Best Devil Tattoos – Our Top 10

Written by Jyotsana Rao

The devil, a red figure with horns, a pointy ended tail and a trident, symbolizes all that is not good. The world has always existed in opposites and the angel’s opposite is the devil. It would justifiably take a lot of courage to get tattoos of the devil on your body. However, in most religious stories and fables the devil is portrayed as a cunning persona, possessing a silver tongue which lures and tempts you to challenge your fate and ultimately meet your death. Similarly the idea of a devil tattoo, though appalling in its symbolism is strongly appealing to today’s youth. This may be because of the perfectness in which the devil’s imagined form can be fashioned into a tattoo design.

Best Devil Tattoos:

1. The Devil’s Head Tattoo:

A common kind of devils tattoo is one with just its head. This one is the most popular and generally inked because of its cool looks

2. A Smoking Devil Tattoo:

The devil’s face with a cigarette between its lips and mischief in its eyes is a common tattoo for marking defiance. When you are rebelling against your parents, what can be worse than a tattoo and that too with cigarettes and devils in them!

3. Black and White Outline Tattoo:

A black and white outline of the devil’s face is another common aesthetic form of a devil tattoo. It symbolizes what any other devil would, but looks a bit more mature than the red inane character the devil is imagined to be.

4. The Cute Full Body Cupid like Devil Tattoo:

This is the devil out of children’s fable books. It looks cute and naughty rather than evil and demonic.  Unsurprisingly it has a lot more fans than its angelic alternatives. There is something about those cute, not meaning good at all eyes that have you melting all over them.

5. She Devil Tattoo:

Then there is the she devil looking insanely hot in its semi nude appearance. This devil symbolizes defiance more than satanic virtues and it looks seriously hot which is an added advantage.

6. Horrifying Full Body Tatoo:

Then there is the devil which is not cute or childish at all. It is awe inspiring and demonic in its shape and yet beautiful to look at. Though extremely praiseworthy from the point of view of art, it certainly inculcates that element of fear in the minds of the ones who see it.

7. Rockstar Devil Tattoo:

A devil with a guitar or playing the drums fits this image. For musicians especially rock musicians the devil isn’t evil at all. It is grossly misunderstood, dark, deep, eerie and perfect for the enigmatic image they require.

8. The Devil’s Caricature Tattoo:

This is yet another funky looking tattoo which generally doesn’t make use of colour. It isn’t realistic in its appearance but still manages to look cool.

9. Devil Cum Angel Tattoo:

This is another favourite among the devil tattoos. It generally comprises of a being – half angel and half devil, that is wholly human. This devil angel tattoo looks as good as the other devil tattoos but is somehow less foreboding.

10. The Combat Devil Tattoo:

These tattoos generally depict the devil engaged in some kind of fight with the angel. It often portrays images from myths like those of Gabriel and the leviathan. They are certainly more ominous than the rest!

These devil tattoos can help you show your dark side. Symbolize your inner defiance and rebellion according to your style – a minimalist demonic pattern or an intricate and bold monotone design. You can take inspiration from our collection and design your own. Getting a tattoo can be fun, but don’t forget to take good care of your ink. Your skin is susceptible to infections after getting a tattoo. Thus, speed up your healing process by taking precautions.

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