9 Best Dietary Supplements For Health And Wellness

9 Best Dietary Supplements For Health And Wellness April 19, 2018

Is your day to day schedule getting tiresome? Feel tired on a day you have barely done anything? This could mean that your body is not getting its required amount of vitamins from your daily diet.

While a balanced diet is certainly the best way to nourish your body, popping those colorful pills can also help make you feel fresh and energized. Dietary supplements provide your body with the requisite nutrients and minerals in the form of vitamin pills and capsules.

Dietary supplements can never replace a normal diet. They must be taken with your regular diet to boost health, replenish lost nutrients in the system and boost overall fitness of the body. It takes at least fifteen days before the effects of a dietary supplement manifest itself, so the course has to be followed strictly if you are to derive any benefit from a diet supplement. Listed below are the best vitamins and minerals supplements available in the market today that claim to boost immunity, improve body metabolism and give you overall fitness.

It is advisable to consult a nutritionist or your general physician to pick the right supplement for you.

List of Dietary Supplements

1. Ranbaxy Revital:

This is a safe, effective daily health supplement that contains a balance of vitamins and minerals that the body requires. Revital works as a stimulant and supplies the body with essential nutrients required to catalyse various processes within the system.

Ranbaxy Revital contains Ginseng, calcium, phosphorous and vitamin C in the perfect proportion. These minerals rejuvenate the body, aid in the growth and repair of various tissues, creation of essential enzymes and overall health of the body. Ginseng is a natural adapotgen that functions as a stimulant, boosting energy levels while reducing stress levels of the body. With Ranbaxy Revital, you can feel refreshed, revitalized and ready to take on new challenges with vigour and strength.

Key Focus: Overall health

Target:Adults, male and female

Dosage: One capsule a day, after breakfast

2. Health Viva Daily+ (Multivitamin and Multi-mineral with Ginseng):

This multi-vitamin supplement improves the supply of oxygen in the body, thus improving blood circulation to various parts of the body. HealthViva is designed to boost the body’s energy levels and metabolism. The capsules are soft and easy to swallow with their gelatine coating that helps them dissolve faster than other capsules in the market. The capsules are packed with essential vitamins and minerals that trigger and maintain healthy body cycles for overall health. HealthViva reduces fatigue, listlessness and lethargy, boosting metabolism and fitness, perfect for the working adult.

Key Focus: Boosting fitness and reducing fatigue

Gender: Adults, male and female

Dosage: One Capsule daily with breakfast

3. Vitamin Shoppe Nutri 100 (Sustained Release):

Vitamin Shoppe Nutri 100 contains all the vitamins and minerals one needs for a healthy, happy, and fit body. The gelatine encased capsules are very easy to swallow, making it possible for even the most squeamish adults to receive the required quantities of nutrients missing from their diet. The vitamin capsules have a unique sustained release formula for all-day energy.

The formula is designed to slowly release nutrients into target areas of the body over an extended period of time. Thus the body receives the optimum quantities of vitamins, enzymes and minerals at a gradual pace so that the nutrients are well utilized.

Key Focus: Overall health

Gender: Adults, male and female

Dosage: 1 capsule daily after breakfast

4. Nature’s Bounty Multi Day Multi-vitamin:

This multi-vitamin is a blend of essential vitamins required by the body for its overall fitness. Multi-vitamins from Nature’s Bounty are fortified with calcium for healthy bones and teeth and are usually prescribed for individuals afflicted with weak bones. The formula contains a blend of eleven essential vitamins like A, B1, B2, C, D, E, folic acid, Niacin and others to assist in the growth, repair and regeneration of cells and tissues for a healthy body.

Each of these capsules contains fibre, vitamins and calcium to maintain a good digestive, excretory and circulatory system in the body. These multi-vitamins are designed to boost metabolism, act as antioxidants, assist in various chemical reactions in the body and maintain healthy functioning of the heart. The tablets are small and are coated with gelatine so that it is very easy to swallow even for adults who are uncomfortable with swallowing pills. The multi-vitamins target the heart to boost blood circulation, cut cholesterol and improve overall health.

Key Focus: Heart

Gender: Adults, male and female

Dosage: One capsule daily after breakfast

5. Nature’s Bounty Your Life Multi Green Source:

Nature’s Bounty range of multi-vitamins provides high quality supplements for a happier and healthier lifestyle. The Multi Green Source nutrient supplements are fortified with antioxidants and probiotics that assist in various bodily functions. The vitamin supplement promotes overall wellness of the body.

Nature’s Bounty Multi Green Source is enriched with essential nutrients like Vitamins A, C, D and E as well as thiamine and minerals like zinc, iron, phosphorous, and calcium. This dietary food supplement is among the few effective vegetarian supplements in the market today. It contains whole-food concentrates that assists in improving your overall health. The probiotic and antioxidant components in the supplement reduce the effect of free radicals in the body that leads to early signs of ageing.

Key Focus: Overall Health

Gender: Adults, male and female

Dosage: One capsule daily after breakfast

6. Vitamin Shoppe Panda Vites:

A number of satisfied costumers will vouch for the effectiveness of the Vitamin Shoppe Panda Vites. The capsule is very easy to swallow, making it a good recommendation for individuals in need of supplements who find themselves unable to swallow large capsules. The supplement does not contain wheat, yeast, salt, gluten, soy, fish, dairy, fish or preservatives, so is perfect for those with a sensitive constitution. The supplement is not flavoured artificially and does not contain artificial colours, making it safe for daily consumption.

Vitamin Shoppe Panda Vites are designed for children and adults alike who do not consume wholesome meals and require essential vitamins and minerals for overall health and proper body functioning. The Vites also come in the form of chewable gummy bears that are easy to ingest and appeal to the taste of young children. Since the Vites do not contain artificial flavours or colours, this is a popular dietary supplement for kids. The smooth coating over the capsule makes it very easy to swallow for adults, while kids get to choose from coloured gummy bears.

Key Focus: Overall Health

Gender: Adults, Children male and female

Dosage: Three capsules daily

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7. Nature’s Bounty ABC Plus100:

The ABC multi-vitamin from Nature’s Bounty is enriched with more than twenty five nutrients required by the body for smooth functioning of the digestive, circulatory, excretory and lymphatic processes. The supplement contains antioxidants that are excellent for eyes, teeth and bones. Nature’s Bounty ABC is excellent for the heart and boosts overall health within a few days of taking the supplement. Users have reported an improvement in overall fitness and high levels of energy after taking the supplement continuously for about two weeks.

The multi-vitamin contains a range of essential vitamins, including A, C, D, E and minerals like iron, calcium and phosphorous that rejuvenates the body, repair damaged tissues, boost growth and foster health and wellness. The supplements boost the immune system of the body and regulate metabolism to keep you active, energized and healthy. The ABC formula also has Lutein and Carotenoids that prevent direct UV rays of the sun from damaging your eyes.

Key Focus: Heart

Gender: Adults, male and female

Dosage: One capsule daily after breakfast

8. MetRx Active Man:

The MetRx multi-vitamin for men and women has made its mark in the field of sports with its potent dietary supplements. Its time release formula gives the body a high energy boost throughout the day so that the body can process essential minerals and vitamins and keep itself healthy.

The MetRx supplement is fortified with essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C and calcium to provide high levels of fitness. These supplements provide sportsperson the required nutrients for a high energy workout. The product is rejuvenating and releases energy gradually so that the athlete is always in top form. The capsules are easy to swallow and support the body’s metabolism, revitalizing you after each gym session. The capsule also contains sufficient quantities of antioxidants, selenium and vitamin E that improve immunity, fight free radicals and enhance body fitness.

Key Focus: Overall Health

Gender: Adults, male

Dosage: Two tablets daily, after breakfast and dinner.

9. MetRx Active Woman:

The MetRx Avtive Woman daily dietary supplement contains a blend of essential vitamins and minerals that improves overall health, boots metabolism and fosters post-workout muscle recovery to rejuvenate and refresh tired muscles.

The vitamin supplements are enriched with essential nutrients like vitamins A, B, D, K and minerals like iron and calcium. This supplement for women is excellent for recovery support. The Cholecaliferol content in MetRX Woman releases energy throughout the day to prevent muscle fatigue. Iron and calcium contained in the capsule ensure bone health and healthy haemoglobin levels.

Key Focus: Overall Health

Gender: Adults, female

Dosage: Two tablets daily, with breakfast and dinner.

Please remember that a healthy diet remains the primary source of nutrients for your body. Try these natural dietary supplements in case your regular diet is coming up short in providing your body with the requisite nutrients it needs. No matter the brand of supplement you decide to consume, it is always advisable that you consult your doctor before starting on these supplements.


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