33 Meaningful Dragon Tattoo Design Ideas – 2019

33 Meaningful Dragon Tattoo Design Ideas – 2019 Hyderabd040-395603080 December 23, 2019

Dragons are, by far, the most popular tattoo designs. They can be illustrated in a wide variety of colors and styles. You can even play around with the shading and details to make your dragon tattoo look more alluring. Dragons are associated with strength, valor, and freedom. Big or small, dragon tattoos will never go out of trend.

Dragons are mentioned in the rich mythological cultures of Japan, China, Vietnam, and many other South Asian countries. Some cultures consider dragons as noble mythological creatures, while European civilizations hold dragons as representations of dark and evil powers. Different kinds of dragons are said to represent various aspects of life. The most popular kinds of dragons in different cultures are listed below:

Best Dragon Tattoo Designs And Their Meanings

  1. The Chinese Dragon

The Chinese Dragon Pinit

chili_umetnica / Instagram

The Chinese dragon tattoo designs symbolize authority, strength, and terror.

  1. The Treasure Dragon

The Treasure Dragon Pinit

jenrosetattoos / Instagram

It is the protector of earthly elements.

  1. The Mighty Horned Dragon

The Mighty Horned Dragon Pinit

jessink_tattoos / Instagram

It is known to be the strongest of all tattoos.

  1. The Celestial Dragon

The Celestial Dragon Pinit / Instagram

It is known as the guardian of the Gods and universes.

  1. The Earthly Dragon

The Earthly Dragon Pinit

daniaizpurua / Instagram

It is found in Chinese astrology and is said to rule the Earth.

  1. The Yellow Dragon

The Yellow Dragon Pinit

tattooraven / Instagram

It represents knowledge.

  1. The Spiritual Dragon

The Spiritual Dragon Pinit

kwongtattoo / Instagram

It governs the wind and rain.

  1. The Coiling Dragon

The Coiling Dragon Pinit

svart.blekk / Instagram

It is the protector of the seven seas.

Colors also play a vital role in dragon imagery. A black dragon symbolizes rigid ancestry. A green dragon symbolizes life and death. A blue dragon represents compassion and forgiveness. A gold dragon stands for wisdom, kindness, and helpfulness.

Getting inked is an exciting as well as a painful experience. To make sure you have a great tattooing experience, here are some tips that will help make the tattooing and healing process a little less painful.

Here is a list of 21 cool dragon tattoos that will surely motivate you to get inked!

1. Floral Dragon

Floral Dragon Pinit

kowai_girl_tattoo / Instagram

Flowers represent grace and sophistication. Incorporate them into a dragon design to create a powerful yet feminine tattoo. This unique design of a dragon circling itself into a coil with flowers on its back is absolutely gorgeous.

2. Yin And Yang Dragon Tattoo

Yin And Yang Dragon Tattoo Pinit

wolfinkart / Instagram

This is a one-of-a-kind dragon design. Two contrasting dragons in white and black cuddle to create the Yin and Yang symbol. This meaningful tattoo will look great on your upper back.

3. Wolf Dragon Tattoo

Wolf Dragon Tattoo Pinit

stevie_doan / Instagram

If you are on the hunt for a powerful tattoo design that signifies fierce strength and the authority to lead, this wolf dragon tattoo is perfect for you. This stunning design featuring a dragon emerging out of the smoke with the face of a wolf will look great on your leg.

4. Seductive Dragon Tattoo

Seductive Dragon Tattoo Pinit

kmiddletats / Instagram

Spice up your dragon tattoo by getting it inked down the side of your leg. Let people’s gaze follow the tattoo as far as you want it to with this beautiful duo-chrome tattoo. The beautiful shading accompanied by flowers and detailed scale work adds to its classy look.

5. Realistic Dragon Tattoo

Realistic Dragon Tattoo Pinit

inne_tattoo / Instagram

The thin outline and detailed shading of this beautiful design add to its mesmerizing appeal. This it features a fierce dragon with distinct spikes. The white eyes make it look realistic beyond belief.

6. Fire Dragon Tattoo

If you are looking for a bold tattoo design, this fire dragon is the perfect choice for you. This remarkably realistic and colorful tattoo of a dragon in metal armor is a ferocious choice, to say the least.

7. Colorful Dragon Tattoo

Colorful Dragon Tattoo Pinit

markrskipper / Instagram

This beautiful dragon tattoo done in shades of blue and orange is the perfect design to flaunt on your upper back. The watercolor strokes and shading add to the charm of the dragon’s wings.

8. The Golden Dragon Tattoo

The Golden Dragon Tattoo Pinit

aidanobrientattoos / Instagram

This beautiful dragon tattoo with a golden face and cyan body is a perfect example of the Japanese art style. These Japanese dragon tattoos have a vibrant color choice and detailed red scales make it the perfect piece for your forearm.

9. Spiral Dragon Tattoo

Spiral Dragon Tattoo Pinit

nesi_tattoos / Instagram

This unique tattoo features a spiral dragon design in which its tail is emerging out of its own mouth. The intricate line work and shading add unparalleled magnificence to this tattoo.

10. Dragon Skull Tattoo

Dragon Skull Tattoo Pinit

squirrelztattoo / Instagram

If you are a fan of skull tattoos, this dragon and skull tattoo featuring an open-winged dragon sitting atop a skull is the best option for you. Get this dragon shoulder tattoo if you believe you have a killer attitude. The upper back is the perfect place for flaunting this tattoo.

11. Belly Dragon Tattoo

Belly Dragon Tattoo Pinit

pioneertattoo / Instagram

Adorn your belly with this unique blue ink dragon tattoo. This Chinese art style tattoo with intricate shade work covers a large area of your abdomen and gives it a gorgeous look. It is the best dragon tattoos for women.

12. Dragon Snake Tattoo

Dragon Snake Tattoo Pinit

ictorious / Instagram

If you are blessed with long legs, this is the perfect dragon tattoo for you. This long serpentine dragon done up in a monochrome style will definitely make you the center of attention wherever you go.

13. Thigh Dragon Tattoo

Thigh Dragon Tattoo Pinit

rjdta2 / Instagram

This beautiful thigh tattoo is an absolute head-turner. The dense, colorful shading on the red dragon along with the light pink cherry blossoms make this tattoo look stunning. The use of warm colors and intricate shading adds to the overall appeal of the piece.

14. Baby Dragon Tattoo

Baby Dragon Tattoo Pinit

tattoomoska / Instagram

Not every dragon tattoo needs to be intense and fiery. This tiny baby dragon design – which is inspired by Disney – is colored in light shades of blue and stands out in the crowd. Go for this one if you like cutesy tattoos.

15. Dragon Back Tattoo

Dragon Back Tattoo Pinit

shayrees_art / Instagram

Looking for the perfect tattoo to flaunt on your back? This simple yet stunning line tattoo is the perfect design for you. This dragon tattoo covers a large area. It stretches from your upper back till your mid-spine. The delicate strokes add to the glamour of this tattoo.

16. Blue Dragon Tattoo

Blue Dragon Tattoo Pinit

dragontattooco / Instagram

This chic blue dragon tattoo will complement your soft nature. This thin-lined dragon tattoo done up in shades of blue and purple will add an enchanting iced look to your skin. The abstract black tree at the bottom of the tattoo takes it to the next level.

17. Dragon Leg Tattoo

Dragon Leg Tattoo Pinit

dariustattoos / Instagram

Want a tattoo to cover the whole length of your legs? This masterpiece of a tattoo will make you a living goddess. This full-length dragon looks elegant with its bold strokes and neatly curving lines.

18. Spiked Dragon Tattoo

Spiked Dragon Tattoo Pinit

neo_tattoo / Instagram

If you are a fan of detailed designs, this is the perfect tattoo for you. This beautifully lined dragon tattoo speaks volumes of the tattoo artist’s skills. Its bold spikes will look great on your forearm.

19. Tribal Dragon Tattoo

Tribal Dragon Tattoo Pinit

strange_dust / Instagram

This beautiful tribal art design is a treat for your back. The intense shade work and display of various elements using monotone hues give it an ethnic appeal.

20. Scaled Dragon Tattoo

Scaled Dragon Tattoo Pinit

dirtylusttattoo / Instagram

If you like keeping things simple and chic, go for this tattoo. This small red lined tattoo of a dragon has an authentic Chinese look. This is the perfect tattoo to get on the side of your back.

21. Hand Dragon Tattoo

Hand Dragon Tattoo Pinit

nikotattooartist / Instagram

This easy dragon tattoo fits your arm perfectly. Its design is quite cartoon-like and done in monochrome colors. The minimal design of the tattoo with diverse shade work makes it look even more stunning.

22. Female Dragon Tattoo

Female Dragon Tattoo Pinit

mermaid_tattooer / Instagram

This one is for all the Game Of Thrones fans out there! Say hello to this sassy Daenerys Targaryen (a.k.a. the Mother of Dragons) tattoo. This colorful tattoo features Daenerys surrounded by three brightly-colored baby dragons and is done in an adorable comical style. Show off your love for the series by getting it inked on your bicep.

23. Dragon Side Rib Tattoo

Dragon Side Rib Tattoo Pinit

azumistudio / Instagram

This neat side rib tattoo is a design you will want to flaunt on your curves. This simple line tattoo with distinct scales and detailing is a beautiful interpretation of Chinese art. Wear a crop top to flaunt it in all its glory.

24. Tiny Dragon Tattoo

Tiny Dragon Tattoo Pinit

micaelacain / Instagram

If you are intrigued by small tattoos and like to keep things minimal, try out this tattoo. These three simple dragon tattoos, drawn in a rough pencil texture, look adorable and meaningful at the same time. These tiny strokes on your shoulder will look super cute.

25. Sea Dragon Tattoo

Sea Dragon Tattoo Pinit

camille_zuzu / Instagram

If you are a fan of colored tattoos, this sea dragon design is sure to mesmerize you. The semi-realistic sea blue and cyan dragon with beautiful shading and brushed hues look regal. Flaunt this enchanting tattoo on your arms and get ready to make some serious heads turn.

26. Abstract Dragon Tattoo

Abstract Dragon Tattoo Pinit

kimihito1825 / Instagram

If you are a fan of modern art and hidden meanings, this dragon tattoo will win your heart. This beautiful dragon back tattoo with a black brushed design is a great example of an abstract splendor.

27. Dragon Arm Tattoo

Dragon Arm Tattoo Pinit / Instagram

If you are a fan of realistic dragon arm tattoo design is a dream come true for you. This striking piece of body art features a well-shaded black dragon. The fierce hunting look of the dragon gives it a lifelike charm. This is the perfect tattoo for your arm.

28. Wrist Dragon Tattoo

If you are a fan of small tattoos, this design is sure to steal your heart. These four small dragon tattoos, tiny silhouettes of dragons soaring on your wrist are the most lovable and chic gift you could give to your arms.

29. Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Japanese Dragon Tattoo Pinit

timelesstattooart / Instagram

This Japanese tattoo design is one of its kind. It features a brightly-colored green dragon surrounded by gray smoke. The tattoo is bound by a flawless circle to give it a geometric charm.

30. Dragon Band Tattoo

Dragon Band Tattoo Pinit

nolovelost_tattoos / Instagram

If you are a fan of band tattoos, this dragon band tattoo will surely grab your interest. This unique dragon sleeve tattoo design of a colorful encircling your lower leg and protecting a skull is the coolest design to try out. The complex shading and detailing add to its glamour.

31. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Pinit

arashistar / Instagram

This tattoo is inspired by The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. This Japanese-style design of a girl with a horn sitting on a dragon with a flower is cute and mystical. The peach hue of the flowers adds a warm glow to the design.

32. Chest Dragon Tattoo

Chest Dragon Tattoo Pinit

byblackpearltattoo / Instagram

If you are a die-hard fan of ice dragons, get one inked right above your heart. The white and blue tinge and delicate outline of this dragon look mystical and beautiful. It is the best dragon chest tattoo.

33. Dragon Eye Tattoo

If you like to keep your tattoos bold, this is the ideal design for you. Focusing on the green eye of the dragon provides a mysterious appeal to the tattoo. It is perfect for your forearm.

Those were the best dragon tattoo ideas! I hope they inspire you the next time you get inked. Which one of these do you want to get inked on your body? Comment below to let us know!

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