27 Best Creative And Unusual Demon Tattoo Designs

Written by Jyotsana Rao

If you are a fan of the dark world and gothic art, you should check out this article. A demon tattoo represents evil and the underlying demonic forces that connect people. These tattoos can be done in various designs that can be enticing, influencing, and appealing to do things that are immoral or sinful. They usually signify self-satisfying hedonistic acts that have a strong appeal for people who love the dark world.

The demon is visualized to be red-skinned with horns, a pointed tail, and a pitchfork. Some people believe the demon to be a handsome man with alluring powers that weaken souls around him. According to Christianity, the demon is an evil twin of the divine.

In this article, we have listed 27 best demon tattoos that do not necessarily reflect the evil ritualistic practices but make humans conscious of the evil within them. Take a peek.

27 Best Demon Tattoo Designs

1. Japanese Demon Tattoo

gusde.wirawan / Instagram

Japanese tattoos are famous for their unique art and tattooing technique. This elegant tattoo of the traditional demonic monster mask with fangs is sketched beautifully using black and gray ink. The tattoo extends until the back of the palm and ends in a skull head. You can flaunt this delicate and intricate design on your arm.

2. Angel And Demon Wing Tattoo

sale_grujic / Instagram

The feathered angel wing and the black wing of a devil, along with a halo on top and Onida tail at the bottom, show the duality of human nature. You can sport this tattoo on your waist, shoulder, or back.

3. Skull Demon Tattoo

taesin_tattoo / Instagram

Skull tattoos signify both the good and the bad. They stand for life and death and symbolize the positivity that comes from negativity. This demon tattoo design has a devil head with a jewel eye and a person sitting under it who is being guided by evil. The black and gray colors make it ideal for all skin tones.

4. Fallen Angel Tattoo

thiagomiguelm / Instagram

A fallen angel is someone who was once good but turned sinful due to choices and circumstances. It may symbolize a loss of faith or free will. This tattoo design with blue and red lines depicts an angel and the devil, with the demon prevailing on the angel.

5. Grim Reaper Demon Tattoo

tony_nos / Instagram

The Grim Reaper is believed to take the soul away from the body to hell or heaven – whichever place the soul deserves. However, because he appears at death, he is believed to depict sadness and negativity and has been pictured wearing shady robes and having a skull face. You can sport this black and outline tattoo on your forearms.

6. Arch Demon Tattoo

diihfavaretto / Instagram

If you want your design to be unique, consider getting this arch demon tattoo on your upper arm. It shows the body of a devil woman with blazing eyes and a dark silhouette face. A crescent arch goes around one shoulder and below the other like a ring. The gray and black shades make it suitable for all skin tones.

7. Colorful Evil Tattoo

dwayne_mf_woodside / Instagram

This colorful and stylish design of a demon wearing riding gear on a bike with clouds below and blazing fire on the top denotes rising above heaven. You can get it done on your forearm.

8. Demon Hand Tattoo

tintetodundteufel / Instagram

Hand tattoos are one of the best ways to showcase your personality. This Chinese demon head tattoo is done in red and black inks. The protruded tongue and bright orange eyes make the design look even more aggressive and menacing.

9. Lower Waist Demon Tattoo

hushanesthetic / Instagram

This design shows a devil skull in green, with a realistic rendering of shaded devil images in the background. It offers the perfect opportunity for your tattoo artist to exhibit their talent and bring out the beauty of the design.

10. Tribal Demon Tattoo

laury_tattoo / Instagram

Tribal tattoos have a distinct style. The use of traditional black ink and curves makes them stand apart from other forms of tattoos. This simple design shows a demon face with dots and a cigarette between the lips. This tattoo is based on traditional Maori art and is the perfect tattoo to depict your wild side.

11. Demon Snake Tattoo

underskin.tattoo / Instagram

Snake tattoos mostly signify evil forces and demonic attributes. They can be scaled to any size to make the design appealing. This dotted snake design behind the ear with a twisted body is perfect if you have razor trimmed your hair recently.

12. Stylish Demon Tattoo

blackberry_ink / Instagram

This tattoo consists of an angel boy and a devil girl. The black outlines and red and blue for the horns and halo add a charm to the tattoo. You can get it done on your shoulder or back of the neck.

13. Demon Abdomen Tattoo

bleccatattoos / Instagram

The demon is often portrayed with the head of a ram. This tattoo with an evil sign on its forehead is done on the abdomen. You can flaunt it in a crop top and reveal your mysterious side.

14. Screaming Realistic Demon Tattoo

key_tattoos / Instagram

If you like hyper-realistic tattoos, nothing can capture your attention more than this piece of art that can turn your skin into a live canvas. The full form of a demon with inverted fangs, ram horns, and a well-sculpted body made using black and pink ink looks truly menacing. Make sure to get it done by an artist who specializes in portraits.

15. Gothic Demon Tattoo

ross__grant / Instagram

Gothic tattoos symbolize the dark past and events. They are often sported by people to denote an incident in the past that had a negative impact on their life, but they have moved on, and it made them the person they are today. This ram skull tattoo with molten candles on it depicts the dark side of your personality. The burnt-out candles portray the undying spirit to keep fighting even in the worst of situations.

16. Demon Silhouette Tattoo

czart_tattoo / Instagram

This silhouette tattoo of a demon with a pitchfork and a half-ram, half-human body shows the transformation of a person into a demon. The black ink also portrays the dark side of human nature. You can get this tattoo done on your thigh and flaunt it in your shorts.

17. Demon Thigh Tattoo

dirtfarmpokes / Instagram

Thigh tattoos are popular among women, and you can choose to keep them small or elaborate and flaunt them in your skirts and shorts. This dotted full-body demon tattoo shows the demon with wings, horns, and a tail and standing on one foot.

18. Miniature Demon Tattoo

tayong.tattoo / Instagram

Not every demon tattoo needs to be scary. If you want a small and cute design and also show off the naughty demon in you, this popular purple face demon WhatsApp emoji is a good idea. You can get it done on your wrist, waist, forearm, or shoulder.

19. Demon Arm Tattoo

geuni.king / Instagram

This four-eyed devil mask tattoo is the ideal design to flaunt on your sleeves. The unique design calls for a seasoned artist and well-practiced and experienced hands.

20. Demon Foot Tattoo

absolutetattoo / Instagram

Foot tattoos are considered to be guiding tattoos as they take you to your destination. Having a devil oppressing a human on your feet expresses your belief that everything has both good and evil sides, and it is up to the person to choose which one prevails.

21. Cute Demon Tattoo

eins_tattooer / Instagram

If you ever wondered how a demon tattoo could be remotely cute, this design is your answer. This adorable black creature has horns and a tiny tail with expressive, round eyes. The tiny white highlights make the tattoo even more appealing and perfect to be inked on your forearm.

22. Demon Card Tattoo

lealigot / Instagram

This list is incomplete without a demon card tattoo that summons the dark powers. If you are looking for bold and spooky tattoos, you can consider either of these designs that depict death.

23. Demon Back Tattoo

inkbooster / Instagram

This realistic tattoo of a maiden with devil horns will look amazing on your back. The background details of a wooden carving with a realistic python gliding down make this tattoo a masterpiece.

24. Demon Bicep Tattoo

If you have a lesser pain threshold, go for a bicep tattoo as the muscle and fat padding minimize the pain. This simple yet colorful design of a green devil mask with three eyes and a webbed ear collar is a typical Asian design. The bright colors used make it suitable for ivory to beige skin tones.

25. Upper Arm Demon Tattoo

skranka_tattoo / Instagram

This tattoo of a beautiful maiden in devil horns weeping black tears is perfect for the upper arm. The long devilish nails and the beautiful shade work make this design a head-turner.

26. Demon Neck Tattoo

1adamtattoo / Instagram

Neck tattoos are probably the bravest choices due to their obvious visibility. You can get the word ‘Demon’ written in a font and ink of your choice.

27. Dotted Demon Knee Tattoo

tinacarusodot / Instagram

This tattoo of a horned skull is drawn using dots. The upper right part of the tattoo uses light dots, and the lower part uses thicker dots to make the design stand out. The white highlight used to make the tattoo three-dimensional lends it a unique appeal.

These were the coolest demon tattoo designs to go for if you want to explore the dark facets of life. Tattoos are for a lifetime, and you need to think and research about the design and the process before getting inked. Make sure to get it inked by a seasoned artist who maintains hygiene. Follow proper aftercare once you get the tattoo done.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and unleash your inner demon!


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