Best Hair Colors For Blue Eyed Women

A collection of beautiful hues that complement your blue eyes and make them pop.

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Hair coloring can be scary, especially if you have light eye color, like blue. With color options aplenty, it is so easy to go wrong. But there are some truly incredible hair colors for blue-eyed women that can make things right. We have compiled a list of hair colors that complement blue eyes and different skin tones. Continue reading to know more.

How To Determine Your Skin Tone

Your skin tone is determined by not how dark or light the color of your skin is. It is determined by the undertones your skin carries. It can be a little tricky to figure out what the dominant undertones in your skin are, but you can use the following methods to find out.

Method 1

Hold your arm out with your palms facing up at the sun. Observe your veins in the sunlight to determine what color they are. If they appear to be blue or purple, you have cool-toned skin. If they look green, you have warm toned skin. If you cannot tell whether they look green or blue, it is likely that you are neutral, or olive skinned.

Method 2

Another way to determine your skin tone is by holding a white piece of paper against your face in a well-lit area with a mirror. If your skin appears to be yellow against the white, you are warm-toned. If your skin appears to be rosy or blueish-red, you have cool-toned skin. If it looks ashy, or if you can’t determine what undertones are dominant, you probably have olive skin.

Method 3

Take 2 pieces of gold and silver foil. Hold the gold foil against your face so that it reflects light onto your skin. See if it makes your skin glow or makes it appear washed out. Repeat this with the silver foil. If the gold looks better on you, you have warm-toned skin whereas if the silver looks best; you have cool-toned skin. If both look good on you, it is likely that you have a neutral skin tone. You can also try this method with gold and silver jewelry.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Another way to figure out your skin tone is to notice what color clothes and makeup suit you better. If you tend to choose earthy yellow and orange tones, then you are warm-toned. If blues, greens, and purples look good on you, then you are cool-toned. If warm and cool colors both look great on you, you have a neutral skin tone.

Now that you have your skin tone down let’s look at what hair colors are likely to look best on you.

Hair Colors For Blue Eyes And Warm-Toned Skin

1. Warm Browns

Image: Instagram

Almost all shades of brown suit people with warm-toned skin with the exception of ashy shades. Darker shades, however, will do a better job at complementing your blue eye color. If you already have dark hair and want to play it safe, stick to warm browns that are two shades within your natural hair color. Warm browns work with light, medium, and dark skin colors.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Warm brown shades like caramel, honey, cappuccino, and tawny make blue eyes pop, especially if you have grayish-blue eyes.

2. Golden Bronde

Image: Instagram @corynneylon_hair

If you are light-skinned, a golden bronde can really complement your blue eyes. This soft look brings out your eye color without being too “out there.”

3. Golden Blonde

Image: Instagram @zachary_winston

A blonde hair and blue eye combination is a classic and will never fail to attract attention. If you’re really keen on picking a shade of blonde, I would suggest you stay as far away from ashy colors as possible. Try this ombre, golden melt effect that looks like swirls of molten lava cascading down your shoulders. Discuss with your colorist on how you can make this look suitable for your skin tone.

4. Ginger

Image: Instagram @corynneylon_hair

No one can pull off ginger better than people with warm skin tones do. We all know how glorious Merida’s hair in Brave looked. Ginger is about as warm as you can get with a hair color, and if you have warm toned skin, it’ll highlight the gold in your skin, adding a subtle glow to your complexion.

5. Red

Image: Instagram @arcticfoxhaircolor

Bold colors are always so much fun. The best hair color for blue eyes and warm skin is red. The color helps create a beautiful contrast with your cool blue eyes while also complementing your skin tone.

6. Burgundy

Image: Instagram @corynneylon_hair

Burgundy is another beautiful choice for those who want that extra pop of color while still playing it safe. The beautiful red and purple undertones in this color bring out the warmth of your skin tone and pair incredibly well with blue eyes.

Hair Colors For Blue Eyes And Cool-Toned Skin

1. Dark Brown

Image: Instagram @kimjettehair

While dark brown is one color that can suit almost any skin tone or color, adding a few subtle cool-toned highlights can elevate your looks from ordinary to gorgeous. And if you have lighter hair, going for dark brown lowlights or even balayage can also add a similar depth to your hair. Dark colors work well to bring out the depth in your blue eyes.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Dark brown shades like coffee, mocha, pecan, and walnut make blue eyes stand out. You can also try a blend of these shades to add dimension to your locks.

2. Ash Brown

Image: Instagram

Cool-toned browns are definitely a favorite for a cool-toned skin. The brown looks natural and bereft of the warm tones, pairs extremely well with cool skin and blue eyes. This color looks great on all skin colors.

3. Ash Blonde

You can never go wrong with an ash blonde on cool toned skin. The color not only looks fantastic but also highlights the gray undertones in blue eyes, completing the cool toned look. People with light to medium complexion can opt for this color.

4. Platinum

Image: Instagram @thewonderlabhair

The color that does not stop slaying. No one can pull off a platinum look better than people with cool toned skin. However, it can get a bit risky when you pair this color with medium and dark skin tones. Your hair can also go through a lot of damage if you are trying to obtain this color while being a natural brunette. But if you have light skin and light hair, what’s stopping you?

Cassie Moore, a blogger, recalls her personal experience of getting a hair color to complement her beautiful blue eyes. She paired the hair color with bleached eyebrows- first on blonde and then on her naturally darker eyebrows. Her experiment with platinum hair color on blonde eyebrows did not go very well, but the darker eyebrow color helped her ace the platinum tresses. She adds, “I noticed a change in how strangers treated me. I received a lot more random male appreciation (i).”

5. Blue

Image: Instagram @arcticfoxhaircolor

A hair color list would be incomplete without a couple of crazy colors. And speaking of crazy colors, always opt for ones with blue or violet undertones when you have cool toned skin. Depending on the color of your skin, you can experiment with pastels, neons, and various other hues of blue until you find the right one for you.

6. Lavender

Image: Shutterstock

Blessed are those with a cool-toned skin for they can pull off this color like no other. Lavender hairstyles are totally trending right now. The blue undertones in this color help bring out the blue in your eyes.

Hair Colors For Blue Eyes And

Olive Skin

1. Mahogany

Image: Instagram

It’s so hard not to imagine the musky scent of wood when you look at this hair color. The rich brown has a lot of warm undertones, but the best part of having olive skin is that it goes with most hair colors. This color suits most complexions.

2. Sandy Blonde

Image: Instagram @behindthebalayage

This blonde sits right in between golden and ashy shades, making it the perfect color for olive skin. The neutral tones complement olive skin tones while also bringing out the blue and gray flecks in your eyes.

3. Black

Image: Instagram

This has to be one of our favorite combinations. Black somehow looks so much better on olive skin tones than on others. The dark color creates a rich contrast with the light eyes, bringing out their color.

4. Hazelnut

Image: Instagram @neumabeautypro

While this color is close to sandy blonde, it has warmer undertones. Hazelnut hair works really well with lighter skin. If you have darker skin, you can try dark variations of hazelnut or incorporate the color into your hair as highlights.

5. Purple

Image: Instagram @arcticfoxhaircolor

Purple is the perfect compromise when you cannot decide between a warm and cool-toned color. It has both, blue and red undertones which play well with the neutral skin tone and add a vibrant touch to your look. The blue undertones help bring out the blue of your eyes.

6. Green

Image: Instagram @irregularjane

There are many colors that olive skinned people can pull off with ease, that cool or warm skinned people can’t. Green is one such color. The bold color complements olive skin like no other.

Infographic: Best Hair Colors For Blue-Eyed Women

Taking time to pick the perfect hair color is worthwhile, especially when you have blue eyes, which account for only 8 percent of the population. But for that, you need to follow some steps, like determining your undertone: is it warm, cool, or neutral? On that basis, we will help you pick the best hair color for you. By the end of this infographic, you will have amazing hair color options that will perfectly suit your skin and eye color.

best hair colors for blue eyed women (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Hair colors can go wrong if you do not consider things like skin tone and eye color. Certain shades would not suit your skin tone and eye color, and the amount you spend on coloring may go waste. So, before you decide the color you want to apply, be aware of your skin tone and the colors that complement your eye color. Following the instructions mentioned in the article will help you find out your skin tone. The article also discusses the hair colors for blue eyes and different skin tones.

Frequently Asked Questions

What hair color looks best with gray-blue eyes?

Blonde and lighter shades of brown complement gray-blue eyes beautifully. If you have a pale skin tone, you can go for light blonde shades as well.

What color of hair makes blue eyes pop?

Warm blonde, fiery reds, and deep brown shades can make the blue eyes stand out more.

Are there any hair colors that should be avoided by blue-eyed women?

There are no strict rules regarding hair colors, but you can avoid hair colors that do not match your skin tone. Pick colors that add vibrancy to your blue eyes, and avoid light colors like plain platinum shades that can reduce their impact. Also, colors like dark black may be too contrasting.

Can different shades of the same hair color look different on women with blue eyes?

A certain hair color can vary in its appearance based on the undertone of the natural hair and the hair condition. Many shades of the same color differ by slight variations and will show up depending on the base hair color.

Can highlights or lowlights enhance the appearance of blue eyes?

Contrasting highlights or lowlights can add dimension to your hair, and thus accentuate the blue eyes. Blonde, caramel, honey, and auburn highlights contrast elegantly with blue eyes. Moreover, you can create a bold contrast with vibrant shades of red or burgundy.

Can hair color change the appearance of blue eyes?

Yes. The right hair color can make your blue eyes stand out. On the other hand, a hair color that clashes with your skin tone can make your eyes look dull and unflattering.

Can blue-eyed women experiment with unconventional hair colors?

If the unconventional hair color matches your personality, blue eye color and skin tone, then it can be a great way to make a vibrant fashion statement.

Find the perfect shades to enhance your natural beauty. Check out this video for color theory tips on how to bring out your blue eyes and white/grey hair for a striking look.

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