Falling In Love Quotes To Express Your Feelings & Affection

Written by Sushmita Barman

Falling in love quotes are the best way to express your passion to your partner. This profound moment in a person’s life can feel almost intoxicating. It heightens every emotion and leaves you incapable of moderating your feelings. While sparks of energy elevate the affection in your heart, your mind finds peace. But to grow and glow in love is not everyone’s forte. Sometimes this sweet feeling can also be overwhelming, and you might find it hard to put together the appropriate words to express your thoughts. So, if you want to cherish someone, we have got you covered. This article lists some sweet and cute quotes that you can send your partner (or yourself because self-love is important). Swipe up.

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Falling In Love Quotes

Are you falling in love? Are you in love? You must be wondering about how to divulge your emotions. Well, you don’t need to brood over it anymore. Just take the plunge and convey your emotions by adding these wonderful quotes.

  •  “If you fall for the same person over and over again, know that it is love.”

True love calls for falling in love with the same person more and more with passing time and days. Not in any way it is elusive; it hits you differently when you are in love.

  •  “When in love, you don’t fall but rise.”

As Toni Morrison once quoted, ” I didn’t fall in love, I rose in it”, it cannot get more factual than this. People say you fall in love; however, the dinkum oil lies in the fact that when you are in love, your growth and personality levers up, implying your rise to heights.

Quotes About Falling In Love Unexpectedly

Ain’t it true that the best of relationships begin unexpectedly? If you have been through falling in love this way too, you ought to learn some quotes to celebrate this unexpected love.

  •  “The love that comes without warning makes you fall for it hard and long before you have even realized.”

As a matter of fact, love never comes with a forewarning. It might strike you during the most unexpected and unusual times of your life. And once you fall and embrace, there’s no repudiation.

  •  “Love comes at the right time when you would imagine it to never come to your life.”

In the most unanticipated of times, it reaches out to you from out of the blue. Later on, you realize that you were surely letting it become the most valued thing in your life.

Falling In Love Quotes For Him

When the right person comes into your life, you will realize that it is always worth the wait. Here we have noted down some quotes specifically for your significant “him”.

  •  “Just be the man of my life, and I will love you forevermore.”

If you love your man to death, you would not let anything take him away. You will try your best to keep him happy and at peace.

  •  “I have been this little girl wanting and asking to be loved by him.”

This is the perfect quote to add up when you tell him about your dream to be loved if you want him to reciprocate. Show him your affection, unleash your authentic self, and no man would ever deny commending such a wonderful love.

Falling In Love Quotes For Her

Rather than writing a standard “I love you” message to your girl, you can plan on sending quotes that would make her swoon over you.

  •  “She was embellished with magic which only I could perceive.”

In the eyes of the lover, only love for his significant other persists. It is conceivable that when in love, he is down to fix things and treat her like a queen.

  •  “She is the one I am ready to fall for again and again.”

Love can make a man do anything for his girl just to keep her content.

Falling In Love With Your Best Friend Quotes

When you fall in love with your best friend, you ought to know that you are blessed as well as the luckiest. To cherish this sort of love, we have noted down some quotes.

  •  “When my eyes were searching for a soulmate, I never thought it would be my best friend who would offer me both friendship and love.”

A relationship where you both can be friends first and then lovers is a blessing. They will make sure to lift each other up. Above all, you can share your feelings and emotions without shilly-shallying.

  •  “It has been so fun knowing you as a friend, and now I am thrilled to let you become a part of this journey as a lover too.”

If you want to ask your best friend to become the love of your life, you have got to tell them about your feelings as it is better than going astray.

Falling In Love Again Quotes

It is quite usual to expect that you and your counterpart might fall in and out of love. You cannot simply sit back and pretend to be uptight about the idea of love. Be open to falling in love with someone who seems compatible enough to be with you.

  •  “Never be afraid to fall in love again. Go with the flow and aim for the moon.”

This quote is an incessant reminder to open yourself up for new adventures. Let your heart chase the things and people that deserve to be with you.

  •  “You would not want to fall in love ever again after one or two subsequent failures, yet you will fall for someone again.”

Your heart will always convince you to do what is seemingly vital for you. Even if you would wish not to fall in love ever in your lifetime, you cannot blame gravity for falling in love again.

Falling In Love Fast Quotes

The truth is that you can experience being in love within a short time, while falling for someone is a process that develops gradually.

  •  “I used to wonder how come people fall in love so fast, but then I met you, and I could see the reason.”

Only after you have realized that you have fallen for that someone special are you are assured that it is inevitable. The sweetness of that love propels your pace.

  •  “Your fast-paced love and infatuation can trick you into dealing with obscure thoughts.”

People who fall in love fast tend to lose their rationality due to the overpowering essence of love.

Quotes For Falling In Love With Someone You Never Met

Are you someone who has fallen for someone without meeting them in person? If the response is affirmative, here are a few falling in love with someone you never met quotes.

  •  “Falling in love is not a plan that you can choose to create.”

Love is both elegant and exquisite; however, you do not know who you will fall for. Sometimes, you just vibe and fall for each other through words and emotions.

  •  “Once I bond emotionally and spiritually with you, it gets difficult for me to fall out of love.”

The bottom line is that if one can bond emotionally, it can never eschew you from falling in love.

Falling In Love At The Wrong Time Quotes

Do you believe in the wrong time, right person thing?

  •  “Nothing’s much worse than falling in love with the right person at the wrong time.”

In life, you can fall for someone you might see as the right person, yet due to the circumstances, you might not be able to take that love any further.

  •  “It is never that you meet the right person at the wrong time. The truth is they are not right for you.”

Even if your conscience would speak that they were the perfect ones for you, they ain’t always the ones for you.

Falling In Love With A Wrong Person Quotes

Love can turn out to be scary and disappointing, too, at times when you fall for the wrong ones.

  •  “The wrong guy will lead you towards suffering by saying the right things.”

Why is it that the wrong guy is able to convince and manipulate you fast into falling in love? And they end up breaking your heart by deceiving you.

  •  “Wrong ones teach you lessons.”

Be grateful for your growth, as even the wrong person teaches you a lesson.

It might not be easy to put your feelings into words when you genuinely love someone. True love can leave you speechless. Maybe the best kind of love is when the other person makes you fall so deeply in love with them that you can’t think rationally. However, this can also be a problem. This compilation of deep love quotes can help you convey your feelings for the person who means the most to you. We all need love in our life, and these meaningful love quotes can help you put your feelings into words. They will move and excite your soul and inspire you to seek your sources of love in this life.

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