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5 Best Eyebrow Threading Machines in India – 2019 Update

5 Best Eyebrow Threading Machines in India – 2019 Update February 1, 2019

Nothing makes your face look more attractive and polished than well groomed brows. Originated in India over 6000 years ago, eyebrow threading is nowadays is a widely practiced technique across the world. The usual method involves in it is shaping of the brows by using two strands of cotton thread. Picking up a line of hair, the strands pluck the hair from the brow, which creates a clean and defined eyebrow line.

Though there are different types of techniques used for eyebrow shaping, threading is considered the best among all. Threading removes hair from their roots, providing long lasting effect. This method is also used to create high arches and other desired eyebrow shapes. Today, this traditional method of eyebrow threading has come of age with the arrival of modern equipments, designed specifically to define the eyebrows.

Best 5 Eyebrow Threading Machines:

Here are the top 5 eyebrow threading machines available in the market today:

1. Braun FG 1100 Silk Epil Bikini Styler:

The Braun Silk Epil Bikini Stylerremoves unwanted hairs from the face, eyebrows, bikini lines and other sensitive areas. The packaging comes with a trimmer. The tools are packed inside a cardboard box. The tools include AAA battery, two trimming combs, two cutting heads, which are contained inside a pouch. It also contains 10 beauty templates in the packaging that will help you decide the style. The water proof trimmer helps to trim hair easily without any irritation. There are two cutting heads, one for standard and other for precision trimming. The high precision cutting head can be used for detailed styling and you can easily use it for your eyebrows.

2. Philips NT9110/30 Nose, Ear and Eyebrow Trimmer:

The Philips Nose, Ear and Eyebrow Trimmer comes with a powerful micro trimmer, which provides high precision and quick trimming. As the trimmer comes with an angle for easy reach for trimming, there is no chance of missing any unwanted hair. The packaging also contains two eyebrow combs. The trimmer also contains a rubber grip for easy trimming. You can handle the trimmer with wet hands, since the trimmer is waterproof. The trimmer also has a safeguard technology, and the cutter comes with an ultra thin foil for safety. This is to ensure that the trimmer comes in contact only with hair and not the skin, preventing injuries. The trimmer requires an AA battery, which needs to be charged before trimming.

3. Karmissie Lux Deluxe Threader Kit:

Karmissie was the first brand to introduce a natural method of removing unwanted hair using twisted threads. This threader helps you to maintain a smooth and radiant skin easily at home. The kit comes with a threader, feel less lotion, chalk, closer lotion, instructional DVD and 48 replacement threads. The chalk makes the hair visible before threading your brows. The feel less lotion makes the skin numb to reduce the pain. The closer lotion helps to close pores and soothe the skin when threading is completed. The threader includes tightly looped thread, which glides on the skin to remove unwanted hair from the root while exfoliating the dead skin cells. The cotton threads are unbreakable and stretch well. The threader also reduces coarseness and hair re-growth for up to 4 weeks. The machine is easy to use—you just need to push, press, pull and release.

4. Helix Thread Ease Eyebrow Threading Kit:

The Helix Thread Ease is an innovative tool that can be used both at a salon and at home. The kit is effective in removing unwanted hair from the root. It leaves the skin soft, smooth and can make your face look exotic. The kit comes with a plastic hand held threader, spool of thread, dark brown eyebrow powder, eyebrow gel, eyebrow comb and a carry bag. The threader removes the finest of hair that would otherwise be missed. It helps in carefully shaping and contouring your eyebrows for a sharper and younger look. This kit can be used in your beauty regime for a clean and hair-free skin. Beginners should use 13-15 inches of thread. With practice, you can easily shape your eyebrows with no difficulty or assistance. With frequent use, it slows down the hair growth.

5. Rio Electric Threading:

The Rio Electric Threading makes easy hair removal. The kit includes a threader, fixing powder and cotton. This threader can be used on upper lip, eyebrows, chin and sideburns. The advanced rotating spring helps in removing hair from the roots. The threader can be used in normal, tanned, sensitive and pale skin. The process is safe, natural, simple and fast. The threading kit helps in removing the finest hair from the skin, which waxing and tweezers can’t achieve. The threader provides a long lasting effect.

The shape of your eyebrows can make or break the way you look. No wonder that these equipments are hot property for salons. But you can buy one for yourself! Why visit the parlor each time your brows need some plucking? Do it yourself at the comfort of your home.

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Have you ever used these equipment for eyebrow threading at home? Did you find the end result satisfactory? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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