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4 Best Fat Freezing Machines For A Sculpted Body – 2019

4 Best Fat Freezing Machines For A Sculpted Body – 2019 Hyderabd040-395603080 August 6, 2019

The idea of freezing fat sounds rather ghastly. But don’t panic. The process involves destroying fat cells in a non-surgical way. In other words, it is similar to liposuction but doesn’t involve any surgery. To help you understand more about this unique weight loss technique, in this article, we will be discussing the procedure, benefits, and the best cryolipolysis products available on the market. Scroll down to know more.

What Is Fat Freezing?

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Fat freezing is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. In this process, the fat cells are frozen for a duration to eliminate unwanted fat. The device uses concentrated cooling technology to target and destroy the cells. These cells are removed from the body through the natural excretion process.

What Does A Fat Freezer (Cryolipolysis) Machine Do?

  • Once the selected area is marked, a gel pad is placed on it to protect it.
  • The applicator accumulates fat in its vacuumed hollow space.
  • The temperature inside the applicator is lowered to certain degrees. This numbs the area, resulting in freezing and disposal of fat cells.

Benefits Of Fat Freezing (Cryolipolysis) Machine

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  1. One of the many benefits of cryolipolysis is that the fat cells are destroyed immediately, unlike other weight loss programs that take a few days to show results.
  2. The destroyed fat cells are eliminated from your body, eliminating chances of accumulation.
  3. It is a non-surgical procedure that does not involve scarring or stitches.
  4. The procedure gets done in a couple of hours.
  5. The chances of weight gain are very less, and the results look almost natural.
  6. It helps you get rid of unhealthy fat.
  7. The positive weight loss results increase the confidence of the person undergoing the procedure. 


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Now that you are aware of how fat freezing machines can benefit you, let’s look at a few of them that can help you achieve a sculpted body.

4 Best Fat Freezing Machines For Sculpted Body

1. Ruipu HKS201 Cryolipolysis freeze Slimming+lipolysis Machine

This device comes with two handles – one for the body, and one for the legs and arms. It has a temperature range of +5 to -10 degrees. The vacuum pressure can be adjusted to 1000 pa. Each treatment takes between 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the density of fat. The device is designed to remove stubborn fat within 2-3 treatments.


  • Dual voltage
  • 8-inch touch display
  • Dissolves cellulite 





2. Moontree Cryolipolysis Beauty Tool

This cool liposuction device freezes fat cells without causing any discomfort or pain. It tightens your skin and eliminates the signs of aging by enhancing fibroblast tissue elasticity. It increases blood circulation and improves metabolism. This device works on the selected area without damaging the surrounding tissues. 


  • Professional-grade
  • No side effects
  • Delivers quick results 


  • Expensive 



3. Dermapeel Cryolipolysis Beauty Machine

This device removes excess fat from your body and contours the area to give you a slim and sculpted body. It eliminates cellulite and firms sagging skin. Besides the coolsculpting applicator, the device is equipped with a 25KHz and 40KHz cavitation probe for surface and deep layer fat removal.


  • Dual voltage
  • Large display screen


  • Availability issues 



4. Dia Beauty HKS202B Cryolipolysis Machine

This intensive cool-sculpting cryolipolysis machine destroys stubborn fat cells and eliminates them through the natural lymphatic system. It tightens and firms sagging skin. It reduces the fat cells in the targeted area by up to 20-22%.


  • Eliminates stubborn fat
  • Suitable for the arms and thighs 


  • Availability issues 



Though fat freezing is a low-risk option for removing unwanted fat, there are risks involved. We suggest you consult a doctor to help you decide whether it works for you or not.

Side Effects Of Fat Freezing

Although cryolipolysis does not involve going under the knife, it does have its share of risks.

When the fatty area is vacuumed, the tugging sensation can be slightly painful. Besides the uneasiness, you may experience other side effects like minor swelling, redness, tingling, skin sensitivity, and cramps. However, these are observed immediately after the procedure and will go away within a few days.

Today, besides gymming, there are a lot of options available to lose fat. But, to look and feel good on the inside and outside, these procedures alone cannot do the magic. You also need to follow a healthy lifestyle and diet to maintain your weight.

Hope you found this information useful. Please share your feedback and suggestions in the comments section below.

Expert’s Answers for Readers Questions

Do fat freezing machines actually work?

Yes. However, the degree of intensity varies from person to person due to different body types. It is best to consult a doctor and do your research before proceeding with the treatment.

Will I put on weight again?

Post-treatment, the destroyed fat cells cannot return. But excessive eating and uncontrollable carb intake can trigger the remaining fat cells to multiply.

How many sessions do I require?

It depends on the body type and the number of targeted areas. Initial results can be seen within the first two treatments.

Does it work for obesity?

No. The process is not an invasive body slimming procedure.

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