6 Best Cross Training Shoes For Women – Top Picks Of 2023

Exercise in style with these versatile, anti-slip pairs perfect for intense workouts.

Medically reviewed by Lalitha Bhowani-Mcsorley, MScPT Physiotherapist
Written by Aditi Naskar, Diploma In Health & Wellness
Edited by Medha Deb
Fact-checked by Rajeshwari Das  • 
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If you have been looking for the best cross-training shoes, we have just what you need. Cross-training is a part of a fitness regime that includes Bootcamp activities and intense training. Wearing the right shoes helps you keep up with your fitness while keeping your feet cushioned and safe. They also give you a bounce that helps you catch on momentum and keep up with long-distance running and sports like volleyball, tennis, basketball, and other sports. Here are 6 shoes to help you give your best in the activities.

Top PicksCheck Price
Best For All-Day Wear:New Balance Women's FuelCore Nergize V1 SneakerPrice on Amazon
Best Anti-Slip:New Balance 608 V5 Casual Cross TrainerPrice on Amazon
Best Versatile:Reebok Nano X1 Women’s Training ShoesPrice on Amazon
Best For High-Intensity Workouts:Reebok Nanoflex TR Women’s Training ShoesPrice on Amazon
Best For Body Awareness And Balance:Mizuno Training Shoes TC-02Price on Amazon
Best For HIIT:Reebok Women's HIIT ShoesPrice on Amazon

6 Best Cross Training Shoes For Women

1. Best For All-Day Wear:New Balance Women’s FuelCore Nergize V1 Sneaker


The FuelCore Nergize Sneakers from New Balance are 100% synthetic and have rubber soles. They feature a REVlite midsole, which provides lightweight cushioning and all-day comfort. An NB memory sole insert is added for extra support and a plush feel. These shoes offer a sleek and fashionable look and a snug fit for ease and support. The upper part of the cross training shoes has mesh textile for ventilation, which keeps the feet smelling fresh all day. Watch this video for a thorough understanding of the product.


  • Easy slip-on design
  • Snug fit
  • Comfortable
  • Added insert for support
  • Lightweight


  • No arch support

protip_icon Did You Know?
Take out the soles and air dry the shoes after each use to prevent bacterial growth and bad odor.

Price at the time of publication: $29.99

2. Best Anti-Slip:New Balance 608 V5 Casual Cross Trainer

New Balance 608 V5 Casual Cross Trainer Image: New Balance

This is yet another cross trainer pair from New Balance that has made it to our list. These shoes are made of 100% leather with rubber soles. The midsole has lightweight cushioning with EVA foam and PU foam inserts, which are super soft and offer extra support and comfort. The insides have near-seamless Phantom liners to minimize irritation.

The midsole has an internal shank that adds structure along the mid foot. The leather upper is impressive and fancy, while the heel is supported with an Abzorb crash pad. This absorbs impacts via compression resistance and padding. The shoes also feature a double-density foam collar around the ankles to prevent chafing. The anti-slip outsole provides a stable grip. The flexible yet firm deep flex grooves help the shoes adapt to the feet movements, making them suitable to wear all day and are best suited for functional training. Click here to check out a detailed personal review of this product.


  • Superior flexibility
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Dual density collar foam
  • Slip-resistant
  • All-day comfort



Price at the time of publication: $55.99

3. Best Versatile:Reebok Nano X1 Women’s Training Shoes


Workout in comfort with the Reebok Nano X1 Women’s Training Shoes. These iconic shoes are designed for running as well as training and have a sleek design. The soft upper is durable and features a flexweave knit that is soft and breathable. It has an inbuilt heel clip that facilitates movement of the feet in all directions.

The shoes include a cushioning of Floatride Energy Foam that is lightweight and provides stability. The progressive EVA foam midsole absorbs shock and provides responsive cushioning to the feet and heels during high-intensity workouts. These shock-absorbing shoes are extremely stylish and have a mesh fabric upper with adjustable lace closure to keep the feet fresh and comfortable all day and helps promote agility. Here’s a review video to help you get a better understanding of the product.


  • Designed for stability
  • Sleek
  • Comfortable fit
  • Soft
  • Durable
  • Well-cushioned


  • Expensive

protip_icon Did You Know?
Joseph William Foster, the founder of Reebok, designed the first spiked running shoes at the age of 14 in 1895 in Bolton, England.

Price at the time of publication: $79.37

4. Best For High-Intensity Workouts:Reebok Nanoflex TR Women’s Training Shoes


The Reebok Nanoflex TR Women’s Training Shoes have a breathable mesh upper that keeps the feet cool, while the Flex grooves in the outsole allow ease of motion. The TPU heel clip also enables movements in any direction with optimal stability. The CMEVA midsole cushioning offers added comfort. The lace closure gives you a snug fit and grip-enhancing rubber soles offer a good grip. “The pair is designed with a firm heel which delivers the ideal amount of stability, allowing your foot to stay in the right position. It also helps you keep a good gait which is essential to reduce the risk of knee, hip and back injuries,” says Lalitha Bhowani-Mcsorley, an expert in Musculoskeletal & Vestibular Injuries.


  • Full-foot rubber outsole
  • Durable
  • Offers stability
  • Breathable mesh
  • Lightweight
  • Midsole cushioning


  • Expensive

protip_icon Pro Tip
Separate the soles from the shoes after washing your shoes in cold water and dry them in partial sunlight.

Price at the time of publication: $71.49

5. Best For Body Awareness And Balance:Mizuno Training Shoes TC-02


Give your feet the best support while training with the Mizuno Training Shoes. The proprietary C.O.B technology uses patented sensors that send feedback from your feet to improve your performance.

The athletic design includes a dual-layer mesh and a Hotmelt upper for maximum stability. A soft booty construction interior adds comfort to the feet. The shoes have lace-up closure for customized grip and cushioning on the tongue and collar to protect the feet from blisters and peels. The rubber outsole helps during weight training and lifts and these are suitable for all terrains.


  • Internal support straps
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Offers grip and stability



Price at the time of publication: $76

6. Best For HIIT:Reebok Women’s HIIT Shoes


Optimize your workouts with the Reebok Women’s HIIT Shoes. They have a mesh upper that provides excellent air circulation, while the rubber sole offers supportive grip. The EVA midsole provides lightweight cushioning to the feet. The tongue of the shoes allows easy pull-on, while the soft collar keeps the feet safe from blisters and scrapes and offers a snug fit. The flexible outsole keeps you stable on slippery gym floors and helps you with burpees and jumps. “The flexible sole allows for natural foot movement, encouraging a more comfortable stride and reducing the risk of injury. This pair of gym shoes is crafted to promote optimal posture to reduce strain on your joints. It also provides good shock absorption, mitigating impact and helping to protect against injury,” explains Lalitha Bhowani-Mcsorley, an expert in Musculoskeletal & Vestibular Injuries.


  • Comfortable
  • Supportive
  • Lightweight
  • Foam cushioning
  • Tongue pull design


  • Expensive
Why It’s Worth Buying: It has received over 2,042 rave reviews on Amazon, proving it is a mass favorite.
Price at the time of publication: $57.22

Cross training shoes are designed for a large range of workouts and physical activities. They offer benefits more than regular sneakers or sports shoes. Keep scrolling to learn about their benefits.

The Benefits Of Using Cross Training Shoes

  1. Better Support: Cross trainers are usually built for more rugged workouts and terrains. They provide lateral support with shock absorption and facilitate movements in all directions. These shows provide optimal feet security, curbing injuries and cramps. Cross trainers are also more stable and offer better grip on the ground. They have extra cushioning on the forefoot for softer landing.
  2. Ventilation: The material of the cross trainers is usually more lightweight than regular running shoes. They feature extra cushioning inside and a mesh upper for better ventilation. This reduces sweating and bad odor. The material is also stronger and more durable to withstand wear and tear.

Now, let’s move on to the factors to consider before buying the best cross training shoes.

What To Look For In The Best Cross Training Shoes

  • Upper: The top of the feet needs a stable, secure cover. Pick a breathable material like mesh to keep the feet ventilated, non-sweaty, and odor-free. If you want added support, a leather top can be helpful. Cross trainers are designed for various activities like dancing or exercising. So, try them on to make sure your feet are comfortable moving in all directions. The upper must be flexible and not hurt the ankles or toes.
  • Midsole And Arch:The wrong shoe shape can cause a lot of pain in the feet. So, check your feet to see whether you have flat feet or high arches. The shape of your arch will determine the amount and type of cushioning that is required in your shoe.
  • Cushioning: Theinner soles and insert heel pads offer added support and comfort to the feet. They provide a snug fit while increasing resistance.
  • Grip:Wear the cross trainer and shift your feet from side to side or on your heels. This is to check if the shoe provides a good grip and does not slip. An engraved rubber sole offers a good grip.
  • Fit: A loosely fitting shoe could cause injuries like twists, sprains, and cramps to the feet, ankles, and legs. It will not provide a good grip. A tight fit, on the other hand, will cause difficulty in movement and blisters and scrapes. Try the shoes on and wiggle your toes inside to check if they are too cramped.
  • Heel Support: The heel differentiates a cross trainer from a normal sneaker. Check if the heels are firm to support weight bearing activities. Sometimes, the heels include an absorb crash pad that minimizes impact. Some shoes also have heel clips for better maneuvrability.

The Bottom Line

Cross-training shoes must be the ultimate choice if you are into sports or participate in long-distance races. These shoes are available for every feet type. However, you must keep in mind certain aspects before buying them. Check your cross-trainers’ grip, fit, and heel support before making the purchase. The heels often include an absorb crash pad that minimizes impact when you’re engaging in physical activities. The New Balance 608 V5 can prove to be an excellent choice for those looking for superior flexibility and cushioning, while the Reebok Women’s HIIT Shoes is a lightweight, breathable suggestion for those who want good shock absorption without any added weight. Make sure that your cross-trainers are supportive, comfortable, and come with a tongue pull design for easier usage. Also, avoid wearing the ones that do not provide enough stability.

Why Trust StyleCraze?

Aditi Naskar has a diploma in health and wellness and loves to review health care products for her readers. After thorough research and going through numerous user reviews on multiple forums and brand websites, she has curated this list of the best cross-training shoes to help you pick the perfect option for you. The products listed in this article keep your feet cushioned and safe and give your feet a bounce.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do cross-training shoes make a difference?

Yes, cross-training shoes have a lower heel-to-toe drop and stable heel support. They are more flexible and durable and have better cushioning.

Can you walk in cross-training shoes?

Yes, cross-training shoes have more cushioning than normal walking shoes. You can wear a cross-training shoe for a stroll in the park or any daily work.

Are cross-training shoes good for squatting?

Yes, cross-training shoes give you better flexibility and durability. Its construction comes in handy when you’re squatting.

Can you lift weights in cross-training shoes?

Yes, the cushioning and superior grip of cross-training shoes make it easier for you to lift weights like deadlifts.

Are cross-training shoes good for plantar fasciitis?

Yes, cross-training shoes are good for plantar fasciitis. This is because the elliptical shape keeps your feet in a good shape and prevents injury.

What is the difference between training shoes and cross-training shoes?

A traditional training shoe can fall short when you are doing heavy workouts like rope climbing. Cross-training shoes are specifically designed for these heavy workouts.

How should cross-training shoes fit?

Cross-training shoes should fit you snugly with a thumbnail’s gap between your longest toe and the end of the shoe. Make sure that your feet are snug enough, the heel does not slip out, and your feet aren’t cramping while working out. You should be able to stand on your feet with all your weight evenly distributed.

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