same page about the design and the meaning behind it. You should also discuss the placement of the tattoo and ensure that you both are comfortable with where it will be located on your body.
  • Another important consideration is the long-term implications of getting a matching tattoo. While your relationship may be strong now, it’s important to remember that things can change in the future. If you do decide to get a matching tattoo, make sure that you are committed to the idea of having a permanent reminder of your relationship on your body, irrespective of if it works out or not.
  • It’s also a good idea to do your research and choose a reputable tattoo artist who has experience creating high-quality tattoos. Make sure to discuss the design and any concerns you may have with the artist, and don’t be afraid to ask questions or request modifications to the design if necessary.

Getting a matching tattoo with your partner can be a meaningful and special way to celebrate your love and commitment to each other. Now that you have explored the various meanings and considerations surrounding matching tattoos for couples, take a look at some of the best tattoo ideas and designs that embody these concepts in the section below.

48 Beautiful Couple Tattoo Ideas With Deep Meanings

1. Small Matching Tattoos For Couples

Couples often opt for minimalist tattoos, featuring simple fine lines. One popular choice is intertwining hands with pinky swear gestures and a tiny heart above. The subtle design symbolizes a delicate symbol of unity and acts as a sweet reminder of playful promises and a lifelong connection.

2. Couple Finger Tattoos


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One partner has the letters ‘LO’, while the other gets ‘VE’ inked in crisp, fine line lettering on their index fingers. When their hands join, the tattoos come together to spell out ‘LOVE’. This is a simple yet meaningful way for couples to flaunt their commitment. This design is not only cute but also symbolizes that they are better together.

3. Disney Couple Tattoos

This is perfect for a Disney fan couple. Opt for minimalist renditions of beloved couple characters that represent a love that conquers all, just like yours. This one features minimalist renditions of WALL-E and EVE, a playful way to keep iconic movie love close at hand. The designs symbolize a shared love for these iconic figures and the magic of Disney.

4. Couple Twin Flame Tattoos

A twin flame represents an intense soul connection. These tattoos feature flame outlines in two colors, black and red, symbolizing the eternal connection between soulmates. This matching tattoo is ideal for couples seeking a deeper spiritual connection or for those who believe in the concept of twin flames.

5. Jack And Sally Tattoos For Couples


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If you both are fans of Tim Burton’s ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’, a matching Jack and Sally tattoo is perfect to flaunt your spooky love story. These tattoos, inked in black, showcase the enduring love between these iconic characters and serve as a timeless symbol of devotion for couples who share a love for the film. It is a hauntingly romantic way to add an edgy touch to your happily ever after.

6. Couple Tattoo Designs On Hand

This design shows one solid black heart overlapped with a crisp outline of another. It is an elegant, minimalist couple design with the deep symbolic meaning that two hearts are intertwined and connected. It also represents the complementary nature of the partners.

7. Skeleton Couple Tattoos


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Love each other ’til death do you part? These vintage-style skeleton tattoos highlight the characteristics of each individual in the relationship. The man’s skeleton in a tuxedo and top hat holds a cigar, while the woman, with her hair done flawlessly, in a dress applies lipstick. This design is not only visually striking but also perfect for a darker aesthetic and an edgy tattoo design.

8. Married Couple Anniversary Tattoos

Married couples often commemorate their special day with anniversary tattoos. If you are a Disney fan, try getting simple portraits of Minnie and Mickey Mouse etched with your wedding date in roman numerals. These matching tattoos serve as a timeless reminder of the couple’s enduring love and commitment, while truly commemorating the magic within.

9. Wrist Couple Tattoos

For a more discreet and stylish tattoo design, consider getting similar minimalist wrist tattoos. One has a solid sun with a moon outline, and the other has a solid moon with a sun outline, a perfect balance of light and dark. These tattoos have fine line designs that are not only visually stunning but also symbolize the idea that love comes in a perfect pairing, just like the sun and moon. It is perfect for couples who complement each other.

10. Wedding Ring Tattoos For Couples

These delicate fine-line rings inked on the fingers serve as a timeless and intimate reminder of a couple’s vows. They are perfect for those who want a meaningful alternative to traditional wedding bands. They are a permanent symbol of your eternal and unbreakable commitment.

11. Star Wars Couple Tattoos

These tattoos feature the iconic starbird symbol from Star Wars, along with the back and forth between Leia and Han Solo – “I love you” and the response “I know.” This design is a great option for couples who want to show off their love for each other and their love for the beloved sci-fi franchise. If you feel your love transcends galaxies, this is perfect for you!

12. Yin Yang Couple Tattoos

Representing the harmonious duality of partnership, one half of this couple sports the yin tattoo on one arm while the other wears the yang design. These tattoos are ideal for couples who bring out the best in each other and also embody the idea that opposites attract.

13. Dark Couple Tattoos

For couples with a darker aesthetic, these Mexican sugar skull tattoos may be the perfect choice. One skull is highlighted in negative space, while the other is colored in black. Both tattoos have other elements synonymous with sugar skull tattoos like the inverted heart for a nose and flowers. This set of tattoos show that your love is anything but ordinary.

14. 444 Couple Tattoos

A simple yet symbolic choice, this couple tattoo has the powerful numerological number 444 on their wrists. It is a number believed to represent guardian angels and protection. Inked in a simple, bold font, these tattoos also represent luck and spiritual guidance, making them an ideal choice for couples seeking divine blessings.

15. Soulmate Infinity Couple Tattoos

This design features an infinity sign on the wrist, along with two intertwined hearts and the couple’s initials G and B. The heart and the initials add a romantic and personal touch, respectively. Notice the attention to detail, with one heart colored in pink and the other in black. This design is a great option for couples who want to show their love in a unique, simple, and meaningful way or want a constant reminder of the infinite bond shared between them.

16. Married Couple Wedding Date Tattoos

Straightforward yet deeply meaningful, this minimalist tattoo is perfect for married couples who like timeless and elegant designs. It features the couple’s wedding date in a simple font on the ring finger, representing the love and commitment that exists between them. It is ideal for those who wish to commemorate their union in an elegant manner.

17. Beauty And Beast Couple Tattoos

For couples who want to show off their love in an artistic way, these Beauty and the Beast-themed tattoos are a great choice. The tattoos feature incomplete, fine-line silhouettes that capture the essence of the couple in a gracefully understated style. This minimalist tattoo is a beautiful reminder that beauty lies within.

18. Soulmate Penguin Tattoos For Couples

These tattoos, featuring a penguin couple holding hands, symbolize companionship, loyalty, and enduring love. Did you know that penguins are said to mate once for life? This is a fun and playful way to showcase your devoted connection. These tattoos are ideal for couples who share a playful and affectionate bond and have been through thick and thin.

19. Soulmate Couple Anchor Tattoos

These tattoos feature a simple black anchor on the wrist, representing the stability and strength that exist in a relationship. This design is a constant reminder of the unwavering support each partner has for the other. It is ideal for couples who anchor each other through life’s challenges and create a safe harbor for each other.

20. Wolf Couple Tattoos

Wolves symbolize family, loyalty and a free spirit. These black fine-line tattoos feature geometric wolf faces. Also, the eyes on each tattoo are different and perfectly capture the gaze each partner has for the other. Ideal for wild-at-heart couples or those who share a fierce bond. This fierce design is also ideal for adventurous couples who share a deep love for nature.

21. Halloween Couple Tattoos


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Looking for a fun and spooky way to show your love? This set of Halloween-themed tattoos features playful cartoon ghosts with black heart-shaped eyes flying. Ideal for those who embrace the spirit of Halloween year-round or those who want a spooky touch of mischief in their relationship.

22. Bound By Bands

Band tattoo for couples
Image: Instagram @esher_88

The married couple tattoos or a wedding band indicates that the person is married. It is typically worn on the left or right ring finger. If you want to showcase your bond with your loved one through marriage, you can go for this banded tattoo. It is one of the best couples tattoos.

23. His And Her

Wear your heart on your sleeve, and let your man know that he makes you feel loved, protected, and cared for with these beautiful tattoos. These his and hers matching tattoos showcase the depth of your bond with just four words. Isn’t that incredible? It is the best husband and wife tattoo.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Getting inked is a perfect way to show your partner your eternal love. Also, it will forever remind you that your love for your partner is beyond life.

24. Completing Each Other’s Sentences

Completing each other's sentences tattoo for couples
Image: Instagram

You know that mystical and satisfying feeling you get when your partner completes your sentences? That’s just a connection on a whole different level! Immortalize that feeling with these tattoos.

25. I Love You

I love you tattoo for couples
Image: Instagram

This him and her tattoo art represents trust, hope, faith, passion, and devotion for each other. Every time you look at it, you will be reminded of your commitment towards your loved one.

26. King And Queen Tattoos For Couples

King and queen tattoo for couples
Image: Instagram @dvany_silva

A crown represents royalty. It is a great way to show that you love each other’s personalities and are proud to be “taken.” These crown tattoos will be a daily reminder that he is your modern-day Prince Charming and you are the queen of his heart.

protip_icon Quick Tip
A king and queen couple tattoo design signifies supremacy and leadership. Also, they mean you both are the king and queen of each other’s hearts.

27. We Are One

We are one tattoo for couples
Image: Instagram @chris_alemania

Better halves? More like best halves! Choose this tattoo to let him know that you both are only complete when you are together. It shows that your soul is entwined with your man’s, and you are willing to share it with only one person in the world.

28. You Are My World

You are my world tattoo for couples
Image: Instagram @goldenharptattoo

This is for the couple that does not shy away from admitting that they see the world in each other. This beautiful Earth tattoo indicates the union of all the five elements that are inseparable – that’s how strong your bond is.

29. Multiverse Tattoo

Multiverse tattoo for couples
Image: Instagram

This tattoo indicates that when you are in love, space, time, energy, and all other laws of physics do not exist. There is just one thing, and that is the vastness of love.

30. Bird Tattoo

Bird tattoo for couples
Image: Instagram @babygirl_tattoo

Birds symbolize freedom, emotions, and journey. These are the things that make a relationship more meaningful. With this couple bird tattoo, remind yourself that life should not be taken too seriously and that your free-spirited souls go on a new journey every day.

31. Hand Gestures

Hand gestures tattoo for couples
Image: Instagram

This tattoo shows that regardless of you and your partner being miles, cities, or countries apart, you will always be in touch with each other. It beautifully depicts the essence of ‘touch’ with this intriguing hand design.

32. Mickey And Minnie Tattoo

The couple that cracks lame jokes together stays together! This Mickey and Minnie mouse couple tattoos are perfect for the couple that is goofy, cheerful, and extremely funny.

33. Sun And Moon Couple Tattoos

Sun and moon tattoo for couples
Image: Instagram @iron_throne_ink

The sun and moon couple tattoo symbolizes femininity and wholesomeness, and the sun represents strength, power, and rejuvenation. Both, together, represent unity and rebirth. This is a great combination for a perfectly balanced relationship.

34. Clover Tattoo

Three-leaf clover tattoo for couples
Image: Instagram @redhill_studio

The four-leaf clover originates from Ireland. It symbolizes good luck because it is rare to find. The chances of finding it are one in ten thousand. In fact, many people in Ireland believe that it brings great fortune.

35. Relationship Puzzle Tattoo

My missing piece tattoo for couples
Image: Instagram @chrisgrahamtattoos

These colorful interlocking puzzle pieces represent the timeless love you have for each other, which blossoms more when the two tattoos come together. It shows that you have finally found the person you had been searching for all these years.

36. Lion And Lioness

Lion and lioness tattoo for couples
Image: Instagram

The lion represents a guardian and a protector, and a lioness represents feminine energy, resourcefulness, and originality. Their regality is respected across all beings. This lion and lioness couple tattoo is perfect for the power couple that is in sync with each other.

37. Large Tattoo

Large tattoo for couples
Image: Instagram @tat2charlie

Get a monumentally large tattoo that is dedicated to the love of your life. This tattoo is for the couple that does not shy away from using their bodies as a canvas to let the world know of their love.

38. Shapes And Symbols

Shapes and symbols tattoo for couples
Image: Instagram @budapesttaxi

If you have a secret code or symbol between the two of you, these tattoos are perfect for flaunting it on your body. They have a simple yet intriguing design with a ton of meaning attached to it.

39. Marriage Tattoo

Marriage tattoo for couples
Image: Instagram

These tattoos scream commitment. They are fun, creative, and sentimental. The best thing about them is that you never have to worry about losing your ring! Go for this minimalist marriage tattoo to make your partner fall for you over and over again. It is the best matching tattoo for couples.

40. Lock And Key Tattoos

Lock and key tattoo for couples
Image: Instagram

These lock and key couple tattoos are based on a mysterious concept. A lock can be locked or unlocked only with the right key. It is a symbolic way of saying that this special person holds the key to your heart.

41. Bow And Arrow Tattoos

Bow and arrow tattoo for couples
Image: Instagram @rebelinkstudiotatuazu

The bow and arrow use each other’s strength to hit the target. Once the arrow is released, it moves forward at a great speed. In a relationship, this symbolizes the fact that there will be conflicts that will teach you lessons and strengthen your bond.

42. I Avocado You

I avocado you tattoo for couples
Image: Instagram @polandtattoos

Avocado tattoos are rapidly gaining popularity among couples. One half of the avocado has the seed while the other half has a hollow seed-shaped space. This conveys that you both complete each other. This is a unique couples tattoos that you can try.

43. Shoulder Tattoo

Shoulder tattoo for couples
Image: Instagram @ciervo_tattoo

A shoulder couple tattoo designs is an amazing idea as it is pretty noticeable but can also be hidden easily. Get an identical symbol or design with your partner to flaunt the love you have for each other.

44. Initials

Initials tattoo for couples
Image: Instagram @quierotatuarme.mty

If a matching tattoo is too cliché, scale it down to just the initial of your partner’s first name. It looks sweet, minimalistic, and elegant. Get creative with the font and add symbols like a crown or a heart above the letter.

45. The Lifeline

The lifeline tattoo for couples
Image: Instagram

This tattoo symbolizes endurance, energy, persistence, strength, and the ability to keep moving forward, no matter what. Regardless of the troubles or obstacles, you strive to move ahead every second without giving up. This truly is the definition of love and relationship.

46. Connected Design

Connected design tattoo for couples
Image: Instagram

This tattoo simply shows that no matter what, at the end of the day, you can only be with that one person you love. Two bodies, one soul. One tattoo, two halves!

47. Skull And A Flower Tattoo

Skull and a flower tattoo for couples
Image: Instagram @badmermaidink

A skull and a flower represent the duality of life and death. The skull couple tattoos symbolize death and mortality while the flower symbolizes beauty and fertility. This is a reminder that there are both good and bad in all relationships. Having this awareness will keep you sane on those crazy days when you can’t stand your partner.

48. Fingerprint Couple Tattoo


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A fingerprint couple tattoo is a deeply personal and symbolic choice for romantic partners. This type of tattoo involves imprinting each other’s actual fingerprints as a permanent mark of one’s connection. A fingerprint couple tattoo may also intertwine fingerprints to create a design that is harmonious and meaningful to each of the partners. Other subtle elements depending on the distinct nature of your bond can be added too. The design not only serves as a reminder of one’s partner when they are away but also signifies the inseparable nature of a relationship. It encapsulates a shared journey, and it is ideal for couples who want to wear a lasting yet personalized expression of their love on their body.

Infographic: Simple Couple Tattoo Ideas With Deep Meanings

If you are new to the tattoo world or just want to show your love to the world, we are here to help. Check out the infographic below where we have curated some of the most simple yet chic couple tattoo designs that can help you flaunt your love with pride!

simple couple tattoo ideas with deep meanings (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Couple tattoos are a great way to celebrate your love life. You can get thoughtful complimentary patterns or similar beautiful tattoo designs. Your tattoo symbolizes how you have a better half, who completes the tattoo design just as they complete your life. Tattoos are long-lasting, so make sure the pattern you choose is meaningful to you. While tattoos are attractive, remember to take good care of them both before and after they are inked. After getting a tattoo, your skin becomes susceptible to infections. Hence, if you carefully follow the required protective measures, you will be able to heal faster after getting a tattoo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are couple tattoos a good idea?

In a healthy relationship, artistically proclaiming your commitment with a couple tattoo is a great idea. However, it is a huge romantic gesture that should be taken only if you are sure of your commitment and respect for your partner. That way, even if things do not last forever, you will have no regrets about the tattoo.

Where do you put a matching tattoo?

You and your partner can decide on a spot depending on what’s comfortable for you both. Common places for matching tattoos are body parts that you and your partner can align to form a whole tattoo like on the forearm, wrist, or fingers,

How do I decide on a couple tattoo design with my partner?

If you’re thinking of getting matching tattoos with your significant other, choose a symbol or word that has a special meaning to both of you. Take the time to create a design that’s unique to your relationship, drawing inspiration from things that have brought you closer over the years. That way, your couple’s tattoo will represent your love in a personal and meaningful way.

Is it important to choose a design that has a special meaning to both partners?

Yes, if you’re in a committed relationship, getting a matching tattoo of something you cherish with your partner can help strengthen your bond and create a special shared experience that you’ll both remember for years to come.

Should both partners get the same tattoo design?

Couple tattoos can be controversial, just like matching outfits and pet names. Some people don’t like them, but others feel that they’re the perfect way to show their love for their partner. In such cases, you can get mismatched tattoos, minimalist tattoos, and half-half tattoos.

What should I expect during the tattooing process for a couple’s tattoo?

Discomfort or pain is something that needs to be considered. Try practicing some deep breathing techniques and don’t hesitate to communicate with your tattoo artist if the pain becomes unbearable. A good artist will take a break and allow you to relax until you are ready to continue.

Are there any risks associated with getting a couple’s tattoo?

When you get a tattoo, there are some possible health complications you should know about. Tattoo dyes can cause allergic reactions leading to a skin infection or other skin problems. Bloodborne diseases are also a risk if the tattoo equipment is contaminated. Other than this, ending the relationship with your partner is also a risk that needs to be considered.

How do I care for my couple tattoo after it’s been done?

Typically your tattoo artist will let you know the after-care procedure. To keep your tattoo healthy, keep the dressing on for a few hours after getting inked. Make sure to wash your hands before removing them, as a fresh tattoo is an open wound that’s susceptible to bacteria or dirt. After removing the dressing, use a gentle, unscented soap to wash the tattoo, and pat it dry with a clean towel. Lastly, avoid picking at the tattoo even if it flakes or peels, as that can damage it.

Are there any potential issues to consider before getting a couple tattoo, such as the possibility of breaking up in the future?

When considering a couple’s tattoo, keep in mind that tattoos behave differently on different skin types, textures, and ages. This means that you both may not end up with identical-looking tattoos. Moreover, laser tattoo removal is painful, time-consuming, and expensive, so make sure you commit to the design (and each other). Consider using images instead of a script, which can better convey stories, emotions, and memories that will last beyond the relationship.

Key Takeaways

  • Couple tattoos symbolize a deep connection and commitment between partners, reminding them of their love and shared experiences.
  • One can opt for a wide range of couple tattoo designs – from simple bands and initials to intricate symbols and images.
  • Couples can get matching tattoos to mark special occasions such as anniversaries or to represent shared interests, values, and beliefs.
  • Proper care and maintenance of the tattoo are essential to prevent infections during the healing process.
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Celebrate your love and commitment with the best couple’s tattoo designs. Take a look at this video that shows designs that beautifully capture the love that two souls share with one another.

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