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Best Eye Makeup Colours For Different Indian Skin Tones

Best Eye Makeup Colours For Different Indian Skin Tones November 8, 2017

Your eyes play a major role in enhancing the beauty of your face. Indian eyes are considered beautiful and attractive in most parts of the world. Getting correct eye makeup for Indian skin is quite difficult, especially if you don’t know the tips and tricks. But once you get it right, it can enhance your eyes in the most beautiful and striking ways. With the right shades, products and style, you can surely master the art of eye makeup.

One of the key elements to getting that perfect eye makeup is wearing eye colours that suit your skin tone.

Before we talk about the right shades, here are a few eye makeup tips to help you start:

  • Always apply eye primer on your eye lids before applying any colour. Primer helps intensify the eye shadow colour, making your eye shadow last longer. It also delays creasing.
  • After you’ve applied the primer, apply an eye shadow base in the same colour as your eye shadow. This will help the colour stay on longer. An eye shadow base could be in the form of a jumbo eye pencil, paint pots, colour tattoos or any other pressed creamy eye shadows.
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Now let’s have a look at the Best Eye Makeup Colours for Different Indian Skin Tones.

Eye Makeup for Indian Skin Tones

1. Fair / Pale Skin:

Complexion type:Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma

If you have fair skin, opt for lighter coloured eye liners like blue or green. Using darker eye colours on fair skin would make your eyes look heavily made up, even when they are not. The whole idea behind makeup is to look natural and enhance your features.

Some eye shadow colours suitable for fair Indian skin are silver, pale blue, turquoise, sea green, taupe, light brown, tawny pinks, mauves, gray, soft peaches, pastels, lilac and lavender. You can try nude or neutral eye shadow palettes to create various stunning looks.

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2. Medium / Wheatish Skin:

Complexion type: Deepika Padukone, Genelia D’souza and Sonam Kapoor

Smoky eyes looks best on Indians with a wheatish skin tone. You can also opt for brown and mauve eye liners instead of black. Those with medium or wheatish skin tones can actually look good in both light and dark shades. For medium skin tone, matte eye shadows for the day and shimmery for the night always work well.

Colours that look good on medium and wheatish skin tones are: pinks, teal, shimmering taupe, burgundy, vanilla, bright green, dark greens, granite, silvery warm plums, purples, corals, caramels, coffees,  deep wines, navy blues, deep jewel-toned greens, slate and dark ebony, deep mahogany, chocolate browns, sparkling browns and plums.

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3. Olive / Tan Skin:

Complexion type: Bipasha Basu, Priyanka Chopra, Chitrangada Singh

Black Eye liners are optimum for those with an olive or tan skin tone. Eye makeup for dark Indian skin complexions look great with the use of shimmery colours. Stay away from light colours, as these will make your complexion look darker than it originally is.

Suitable eye shadow colours for olive skin tones are bronze, gold, copper, emerald greens, deep plums, violets, rich dark eggplant, charcoal grays, metallic, sapphire blues, deep navy and cobalt.

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Of course there are many colours and shades you can choose to play with. So stick to some basic tips and make use of the wide colour palette out there! Have fun. Don’t forget to keep is simply stylish!


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