13 Best Hair Extensions For Thick Hair In 2021!

Written by Sneha Manandhar
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If you have landed here looking for the best extensions for thick hair, you are in the right place. While many people think hair extensions are usually available and required for thin, fine hair, there are many variations available for thick hair as well. Hair extensions come in various shapes and sizes, including the ones that may add length to your naturally thick hair, or those that may give you a fancier, dramatic, or even an elegant look. Hair extensions are easy to wear, wash and maintain and can make you ready for that impromptu gala night in a matter of minutes. With that kind of convenience, fun, and style all wrapped in one, you must be now eager to try one for yourself. Wondering where to start? Worry not, we have shortlisted the 13 best hair extensions for thick hair to help you rock that hairstyle of your choice!

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BHF Hair 16"Clip-In Hair Extensions – Dark Brown #2Check Price
GEELOOK 14” Clip-In Hair Extensions – Darkest Brown #2Check Price
GOO GOO 16’’ Clip-In Hair Extensions – Dark BrownCheck Price
S-noilite 22" Double Weft Clip-In Hair Extensions – Bleach BlondeCheck Price
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DOCUTE 22’’ Clip-In Hair Extensions – Natural BlackCheck Price
Huayi 22’’ Tape-In Hair Extensions – Mushroom Brown OmbreCheck Price
Lovrio 18’’ Clip-In Hair Extensions – Jet BlackCheck Price
SixStarHair 22’’ Hair Clip-In Hair Extensions – Off BlackCheck Price
My Lady 16’’ Clip-In Hair Extensions – Dark BrownCheck Price

Top 13 Best Hair Extensions For Thick Hair That You Must Try!

1. BHF Hair 16″Clip-In Hair Extensions – Dark Brown #2

Blending with natural hair like a dream, these 70g dark brown extensions come with 16 high-quality clips that ensure a tight grip on the hair. Also, it has red undertones and is safe for curling, straightening, and various other styling purposes too. Besides this, these extensions have a well-crafted double weft with the thickness running from the top to the end. Yep, brunette beauties, give it a try!


  • Premium quality and 100% Remy human hair
  • Adds length, volume, and can be dyed
  • Easy-to-wear, comfort-friendly, and tangle-free


  • May not deliver a fuller look
  • Slightly shiny

2. GEELOOK 14” Clip-In Hair Extensions – Darkest Brown #2

Excess styling may ruin your hair texture, which is why extensions are the best alternative. Like this one for instance by GEELOOK can be colored, straightened, and even curled just like your natural tresses. Made of 100% Remy hair, the brand crafts extensions with uncut hair ends so you can cut them as per your requirements. Also, the hair is weaved and has a double weft to offer a comfortable fit.


  • Premium-quality 60g hair extensions
  • Adds length to your tresses
  • Ensures a healthy and bouncy look
  • Soft, split end-free, and tangle-free
  • Easy to wear, maintain, and wash


  • It may not add volume.

3. GOO GOO 16’’ Clip-In Hair Extensions – Dark Brown

Extensions that do not have a breathable weft can get uncomfortable or rather sweaty after a few hours! Hence, these 120g clip-in hair extensions by Goo Goo are a must-try. Ethically sourced and made of 100% Remy human hair, they also have stainless steel clips with silicone to ensure a tight grip. Besides this, the weft is hand-crafted to provide a comfortable and breathable fit. Wear it and flaunt it all day without feeling the itch to get it off.


  • 9A grade human hair
  • Quick and easy-to-wear
  • Adds thickness and volume
  • Ensures no damage to your hair or scalp
  • Shed-free, soft, and silky-straight
  • Safe and suitable to color, dye, or style


  • It might get tangled if not washed and dried with care.

4. S-noilite 22″ Double Weft Clip-In Hair Extensions – Bleach Blonde

These blonde hair extensions are a great pick for those who fancy naturally long tresses but have no time to maintain them. Let’s be honest— maintaining long hair takes effort, extra care, and can be time-consuming. So, to give your tresses a bounce and voluminous uplift, these 160g extensions would be ideal. Soft, smooth, and with no split-ends, they are crafted with a thicker weft and attached with same-colored clips, so they are undetectable. Just what you need to wear on your special days or date nights, turn into a real-life blonde hair goddess with these gorgeous extensions.


  • Made of 100% Remy human hair
  • Guarantees salon-grade quality
  • Ensures a tight grip with high-quality clips
  • Slip-proof, odor-free, and promises minimal shedding
  • Easy to wear, style, color, and highlight


  • The color might bleed while washing.

5. ABH AmazingBeauty 18’’ Clip-In Hair Extensions

Crafted to look like relaxed black hair, these Yaki straight 120g extensions will make you fall in love with your new hair look instantly! So much that you’ll never want to step out without wearing them on. And if you are wondering whether they are safe for your natural hair? The brand assures minimal to no damage and ensures to keep all the cuticles intact. Also, it has a strong weft with high-quality stainless-steel clips and silicone for a strong grip. Gorgeous hair in seconds, anyone?


  • Made of 100% Remy and virgin hair
  • High-quality and ensures no slipping
  • Blends with natural hair seamlessly
  • Suitable for dyeing, curling, and straightening
  • It can be washed and dried like natural hair.


  • Thin and may not add a lot of volume

6. DOCUTE 22’’ Clip-In Hair Extensions – Natural Black

These natural black 220g hair extensions will make your inner hair goddess scream with joy. Being an instant volumizer and lengthening savior, get ready to witness some jealous stares wherever you go! Easy-to-wear and soft, they are super-versatile and can be heat styled up to 140 ◦ Celsius. Designed to blend in with natural black hair, don’t blame us if it gets challenging to differentiate between extensions and real hair. Give it a try!


  • Quick and easy-to-wear
  • Easy to maintain and wash
  • Ensures no damage to natural hair
  • The clips are made of high-quality stainless steel and are removable.


  • Hair might get tangled

7. Huayi 22’’ Tape-In Hair Extensions – Mushroom Brown Ombre

Rock these mushroom brown ombre extensions like a stunner on date nights, parties, and special occasions! Besides adding volume and length to your already gorgeous tresses, these will add a trendier look and style too. So, if you are missing on those salon appointments or wondering how to have a classy hairdo within minutes, these 50g hair extensions with a strong grip will be ideal. Try it!


  • Grade 9A real human hair
  • Safe to color, style, and trim
  • Soft, silky-straight, and tangle-free
  • Easy-to-wear and won’t damage natural hair
  • Ensures no split ends and blends in seamlessly
  • Ideal for those with straight, thick, and thin hair


  • The adhesive may not last long.

8. Lovrio 18’’ Clip-In Hair Extensions – Jet Black

Jet black and beautiful, these 120g hair extensions are a godsend for those who like to prep up on the go! Easy-to-wear, all you have to do is clip these on and brush them to blend in seamlessly with your natural tresses. Ideal for busy bees and travelers or those who love to experiment with their hair, these extensions can be heat styled under 180◦ Celsius. Now, who’s ready to make a showstopping entry with their gorgeous hairdo?


  • Made of 100% real human hair
  • Ensures minimal shedding and tangle-free
  • Easy to wear and maintain
  • The double weft provides a comfortable fit.
  • It can be washed, curled, straightened, and restyled.


  • Expensive

9. SixStarHair 22’’ Hair Clip-In Hair Extensions – Off Black

What makes these hair extensions different from others? The brand promises a lifespan of up to 12 months! With 20 clips in 10 pieces of double wefts guaranteeing a comfortable fit as well as a fuller and long look, one needn’t worry about slipping with these extensions on. And the best part— these off-black 240g extensions have brown undertones to blend seamlessly with your natural black hair. Black-haired beauties, where y’all at?


  • Ensures quick and easy installation
  • Made of 100% natural Remy human hair
  • Promises no damage to natural hair
  • Safe to dye, style, and heat style
  • Ideal for beginners and professionals


  • Hair might get tangled

10. My Lady 16’’ Clip-In Hair Extensions – Dark Brown

Let every day be a good hair day with these gorgeous dark brown extensions for all the brunette beauties! Use it to create an ombre effect or blend it with your brunette crown to give it a long and defined look; these 80g hair extensions promise stunning results only. Made of 100% Remy human hair to fit with your natural tresses, they are silky-smooth, soft, and reusable for up to 12 months too. Give them a try!


  • Easy-to-wear without professional help
  • Guarantees quick installation with one-layer weft
  • Ensures a comfortable fit all day long
  • Tangle-free, shed-free, and durable
  • Ideal for thick and straight hair  


  • It may not add volume.

11. Annora 14’’ Clip-In Hair Extensions – Natural Black

Haircut gone wrong? These kinky-straight extensions would be a great option for Indian, Brazilian, and Mongolian hair types. So, if you are annoyed for having ended up with a wrong haircut before a special occasion, these extensions will bring back the volume and length instantly. Also, will they slip? No chance! These 130g hair extensions by Annora are designed with 18 clips for a strong and comfortable grip all day. Wear on to enjoy its stunning black bliss!


  • Made of 100% real human hair
  • Ensures a glossy shine and extra volume
  • Safe to dye, style, rewash, and trim
  • Tangle-free, shed-free, and long-lasting
  • The black clips are undetectable and strong.


  • It might be slightly uncomfortable to wear all day long.

12. EECHO 24″ Clip-In Hair Extensions – Natural Black

Rapunzel who? Be your own Disney princess with these super long 220g hair extensions! Making all your long-hair dreams come true, these extensions are so easy to wear that you can turn your flat tresses to fab within seconds. Also, a great option for those who are looking for a fuller look, these clip-ins have more volume on the weft to give you that desirable look instantly. Besides this, you get the freedom to add volume wherever you need, unlike those 1-piece clip-ins. Try it!


  • Made of soft and matte-finished synthetic fiber
  • Ensures a comfortable and secure fit all-day
  • Heat-friendly, easy-to-comb, and natural-looking
  • The clips are made of high-quality stainless steel.


  • Slightly heavy

13. Valen 14’’ Clip-In Hair Extensions – Strawberry Blonde

Lastly, these gorgeous golden locks to make your tresses the star of every party! Crafted with double wefts to add volume from the top to the ends, they also have high-quality clips with a soft rubber layer to provide a comfortable fit. Also, these clips ensure no damage to your natural hair or scalp, so you can wear them comfortably without feeling the slip or itch. Want more? These 100g extensions are naturally-processed and are easy to wear and wash too.


  • Made of 100% Remy human hair
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Tangle-free, shed-free, and odor-free
  • Safe to dye, curl, perm, and trim


  • Might not add volume

Itching to try one, aren’t you? So are we! There you go, those were the 13 best hair extensions for thick hair to try this year. If you are still unsure about how to pick the right one, then check out our buying guide below.

Buying Guide

Type of Hair Extensions

Ideally, professionals would advise only two types of hair extensions that can be worn with or without professional help. They are:

Clip-in Extension: Easy to set up on natural hair with tick-tack clips on the base, these extensions are crafted in contour shapes. Also, they are designed with a double or single weft, thus giving users an option to choose as per the required volume. However, what makes them a favorite among users is that they can be reused frequently and they cause no damage to natural hair.

Tape-in Extension: These extensions are crafted with glue on either side to stick to your natural hair or scalp. Mostly, a heated tool is used to ready the tape for sticking, which is why professional help is required with tape-in extensions if you are not an expert. Plus, they need to be placed correctly in one go to avoid a gluey mess.

How to Choose The Right Thickness Of Hair Extensions?

Whether you want to add length, volume, or both, here’s how you can select the right thickness:

120g Set: Ideal for those with fine or thin hair, a 120g set will add the right amount of thickness and length to your tresses.

160g Set: If your hair thickness falls anywhere between thin to medium types, then the 160g set is a great option for you. Plus, they are ideal for those with short hair too.

180g Set: This set is also suitable for those with thin to medium hair types; however, the weft has more volume of hair. So, if you are looking for a fuller look, this set will be a great pick for your hair type.

220g Set: Hailed as one of the most popular hair sets by all, 220g set extensions are advisable for those with medium to thick hair. Making your tresses look fuller, longer, and style-friendly, 220g set also blend in seamlessly with thick hair.

How Do You Blend Extensions With Thick Hair?

Here are some steps for you: 

  • First thing first, you must pick the right material that’ll blend seamlessly with your natural tresses. Ideally, you must opt for 100% pure Remy human hair for the best results.
  • Secondly, choose the right thickness for your hair type.
  • Lastly, you either brush them gently, or you can straighten or curl to get that undetectable and seamless look.

There you go, girls! Now long and fuller tresses are just an extension away. Quit missing your long hair days or sulking because you had a bad haircut. With these extensions giving you the freedom to explore umpteen styles and colors, it’s time to up your hairstyle games like an expert with the best extensions for thick hair. Go on, pick your secret to long hair today!

Are Extensions Good For Thick Hair?

Yes, absolutely. Clip-in extensions, especially 220g, will make your thick hair look fuller and longer instantly. Also, they blend in seamlessly with naturally thick hair.

Is 120g Hair Extensions Thick?

120g hair extensions offer the right kind of thickness for those with thin or fine hair. So, if you are looking for extensions for thick hair, 120g hair extensions may not give you the right volume.

Is 100g Of Hair Enough For A Full Head?

For those with thin hair, 100g to 120g hair extensions would be ideal for full coverage. However, if you have thick hair, then you will need 150g and above for the best result.

Are Tape-In Extensions Good For Thick Hair?

Tape-In extensions require professional help to align them correctly on the roots. Also, the glue may damage your natural hair or scalp. However, on a different note, they deliver a natural look making them ideal for thick hair too.

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