26 Best Couple Tattoo Ideas And Designs With Deep Meanings

Getting matching tattoos is a brilliant way to honor your love for each other.

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You know you are in love when you decide to get a couple tattoo with your partner. Getting inked together gives you a sense of strength, assurance, and courage about the deep bond you share with this person. It is also a constant reminder of your love for each other. Every time you see it, you get reminded of the silly, cute, romantic memories you share with your partner.

Getting matching couple tattoos is a great way for two separate beings to stay connected forever. Take a look at these gorgeous couple tattoos. We have collected a good mix of symmetrical, minimalistic, and goofy tattoos. Check them out!

26 Beautiful Couple Tattoo Ideas With Deep Meanings

1. Bound By Bands

Image: esher_88 / Instagram

The married couple tattoos or a wedding band indicates that the person is married. It is typically worn on the left or right ring finger. If you want to showcase your bond with your loved one through marriage, you can go for this banded tattoo. It is one of the best couples tattoos.

2. His And Her

Image: jen_marie0702 / Instagram

Wear your heart on your sleeve, and let your man know that he makes you feel loved, protected, and care for with these beautiful tattoos. This his and hers matching tattoos showcase the depth of your bond with just four words. Isn’t that incredible? It is the best husband and wife tattoos.

Quick Tip
Getting inked is a perfect way to show your partner your eternal love. Also, it will forever remind you that your love for your partner is beyond life.

3. Completing Each Other’s Sentences

Image: bestcoupletattoos / Instagram

You know that mystical and satisfying feeling you get when your partner completes your sentences? That’s just connection on a whole different level! Immortalize that feeling with these tattoos.

4. I Love You

Image: bestcoupletattoos / Instagram

This him and her tattoo represent trust, hope, faith, passion, and devotion for each other. Every time you look at it, you will be reminded of your commitment towards your loved one.

5. King And Queen

Image: dvany_silva / Instagram

A crown represents royalty. It is a great way to show that you love each other’s personalities and are proud to be “taken.” These crown tattoos will be a daily reminder that he is your modern-day Prince Charming and you are the queen of his heart.

Quick Tip
A king and queen couple tattoo design signifies supremacy and leadership. Also, they mean you both are the king and queen of each other’s hearts.

6. We Are One

Image: chris_alemania / Instagram

Better halves? More like best halves! Choose this tattoo to let him know that you both are only complete when you are together. It shows that your soul is entwined with your man’s, and you are willing to share it with only one person in the world.

7. You Are My World

Image: goldenharptattoo / Instagram

This is for the couple that does not shy away from admitting that they see the world in each other. This beautiful Earth tattoo indicates the union of all the five elements that are inseparable – that’s how strong your bond is.

8. Multiverse Tattoo

Image: bestcoupletattoos / Instagram

This tattoo indicates that when you are in love, space, time, energy, and all other laws of physics do not exist. There is just one thing, and that is the vastness of love.

9. Bird Tattoo

Image: bbg.tattoo / Instagram

Birds symbolize freedom, emotions, and journey. These are the things that make a relationship more meaningful. With this couple bird tattoos, remind yourself that life should not be taken too seriously and that your free-spirited souls go on a new journey every day.

10. Hand Gestures

Image: sxd_aesthetics / Instagram

This tattoo shows that regardless of you and your partner being miles, cities, or countries apart, you will always be in touch with each other. It beautifully depicts the essence of ‘touch’ with this intriguing hand design.

11. Mickey And Minnie Tattoo

Image: staytruetattoomanchester / Instagram

The couple that cracks lame jokes together stays together! This Mickey and Minnie mouse couple tattoos are perfect for the couple that is goofy, cheerful, and extremely funny.

12. Sun And Moon Tattoo

Image: iron_throne_ink / Instagram

The sun and moon couple tattoo symbolizes femininity and wholesomeness, and the sun represents strength, power, and rejuvenation. Both, together, represent unity and rebirth. This is a great combination for a perfectly balanced relationship.

13. Clover Tattoo

Image: redhill_studio / Instagram

The four-leaf clover originates from Ireland. It symbolizes good luck because it is rare to find. The chances of finding it are one in ten thousand. In fact, many people in Ireland believe that it brings great fortune.

14. My Missing Piece

Image: chrisgrahamtattoos / Instagram

These colorful interlocking puzzle pieces represent the timeless love you have for each other, which blossoms more when the two tattoos come together. It shows that you have finally found the person you had been searching for all these years.

15. Lion And Lioness

Image: rosolinomonti_tattoo / Instagram

The lion represents a guardian and a protector, and a lioness represents feminine energy, resourcefulness, and originality. Their regality is respected across all beings. This lion and lioness couple tattoo is perfect for the power couple that is in sync with each other.

16. Large Tattoo

Image: tat2charlie / Instagram

Get a monumentally large tattoo that is dedicated to the love of your life. This tattoo is for the couple that does not shy away from using their bodies as a canvas to let the world know of their love.

17. Shapes And Symbols

Image: budapesttaxi / Instagram

If you have a secret code or symbol between the two of you, these tattoos are perfect for flaunting it on your body. They have a simple yet intriguing design with a ton of meaning attached to it.

18. Marriage Tattoo

Image: neokaso / Instagram

These tattoos scream commitment. They are fun, creative, and sentimental. The best thing about them is that you never have to worry about losing your ring! Go for this minimalist marriage tattoo to make your partner fall for you over and over again. It is the best matching tattoos for couples.

19. Lock And Key Tattoos

Image: bestcoupletattoos / Instagram

These lock and key couple tattoos are based on a mysterious concept. A lock can be locked or unlocked only with the right key. It is a symbolic way of saying that this special person holds the key to your heart.

20. Bow And Arrow Tattoos

Image: rebelinkstudiotatuazu / Instagram

The bow and arrow use each other’s strength to hit the target. Once the arrow is released, it moves forward at a great speed. In a relationship, this symbolizes the fact that there will be conflicts that will teach you lessons and strengthen your bond.

21. I Avocado You

Image: polandtattoos / Instagram

Avocado tattoos are rapidly gaining popularity among couples. One half of the avocado has the seed while the other half has a hollow seed-shaped space. This conveys that you both complete each other. This is a unique couples tattoos that you can try.

22. Shoulder Tattoo

Image: ciervo_tattoo / Instagram

A shoulder couple tattoo designs is an amazing idea as it is pretty noticeable but can also be hidden easily. Get an identical symbol or design with your partner to flaunt the love you have for each other.

23. Initials

Image: quierotatuarme.mty / Instagram

If a matching tattoo is too cliché, scale it down to just the initial of your partner’s first name. It looks sweet, minimalistic, and elegant. Get creative with the font and add symbols like a crown or a heart above the letter.

24. The Lifeline

Image: bestcoupletattoos / Instagram

This tattoo symbolizes endurance, energy, persistence, strength, and the ability to keep moving forward, no matter what. Regardless of the troubles or obstacles, you strive to move ahead every second without giving up. This truly is the definition of love and relationship.

25. Connected Design

Image: bestcoupletattoos / Instagram

This tattoo simply shows that no matter what, at the end of the day, you can only be with that one person you love. Two bodies, one soul. One tattoo, two halves!

26. Skull And A Flower Tattoo

Image: baby.killer.color / Instagram

A skull and a flower represent the duality of life and death. The skull couple tattoos symbolize death and mortality while the flower symbolizes beauty and fertility. This is a reminder that there are both good and bad in all relationships. Having this awareness will keep you sane on those crazy days when you can’t stand your partner.

Infographic – Simple Couple Tattoo Ideas With Deep Meanings

If you are new to the tattoo world or just want to show your love to the world, we are here to help. Check out the infographic below where we have curated some of the most simple yet chic couple tattoo designs that can help you flaunt your love with our pride!

simple couple tattoo ideas with deep meanings (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Couple tattoos are a great way to celebrate your love life. You can get thoughtful complimentary patterns or similar beautiful tattoo designs. Your tattoo symbolizes how you have a better half, who completes the tattoo design just as they complete your life. Tattoos are long-lasting, so make sure the pattern you choose is meaningful to you. While tattoos are attractive, remember to take good care of them both before and after they are inked. After getting a tattoo, your skin becomes susceptible to infections. Hence, if you carefully follow the required protective measures, you will be able to heal faster after getting a tattoo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are couple tattoos a good idea?

In a healthy relationship, artistically proclaiming your commitment with a couple tattoo is a great idea. However, it is a huge romantic gesture that should be taken only if you are sure of your commitment and respect for your partner. That way, even if things do not last forever, you will have no regrets about the tattoo.

Where do you put a matching tattoo?

You and your partner can decide on a spot depending on what’s comfortable for you both. Common places for matching tattoos are body parts that you and your partner can align to form a whole tattoo like on the forearm, wrist, or fingers,

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