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50 Best Hippie Hairstyles

50 Best Hippie Hairstyles Hyderabd040-395603080 August 16, 2019

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear the word ‘hippie?’ Dreadlocks; is it not! Yes, dreadlocks are a definitive hippie style. During the wild 70’s, the hippie fervour broke out and the style was synonymous with open wavy hair, bands and ribbons and yes dreadlocks! The style is essentially laid back, however it does have a quirky essence to it.

Here are 50 best hippie hairstyles for women that comprise of dreads, buns and braids. Yes braids, read on to know more about the different hippie hairstyles:

1. Fringes & Braid:

Fringes-&-Braid Pinit

Image : Getty

The fringe braid is exceptionally cool and sophisticated for the Hippie style. Braid the thick locks in the headband style and there you are all ready for the hippie outing. Do wear the quintessential hippie headband for the apt style.

2. Hippie Chignon:

Hippie-Chignon Pinit

Image : Getty

The chignon for a hippie style! Why not? A little tacky but cool. The loose side chignon can give a detailed style for the otherwise simple Hippie hairdos. Give it a chignon flavour this time.

3. Braided Effects on Loose Tresses:

Braided-Effects-on-Loose-Tresses Pinit

Image : Getty

This hippie hair style gives the impression as if the braid has been ironed on the tresses. The braided effect gives a funky hippie twist to the hairdo that is also accessorized by a starry headband!

4. Double Headband Hairdo:

Double-Headband-Hairdo Pinit

Image : Getty

Style the hairdo with any ideas you have with a hippie essence, you’re good to go.

5. Single Headband Hairdos:

Single-Headband-Hairdos Pinit

Image : Getty

The headband with a bun hairdo gives a very hippie-like impression. The style might be a little evolved and intense, but it’s very funky.

6. Afro Mane Hippie Style:

Afro-Mane-Hippie-Style Pinit

Image : Getty

The huge afro mane with a colourful headband is just right for the Hippie festival. Dress up the frizzy hair with all the rainbow accessories and hit the floor.

7. Metallica Hippie:

Metallica-Hippie Pinit

Image : Getty

The metallic headband gives a rocky twist to an otherwise bland style. The beautiful rolled out curls and the headband bring out the punk effect.

8. Flowery ‘do’:

Flowery-‘do’ Pinit

Image : Getty

This flowery cast for a hippie hairdo is very delicate and pretty. The lazy, breezy style has the flowery essence which makes it elegant.

9. Red Head:

Red-Head Pinit

Image : Getty

The red head flairs are just beautiful for the golden edged headband. The tiny beaded headband just accentuates the whole style.

10. Beaded Syndromes:

Beaded-Syndromes Pinit

Image : Getty

The triple beaded headband is enhancing the otherwise simple twin braided hairdo. The headband is just elegant and graceful, dress it up for a hippie outing. The simple braid with a pixie effect on top is just too stylish.

11. Feather Beds:

Feather-Beds Pinit

Image : Getty

The feather headband gives a vintage effect to the sleek and straight hairdo. The trimmed even edged hairdo is perfect for the rebel style.

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12. High End Headband:

High-End-Headband Pinit

Image : Getty

The extremely delicate beaded headband is sexy and stylish. Let the hair fall with a deep middle part, for the hippie high fashion.

13. Crystal Hippie Headband:

Crystal-Hippie-Headband Pinit

Image : Getty

The crystal headband with brunette hairdo gives the funky hippie effect. The shoulder length bob has layered bangs that are given a hippie twist by this headband.

14. Shiny Headbands:

Shiny-Headbands Pinit

Image : Getty

The thick, shiny headband complements the loose red hairdo. The style looks voluminous and with a hippie flavour because of the headband.

15. Rope Braid Headband:

Rope-Braid-Headband Pinit

Image : Getty

The double roped braided headband is sexy and sultry. The hippie vibe is just enhanced with this headband and of course the mini pigtails.

16. Coloured One Rope Headband:

Coloured-one-rope-Headband Pinit

Image : Getty

This coloured one rope headband is just right for the evening hippie themed party! Check out the Indian inspired make-up and the pigtail hairdo.

17. Plaited Hairdos with Headband:

Plaited-Hairdos-with-Headband Pinit

Image : Getty

This plaited Updo has a tender interwoven chain headband which has accentuated the style. A delicate hippie fashion ‘do’

18. Patched Headbands:

Patched-Headbands Pinit

Image : Getty

The patch headband is beautiful with the straight and sleek hairdo. The headband boasts of high-end hippie fashion.

19. Casual Fashions:

Casual-Fashions Pinit

Image : Getty

The casual cloth tied up with the big flamed up bob is chic and punk.  The style gives the astray look perfectly, cool for the hippie essence.

20. Hippie Causal:

Hippie-Causal Pinit

Image : Getty

Another thick casual headband with a messy Updo, the style is in sync with the hippie fervour of a laid back attitude!

21. Shimmer and Shine:

Shimmer-and-Shine Pinit

Image : Getty

Wear a delicate yellow metal headband for those thick, lustrous curls. The open hair is shiny and glossy, teamed with the shimmery headband it’s perfect for the Hippie trek.

22. Cloth & Bead Headband:

Cloth-&-Bead-Headband Pinit

Image : Getty

The bead cloth mix is ideal for the hippie mix. The wonderful headband is worn with tousled open hair.

23. Gold Emboss Headbands:

Gold-Emboss-headbands Pinit

Image : Getty

The golden flower embossed headband is so regal and royal. The wearer would end up looking like a Bohemian princess!

24. Kesha’s Hippie Headband:

Kesha’s-Hippie-Headband Pinit

Image : Getty

Kesha’s metal band gives a very rock and roll flavour to the essentially hippie style. Bold colour and ombre hair are ideal for the modern hippie style.

25. White Hippie Band:

White-Hippie-Band Pinit

Image : Getty

The sleek and layered hair is so sexy with the thin white band. The band is simple yet modish.

26. Red Stare:

Red-Stare Pinit

Image : Getty

The red thick hippie band makes a bold statement because of the colour and the accessory.

27. Black Rope Headbands:

Black-Rope-headbands Pinit

Image : Getty

The black rope headband with sleek mid parted hair is ideal for hippie themed party. Wear it with a bold make up, and you are good to go.

28. Glitterati Headband:

Glitterati-headband Pinit

Image : Getty

The glittering headband on straight black hair might be a bit more of glitter for a hippie ‘do’ but surely you can wear it.

29. Red Rope:

Red-Rope Pinit

Image : Getty

The red rope headband looks elegant for a hippie hairdo. The lustrous, thick brown hair shines and is perfect for an exotic style

30. Delicate Flowers Headband:

Delicate-Flowers-Headband Pinit

Image : Getty

The delicate flowers give exude a true bohemian essence. A very beach and a windy style, the hairdo is simple and easy to wear.

31. Beaded Bohemian Cap:

Beaded-Bohemian-Cap Pinit

Image : Getty

The beaded bohemian cap is stunning with its finesse. The style come out elegant and resembles a hippie ‘do’.

32. Sleek Updo:

Sleek-Updo Pinit

Image : Getty

The sleek bun updo is stylish and has a boho effect. The blue casual headband is ideal for the hippie style,

33. Purple Headbands:

Purple-Headbands Pinit

Image : Getty

The purple headband on straight long hair gives an exotic elaborate hippie style. The style is effortless and chic.

34. Long Side Braid:

Long-Side-Braid Pinit

Image : Getty

This is one of the easiest hippie hairstyles for long hair. The long black side braid is just so sassy and brilliant for a hippie hike. You can glamorize the hippie hair braids with any accessory of your choice.

35. Taylor Swift’s Hippie Braid:

Taylor-Swift’s-Hippie-Braid Pinit

Image : Getty

Taylor Swift gives a very strong Hippie like impact with this pose and hairdo. The braid is simple and casual, just fit for the occasion.

36. Ooze-Loose Braid:

Ooze-Loose-Braid Pinit

Image : Getty

Weave this casual loose braid for the hippie style. Notice the intrinsic braid weaved with loosely tied hair. Then wear a headband to complete the look.

37. Twisted Braids:

Twisted-Braids Pinit

Image : Getty

Alicia Keys wears a wavy fishy braid. The style is a little tacky but with a stylish finesse. Wear it with a flashy headband for a bright hippie style.

38. Waved Ombre Braid:

Waved-Ombre-Braid Pinit

Image : Getty

The braid has an unusual waved up bang. The hair has highlighted streaks. Style it further with a tacky headband for the rainbow finesse.

39. Loose Braids:

Loose-Braids Pinit

Image : Getty

Blake Lively’s loose braids can be converted into a hippie style. Weave the braids and let the rest of the hair loose. Just wear a glossy headband for a classic hippie style.

40. Layered Bangs and Side Braids:

Layered-Bangs-and-Side-Braids Pinit

Image : Getty

Wear the side braid with the funky layered bangs. The look is casual and sexy. Put a thin headband for that hippie ‘do.’

41. Weaved In Braids:

Weaved-In-Braids Pinit

Image : Getty

The loosely weaved in braid is sexy and tacky. Wear the tacky style with a flowery headband.

42. The Curly Braid:

The-curly-braid Pinit

Image : Getty

The braid is weaved through the crown, with wavy curls resting on the shoulders. The elegant style can get a hint of punk with a headband, to make it all hippie!

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43. Brown Dreadlocks:

Brown-Dreadlocks Pinit

Image : Getty

Get the manicured dreadlocks style from a salon for an ultra hippie look. These long brown locks are funky and unique.

44. Dreadlocked Bun:

Dreadlocked-Bun Pinit

Image : Getty

The dreadlocked bun is rather funky! Wear these thick dreadlocks and spin them into a bun. Edgy and punk!

45. Few Strands Dreadlock:

Few-Strands-Dreadlock Pinit

Image : Getty

This style just has few strands of dreadlocks in a unique shape. The style is not the usual hippie kind; hence you could opt for it.

46. Big Deadlocked Bun:

Big-Deadlocked-Bun Pinit

Image : Getty

The big deadlocked bun gorgeous with a gold headband is sure to stand out. Pretty and sexy!

47. Dreadlock Ponytail:

Dreadlock-Ponytail Pinit

Image : Getty

Gather the dreadlocks into this funky ponytail. You can accessorise the style with the headband of any type.

48. Dreadlock Updo:

Dreadlock-Updo Pinit

Image : Getty

This is again unique dreadlocks updo. A funky headband is all you need to make this a hippie affair.

49. Bright Dreadlocks:

Bright-Dreadlocks Pinit

Image : Getty

Bright colours with a hippie twist. Add a flower at the side and you are good to go. You could also add a funky headband to it.

50. Rainbow:

Rainbow Pinit

Image : Getty

Hippie culture is very much part of the rainbow family. Add some colourful streaks to your hair and display the colourful wild side of you. The bold mutineer sees a colourful rebellion in you.

We have listed out 50 cute hippie hairstyles. If you have any suggestion regarding this article, please let us know your views. Do not forget to comment below. We deeply value reader feedback.

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