54 Best Hairstyles For Short Red Hair To Try In 2024

Dare to experiment and make your own style statement with a different look each time.

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Do you have considerably short hair? Do you love to experiment with your hair color? Well, when it comes to choosing the perfect hue for a smart, petite haircut, nothing can beat the true hot red shade and its various versions. But the question is how to style short red hair like a pro?

protip_icon Before You Get Started
  • Pick a red hair color shade based on your surface skin tone and undertone. Warmer red tones like bright ginger suit warm undertones and fair skin. Cool undertones suit deeper red shades.
  • Red hair dyes will need touch ups every 3-4 weeks depending on how you care for them.
  • Since your hair is on the shorter side, limit the number of washes to 2 times per week to maintain the vibrancy of the color.
  • The most flattering red shades according to your skin tone are as follows:
    Pale: copper, rose gold, auburn, brick, and apple.
    Dark: cherry, wine.
    Olive: plum, berry.

54 Stunning Short Red Hair Looks For 2024

Here is a list of 54 smoking short red hairstyles for women that you might find helpful:

1. Swept-Back Brick Short Hair

Swept-Back Brick Short Hair 
Image: Shutterstock

This glamorous short hairstyle in brick hue is an eyecatcher. A slicked-back look is perfect with some added layers for a perfect voluminous hairdo.

2. Apple-Brick Short Shaggy Lob

Apple-Brick Short Shaggy Lob
Image: Shutterstock

This short shaggy lob in hues of brick and apple should certainly be on the must-have hairstyle list. It’s elegant, playful, and perfect for you to flaunt at any event. This fashionable and trendy hairdo is guaranteed to make heads turn!

3. Straight Auburn Red Bob With Side Sweep

Straight auburn bob with side sweep for short red hair
Image: Getty

It is a thick straight bob with tapered ends that curves outward. The side sweep is twisted and clipped, at the side, to give a neat look.

4. Dark Reddish Brown Simple Bob With Middle Part

Dark simple bob with side part for short red hair
Image: Getty

This simple slightly rounded bob with center part is suitable for all ages. The dark reddish brown shade also complements a variety of skin tones.

5. Carrot Red A-Line Bob With Front Fringes

Carrot A-line bob for short red hair
Image: Getty

A sleek, smooth A-line bob featuring straight front fringes is always known to give a charming look. But, the bright carrot red color has added a splash of freshness to it.

protip_icon Quick Tip
This hairstyle can help soften the sharp lines of a square-shaped face. However, in some cases, the blunt bangs may accentuate your forehead. Opt for broken-ended messy bangs.

6. Fire Brick Red Mohawk With Caramel Lowlights

Fire brick mohawk for short red hair
Image: Getty

Do you believe that you can carry off this smart Mohawk with the proper attitude? The touch of caramel to the sides of this fire brick red hair will make you look splendid for sure.

7. Light Reddish Brown Wavy Bob With Side Bangs

Light wavy bob for short red hair
Image: Getty

If you have bob on natural waves, you can opt for light reddish brown highlights and soft black lowlights to style it up. However, that well-organized side-swept bang will complete the look.

8. Softly Feathered Intense Auburn Bob With Layers

Feathered bob with layers for short red hair
Image: Getty

This is a chin-length bob with frequent layers and subtly feathered ends. The rich auburn shade and thin side bang have given it a perfect corporate flair.

9. Textured Burgundy Red Bob With Soft Curls

Textured bob with curls for short red hair
Image: Getty

If your bob is too short to style, you can add soft curls to it and texturize them for a decent look. And what about that burgundy red shade with soft black lowlights? Perfect picks, right?

10. Asymmetric Copper Bob With Textured Waves

Asymmetric bob for short red hair
Image: Getty

Short red haircuts and asymmetry go hand in hand. Give texture to your asymmetric waves and get nice wispy points for a difference. It is a  great way to flaunt that dazzling copper red shade!

11. Very Short, Dark Reddish Brown Stacked Bob

Stacked bob for short red hair
Image: Getty

Jazz up your very short stacked bob with this stylish and youthful dark reddish brown color. You can give the front fringes a bit lift and push them aside for a tidy look.

12. Slicked Back, Reddish Blonde Bob With Shaved Sides

Slicked back bob with shaved sides for short red hair
Image: Getty

A reddish blonde bob is beautiful, elegant and eye-catching. Here, the slicked back front hair and the almost shaved sides with light golden blonde lowlights have spiced up the hairstyle even more, and undoubtedly resulted in an edgy, bold look.

13. Layered Voluminous Bob With Bangs and Red Highlights

Layered bob with bangs and highlights for short red hair
Image: Getty

A bob with lots of layers creates an illusion of volume. However, the outward curled ends, sexy bangs, cinnamon red highlights and soft black lowlights have given this style a new dimension.

14. Light Auburn Rounded Bob With Blonde Highlights

Rounded bob with blonde highlights for short red hair
Image: Getty

To get this look, you just need to curl up the ends of your thick bob inward and add texture to it. The side-swept bang should also be textured properly. Moreover, don’t forget to check the sizzling shades.

15. Chin-Length Dark Red Bob With Tapered Ends

Chin-length bob with tapered ends for short red hair
Image: Getty

The dark red color has made this chin-length smooth and apparently simple bob a big hit. The off-center part and the faintly curved edges are two other significant points to consider. Here’s a sophisticated modern look to flaunt any day.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Chin length or just below chin-length bobs are best suited for an oval-shaped, heart, or inverted triangle-shaped face. It gives an illusion of a broader jawline.

16. Volumized And Rolled Up Rich Auburn Blonde Bob

Rolled-up bob for short red hair
Image: Getty

This is a perfect example of a soft auburn blonde hair color. And did you notice how the rolled up section of hair has given the layered bob top a substantial volume?

17. Messy Asymmetric Reddish Blonde Bob With Fringes

Messy asymmetric bob for short red hair
Image: Getty

The asymmetry and the messy finish have certainly added glamour to this bob with delicate fringes, but the reddish blonde shade has taken it to a whole new level.

18. Layered Light Auburn Red Hair With Curved Fringes

Fringe with layers for short red hair
Image: Getty

Here is a cute hairstyle in which both the layered bob and the curved front fringes are light auburn red. A subtle style to suit a soft personality!

19. Reddish Brown Stacked Bob With Side Sweep

Stacked bob with side sweep for short red hair
Image: Getty

So you have a stacked bob with a long side sweep. Great! This dark reddish brown hair with black lowlights would be the right choice for you. What else do you need to look sophisticated?

20. Structured Reddish Brown Bob With Fringes

Structured bob with fringe for short red hair
Image: Getty

Not all shades can go well with this boyish structured bob. But you can go for this light reddish brown hue without any hesitation. Smart choice for smart people!

21. Pale Red Layered Blonde With Puff And Side-Swept Bangs

Layered puff with side-swept bangs for short red hair
Image: Getty

This is how a blonde with a pale red hair color looks. You should puff up your crown and define the side-swept bangs with a headband in order to balance off those inward curly ends.

22. Retro Copper Red Textured Curls With Side Sweep

Textured curls for short red hair
Image: Getty

When it comes to achieving a retro look on short haircuts with red highlights, nothing can be more helpful than the bold copper red color. Just texturize your curls along with your bangs intensely, and you are ready to go.

23. Straight Reddish Brown Bob with Side Part

Bob with side-part for short red hair
Image: Getty

Reddish brown is the best shade for a straight bob with slightly curved ends. You must create a side part and opt for some soft black lowlights in order to get this look exactly.

24. Cinnamon Red Layered Bob With Graduated Fringes

Layered bob with graduated fringe for short red hair
Image: Getty

Do you have very short layered bob with graduated fringes? Dazzling cinnamon red is what you should pick for it. The color itself is enough to give you your signature hairstyle.

25. Reddish Brown Messy Curls with Blonde Highlights

Messy curls with highlights for short red hair
Image: Getty

The messier short hair is, the more elegant it looks. Doesn’t this soft curly reddish brown bob with beige blonde highlights show it flawlessly? An effortless way to stay stylish!

26. Super Curly, Voluminous Rich Auburn Blonde

Curly and voluminous bob for short red hair
Image: Getty

Go curly once again! But this time, gear up to have some intense ringlets with amazing volume. Well, make sure that you stick to this rich auburn blonde in order to make the most of the look.

27. Soft Chestnut Red Bob With Slicked Back Front

Soft bob for short red hair
Image: Getty

If you want to keep it soft and subtle, this is the hairstyle that you need. A wavy chestnut red bob with a rightly slicked back look!

28. Dome-Shaped Auburn Red Blonde With Fringes

Dome-shaped auburn red blonde with fringes
Image: Getty

Well, a dome-shaped bob with straight front fringes doesn’t go well with each and every face shape. But if it suits you, choose this auburn red blonde for it. You’ll look awesome.

29. Curly Reddish Blonde Bob With Textured Bangs

Curly reddish blonde bob with textured bangs
Image: Getty

This short hairstyle is a good combination of delicate, flowy curls and textured side-swept bangs. We loved the pairing of the black cap with the reddish blonde shade.

30. Textured Chocolate Red Bob With Curly Ends And Bangs

Textured chocolate red bob with curly ends and bangs
Image: Getty

A chocolate red bob can make fair-skinned beauties look stunning. And what if teamed with waves and bangs with textured curly ends? Just splendid!

31. Boyish Layered Auburn Blonde With Fringes

Boyish layered auburn blonde hairstyle with fringes
Image: Getty

Get this super stylish look just by adding rich auburn blonde shade to your boyish bob. Make sure that you have layered edges hugging your face and small fringes swinging over your forehead.

32. Very Short Fiery Red Bob With Long Side-Swept Bangs

Very short fiery red bob with long side-swept bangs
Image: Getty

‘Oh, gorgeous!’ – This is what comes to our mind instantly when we see this fiery red short bob of Rihanna. For those with a daring heart, this look will undoubtedly satisfy your intrepid soul. Keep that long side-swept bang neatly placed over your forehead by giving it proper hold.

33. Shoulder-Length Reddish Blonde Bob With Layers

Shoulder-length reddish blonde bob
Image: Getty

Boost your glam quotient hundred times by adopting this reddish blonde bob with dark brown lowlights. Create a side part and turn the side bang in such a way that it embraces your cheekbone charmingly.

34. Unique Orange Red Curly Bob With Texture

Unique orange-red curly bob hairstyle
Image: Getty

Love to flaunt funky hairdos? Give this strikingly beautiful and vibrant orange-red bob a shot right now. All you need to do is roll your hair up in small sections and add texture to retain the twists.

35. Messy Reddish Brown Bob With Wispy Points

Messy reddish-brown bob hairstyle
Image: Getty

It is a completely messy as well as extremely voluminous layered bob with light reddish brown highlights, natural golden blonde lowlights and wispy points. Wear this hairstyle only if you are a person with lots of energy and enthusiasm.

36. Light Auburn Red Bob With Side-Swept Locks

Light auburn red bob with side-swept locks
Image: Getty

How about getting playful with your shoulder-length auburn red bob with soft black lowlights? Make a side part and keep all the hair of the larger section organized at that side by using a hair clip loosely. A sexy way to show off your highlights and lowlights simultaneously! No?

37. Shoulder-Length True Red Waves With Center Part

Shoulder-length true red waves
Image: Getty

This hairstyle is quite simple yet innovative. Just create a middle part and leave your true red waves loose. It will give a perfect glimpse of your black lowlights. And did you notice those true red eyebrows?

38. Smooth Rounded Reddish Blonde Bob With Fringes

Smooth rounded reddish-blonde bob
Image: Getty

A smooth rounded bob is one of the most common short hairstyles. Let us add zing to this simple look by choosing the reddish blonde shade for it. It will give your face an immediate glowing effect.

39. Cinnamon Red Bob With Puffy Crown And Black Lowlights

Cinnamon red bob
Image: Getty

Make this unique and elegant bob your style statement this season. Cinnamon red highlights, soft black lowlights, puffy crown and slightly feathered ends are what make it exceptionally beautiful. “A feathered effect with a bob will frame the face seamlessly at all times – with or without styling,” says celebrity hairstylist Amanda George.

40. Curly Reddish Blonde Bob With Puff And Side-Swept Bangs

Curly reddish-blonde bob
Image: Getty

Those who love to look classy would fall for this hairstyle right away. It features messy reddish-blonde curls and slightly puffy crown with a touch of dark brown lowlights.

41. Reddish Brown Bob With Outward Curls And Bangs

Reddish-brown bob with outward curls
Image: Getty

Reveal the ‘sexy’ you with this sizzling hairstyle. It is a shoulder-length wavy bob, which comes with a long side-swept bang and a bulging crown. But the outward curly ends and the reddish brown shade make it super hot.

42. Reddish Blonde Side Ponytail With Side Sweep

Reddish blonde side ponytail
Image: Getty

Take all your hair at one side of your head and make a low side ponytail with a neat side sweep. Add a slight curl to the end of the pony and make the entire style outstanding with the reddish blonde color.

43. Razor-Sharp Reddish Blonde Layers With Side Sweep

Razor-sharp reddish-blonde
Image: Getty

This light reddish blonde layered bob with golden blonde highlights and dark brown lowlights is known to suit almost all types of face shapes, as well as all sorts of skin tones. While adopting this look, you must focus on those razored ends and that gorgeous side sweep.

44. Outward Feathered Ginger Red Bob With High Volume

Ginger red bob with high volume
Image: Getty

What can be more graceful than a shoulder-length layered bob with outward feathered ends and intense volume? The marvelous ginger red color and the added texture have turned the entire hairstyle into an incredible one.

45. Long, Straight Chocolate Red Bob

Long straight chocolate red bob
Image: Getty

Here is a long, super straight bob with a zigzag part. We just loved that chocolate red color with golden blonde highlights and soft black lowlights.

46. Shoulder-Length True Red Bob With Twisted Top

Shoulder-length true red bob with twisted top
Image: Getty

Add height to your shoulder-length bob by twisting it on the top of your head and securing with bobby pins. Also, leave a few strands of hair loose around your face. It is the best way to grab attention to your face along with your true crimson hair.

47. Fringed Hair With Messy Auburn Top And Curly Blonde Ends

Fringed hair with messy auburn top
Image: Getty

This eye-catching dual-toned hairstyle could leave everyone speechless. It features a slightly messy fringed upper section and a smooth, curly lower section. But the perfect blend of two shades i.e. auburn at the top and reddish blonde at the bottom has given it a dramatic effect.

48. Voluminous Wavy Copper Red Bob With Sexy Fringes

Voluminous wavy copper red bob with sexy fringes
Image: Getty

Waves can create a lot of volume, if worn in the proper manner. Check out this attractive wavy bob with a relaxed side bang and copper red shade. Rihanna just nailed the look and it is perfect for your sassy self as well!

49. Super Curly High Ponytail With Smooth Flat Top

Super curly high ponytail
Image: Getty

Flatten your natural curls at the top of your head with lots of mousse or serum and pull the rest of them back firmly in order to create a ponytail at the crown. The reddish brown shade has matched the style quite nicely.

50. True Red Highly Voluminous Bob With Ultimate Coils

True red highly voluminous bob
Image: Getty

What to say about this hairstyle? True red color, intense ringlets, remarkable volume – each and everything has contributed to this incredible look a lot. With this absolutely rocking hairdo, don’t forget to stay bold and confident like Rihanna to flaunt this look!

51. Messy Chin-Length Bob With True Red Highlights

Messy chin-length bob with true red highlights
Image: Getty

This chin-length bob is also quite striking in terms of texture and look. It has black lower hair with fiery red upper section. Also, it has been given a complete messy finish.

52. Super Chic Light Auburn Bob With Copper And Blonde Highlights

Super chic light auburn bob
Image: Getty

And here is something exclusive for short hairstyles with red highlights. Add texture to your hair and roll it back to give a loop-like look. Your sexy auburn bob with golden blonde and copper red highlights at the top and the sides will look wonderfully chic.

53. Curly Afro

Ice Spice with short red curly afro
Image: Shutterstock

The curly afro is a bold and beautiful celebration of natural curls and African culture. It showcases voluminous and coiled hair that radiates confidence, style, elegance, and personality. So, all the curly-haired ladies out there, embrace your natural hair texture with flair and style.

54. Graduated Bob

Christina Hendricks with a graduated bob
Image: Shutterstock

This hairstyle has a classic appeal across different age groups. The graduated bob hairstyle features stacked layers at the back that gradually lengthen towards the front. This classic cut adds volume and texture to your locks, making it a versatile look suitable for various hair types and face shapes.

Infographic: How To Accessorize Short Red Hair

Do you want to jazz up your look? Well, you are in luck. We have created an infographic below to help you accessorize your short red hair. You should be able to rock some cool styles almost daily without much effort by following these tips. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down to check out the infographic and make heads turn wherever you go!

how to accessorize short red hair (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Short, red hair is an absolute stunner. Whether you are a redhead or have a colored mane, the ideas shared in the article will help you give your short red hair the much-needed upgrade. From pixies and lobs to sleek bobs and finger waves, we have covered almost all hairstyles that do justice to this fiery hue. So go ahead and try these statement-making styles right away!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I get my short red hairstyle trimmed?

The frequency of visiting your hairstylist depends on factors such as your hair type, length, presence of split ends, and the style you currently sport. Visit your hairstylist once every 4-6 weeks to get your hair trimmed.

What makes short red hairstyles so popular?

Short red hairstyles are bold, eye-catching, and relatively easier to manage. The various styles you can adopt with your short hair include bangs, layers, or a sleek bob.

What are some popular short red hairstyles for women over 50?

Bob, pixie cut, and shag are some of the popular short red hairstyles that women over 50 like to sport.

What products should I use for a short red hairstyle?

If you have dyed your hair, use an appropriate color-protecting shampoo and conditioner. Ensure you use a heat protectant before heat styling your hair and invest in a good shine serum, mousse, and hold spray to add an envious shine and hold to your mane.

Key Takeaways

  • Individuals with warm undertones can opt for warmer red shades, whereas those with cooler undertones may go for deeper red shades.
  • You may go for touch-ups every 3-4 weeks and trim at regular intervals to maintain a neat look.
  • Layers are a great way of adding dimension, volume, and movement to your hair.
  • You can opt for hairstyles such as red-blonde bobs with bangs and copper textured curls for stylish and sophisticated looks.
short red hairstyle

Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

Check out these 25 stunning short red hairstyles! From pixie cuts to bobs, watch this video to find the perfect look for you.

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