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The Indian market has many good nail polish brands, which are very good in quality and quite affordable too. Plus there is no lack in the range in terms of textures or colours! Here we present only those Indian nail polish brands which are easily available either through online stores or through your local stores.

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Best Nail Polish Brands In India

Following 10 are the most popular nail polish brands in India.

1. Colorbar

Colorbar U.S.A. is a very affordable brand for nail polishes. It has a vast color range and includes many different finishes. You can find many colors like soft shades to neon shades in Colorbar.

We recommend this brand because of its availability, color range, quality and quantity for the price it gives. These nail paints are must haves in your stash.

2. Lakme

It is the one of the oldest brands for nail paints. This brand has many shades to offer from Metallics to Creams, you can find any colour in lakme. Lakme’s fast and fabulous range is one of the hottest selling nail paints currently in India.

We recommend this brand because of the availability, quality, quantity and affordable price.

3. Revlon

Revlon is very good brand that you can trust for Nail polishes. Their nail paints dry very fast and they are affordable too. We recommend this brand because of its quality, price, colour range, finishes, drying time and availability.

4. Facescanada

The Facescanada nail enamels offer high performance, quick drying, and a long-lasting finish. They brighten up your mood and are available in various colors. The nail polishes are paraben- free and cruelty-free. We recommend this brand because of the quality, quantity, affordability, and shades.

5. Elle 18

Elle 18 nail paints are priced at Rs 50 only and are of good quality. We recommend these because of their availability, affordability and good quality.

6. Swiss Beauty

Swiss Beauty nail polishes are formulated with color lock technology to offer long-wear. They come with a patented Flexi brush for clear and precise application. We recommend this brand for the variety of shades, finishes, intense pigmentation, and availability.

7. China Glaze

This is one of my favorite brands. It is quite expensive at Rs. 500. But the quality is very good. We totally recommend this.

8. Miniso Pittura Nail Polish

These nail polishes are french formulated and come with a flat brush for a perfect finish and smooth application. They are chip-resistant and free of harmful chemicals that speed up the drying process. We recommend this brand for trendy colors, quality, and affordability.

9. Chambor

The quality is great. You may give these nail paints a try.

10. Juice

The nail polishes from Juice come in matte and glossy finishes. These nail paints deliver long- lasting wear and are fast drying. In addition, the nail paints come with a flexible brush for precise application. We recommend it for fashionable and iconic colors, quantity, and affordability.

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That’s all about the good nail polish brands in India. Which is your favorite one among them? Write your opinion in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which brands offer a quick-drying formula?

Revlon, Faces Canada, Miniso Pittura, and Juice are some brands that offer quick-drying nail polish formulas.

Are there any nail polish brands that are free from harmful chemicals like formaldehyde or DBP?

Revlon and Faces offer non-toxic formulas that are free from formaldehyde, DBP, and other harsh chemicals.

Are there any tips for preventing nail polish from chipping or peeling?

Here are a few tips for preventing your nail polish from chipping or peeling:

• Buff your nails to create a smooth, even surface for your nail polish to settle.
• Apply a base coat.
• Apply a thin coat of highly pigmented nail paint.
• Finish with a protective top coat.
• Wait a few minutes between coats.
• Do not touch the polish to your cuticles.
• Avoid frequent contact with water.

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