203 Interesting Friend Tag Questions To Ask Your Bestie

Ask these to learn the most interesting trivia and stories about your friends.

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Wondering how well your bestie knows you? Here are a few friend tag questions to ask them to make things interesting!

You will learn new things about each other, share secrets, inside jokes, and bond further. After all, friends are family we choose, and there is nothing better than their 3 a.m. phone calls to comfort you. It only makes sense that they should know you inside out.

Often, best friends discover things about each other over a period of time, but we have a fun way to hasten the process. Try asking these interesting best friend tag questions during your next conversation over a hot cup of coffee. Happy bonding! Here’s to friendships that last.

How Does A Best Friend Tag Work?

In a best friend tag, two best friends ask each other questions on a variety of topics. It includes friendship trivia questions, likes and dislikes, values, and preferences to check friend compatibility. They also ask about each other’s opinions, secrets, and motivations. The idea is to get to know each other better and deepen the friendship. The questions may sound very simple, but they help you and your best friend have meaningful conversations and know each other inside out.

Riddhi, a blogger, interviewed her best friend, Simran, and asked some fun questions to know more about her. She presents an entire question-answer session with her friend in the blog based on her likes/dislikes, choices, perspectives, and more. Her friend said, “I really had a lot of fun answering these questions cause I love being interviewed for some reason (i)

Here are 203 questions to kickstart your friendship tag!

Funny Best Friend Tag Questions

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Here are some funny questions to ask your best friend. They will help you share some enjoyable moments together while getting to know each other better.

  1. What is the funniest thing you ever heard me say?
  2. If I was a viral meme, which one would it be?
  3. Who was the last person that I kissed?
  4. Which animal could I be reincarnated as?
  5. How many bananas can I eat back to back?
  6. Which celebrity do I have a crush on?
  7. What is the craziest thing I have ever done in your presence?
  8. Who sings better in the bathroom – you or me?
  9. What is the dumbest thing that we fought over?
  10. Which tiny insect am I afraid of?
  11. How many crushes have I had?
  12. What was the reason for my last breakup?
  13. What is our favorite common joke?
  14. What secret nicknames do we call each other?
  15. Who do you think could get away with committing a petty crime – you or me?
  16. Am I more likely to snort, fart, or spit out a drink when I laugh?
  17. If I were a cell phone, which one would I be?
  18. How will I spend my days without internet access?
  19. Which cartoon character do I resemble the most?
  20. If I ever participated in reality TV, what would be my tagline?
  21. If I am reborn as an insect, which insect will that be?
  22. Which household appliance would you relate me to?
  23. If I was in a horror movie, which stereotypical character do you think I would be?
  24. How many Oreos can I fit in my mouth in a single go?
  25. Which word do you think I would scream if I were to yell a single word for the rest of my life?
  26. How long do you think I can survive in Hunger Games?
  27. What are my most prominent psychopathic traits?
  28. Which supervillain from DC do you think I will get along with?
  29. If I could choose a different planet to live on, which one would that be?
  30. Given a chance, what petty crime do you think I will commit?
  31. How many packets of Doritos can I finish in a single go?
  32. What is the dumbest thing you have seen me do?
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Cute Best Friend Tag Questions

Best friendship is about adorable moments and cherished friendships and memories. Your bond gets stronger and the shared experiences bring you closer..

  1. What is the one word you can use to describe me?
  2. When did we first meet? And how did we become close friends?
  3. What is the one thing about me that annoys you the most?
  4. When was the last time we fought?
  5. How long did we stop talking to each other after our last fight?
  6. Between the two of us, who takes more time to get ready?
  7. How much does our friendship mean to you? Rate on a scale of 1 to 10.
  8. When was the last time we hugged each other and got emotional?
  9. What is your favorite memory from the early days of our friendship?
  10. What is my favorite pizza topping?
  11. What is your contact name on my phone?
  12. How close do you think I am to your family?
  13. What is my dream date? And with whom?
  14. What is my favorite movie?
  15. If we went on holiday together, where would it be?
  16. What did I want to become when I grew up as a kid?
  17. If we were to be a classic pairing, like Batman and Robin, what would we be?
  18. Do I use a straw to drink my soda?
  19. Am I more like a big spoon or a little spoon?
  20. Which animal do you think would make me go aww the most?
  21. Who among us is more likely to help a blind man cross the road?
  22. Who among us is more likely to bring down a kitten stuck in a tree?
  23. Do you think you can survive another lockdown with me in the same house?
  24. If we were both celebrities, what would be our BFF duo’s name?
  25. What is your favorite quote to describe me?
  26. Rate my cuteness on a scale of 1 to 10.
  27. If you had to plan a date with me, how would you do that?
  28. What do you think will happen to our friendship after 10 years?
  29. What do you think is my cutest quality?
  30. What is the cutest thing you have done with me?
  31. Do you think our friendship will survive long distance?
  32. If you were to make me breakfast, what would you make?

Interesting Best Friend Questions

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Best friends spend a lot of time together. They exchange thoughts, opinions, and ideas constantly. Here are some interesting questions you can ask your best friend to find how much your points of view match.

  1. Have you memorized my phone number?
  2. What was the first electronic gadget I owned?
  3. What is my favorite color in clothing?
  4. What excites me the most – vacations or spending time at home?
  5. Rate my sense of humor on a scale of 1 to 10.
  6. What is my favorite holiday destination?
  7. What is my favorite dessert?
  8. What was my favorite subject in school?
  9. Who was better in studies between the two of us?
  10. What is my favorite season of the year?
  11. What is the thing I am terrible at but hate to admit?
  12. What is your favorite memory from our school days?
  13. Who was my favorite teacher?
  14. What was the book I read?
  15. What was my favorite cartoon as a kid?
  16. Which celebrity do I look up to most?
  17. Which fictional detective is my hero?
  18. Do I like Sherlock or Poirot?
  19. If I had to choose only one film to watch for the rest of my life, what would it be?
  20. Which series will I never get tired of watching?
  21. What is my comfort food?
  22. If I were to run away, where do you think I would go?
  23. Do you think I can be a criminal mastermind?
  24. Given a chance, what do you think I will choose to be – superhero or supervillain?
  25. Am I street-smart?
  26. What kind of jokes do you think are my favorite?
  27. Do you think I am into dark humor?
  28. What is my favorite film genre?
  29. Am I more into fiction or nonfiction?
  30. Do you think I would make a terrifying dictator?
  31. What is my scariest quality?
  32. Do you think I am the kind of person who cheats during a video game?
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Deep Best Friend Questions

Deep and engaging conversations between best friends can strengthen their bond. Here are some deep questions you can ask in a best friend quiz to better understand each other’s perspectives.

  1. What is my secret ambition in life?
  2. Do I look to the future or get stuck in the past?
  3. What was my worst personal experience? And how did I overcome it?
  4. Which sport could I have excelled in if I became a professional athlete?
  5. Who is my favorite athlete?
  6. What is my secret wish that I have always wanted to come true?
  7. Who is more reliable and mature between the two of us?
  8. Who is more of a social butterfly between the two of us?
  9. What are my thoughts about religion and spirituality?
  10. What was the first gift I gave to you?
  11. What is the one quality that you admire most about me?
  12. What are the personality traits that I like most about you?
  13. Love or friendships – what is more important to me?
  14. What is my strange phobia?
  15. If you asked me to change one habit, what would it be?
  16. What concerns me the most in life?
  17. 17.What is my weakness that I always try to hide from you?
  18. Who is a more emotional person between the two of us?
  19. What is something I like gifting to people?
  20. What are my dream wedding and honeymoon destinations?
  21. What qualities do you think I look for in a partner?
  22. Do you think I can ever be a vegan?
  23. What is the one quality of mine that annoys you the most?
  24. What is something you have always wanted to tell me but couldn’t?
  25. What do you think is more important for me: money or friendship?
  26. If I were abducted what do you think would be used to lure me?
  27. What is the one thing I cannot live without?
  28. If you had to name a natural disaster after me, what would it be?
  29. What do you think I like more: watching movies or reading books?
  30. What is that one singular memory from my childhood that you think I can never forget?
  31. What do you think is my idea of a perfect friendship?
  32. What is one quality that I would hate in a partner?
  33. What do you think is my strongest coping mechanism?
  34. How do you think I deal with stressful situations?
  35. What do you think I prefer more: fish or meat?
  36. Do I like hiking?
  37. During which part of the day do you think I am at my happiest?

Hard Best Friend Questions

Sometimes, grilling your best friend with some hard-hitting questions isn’t a bad idea. So, here are some tricky questions to ask your favorite pal.

  1. If there was one thing you could change about my personality, what would it be?
  2. What is that one dream of mine that seems unattainable?
  3. Have you ever lied to me about something you shouldn’t have?
  4. Have you ever thought of ending our friendship?
  5. What is the thing I am addicted to that is harming me?
  6. Am I a forgiving person, or do I hold grudges?
  7. If you could throw away one piece of clothing from my closet, what would it be?
  8. What is a secret we have both hidden from our parents?
  9. What is my biggest insecurity in life?
  10. Money, fame, or peace of mind – what is the most important to me in life?
  11. Have I ever abused, wronged, or cheated anyone?
  12. What do you think I write about you in my journal?
  13. What is the one unique thing that makes our friendship special?
  14. On a scale of 10, how much do you trust me?
  15. How close am I to my family?
  16. Have you ever thought about making a new best friend?
  17. Do you think I like staying with my parents?
  18. What quality of mine do you think will make a lot of people mad?
  19. Do you think I am a happy person?
  20. Do you think I am more of a positive person or a negative one?
  21. What do you think is my philosophy of life?
  22. Do you think I am a good observer?
  23. Do you think I am quick-witted?
  24. Do you think I have the qualities to be a good leader?
  25. Do I believe in life after death?
  26. What do you think makes me most depressed?
  27. How quickly do you think I can get over a breakup?
  28. What do you think is the one quality I have that will definitely get me in trouble one day?
  29. What is the wildest excuse you think I ever made to get out of work?
  30. If you can do any adventure sport with me, which one would you choose?
  31. Can you trust me with your eyes closed?
  32. Who do you think I am the closest to in my family?

Common Best Friend Tag Questions

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True friendship knows no formalities. It is excellent to ask each other some general questions about life, activities, foods, and other likes. It helps best friends develop a truly great relationship.

  1. Pizza or pasta – what do I prefer?
  2. Am I a tea person or a coffee person?
  3. Which mobile app do I use the most?
  4. Which social media app do I use the most?
  5. What is my favorite web series and movie?
  6. A trip to the beach, trekking, or a peaceful picnic – what is my idea of relaxation?
  7. Chocolate, cake, or ice-creams – what do I indulge in more?
  8. Cats or dogs?
  9. What is my secret talent?
  10. What is the date of our friend-iversary?
  11. What is my favorite hobby or pastime?
  12. What is the phrase or expression I use most frequently?
  13. What food do I dislike the most?
  14. What are the things I am allergic to?
  15. Mom or Dad – who do I love more?
  16. Formal or casual – which clothing do I prefer more?
  17. What is my favorite workout?
  18. What are the topics I am the most knowledgeable about?
  19. Am I a morning person or a night person?
  20. On a scale of 10, how determined and focused am I in life?
  21. What is my favorite restaurant, and what do I order there?
  22. What is my favorite curse word?
  23. Do you think I have ever broken a bone?
  24. Can I drive?
  25. Mexican or Italian: which cuisine do I prefer the most?
  26. Am I scared of the dark?
  27. Which is the one color I absolutely hate?
  28. Which childhood rhyme do I still remember by heart?
  29. What is my favorite haircut?
  30. Have I ever got bangs?
  31. What is my favorite brand of clothing?
  32. Do I like street shopping?
  33. Am I a good bargainer?
  34. Do I like loud music?
  35. Pubs or cafes: which one do you think I prefer more?
  36. Which cold drink do I like the most?
  37. Am I more of a summer person or a winter one?
  38. Do I believe in ghosts?
  39. What is the most superstitious thing that you have watched me do?

Infographic: Benefits Of Asking Friend Tag Questions

Asking friend tag questions is entertaining and motivates you to think deeply while preparing the list. However, there are other benefits of asking such questions. Check out the infographic below to know more about the advantages of asking friend tag questions.

benefits of asking friend tag questions (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

You may have thought that you knew your friend well. However, these best friend tag questions help you know more about your friend. They are very entertaining and interesting to pose. Asking these questions will help you communicate better and discover some favorite things about each other. Additionally, these fun-filled question tags on different topics will let you know their interests, personal preferences, and dislikes. Hence, use the 101 best friend tags to start a meaningful conversation and develop a deeper connection with your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the right friend tag questions to ask, considering factors such as personal comfort level and relevance?

Before you ask a question, reflect on how you might feel if asked the same question. If it seems harmless, go ahead and ask your friend. Another tactic to ask the right questions is to begin with easy friendly ones and then gradually advance to questions that are more personal.

How to create a safe and respectful environment for asking friend tag questions, such as setting boundaries and avoiding sensitive topics?

If your questions are bordering on risky, keep them open-ended. This way your friend is likely to feel more comfortable while answering them. You can also set some rules that apply to both of you before you’ll begin to question each other.

How to handle the response to friend tag questions, such as listening actively and being respectful of others’ opinions and feelings?

Avoid being judgemental while listening to others’ responses. Listen carefully and try to understand their perspective.

How to properly balance the content and length of friend tag questions, avoiding overly lengthy or repetitive questions?

Prepare your questions beforehand. Make them short and detailed. Ask a follow-up question if required instead of dragging a single question.

What are the ethical considerations when asking friend tag questions, such as respecting privacy and avoiding exploitation?

Think of the possible response that you might give to a question before asking the same to your friend. If the question feels unethical to you, your friend is most likely going to feel the same. Also, be gentle and sensitive if you plan to ask questions about a difficult issue or a memory lane that your friend is quite sensitive about. This empathy and concern in your approach can strengthen the friendship dynamics, fulfilling the friendship goals of knowing each other to the core and being there for each other.

Key Takeaways

  • Best friend tag questions are entertaining and help you learn more about your 3 a.m. friend.
  • Pose some simple and fun-filled questions on various topics like their preferences, likes, and dislikes.
  • The answers can lead to meaningful and interesting conversations and help know each other inside out.

Embark on a hilarious and heartwarming journey with best friend tag questions. Click on the video and get ready for a fun-filled exploration of your unbreakable bond.

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