The 9 Best Curved Treadmills That Will Make You Sweat – 2024

Make workout easier and fun with non-motorized machines that are best for home gyms.

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Looking for the best curved treadmill to lower the impact and stress on your joints? Curved treadmills are made to ease the strain on joints and aid in physical rehabilitation. They feature a concave surface for running and they’re also non-motorized, and they come with the added benefit of increasing your cardiometabolic demands while letting you shed extra weight. We’ve compiled a list of the 9 best curved treadmills of 2024 to help you find one that meets your needs.

Viktoria Hamma, a chronic pain and weight loss coach, says, “Traditional treadmills are tough on your joints because they don’t require much muscle activation. Because the tread is powered it doesn’t require your foot and leg to push it backwards during the gait cycle. Curved treadmills are powered by you! Meaning your muscles push the tread and give you a better workout.”

Top PicksCheck Price
Best Overall:SB Fitness Equipment CT400 Curved Treadmill
Price on Amazon
Best Streamlined Design:Assault Fitness AirRunner
Price on Amazon
Best Sturdy Metal Frame:SpeedFit Speedboard ProXL
Price on Amazon
Best Non-Slip Coating:RESOLVE FITNESS Reactive Runner
Price on Amazon
Best Chip-Resistance System:TZ-3000C Curved Treadmill
Price on Amazon
Best Eight Gear Settings:Gard Curved Mechanical Treadmill
Price on Amazon
Best Noiseless Machine:Xtreme Monkey Fitness Curve Racer Treadmill
Price on Amazon
Best Shock-Absorption:NOHrD Sprintbok Curved Manual Treadmill
Price on Amazon
Best In Budget:NNI Fitness Curved Treadmill
Price on Amazon

The 9 Best Curved Treadmills In 2024 To Buy Online – Reviews

1. Best Overall: SB Fitness Equipment CT400 Curved Treadmill

SB Fitness Equipment CT400 Curved Treadmill Image: Sb Fitness

Unlike traditional treadmills, the SB Fitness Equipment CT400 Curved Treadmill is powered by a natural fat-burning furnace that helps you burn more calories. It is super versatile, as you can use it for running, sports-specific training, or for just about anything. This curved running machine is equipped with 3 resistance levels that are directed toward making your muscles stronger. This versatile treadmill is designed with a digital display that helps you monitor your improvements. According to reviews, it enables you to make quick speed adjustments and provides maximum shock absorption which imposes less pressure on your joints. It also comes with a unique handlebar design for a comfortable hold. If you’re looking for a truly amazing indoor exercise session, this is the top curved treadmill for you.

Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎72 x 31 x 62 inches | Material: ‎Alloy Steel | Item Weight: ‎145 Pounds | Color: ‎Black

  • Quick speed adjustments
  • Digital display
  • Absorbs shock
  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Value for money

  • Some may find it tricky to assemble

protip_icon Did You Know?
A curved treadmill can help you reduce the vertical displacement of COM, the Body’s Centre of Mass, resulting in increased energy expenditure.

2. Best Streamlined Design:Assault Fitness AirRunner

Assault Fitness AirRunner, Black Frame/Charcoal, 2 Image: Assault Fitness

The Assault Fitness AirRunner is an environment-friendly curved treadmill for the home that helps burn 30% more calories. It is best for running, walking, and rehabilitation. This home/gym equipment consumes zero electricity. This highly durable curved treadmill has a 150,000-mile belt life. The metal frame, along with the stoppers under the belt, makes it sturdy and stable. This curved treadmill features a stylish, high-contrast LCD showing the time, distance, calories burnt, and heart rate. It is also equipped with rest and work LEDs. Many reviewers agree that the horizontal lines and textured belt surface allow a better grip. This curved treadmill is Bluetooth-enabled and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Material: Metal | Item Weight: 280 Pounds | Color: Black Frame/Charcoal | Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎69.9 x 32.8 x 64 inches

  • Sturdy metal frame
  • High-contract LCD console
  • Burns 30% more calories
  • Has a 150,000-mile belt life
  • Better grip
  • Bluetooth-enabled
  • Streamlined design

  • Device software cannot be upgraded

protip_icon Pro Tip
Using the curve treadmill can initially feel heavy and uncomfortable, especially for the back. Take time to practice accelerating and maintaining a pace. Position yourself near the front, letting your foot pull the belt back on the treadmill.

3. Best Sturdy Metal Frame:SpeedFit Speedboard ProXL

SpeedFit Speedboard ProXL Image: Speedfit

The Speedfit Speedboard ProXL is among the most advanced curved treadmill for weight loss. This commercial curved treadmill creates a standardized level of fitness based solely on your potential. It is a piece of great equipment for those looking to perform high-intensity interval training (HIIT). The treadmill introduces a short-time sprint running. It helps burn more calories in less time. The shock-absorbing belt is smooth and quiet. The textured surface of the belt enables a good grip and increases safety. The treadmill is ideal for gyms, homes, and rehabs. Check out this in-depth review to explore a reviewer’s experience with this treadmill, before buying it.

Color: ‎Silver | Item Weight: ‎140 Kilograms | Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎67 x 33 x 72 inches.

  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Equipped with wheels
  • Great equipment for HIIT
  • Burn more calories in less time
  • Shock-absorbing belt
  • Smooth and quiet operation of the belt
  • Offers good grip
  • Side handles for stability



SB Fitness Equipment CT400 Curved Treadmill
Best Overall
Assault Fitness AirRunner
Best Streamlined Design
SpeedFit Speedboard ProXL
Best Sturdy Metal Frame
Dimensions LxWxH ‎72 x 31 x 62 inches ‎69.9 x 32.8 x 64 inches ‎67 x 33 x 72 inches.
Material ‎Alloy Steel Metal-
Weight ‎145 Pounds 280 Pounds ‎140 Kilograms
Color ‎Black Black Frame/Charcoal ‎Silver

4. Best Non-Slip Coating:RESOLVE FITNESS Reactive Runner

The RESOLVE FITNESS Reactive Runner features a large 19” x 63” training surface that accommodates most user stride lengths. The innovative curved design reduces the impact on the joints and maximizes calorie burn while providing a more natural training experience. The Reactive Runner’s heavy-duty belt is comprised of 60 individual tread slats. The curved belt treadmill is constructed of reinforced aluminum rails with a non-slip rubber coating. The belt delivers a durable and softer training surface. The treadmill features 4 levels of Magnetic Resistance Control that allows users to adjust belt tension and increase workout intensity via an easy-to-reach lever.

A 6.5 inch backlit LCD Performance Console displays time, distance, RPM, total calories, calories/minute, speed, rounds, sprint, and recovery. You can choose from time, distance, and caloric goal settings. It also has 3 built-in preset HIIT programs (20/10, 30/90, Custom Interval). The adjustable 4-point stabilization system keeps this treadmill level on any surface. The affordable curved treadmill also features transport wheels and a sturdy rear lift bar.

Color: ‎Silver | Item Weight: ‎140 Kilograms | Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎67 x 33 x 72 inches.

  • Sturdy metal frame with rear lift bar
  • Transport wheels
  • Burns more calories with each foot stride
  • Maximizes calorie burn
  • Non-slip rubber coating



5. Best Chip-Resistance System:TZ-3000C Curved Treadmill

The TZ-3000C Curved Treadmill is a double chip resistance system that features emergency brakes. This curved treadmill for rehabilitation has a sturdy metal body and PVC handles. The transport wheels make it easy to be placed anywhere. The LED console displays time, distance, heart rate, and calories burnt. The striated, wide base allows running or walking on a more stable surface. Your foot strike can control the belt speed. The treadmill features two-way chain transmission.

Color: ‎Silver | Item Weight: ‎140 Kilograms | Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎67 x 33 x 72 inches.

  • Double chip resistance system
  • Emergency brakes
  • Transport wheels
  • Striated wide base for more stability



6. Best Eight Gear Settings:Gard Curved Mechanical Treadmill

The Gard Curved Mechanical Treadmill has a running belt size measuring 1500 by 430 mm. It features 8-gear settings – manual, interval, ups and downs, weight loss, hill running, mountain climbing, flat burning, and racing. The curved manual treadmill has an LCD that displays speed, distance, time, and calories burnt. The crawler type of treadmill belt and does not use electricity. It is safe and helps improve fitness.

Color: ‎Black, Red | Item Weight: ‎150 Kilograms | Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎78.74 x 32.28 x 61.81 inches

  • Features eight gear settings
  • Does not use electricity
  • Safe

  • No transportation wheels

7. Best Noiseless Machine:Xtreme Monkey Fitness Curve Racer Treadmill

The Xtreme Monkey Fitness Curve Racer Treadmill uses rubber and synthetic compounds to make curved running slots that help absorb shock and protect the knees and other joints. The treadmill increases the size of the bearings to reduce the rotation by 50%. This greatly reduces noise as attested to by the reviewers. The added oversized wheels enable easy transportation.

The curved treadmill design, especially the handles, can accommodate all different users. The curvature of the handles adds another level of safety and comfort, especially for seniors. The handles can be lowered to make sure the runners do not hurt their arms. This high-end curved treadmill includes a Bluetooth console that allows it to interact with the XM app and a full-scale console featuring time, speed, distance, calories, heart rate (requires transmitter), pace, and an interactive screen.

Product Dimensions: 78.74"D x 32.28"W x 61.81"H | Color: ‎Black, Red | Item Weight: ‎150 Kilograms

  • Absorbs shock efficiently
  • Protects knees and other joints
  • Low noise
  • Easy transportation
  • Low handles for safety
  • Bluetooth console



8. Best Shock-Absorption:NOHrD Sprintbok Curved Manual Treadmill

The Sprintbok Curved Manual Treadmill has a unique solid wooden frame that reduces the vibration of the machine when in use. The curved base allows better running and walking experience for all ages. The incline delivers resistance and works the muscles. Running on this treadmill feels easy and helps burn up to 30% more calories. The treadmill features a sleek, sturdy handlebar with a 17.3” tablet for the new Sprintbok app. One can choose performance data, as well as a variety of pre-designed running workouts and scenery runs. This is a maintenance-free machine that consists of 62 movable wooden slats, each with a linoleum finish, chosen for its natural and durable properties. The flexi-slats are ideal for shock absorption during running. Watch this video detailing a tester’s experience of using this treadmill to learn more about it.

Product Dimensions: 71"D x 21"W x 55"H | Frame Material: ‎Hardwood,Wooden | Material: ‎Wood | Item Weight: ‎353 Pounds

  • Reduces machine vibration
  • Burns up to 30% more calories
  • Sleek, sturdy handlebar
  • Maintenance-free
  • Absorbs shock while running

  • No transport wheels or rear handle

9. Best In Budget:NNI Fitness Curved Treadmill

The NNI Fitness Curved Treadmill is a lighter, user-friendly machine designed for all skill levels. The treadmill is a rugged, affordable, quality-built solution for improving fitness levels. This trainer comes with a responsive belt technology that makes it ideal for both beginners and professionals. Many reviewers have testified that it helps burn 44% more calories compared to a motorized treadmill. It is perfect for walking, jogging, or running.

Frame Material: ‎Hardwood,Wooden | Material: ‎Wood | Item Weight: ‎353 Pounds | Product Dimensions: ‎71"D x 21"W x 55"H

  • Designed for commercial and home use
  • Lighter
  • User-friendly
  • Designed for all skill levels
  • Affordable
  • Burns 44% more calories
  • Low treadmill curve



These are the 9 curved treadmills of 2024. Take a look at the complete list of benefits of this innovative running equipment before you purchase one.

Benefits Of A Curved Treadmill 

  • A curved treadmill allows you to burn more calories.
  • More muscle groups are activated.
  • Has a softer impact on joints.
  • Can be used for physical therapy to rehabilitate joints.
  • Helps improve running form.
  • Improves posture by activating the core.
  • Ideal for HIIT.
  • Does not consume electricity.
  • Environment-friendly.

A curved treadmill can be a great addition to your home or gym. When considering a curved treadmill for your personal transformation journey, it’s crucial to look for features that align with your fitness goals and ensure real results. Take a look at this buying guide where we have listed a few insider tips regarding the factors that you must consider before you make your purchase.

Buying Guide 

Here are the factors to look for before buying a curved treadmill:

  • Usability: A curved treadmill is perfect for people who want to burn more calories, perform sprints, and run/walk without hurting their joints.
  • Stability: Check if all the four points of contact with the floor are stable and sturdy.
  • Weight Limit: Buy a curved treadmill with a maximum weight limit that is higher than most users.
  • Equipment Weight: Treadmills are heavy. Look for a lighter treadmill if you buy one for your house. Also, opt for treadmills with wheels and rear transportation handle for easy transportation.
  • Warranty: Many curved treadmills come with a warranty period of 1 to 5 years. Within the warranty period, you can exchange parts or get free servicing (depending on the company norms).

Are There Any Disadvantages?

Curved treadmills could have a few disadvantages too:

  • They are not a great option for endurance training.
  • They are very expensive.
  • The display console is not very advanced, like in a standard treadmill.
  • They have a fixed incline, unlike a conventional treadmill.
  • There is no motor-powered speed control.
  • Cheaper curved treadmills do not have Bluetooth connectivity or the feature to pre-design a workout like in electric treadmills.

The Bottom Line

Curved treadmills are non-motorized, aiming to make you work harder than regular treadmills. These treadmills can be a great help as you decide to shed extra weight from your body. You can easily control your walking or running speed while constantly checking your heart rate and the number of calories burned with the help of the performance monitor attached to these machines. The SB Fitness Equipment CT400 Curved Treadmill offers three resistance levels, promoting effective high-intensity workouts. The Assault Fitness AirRunner utilizes air resistance for customizable training sessions, and the SpeedFit Speedboard ProXL is great for HIIT with a shock-absorbing running belt. These workout machines comprise side handles for easier access and complete safety. However, you should steer clear of curved treadmills that do not come with a sturdy metal frame. Remember to read customer reviews before making a purchase and consult a certified personal trainer if you need assistance in using the treadmill the right way.

Why Trust StyleCraze?

Aditi Naskar holds a diploma in health and wellness and has a keen interest in fitness. In her buying guide, she shares tips for choosing a curved treadmill that reduces stress and impact on joints. She has carefully weighed the most popular options on the market to create this list of the best ones. Fitness enthusiasts can now save money and energy by using these treadmills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you walk on a curved treadmill?

Yes, you can walk on a curved treadmill.

How many calories can you burn on a curved treadmill?

Curved treadmills help burn at least 30% more calories than traditional treadmills. Depending on your weight, intensity, and duration, you can burn anywhere between 100 – 300 calories in an hour.

Are there any health restrictions for using curved treadmills?

Go slow if you have an injured knee, hip, or back.

Can I buy these online even though they are large?

Yes, you can buy a curved treadmill online.

How accurate is a curved treadmill?

So far, there is no data to validate the accuracy of a curved treadmill. Scientists are still studying and conducting experiments to find out all about this equipment and the impact it has on the human body.

Is it harder to run on a curved treadmill?

Yes, as the treadmill’s platform is curved, it is hard to run and even harder to accelerate your speed. However, running on a curved treadmill helps burn more calories.

Why are curved treadmills the best for crossfit?

Curved treadmills make the body go under intense pressure resulting in better performance and high-calorie burns. Therefore, they are best for crossfit training.

Are curved treadmills good for long distances?

No, curved treadmills are a better option for explosive short-term running, but not for long-distance runs.

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