Best Elle 18 Products And Their Prices

Makeup brands work best when they can reach out to different age groups and budgets in a balanced way. One brand which seems to have found a huge fan following in the young college going crowd, as well as been widely accepted in the wider makeup using circle, is Elle 18.

Elle 18 is a brand that is known mostly for its trendy and affordable beauty products. The Elle 18 range consists of some extremely affordable makeup products that are a must have in any girl’s vanity. These are very contemporary and stylish and come in bright colours. This makes it a hit especially with the college going crowd as it is extremely funky and bold.

Best Elle 18 Products:

Here is a list of the top 6 products from Elle 18 that are most popular.

1. Elle 18 Colorburst Lipstick:


2. Elle 18 Nail Pops:

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3. Elle 18 Lip Smoothies Lip gloss:

These lip glosses from Elle 18 are deliciously flavoured

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4. Elle 18 Eye Sparklers:

Eye Sparklers are multi-functional makeup products.

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5. Elle 18 Kajal:

A kajal is a staple makeup product in most Indian vanities.

6. Elle 18 Black out Eyeliner:

Elle 18 re-launched these products in November 2010 with funky, trendy and vibrant shades. The range is perfect for young college girls as it has some very bright and youthful colours. Also, being so reasonably priced, they are great for the budget conscious user.

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We are sure you have tried out some of the Elle 18 products and loved them too. For those of you who haven’t yet, try out something from the products listed above. And once you do, tell us which ones are your favourite.

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