11 Best Hiking Underwear For Women That Keep you Dry & Comfortable

Written by Priyam Gupta
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Did you just plan a hiking trip with your buddies? You might be in a hurry to purchase all the things that are going to make your adventurous journey a comfortable one. Finding the best hiking underwear for women might sound like a simple task but it’s not always easy to get the right fit, functionality, and comfort in the same product. The range of movement your underwear offers is another factor that’s critical if you’re intending to use it for hiking. But don’t worry since there are quite a few brands that cater to all of these requirements well and provide you a wide range of hiking underwear.

These underwear are often made of multiple blends of fabric and are great for regular use as well. These are easy to care for and are quick-drying and breathable, making them apt for your gym sessions. Most of the designs are also seamless, promising you zero panty lines when you’re wearing those workout leggings. You can also find these underwear in a variety of colors and designs and you don’t have to stick for something minimal every time. Check out our list to explore some of the best hiking underwear options.

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11 Best Hiking Underwears For Women That Are Comfy And Cozy

1. Altheanray Women’s Seamless Cotton Briefs

Say hello to ultimate comfort and bid goodbye to nasty panty lines with this 6-pack collection of stylish hiking knickers designed to keep you cool and dry through even the most intense activity. The lightweight, breathable fabric is made of a blend of soft combed cotton and spandex, while the seamless design ensures your underwear is invisible under whatever clothing you choose, be it leggings, skirts, shorts, or a slinky cocktail dress. And there’s more! The flat elastic waistband is stretchable and holds up great after multiple washes, making this cotton underwear for hiking a go-to wardrobe staple for the active young woman. The full-coverage and quick-dry underwear for hiking also remains ravel-free after every wash.


  • Lightweight and breathable fabric
  • Seamless design
  • Suitable for all-day wear and intense workouts
  • Available in multiple attractive colors and prints


  • Some might find that the sizes of these briefs run a bit small.

2. ExOfficio Women’s Give-N-Go Bikini Brief


Here’s the perfect gift for the avid adventurer in your life! Great for weekend getaways, treks, hikes, and long travel days, these moisture-wicking hiking pants are designed to keep you feeling fresh and breezy all day long. Providing medium coverage, these lightweight briefs feature a stretchable waistband, ensuring a great fit and quick-drying fabric for convenience and comfort. It also comes with an odor-reducing treatment with a breathable mesh so that you can enjoy your treks without worry. So toss these great briefs in your carry-on and proceed on your fun-filled travels, being assured that your breathable underwear will not fail you!


  • Quick drying and odor-resistant
  • Breathable, non-wicking fabric
  • Comfortable fit
  • Ideal for travel
  • Machine-washable


  • The fit of these hiking underwear might not be best suited for those with curvy hips.

3. Wealurre Breathable Mesh Underwear

Get into your favorite yoga pose with confidence, knowing that your favorite pair of underwear will not betray you! Designed specifically for the fun, outdoorsy young woman, these seamless hiking underwear are made of a lightweight, breathable blend of nylon and spandex with a stretchy waistband for ultimate all-day comfort. The bamboo hiking underwear features a seamless, quick-drying mesh design with a cotton lining that wicks moisture away to ensure you don’t feel stuffy after even the most strenuous summer workout. A bonus; no panty lines under your cute workout gear to ruin your Instagram-worthy photos on your gorgeous hiking trip!


  • 100% cotton lining
  • Stretchable elastic waistband for comfortable fit
  • Thin, breathable fabric
  • Seamless design


  • Some might find that these hiking underwear tend to ride up a bit.

4. ExOfficio Women’s Give-N-Go Full-Cut Briefs

Here’s some thoughtfully designed hiking underwear that makes it easy to wash, wear, and go whether you’re in the middle of the wilderness or vacationing at a luxury resort spa. Odor-resistant and quick to dry, these high-waist full-cut briefs come with an elastic closure and breathable mesh, making them the ideal companion to keep you feeling fresh through all your travels. Made of a lightweight nylon and spandex blend, these briefs feel weightless against the skin and are ideal under leggings, skirts, and dresses. A hot favorite amongst adventure-loving young women everywhere, these comfortable moisture-wicking hiking underwear are definitely worth a try!


  • Lightweight diamond mesh for improved airflow
  • Quick drying and odor resistant
  • Easy to wash
  • Designed for travel


  • Some might find the elastic of these underwear a bit tight around the legs.

5. Xibing Women’s 10-Pack Hipster Panties

If you’re looking for pretty, colorful hiking underwear that is comfortable and stylish, you’re going to love these attractive, silky-soft hipster-style panties. These antimicrobial hiking underwears offer a superior fit, made of a blend of nylon and spandex and featuring a breathable cotton lining. They can be worn all day long without the fear of your underwear riding up or getting bunched up under your clothes. Lightweight and quick-drying with a mesh design, these panties can be easily washed and reused, whether you’re on a hiking trip with your girlfriends or a hectic business trip.


  • Comfortable, full-coverage design
  • 100% cotton lining
  • Stretchable elastic waistband
  • Moisture and sweat-adsorbent
  • Available in multiple attractive colors


  • Some might find the seams of these underwear a bit tight.

6. Icebreaker Women’s Bikini Underwear

Here’s the perfect underwear for the nature-lover in you! Made of good-for-you natural fibers, these high-performance underwears offer comfortable support and a soft fit. A combination of light merino wool and lycra ensures temperature control, have moisture-wicking properties and effective odor resistance for underwear ideal for cold weather hiking trips. Durable and versatile, these well-fitting underwear are great for all-day wear and definitely deserve a place in your closet. In addition to these amazing features, these panties minimize chafing and are bulk-free.


  • Made of natural merino wool
  • Helps regulate body temperature
  • Naturally odor-free
  • Versatile and easy to care for
  • Bulk and chafe-free


  • Might not be best suited for use in hot, humid weather.

7. Mibei Women’s Cotton Hipster Panties

Get your hands on these skin-friendly hipster-style hiking underwear and fall in love with the seamless design, thin and wide waistband, and breathable fabric. Available in a wide range of gorgeous colors, these high-quality underwear are made of a blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, making them ideal for both exercise and daily wear. The label-free design ensures your skin remains free of itching and irritation, while the flexible waistband allows for a snug, comfortable fit.


  • Made of 95% natural cotton
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Skin-friendly tagless design
  • Provides full coverage


  • Some might find that these panties tend to ride up a bit.

8. Icebreaker Merino Women’s Siren Thong Underwear

Whether you’re camping, hiking, skiing, or hitting the gym, this pretty thong underwear is just what you need for comfort without compromising on style. Featuring a flattering slim fit and forward-set flatlock seams, these thong panties are made of a blend of merino wool, nylon, and elastane to ensure support, flexibility, and warmth. Durable while maintaining a next-to-skin softness, these thong underwear pair perfectly with almost anything in your wardrobe, be it a pair of cute workout shorts or your favorite pair of skin-tight jeans.


  • Durable and comfortable
  • Made with 83% merino wool
  • Flattering slim fit and bulk-free design
  • Suitable for both active and daily wear


  • Some might find the fabric of these hiking underwear a bit thin.

9. Lapasa Women’s 2-Pack Bikini Briefs


Whether you’re packing for a romantic hiking trip, your much-awaited mountaineering expedition, or a high-energy outdoor vacation, don’t forget to toss these sport bikini briefs into your backpack. Made of a breathable, ultra-light mesh fabric, this hiking underwear can dry entirely in less than 4 hours, making them the perfect companion for trips where you have to pack light. And there’s more! The comfortable fit allows for a greater range of motion during intense activities without riding up or getting uncomfortably bunched up under your clothes. With ultra-light mesh fabric and Salvador that eliminates odor, you can be sure that these will be your favorite pair.


  • Quick-drying, stretchable fabric
  • Easy tear-away tag to avoid skin irritation
  • Ergonomic fit
  • Suitable for all body shapes


  • Some might find that the size of these briefs run a bit big.

10. New Balance Women’s Active Hipster Panty

Here’s some high-performance hiking underwear that provides an incredible amount of comfortable stretch and total freedom of movement for the athletic, outdoorsy young woman. The flattering fit and laser-cut seamless edges ensure no unsightly panty lines, while the lightweight fabric with 4-way stretch allows breathability and ultimate comfort. Functional and durable, these panties offer full coverage and are an absolute must-have whether you’re striving to lead a more active lifestyle or are just looking for the perfect all-day underwear.


  • Smooth, lightweight fabric
  • Comfortable, athletic fit
  • Laser cut with seamless edges
  • Suitable for all-day wear


  • Might not be best suited for those with a curvy physique.

11. Khufuzi Women’s 4-In-1 Ice Silk Seamless Underwear

Here’s a gorgeous silky soft hiking underwear that looks great, is invisible under your clothes, and is sure to feel oh-so-good against your skin. The minimalist design is seamless and offers full coverage, making it perfect to pair with any article of clothing, be it leggings, a slinky skirt, your favorite hot pants, or hiking pants. Available in multiple pretty colors, these panties ensure a snug fit and are suitable for all-day wear. So what are you waiting for? Try them out! You will definitely thank us later!


  • Seamless, smooth design
  • Ensures full coverage
  • Invisible under clothes
  • Ideal for all-day wear


  • Some might find the fabric of these hiking underwear a bit thin.

Now that we’ve had a look at our pick of the 11 best hiking underwear for women in 2021, let us look at some things to consider when finding the perfect fit for your unique requirements.

How To Choose Hiking Underwear

  • Material
    Hiking underwear comes in a wide range of materials and fabric blends, and it is crucial to pick one that is both comfortable and functional. While a blend of cotton and spandex is ideal for those looking for a super soft and breathable feel, a mix containing wool might be better suited for those looking to hike in cold and warm weathers. If you’re looking to wash your underwear on the go, pick a blend that is easy to care for and quick-drying. However, it is ideal to stay clear of synthetic materials that may irritate your skin.
  • Cut and style
    This depends on a variety of factors, from your personal preference to your unique body shape. If you’re looking for hiking underwear that offers full coverage, pick hipster-style briefs that provide good support and flexibility. Bikini-style briefs are ideal for those looking to wear low-cut jeans, whereas thong-style underwear is perfect when you don’t want to worry about unsightly panty lines.
  • Washing care
    When it comes to hiking underwear, it is best to pick one that is hassle-free to care for. Hiking underwear that can be easily hand washed and dried quickly is perfect when you want to wear, wash, and go. It also allows you to pack light when you’re travelling long distances on foot.
  • Comfortable seams and stitching
    Hiking on strenuous trails means you’re on the trek for insane periods. Hence, it is ideal for you to pick up underwear with comfortable seams and stitching so that you can ensure that the seams do not dig into your skin, leaving you feeling uncomfortable. Remember to always select seamless or one with forward-set or laser-cut seams for a pleasurable experience.
  • Odor-resistance
    Nobody wants to hang around a smelly cat on regular days, let alone on hikes! To ensure you stay fresh and odor-free, select underwear with mesh for ventilation, odor-minimizing technology, and lightweight fabric.

Whether you’re looking to embark on a more active lifestyle, or are an outdoor activity aficionado, investing in good underwear can make all the difference! The right hiking underwear offers ultimate comfort, total flexibility, and, let’s not forget style! They not only make you both look and feel fabulous under all that cute hiking gear, but they also offer breathability and keep you feeling relaxed and fresh while you sweat it out in the great outdoors. The ultimate wardrobe staple, picking the ideal hiking underwear deserves your care and attention. Our carefully curated list of the 11 best hiking underwear for women in 2021 is designed to be your starting guide to finding the perfect fit.

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Priyam Gupta, the author of this article, reads about fashion all day long. She believes that functionality and comfort are essential to take your fashion game up a notch. She has conducted methodical research by reading through product reviews online and created this list of the top hiking underwear. They are made from multiple fabrics that are breathable and easy to care for, making your hikes seamless and fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is bamboo underwear good for hiking?

Absolutely! Bamboo underwear is naturally breathable and contains moisture-wicking natural fibre, making it the ideal choice when you want to feel cool, dry, and fresh when you’re out and about!

Are boxer briefs good for hiking?

Boxer briefs offer both support and coverage, making them a good fit for outdoor activities. Find a pair that is made of a breathable material and get ready to explore the beautiful outdoors.

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