10 Best Expert-Approved Feather Hair Extensions To Switch Your Style (2024)

Look your boldest best with hair accessories that are trendy and offer great volume.

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If you haven’t experimented with hair feather extensions already, now is your chance! Trying out unique hairstyles has no age limit, and the more you test these hacks, the better you portray your personality to others. What we like best about experimenting with hairstyles is that it gives you an assurance that it will grow back eventually, so you don’t have to worry about cutting your hair too short or coloring your hair from the roots. Now that you have experimented with almost everything, it’s time to give feather extensions a try. They are easy to attach to your hair, add color to your look, and give a volumizing effect to your natural hair. If you have a thing for DIY projects, you might try your hands at them to see how you look in them. Once you are thoroughly convinced your hair needs feather extensions to give you a peppy look, we will help you choose the best ones that will stay longer and blend with your hair perfectly. Go through our list for the 10 best feather extensions to give your hair a funky change.

Top PicksCheck Price
Best Overall:Feather Lily Hair FeathersPrice on Amazon
Best For Halloween:Soraka Hair Feather Hair Extension KitPrice on Amazon
Best Handmade:Fodattm Handmade Boho Hair ExtensionsPrice on Amazon
Best Anti-Slip:SHUOHAN Synthetic Hair FeathersPrice on Amazon
Best Curly Hair:Sexy Sparkles Feather Hair Extensions Rainbow-Colored FeathersPrice on Amazon
Best For Styling:SARLA Synthetic Feather Extension KitPrice on Amazon
Best For All Hair Types:Paidian Rainbow Synthetic Feather Hair ExtensionsPrice on Amazon
Best For Daily Wear:Aosome Hair Feather Clip ExtensionsPrice on Amazon
Best Premium:Vaga Cheeky Flair For Hair Feather Extensions Salon KitPrice on Amazon
Best Thick Feathers:Moonlight Feather Hair ExtensionsPrice on Amazon

Add Flair To Your Tresses With The 10 Best Feather Hair Extensions

1.Best Overall:Feather Lily Hair Feathers

Feather Lily Hair Feathers Image: Feather Lily

To instantly elevate your mane game, you can try these premium-quality hair feathers by Feather Lily, which come in 20 shades of natural brown and turquoise for a vibrant pop of color. Made with 100% real rooster feathers, you can also wash, style, iron, or curl the feather hair extension along with your natural hair. As a bonus, the pack of beautiful hair accessories includes 20 microlink beads and a loop for easy weaving with your natural hair, which provides a perfect feathered look. Attach them in your tresses for hair lengthening or for a fun night out or forget you have them on for up to 6 months 一 provided you treat them with gentle care.

Material: Plastic | Color: Turquoise and Naturals


  • Made with 100% real rooster feathers
  • Can be washed, styled, curled, or straightened
  • Comes with 20 beads and loop
  • Can be worn for up to 6 months
  • Includes 20 turquoise and brown extensions


  • The feathers might fray with time

protip_icon Pro Tip
Avoid applying conditioner to the extensions after you wash your hair to make them last longer.


Why We Think It's Worth Buying

It has received over 2,494 rave reviews on Amazon, proving it is a mass favorite.

2.Best For Halloween:Soraka Hair Feather Hair Extension Kit


Soraka Hair amps up the ‘wow factor’ in your tresses with this colorful hair feather kit. Made of synthetic soft fiber, these extensions are dyed to look like real feathers, almost resembling that of a quail, and come in 20 bright shades for unique hair styling. These feather types have 50 silicone microbeads, so you can easily attach them without damaging your hair and you can rest assured of its staying power. Many reviewers recommend these synthetic hair extensions for their soft texture and snug fit. On Halloween and fun party nights, you can’t go wrong with Soraka Hair’s feather extensions.

Hair Type: Curly | Material: Silicone | Color: 20 Feather


  • 20 bright feathers
  • 50 silicone beads
  • Hook tool included
  • Made with soft synthetic fiber
  • Can be washed


  • Not heat-proof

3.Best Handmade:Fodattm Handmade Boho Hair Extensions

A set of 6 brightly colored feathers, Fodattm’s clip-in feather hair extensions are super easy to use. Even if you have thin or fine hair, the clip is small yet sturdy and will keep the feather intact, even while you head bang to your favorite rock song. The versatile feather arrangement also has a braided embroidery thread detailing at the bottom, which adds a colorful twist to your hair without the commitment of dyes. These colorful feathers for hair are ideal for concerts or fancy costume parties. These handmade, colorful hair extensions are a must-have for those wild in spirit! Moreover, the additional hair clip-on feature makes these feathers easy to use and wear.

Material: metal feather | Color: Colour Randomly | Hair Type: All


  • 6 bright feathers
  • Thread detailing at the bottom
  • Clip-on feature easy to use
  • Small yet sturdy clip


  • Might get tangled in coarse hair

4.Best Anti-Slip:SHUOHAN Synthetic Hair Feathers

 Sexy Sparkles Feather Hair Extensions Rainbow-Colored Feathers Image: Sexy Sparkles

SHUOHAN brings to you an assortment of 13 fun colors to give your hair a unique look. These synthetic feather extensions are quite impressive as the kit includes a needle hook and pliers. As the tools are lightweight and anti-slip with wooden handles, you can easily attach the extensions on your own without a trip to the salon, and it is a perfect choice to get festival hair. These beautiful hair accessories also come with 100 silicone-lined micro rings that are comfortable and keep the feathers intact without pulling on hair.

Hair Type: Straight | Material: Silicone | Color: 26PCS/13Colors


  • 13 bright colored individual feathers
  • Set includes pliers, hook, and comb
  • Comes with 100 silicone-lined micro rings
  • Lightweight and anti-slip tools
  • Easy to insert and wash


  • Not heat-proof

5.Best Curly Hair:Sexy Sparkles Feather Hair Extensions Rainbow-Colored Feathers

Sexy Sparkles Feather Hair Extensions Rainbow-Colored Feathers Image: Sexy Sparkles

Fancy a rainbow in your hair? If yes, you should definitely get your hands on these natural feather extensions made with 100% real rooster feathers! In a kit with 20 rainbow-colored loose feathers, you will also find tools like a needle loop and silicone microbeads for safe and customizable application. Made of a salon-grade quality, several reviewers love how easily you can wash, curl, and style this feather hair extension bundle with no worries.

Hair Type: Curly | Material: Genuine Rooster Feathers


  • Made with 100% real rooster feathers
  • 20 rainbow-colored feathers
  • Loop and silicone microbeads included
  • Can be washed and styled with heat
  • Easy to insert


  • Some may find that the feathers to fray with extended use

protip_icon Pro Tip
Dry your hair extensions completely and gently tie them back before going to bed as damp and untied hair extensions are prone to damage caused by tangles.

6.Best For Styling:SARLA Synthetic Feather Extension Kit

This feather hair extension kit by SARLA is made of synthetic materials and is a super easy way to change your hairstyle and appearance. If you find the feathers to be too long for your hair, you can cut them according to your preferences and get styling! As long as you keep the temperature below 120°C, the feathers can be curled or flat ironed, depending on your mood. However, these colorful hair accessories are not heat-resistant. As the set features 150 silicone microbeads, pliers, and a hook, they are as fun to install as they are to wear and are suitable for temporary hair transformation. However, the feather maintenance of these hair extensions is a bit tedious as they may easily tangle.

Material: Synthetic | Color: 100 pieces + tools


  • 100 pieces of feathers
  • 150 silicone microbeads, hook, and pliers included
  • Can tolerate heat up to 120°C
  • Can be cut short without fraying
  • Made of soft synthetic material


  • Might get tangled easily

7.Best For All Hair Types:Paidian Rainbow Synthetic Feather Hair Extensions

Tired of switching up your hair color? Well, with 100 rainbow-colored feather extensions and micro rings, your hair gets a boost of color that is suitable for any fun occasion. Made with 100% synthetic fiber, these feather extensions can be washed, dried, cut, curled, or straightened as long as the temperature remains below 180°C. As these synthetic hair extensions have a soft texture, they mix in with your hair while also adding a much-needed pop of color and help you flaunt your statement hair. The thin texture allows you to create the illusion of temporary highlights without having to spend hours at the salon. These feathers are suitable for all hair types.

Material: Synthetic | Color: rainbow


  • Made with 100% soft synthetic fiber
  • Can be washed, dried, cut, and styled with heat under 180°C
  • Vibrant neon colors
  • 100 feathers and micro rings included


  • The ends might become frizzy with use

8.Best For Daily Wear:Aosome Hair Feather Clip Extensions


Made with natural rooster feathers, these clip-ons are a fun way to add some highlights to your hair. Each feather can be attached and removed with a black comb clip for easy wear. Handmade and available in 6 colors, the feather is detailed with threaded beads and a leather rope, which can also be braided into your hair. Ideal for carnivals or themed parties, we think this feather hair piece set is a must-have for occasional or daily wear too as these extensions cause no damage to the hair. The set can be the perfect gift for those who like sporting boho-chic hairstyles.

Hair Type: All | Material: Leather | Color: Feather 6pcs


  • 6 colors
  • Easy to attach and remove with black comb clip
  • Detailed with beads and leather rope
  • Lightweight
  • Doesn’t snag hair


  • Might tangle easily

9.Best Premium:Vaga Cheeky Flair For Hair Feather Extensions Salon Kit

In a single set, you can avail a wide range of feathers like 20 grizzly and solid ones for an instant makeover. This hair feather extension kit also comes with a hook, a set of pliers, and 90 beads to help make wearing them easier. You can also cut, curl, straighten, wash, and blow dry Cheeky’s feathered hair extensions along with your natural hair. Keep a stash around for concerts or parties with the girls or when you want to sport a fun hairstyle on the weekends. These colorful hair accessories are a fun and unique way to change your hairstyle. Several reviewers recommend the tutorial video on the company’s website for easy directions.

Product Dimensions: 2.36 x 1.61 x 1.61 inches | Weight: 6.4 Ounces


  • 152 pieces of extensions
  • 6 varied kinds
  • Lightweight
  • Hook, pliers, and 90 beads included
  • Can be washed, cut, and styled with natural hair


  • Feathers might be a bit fragile

10.Best Thick Feathers:Moonlight Feather Hair Extensions

Moonlight Feather Hair Extensions Image: Moonlight Feather

These naturally-dyed hair feather extensions made with natural rooster feathers come in 100 pieces and will definitely take your hairstyle to the next level. A mix of thin and thick feathers with fluff adds volume to your hair and there’s a mix of solid and grizzly patterns to decorate your hair with. Long yet soft, these premium-quality feathers can be washed, curled, and dried along with natural hair. If you don’t want to use them for your hair, they also make for great DIY jewelry or crafts!

Hair Type: Straight | Material: Feathers | Color: Natural Thick Short | Product Dimensions: 6 x 9 x 0.1 inches | Weight: 0.32 Ounces.


  • Made with natural rooster feathers
  • Naturally dyed and colored
  • Mix of thin and thick, individual feathers with added fluff
  • Solid and grizzly patterns included
  • Can be washed, curled, and dried


  • Might get tangled
*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

Now that we’ve looked at some of the best hair extensions on the market, let’s learn how you can pick one for yourself.

How To Choose The Best Feather Hair Extension

  • Material

Feather hair extensions can be made with 100% bird hair like those of roosters and can be quite expensive or synthetically made. The latter option is ideal if you are allergic to real bird feathers or if you’re looking for an inexpensive option. Look for feathers that are dyed professionally and naturally, are soft, and lightweight, so they do not feel heavy when clipped in hair.

  • Method of wearing

Some feathers come with a clip that needs to be fastened onto the scalp. This is a great time-saving option and a good-quality clip won’t snag or pull on hair. Other varieties have feathers that must be inserted into silicone-lined microbeads with a hook and fastened into hair. This might take some time to fully insert into hair but these feather extensions can stay for months on end.

  • Other features

If you want to keep your feather extensions for weeks to months, look for those that can be washed, combed, curled, straightened, and dried along with your natural hair. Ideally, extensions should be resistant to both heat and water. For a bit of spice, you can also look for feathers that come with colored beads and embroidered threads. Also, during the selection of hair feathers, consider the type, length, and color of these hair extensions and pick one that appeals to your style and aesthetics.

After you’ve got your feather extensions ready, let’s learn how to wear them!

How To Wear Feather Hair Extensions

  • Step 1: Taking the metal loop, place the microbead on it. Section a tiny bit of hair and thread it through the loop. Slide the microbead down and pull out the hair from the loop.
  • Step 2: Slide your feather(s) of choice into the microbead along with the section of hair. Using the pliers, flatten out that portion including the microbead.
  • Step 3: Repeat this process with a few more sections or the whole head, depending on your preference.

Infographic: Trendy Hairstyles To Pair With Feather Hair Extensions

Feather hair extensions are all the rage right now, owing to their versatility and bold design. But if you are new to them, then styling them the right way can be a little tricky. No worries though! We are here to help you find the best hairstyles that effortlessly complement these extensions. So, check out the infographic below for modish hairdos that you can rock with feather hair extensions, and be ready to bedazzle everyone!

Trendy Hairstyles To Pair With Feather Hair Extensions (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

The Bottom Line

Feather hair extensions are trendy and unique. They help you change your hairstyles without going to the salon and spending too much money on temporary hairdos. They are the perfect hair accessories for women and girls who want to switch their hair game effortlessly. If you want out-of-the-box styles, feather hair extensions can give you a peppy look and feel. You can style these hair extensions with your casual clothes for chilled-out parties and events. The Feather Lily Hair Feathers is one of the top-quality products with a vibrant combination of brown and turquoise. Those who want to achieve a feathered look without the expense of real feathers can turn to the SHUOHAN Synthetic Hair Feathers. The Sexy Sparkles Feather Hair Extensions Rainbow-Colored Feathers can add a pop of color to any hairstyle. These accessories can be easily attached without you having to damage your tresses needlessly. Many feather hair extensions come in unique colors and designs that make them ideal for rock concerts or friendly night outs. The additional hair clip-on features in these extensions make them easier to use. However, you should avoid the ones that are difficult to insert and cause tangles in your hair. Choose extensions that have garnered favorable reviews online and give yourself a trendy look!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do feather hair extensions last?

Feature hair extensions last three to six months if properly cared for and maintained well.

Are feather hair extensions back in style?

Yes, feather hair extensions are back in style. Since fashion keeps changing daily, these extensions have come back as casual and chic style statements.

Are feather extensions cultural appropriation?

Feather hair extensions come from Native American culture, which has been commodified by people of other cultures several times. However, if you appreciate the culture and wear feather extensions to acknowledge the culture and not just for aesthetic purposes, it is not cultural appropriation.

When was feather in hair popular?

Feather in hair was mostly popular in the 1970s.

Where do feather hair extensions go?

Feather hair extensions are placed on the top of the head and around the frame area of the face.

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