10 Best Heating Pads For Neck, Back, And Shoulder Pain

Written by Aditi Naskar
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If you are experiencing body pains or sore muscles, what is the first home remedy you reach out for? A heating pad!

Heat therapy is an age-old pain relief method. It relaxes your muscles and improves your pain tolerance. It helps you manage pain from backache, injury, body pains, period cramps, afterbirth, swelling, and sprains.

We have listed 10 top-rated heating pads with a buying guide to help you find the perfect heating pad. Scroll down to know more!

TOP 10 PRODUCTSCheck Price
Sunbeam XL King Size Ultra Heating PadCheck Price
Mighty Bliss Pain Relief Heating Pad
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Thermophore MaxHeat Deep Heat Therapy
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Sunbeam Body-Shaped Heating Pad
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Proaller Shoulder Heating Pad
Check Price
Soothing Company Therapeutic Neck Wrap
Check Price
UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad
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Sky Genius Graphene Waist Heating Pad
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Willo Wisp Portable Rechargeable Heating Pack
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Sacksy Thyme Hot Therapy Relief Heating Pad
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Did you know that there three types of heating pads? Check them out below!

Types Of Heating Pads

  • Electric Heating Pad


This is one of the most commonly used heating pads. It uses voltage power and requires a power source to work. The best part about this type of heating pad is that it is equipped with multiple temperature settings and is highly durable. It doesn’t require recharging. This electric heating pad is ideal for back pain.

  • Microwaveable Heating Pad


This type of heating pad is useful for traveling. It is compact and wireless. The device is filled with water or gel or has organic ingredients like rice or flaxseeds. These constituents are packed in a sack that can be microwaved. The heat is then transferred onto the surface of the heating pad. This is ideal for period cramps or mild back pain used along with some pain-relieving lotions. It is budget-friendly.

  • Infrared Heating Pad

This heating pad can be used to relieve chronic back pain or other severe conditions. It delivers deeper and more concentrated heat that penetrates the surface of the skin. It is more powerful than regular heating pads.

Besides providing instant relief from aching muscles, heating pads help relax your body. They can be used to soothe different kinds of body pains. Here are a few benefits.

Benefits Of Using A Heating Pad

1. Heating Pads Help Relieve Body Soreness

If you indulge in heavy workouts, sports activities, or other tiring acts, heating pads will alleviate the ‘after-effect’ pain.

2. Heating Pads Loosens Stiff Muscles

The heat exerted from these devices soothes tightened muscles by allowing better blood flow. This will help you relax and perform activities without causing pain.

3. Heating Pads Help Treat Chronic Conditions

Heating pads provide short-term relief to people with arthritis. They also boost immunity and allow your body to heal on its own.

Top 10 Heating Pads To Buy In 2019

1. Sunbeam XL King Size Ultra Heating Pad: Best King Size Heating Pad

Get rid of everyday muscle aches with this heating pad. It helps deliver even and powerful heat across achy areas. It offers three heat settings. You can use it with moist or dry heat. The easy-slide controller for heat settings is designed especially for arthritis patients.

  • Machine washable
  • 9-foot power cord
  • Deliver instant comfort and relief
  • Affordable


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2. Mighty Bliss Pain Relief Heating Pad: Best Fabric Quality

As the name suggests, this heating pad provides instant sore muscle relief in seconds. Unlike other plastic heating pads, this product is made of soft micro plush fiber. It sits comfortably on your back, neck, shoulders, and stomach. It also has multiple heat settings with dry and moist options. The pad measures 12 “x24”.

  • Very comfortable and cozy
  • Lightweight
  • Rechargeable heating pads
  • Machine washable
  • Durable

NoneBuy Now

3. Thermophore MaxHeat Deep Heat Therapy: Best Full-Body Heating Pad

This heating pad is nearly twice the size of most heating pads. It covers the entire spinal area, from your shoulders to below the hips. It produces intense moist heat that helps relieve pain and stiffness in muscles instantly. The temperature ranges between 150-165 degrees F. It is the best moist heating pad to treat musculoskeletal pains.

  • One-touch control features
  • Auto shut-off after 25 minutes
  • 14″ x 27″ unit size
  • Recommended by physical therapists
  • 10 feet cord length
  • Availability issues

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4. Sunbeam Body-Shaped Heating Pad: Best For Lower Back Pain

This adjustable and portable heating pad is ideal for the lower back, legs, and shoulders. It increases blood circulation to sore muscles and provides instant relief. The adjustable velcro straps can extend up to 70 inches. The removable hot/cold gel pack makes it easy to carry the device during your travels.

  • Conforms to your body
  • 2-hour auto shut-off
  • Washable
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Availability issues

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5. Proaller Shoulder Heating Pad: Best Heating Pad For Neck And Shoulders

Proaller Shoulder Heating Pad provides warmth to your neck and shoulders and can also be used for the back, waist, abdomen, and calf muscles. It provides consistent heat to relieve soreness. The product is equipped with two side flannels. It is made of micro plush fibers for maximum comfort. This heating pad is ideal for treating stiffness of the shoulders, neck, back, and legs.

  • Increases blood flow
  • Soothes sore muscles
  • 10-feet power cord
  • 3 heat settings
  • Non-durable

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6. Soothing Company Therapeutic Neck Wrap: Best Neck Pillow Heating Pad

This microwaveable neck and shoulder wrap is unique. It is filled with heat-absorbing clay beads and flax seeds that soothe your neck, back, shoulders, and abdomen. Alternatively, you can also use it as cold therapy by placing it in the freezer. The best feature of this product is it releases lavender, lemongrass, peppermint, and chamomile scents every time you heat it.

  • Retains warmth/cold for up to 30 minutes
  • Comfortable material
  • Reusable
  • Provides aromatherapy
  • Too heavy

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7. UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad: Best Professional Grade Heating Pad

UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad is equipped with 108 natural jade and 42 tourmaline stones to enhance therapeutic benefits. Tourmaline stones absorb heat quickly and emit negative ions. This flexible heating pad can be used for your upper and lower back, shoulders, waist, hips, arms, feet, knees, and calves. It increases blood flow and reduces muscle tension for quick recovery.

  • 21 “X31” accommodative size
  • Has a timer
  • Has a memory function to store duration and temperature
  • 10-foot power cord
  • Comes with a travel bag
  • Expensive

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8. Sky Genius Graphene Waist Heating Pad: Best Durable Heating Pad

Graphene is a strong material known for its heat-conducting properties. This heating waistband combines graphene with infrared rays and heats up quickly within seconds. With 6~19 microns infrared wavelength, this device will react positively with your body and activate its systems and functions. If you have chronic back pain, this product is the best choice for you. Besides relieving pain, it detoxifies your body, promotes blood circulation, and boosts your immune system.

  • Very thin material
  • Suitable for upper and lower back and abdomen
  • 3 temperature settings
  • 5V 2A USB included
  • You need to purchase a battery pack separately.

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9. Willo Wisp Portable Rechargeable Heating Pack: Best Travel-Friendly Heating Pad

This heating pack is designed to provide consistent heat for several hours. It can be used for your feet, neck, arms, upper and lower back, and shoulders. It uses advanced heat transfer technology to help distribute the heat evenly. It is filled with water, which can be replaced from time to time. The fabric is soft, velvety, and comfortable. This rechargeable heating pad can stay warm for 2 hours with just 8-10 minutes of charging time.

  • High-quality fabric
  • Comes with a power plug
  • Includes an LED indicator
  • Cushiony
  • Availability issues

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10. Sacksy Thyme Hot Therapy Relief Heating Pad: Best For Period Cramps

This double-sided hot therapy heating pad is filled with organic flax seed. It is a microwaveable product that needs to be heated for a minimum of 90 seconds before use. Once the sack is heated, you can place the pack on sore muscles. This is a great natural alternative to help soothe aching muscles. But make sure not to heat the product beyond 2 minutes.

  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for headache and period cramps
  • Portable
  • Cushiony and comfortable
  • There are chances of hotspots.

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Our recommended heating pads are equipped with multiple features that suit your needs. To help you pick the right product from a wide range of options available, we have put together a buying guide with important features to look for in a heating pad.

Buying Guide For Heating Pads

1. Heat Settings/ Auto Shut-off

Choosing a product with multiple heat settings will help you regulate the temperature, depending on the degree of pain.

An automatic shut-off feature will enable you to relax while using a heating pad without having to worry about the time in case you fall asleep.

2. Heat Up Time

This feature is important because it indicates the time taken by the device to heat up completely. If you are always on the go, pick an infrared heating pad that heats up within minutes. But these are quite expensive compared to the others.

If you prefer a soothing therapeutic experience at leisure, you can pick a microwaveable heating pad.

3. Material

The material comes into the picture when you are looking for a microwavable heating pad. Since these devices acquire heat from other sources, the material should be heat-resistant and durable. Most microwaveable heating pads come with rice or gel filling with cotton and fleece covers.

4. Size

Usually, heating pads come in three sizes – large, regular, and compact. But there are other king-size heating pads meant for full-body purposes. Depending on the targeted area and comfort, choose the size that is perfect for you and serves your needs. Microwaveable heating pads are compact and portable, while others come in variable sizes.

5. Machine Washable

With so much going on, the last thing you want is a complicated washing routine. Pick a heating pad made of cotton or velvet or other wash-friendly material.

6. Heating Type

Some heating pads require charging or power supply or an artificial method of heating( microwave). Pick a product that suits your conditions.

With these best-rated heating pads, muscle soreness, period cramps, upper and lower back pain, and other body pains can be kept at bay. Pick a product from the list, try it out, and let us know how it worked for you by commenting below.

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