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Want to make your feet look different? Foot tattoos are common among youth in the current generation especially with girls. Tattoos on the foot or ankles look very charming, captivating and striking. Foot tattoos even look stylish, elegant, sophisticated and sexy. Some foot tattoos are meaningful and some are without any meaning just showing some patterns or designs.

Designs For Tattoo on Foot

Here are 10 foot tattoos for girls that you can try:

1. Flowery foot tattoo:

Flowery foot tattoos are very soothing to the eyes and have the ability to mesmerize people. Flowery patterns and designs look very beautiful. Get it decorated with leaves and branches which will make it more attractive and eye catchy. Cherry blossoms are the perfect choice for getting flowery patterns made.

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2. Star foot tattoos:

Do you think stars only look good in the sky? No! Stars even look good on your skin. Get colourful tattoos made on your foot. These star foot tattoos look very mesmerising and charming giving a feminine look. Numerous attractive star tattoo designs are available for your consideration.

3. Quotations foot tattoo:

Fond of some quotations? Want to get it written on your body? Get it written on your foot. Foot tattoos with some special quotations and designs will look different and striking. You can even get a single word or a few words made carrying some meaning.

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4. Colourful foot tattoo:

Want to get a colourful look? Bored of those common tattoos? Get a colourful peacock made on your foot. These look very gorgeous and eye catchy. It even tells a lot about your personality and your fascination for colours.

5. Lacey foot tattoo:

Want to get something elegant done on your foot to give it a different look? Lacey foot tattoos are very attractive, stylish and give a sophisticated look. Get beautiful lacey designs made on your foot to capture attention easily.

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6. Skull foot tattoos:

Fond of skull tattoos? Get a skull tattoos made on your foot. Add colours to it to make it more attractive. These days skull tattoo have become very famous among the youths of present generation.

7. Skeleton foot tattoo:

Want to do something thrilling? Get a skeleton foot tattoo made. These look very different and eye catchy too. Skeleton tattoos look best on the foot than any other part of your body.

8. Video game foot tattoo:

Fond of video games? Video game foot tattoos are not very common and will give a complete different look. Get a pacman, the famous video game tattoo made or any other video game of your choice.

9. Love foot tattoos:

Get a foot tattoo made for your love. Foot tattoos with hearts and other romantic designs are a nice choice. These tattoos have recently become very famous and give a striking look. Fill it with colours especially red which is the colour of love.

10. Cartoon foot tattoos:

Still in love with cartoons? Show your love for them by getting a cartoon character made on your foot. Cartoons such as hello kitty, Calvin, etc. look very cute and charming.

So which one of these foot tattoo designs would you pick for yourself?

Give your idea ample time to test if you really want it inked, save the spot for a tattoo design that will not be regretted.

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